Graco Comfy Cove LX Infant Swing, Forecaster

Graco Comfy Cove LX Infant Swing, Forecaster

Graco Comfy Cove LX is a comfortable infant swing with a deep, cozy seat to cradle your little one. With six swing speeds, a three-position reclining seat and 15 songs and sounds, this swing makes it easy for you to find the soothing combination best for baby.

Main features

  • 6 swing speeds allow you to find the right pace to suit your baby’s mood, 5-point harness with fabric covers to help keep your child secure, 10 songs and 5 nature sounds to soothe and amuse your baby, 30-minute timer with 3 settings helps extend battery life, Engaging mobile with plush toys provides visual stimulation for baby
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Swing Option that goes to 30lbs – Overall Prefer the Fisher Price Cradle Swing

I purchased this swing for my daughter who is approaching the 25lb weight limit in her Fisher Price Cradle swing. The Fisher Price swing is still my favorite, but I saw no other real option for a swing that holds more weight. My daughter is light for her age (20 mos) but when she is sick, often the only way to get her to sleep and stay asleep is in her swing, thus we still use it. The Graco model is a nice swing and the way it supports underneath accommodates taller kids (the FP one has a swing bar behind the head and my daughter’s head hits it now unfortunately). What I don’t like on the Graco swing is how the harness works. It’s much like her Graco high chair in that it has 5 point system – the shoulder straps (the FP one doesn’t, it only has the lap harness) and lap/crotch straps but they are awkward with a sleeping baby to get into place. The crotch strap is even more awkward to use and seems a bit short – the pad falls off constantly. If you have a choice between the Graco and the Fisher Price Cradle swing – get the Fisher Price! The cover is also easily washable on the FP swing but on the Graco swing it was a bear just to put together and I do not look forward to eventually washing it.

Lolita Mexico, MO

Just okay not great

This swing only has one speed setting.mIt has a wheel that can be used to make it faster or slower but the difference is minimal. We returned this one for the more expensive swing from Graco that has multiple speeds.

Jacklyn Sprakers, NY

Does Not Take Charger

I talked to people and even looked it up because the amazon product page said this swing DOES NOT take a charger and was told repeatedly that it does. I even found chargers saying that they did. However, I reiterate that this swing in fact DOES NOT take the charger! If you want a swing that uses an A/C plug in, do not get this one. This swing takes three D batteries and depending on speed and usage (and probably size of child) the length of their life varies greatly from what I can tell. Despite all of these, I love this swing very much as the swing adjusts to three ways from laying down to sitting up and the seat is more of a bucket seat, plenty of room for baby to sit and grow in.

Margery Manchester, PA

A great swing

Item arrived fast and in great condition. Easy to assemble. Lots of different sounds and speeds, although I usually have it at top speed and only use the nature sounds. I used the swing consistently until baby was about 6 months old. Batteries lasted several months.

Louisa Crystal, ND

Worked great at first…

UPDATE 2/5/2014:The motor in this swing has already gone out. Very upsetting! We haven’t nearly gotten enough use out of this product yet for the motor to already be bad. When we put brand new batteries in it, it acts like they’re bad and cuts off after barely swinging for thirty minutes. I will never buy a graco swing again. I should have listened when I was told that their motors are terrible! At least I can manually push it for a bit to keep my son happy until I figure out getting a replacement.Original review:Before purchasing this swing, I remember looking at the reviews and seeing some people complain about how fast they go through batteries. I really liked the colors though, AND the price, so I decided to trust the higher ratings it got instead of getting hung up on the batteries. My son is now six weeks old and I still have not had to change batteries. Maybe it’s just the brand of batteries I use, but this swing is still going strong on the original three batteries I put in it. I would say that it gets moderate use from us. My son loves to be held all the time so if I put him down in his co-sleeper for a nap he usually wakes up. If I put him in his swing, he’ll sleep anywhere from one to three hours at a time. I really only put him in it to sleep though if I can’t hold him while he’s sleeping, so that’s why I would say it only gets moderately used by us. He’s not in it ALL the time.I’ve noticed that he’s starting to look that the little stars and moon on the mobile too when he is awake in it, and I think it keeps him in entertained for a bit (for now).I love the fact that I don’t have to plug it in to make it work, so I’ve been able to have it upstairs or downstairs. I think it’s fairly easy to move when the legs are folded in and doesn’t weigh too much.As for the music and nature sounds, we haven’t used them much yet. Our son is just now starting to pay attention to music and usually is listening to whatever we’re playing around the house from our iPhones. The different speeds are great too, but we just keep ours on number 3. Haven’t used the timer either; the one time we did, he woke up when it stopped swinging. We haven’t gotten much use out of all those extra features but that doesn’t mean a different baby wouldn’t!Overall, I think this is a great product, but how much you love it is really going to depend on how much your baby loves it. When wide awake, my baby can only stand to be in it for maybe twenty minutes. If he’s sleeping though, he’ll stay in it for almost three hours.If you want a swing that is durable but not over-the-top expensive, and you don’t have a baby that will be in it ALL the time, then I definitely think this is the swing you’ll want to buy. I don’t regret getting this one at all!

Jessica Tollesboro, KY

Durable, works good, features could be better

I have been using this swing for over three months and it has held up great. My son is now 15 pounds and has used it since we got home from the hospital at about 7 pounds. It has a large and deep seat and a large infant insert so it has always seemed like a good fit. He often sleeps in it and it has been great for reflux. We have only used what I think is the middle position (I just learned that it might recline further, although I have not been able to get it to do so yet). The most upright position is still too vertical for me to be comfortable letting him sleep in, so we haven’t used it. He enjoys the music, but the nature sounds all sound similar to static so we don’t use them. I like the timer but wish it had an option to set it for one hour to get him into a deep sleep (I just turn it off manually after one hour). It does not store easily in the folded position, but the folding makes it a little easier to move from room to room. It is fairly lightweight and the straps are easy to use. The mobile doesn’t really get his attention, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Battery life is good, we use a cd player instead of the music feature to conserve batteries. The seat cover is tight and a little bit tough to snap, but it is secure and washes easily.Update: Now on child #2 18 months apart and this swing is starting to break down. My son is about 17lbs and the swing moves slowly even on the highest setting and the motor is getting louder. It also seems to be going through batteries faster, but I am not sure. With todays options of AC adapter swings I would not purchase this swing again. I did purchase the new Gracco Gliding swing and hope it will be a better option for my second child who seems to be soothed by different types of movements than my first child. Three stars is still a fair rating for this product because I did use it a lot and it has some good features.

Angeline Hanover, ME

This swing got me and my husband some much needed sleep!

I love this swing and so does my 10 week old son. It’s got 6 different speed settings and a bunch of different sound effects. The sounds don’t really sound like the things they are supposed to sound like, though the babbling brook one is okay. The music tracks are pretty good, though. If you read “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, you know that babies love the sound of white noise – so even though my husband and I don’t care for the sounds, baby does and that’s all that matters. Mere minutes after putting our son in the swing and the white noise on, he is out for 6 hours. I do wish it came with a power plug, but it has been pretty good with the batteries (3 D batteries required) because we are able to set the swing to stay on for ten, twenty, or thirty minutes at a time with the timer feature. All in all, a great buy!

Ava Grand Island, NY