Graco Contempo Highchair, Rittenhouse

Graco Contempo Highchair, Rittenhouse

When it comes to mealtime convenience at home or away, it’s hard to beat our Graco Contempo Highchair in Rittenhouse. Graco Contempo Highchair is our slimmest folding highchair, so it’s a breeze to store and perfect for travel. This highchair also comes pre-assembled, so it is ready to use the moment you pull it out of the box. The dishwasher-safe, pull-out tray insert makes clean up a snap. And the 6-position height adjustment and one-hand, 3-position recline mean it’s as comfortable for baby as it is convenient for you. Highchair conveniently comes with removable seat pad that is machine washable.

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • No assembly required ready to use out of the box
  • Soft infant head support keeps baby comfortable
  • Premium padded leatherette seat pad wipes clean
  • Dishwasher safe, pull out tray insert for quick, easy clean up
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Compact, flat fold fits in your closet

Verified reviews


SO pretty!

So, I haven’t used it yet, my baby is still only 3 1/2 months, however I gave this 5 stars, since it was so easy to set up(ready to go out of box), looks easy to use, folds VERY slimly, and last but not least is THE prettiest high chair I have found(rittenhouse), and will be good with either a boy or girl(incase it’s still around for my next baby). I could not be happier!

Cortney Tampa, FL

contempo high chair

i bought this for my second child and loved it. I love how it folds easy and small enough to store easily when not in use for a while. I have a home daycare and have also used this chair for multiple children for about 3 years now and it still looks and functions great. highly recommended

Mitzi Irving, TX

I wish every day that I had bought a different highchair

I’ve been using this for just over a year now and I wish every day that I had bought a different highchair.Two major problems:(1) The tray insert doesn’t cover the entire tray base. This means that every single meal you end up washing both of them. Also, the cute little flower decals are a disaster during the puree stage–the food gets stuck in there and it’s miserable to try and get out.(2) The chair pad does not wipe clean. I’ve really given up trying to get it clean after every meal. I get the globs off and put it in the washer once a week. It’s a very pretty and soft material, but it’s very impractical for small children.Minor problems:(3) The harness is really hard to open/close. In any instance when you need to get baby out quick, it’s not possible. The five points are all separate–5 separate straps that come together at one point. You can’t close the waist straps without the shoulder straps also closed. This is really a pain with older babies.(4) At the out-of-the-box height, the hinge for the legs of the chair are at the same height of the tray. This means that baby can put their dirty fingers all over the hinge and that’s yet another thing to clean after every meal.The height is great, I love that I can fold it up and toss it in the corner, and it’s very cute. But it’s such a miserable pain to clean.

Faith Brownville, ME

Great purchase! Very cute

I love this highchair. It is a nice neutral color, opens and stores easily, and has reclining positions. I am a bit concerned about stains once baby starts eating solids but others have said it cleans well. I cannot speak to that but it is a cloth material not vinyl like most high chairs. I went with a chair strap on high chair with my first baby and this is so much easier, I wish I had bought it earlier or put it on my registry.

Debra Moccasin, MT

good product at great price

there are many high chairs in the market but this one has a good combination of features for a great price.the seat covers are removable and washable. it comes with an extra tray which is very convenient,the trays are made of plastic and cleans without leaving a trace. and the best feature is it folds up and can stand on it own. it also has variable height adjustments.

Earline Winner, SD

Love the pattern, chair okay

I don’t think there is anything really exciting about this highcair. Its pretty standard with the perk of being able to raise it higher or lower so that it can pull up to the table. In my opinion the best thing about this chair is the pattern. In the world of baby products they usually are bright and colorful and for my dining room I really just wanted something cute. For us we only used a highchair for about 5 months but it was a lifesaver while it last. I bought mine from and was very happy. If you use the code BAIL2798 you can get 20% off your whole purchase from all their sites. Amazon also has good deals sometimes.

Stefanie Somerville, MA

Beautiful! Has held up well!

I am very pleased with the quality of this highchair. The fabric is beautiful and good quality and I am a very very picky person. The highchair looks great in my kitchen and I am so pleased with how it looks with my decor, it isn’t some tacky Winnie the Pooh print or bright neon green jungle print. (My kitchen is black toile and red/black/white french chef stuff.)It folds flat which is nice. And looks like it will clean up pretty easily. The price was right, the shipping was free, and I like the look and quality of it.The only thing that made me sad was I had read some reviews and I guess some people got an extra cover/fabric for theirs.. like a backup for when you are washing yours. Mine did not come with an extra. Oh well. I guess most highchairs don’t come with two so I shouldn’t have gotten excited about that.It is sturdy and moves around easily too. I like the recline feature. i like the tray thing that comes off to clean.i can’t think of anything else.. But I really like mine.Two years later: the cover has held up well to abuse/washings. The highchair still looks like brand new. No complaints!

Deborah Hicksville, NY

Great chair – but a bit big

I started using this chair when my son was about 4 months – as it reclines, i was able to used it for small periods of time as a recliner. Also, when I started giving him a bottle at around 6 months, I would sometimes just sit him on the chair, incline to the max and feed him on the chair. Tray is very spacious. I liked it that u can close it for storage, but truthfully, i only closed it when I had people over . The chair is efficient, but it is not particularly attractive. Now the big issue: the footprint when opened is huge! If u have a large space, this might not be an issue, but although not a deal breaker, it bothered me enough that I am now ordering a Kekaroo. I do believe this was the perfect chair from 4-7 months when my baby would stay still on recline position, but now the recline feature makes no difference and I do want a chair that will grow with him.

Angelica Goodlettsville, TN


My 18 month old has used this since she started solids at 6 months. I love the easy to clean tray and simply adjusted harness. It is easy to seat her with minimal fuss, cute, and affordable. We got a woodland print that is just our style. It came with an extra neutral cushion to use when washing. Washing is no problem and the fabric just wipes clean for the most part. It is lightweight and easy to fold and move! We love this chair!

Carmen Edwardsville, VA

fully featured

This high chair performed just like I expected. The fabric is removeable and simple to launder. Wiping daily with a wet cloth works fine between washings. Our baby loved this chair and it pulled up to our table nicely. The adjustable heights were nice. We folded it up often to stand it in the corner when not in use.

Sybil Harbor City, CA

good chair – to hang out AND to eat first foods!

I started putting my then 4 months old here so he can be feel part of the family as we ate dinners or I did stuff in the kitchen.Now using it to feed solids to 6 months old.Good things about the chair:+ really does fold pretty flat in a matter of seconds+ the tray can be attached to the chair when it is stored flat, so no extra space required+ inner tray is removable, seamless – very easy to rinse off.+ the fabric is soft and wipes easily. (did not have to do any serious washing yet)+ the chair reclines, great for younger infants and/or when giving a bottle+ The tray slides in 3 position – closer or further from the baby.+ the seat itself slides up and down (easily!), so the height of the chair can be adjusted depending on what you need.I don’t find any huge negatives, but some things are so-so:-the chair has pretty big footprint, but I suppose it has to for stability- when folding the chair, the tray has to be removed first and then reattached for storage – slightly annoying.- I do wish the tray would be a swing-out tray. I can’t say it’s a negative, I knew what I was getting! Just realizing that swing out tray will be easier with an older child.- the belts are a little awkward to manipulate, but they do the job.overall – happy with this chair!

Gay Newark, CA

Not much comfort

We ordered the Contempo because of space saving factor. However, we were disappointed up on receipt of the product. First, the seat material is very thin and cheap. It does not offer much cushion/comfort. Second, the seat portion itself does not protrude out enough in my opinion; add to the fact that there’s no adjustable foot rest, my 6 month old ends up sitting with her feet dangling (she’s 90% in height in her age group) and with the edge of seat putting pressure under the thigh rather than behind the knee area. She was visibly uncomfortable after 5 minutes in the seat. We returned it and ended up purchasing the peg perego siesta instead.

Delia Elverta, CA

Slight Regrets

I slightly regret purchasing this highchair. The areas where the chair legs join stick out quite far from the chair and are located high up on the chair. She has hit her head on this area several times as I have been securing the straps when putting her into the chair. I have now noticed the leg joints do not stick out so far in other chairs and the joints are not located so close to the area where the child’s head will rest.Also, the chair is not well padded. It was sometimes audible when she would bring her head back to rest between bites. I placed a towel between the padding and the chair to alleviate the problem.On a positive note, the highchair has held up well and is easy to clean. The straps are easily adjustable and I know she is safe and secure in the highchair (of course, she is always closely supervised).

Nora Kempner, TX

dont understand all the positive reviews …

I originally ordered the safety first kensington bc of its beautiful looks, wipeable seat and small fold. When I got it together it didn’t fold as compact as I needed so I ordered this graco in rittenhouse. I thought based on positive reviews id love it even though it wasn’t my first choice. First thing I noticed is it is significantly heavier than the s1. The fabric is super cheap feeling. It’s white and black which looks like cream and black on the photo and doesn’t really make sense bc the frame is cream. It’snot made of a even slightly wipeable material. Its plan fabric which would stain horribly. It’s way too short and the seat sitting area is not very deep and looks way uncomfortable. Needless to say, id rather the other take up room in my teeny tiny kitchen than put up with this garbage. If you want something better quality with a beautiful look go for the safety 1st kensington from babies r us.

Catalina Pilot Mound, IA

A Great Highchair for the Price

We have used this highchair for 2 years and it’s still in perfect condition. It is super durable and doesn’t take up too much room. My favorite feature is how low it goes. If we eat in the living room, we can put it low to the floor so my daughter can be level with us or the television. She enjoys that. It’s very easy to adjust as well. The cover comes off hassle free for washing. It goes back on easily too. The pattern is super cute and blends well with our decor.The tray is great. It pops off and there is actually another tray underneath. I LOVED that. If the pop off tray was dirty and I didn’t feel like cleaning it, I didn’t have to. We would also use this chair to keep her contained when we had to clean. We don’t anymore because she’s older, but it was wonderful during her first year. We would give her things to play with, and she never complained. It seems very comfortable.I highly recommend this chair.

Deloris Jenkinsburg, GA

Good high chair

I like this high chair, I think it’s very cute and I never had any major problems with it. The only thing is that when I pull my daughter out I have to watch out to not pick her straight up, but up and back or it hurts her legs.

Valeria Traskwood, AR

Great Chair, solid construction, easy to keep clean.

Great chair, no assembly, easy to use. Solid construction, easy to keep clean and several recline/adjustment options. Great for the price. Tray is completely removable and has a removable tray cover for easier clean-up options. Buckles are easy to clip on/off, and keep children in the seat. Buckles aren’t easy for children to remove.

Sasha Brookfield, NY

HIgh chair that looks good and can be hidden when needed

I am pleased with this high chair,it is fairly easy to open up.I struggled a little but thats because Iwas very excited to see it open and thought i could figure it out on my own without looking at the instructions (anyone else out there like that LOL) anyhow,once i took the 30 seconds to look to see how to open it up,it looks so nice.The color is fantastic,very modern (i got the rittenhouse as we are going to have more kids so it had to work for boy or girl).It was ready to go right out of the box,just pulled it out.No nails or screws.I was able to fit it on the side of the fridge so my house doesn’t look like a 24 hour day care :P.It stands by itself (no need to lean on anything) and be stored just stood up in closed mode.I would have liked for it to have a further recline level that it does,but this will still do fine.I use the high chair as for more than just feeding time.Baby can sit ,play or sleep in it.A further recline would have made a better sleepy place but its reclined enough the was it is.I would recommend to anyone who needs a highchair that can be stored away for lack of space.Go for it,you won’t regret it.Im super super picky.I wont buy ANYTHING unless it is reviewe 4 or more.This great for the price!

Deidre Levelock, AK

Well made

Great highchair. Sturdy and well made. My daughter started solids at 6 months so we bought it then and she has been using it ever since. she’s now 20 months. With the exception of a couple food stains, it looks as it did when we bought it.

Amber Woodbine, IA

The BEST!!

This is the best highchair! It folds so slim to fit between a cabinet and wall where there is only a few inches. IT is easy to fold and unfold.The cover washed very nice and is easy to get off and on.

Cortney Robeline, LA

Beautiful but not practical

There are a lot of things I love about this highchair. It’s gorgeous, I can set it up or tear it down in about 30 seconds, and the trays are great. However, the straps are not removable. And I have 1 year old triplets who make a huge mess at mealtime and chew on the straps. They get FILTHY. And then I have one who had reflux and pukes at the slightest provocation (choking on finger foods, etc.). So I’m constantly cleaning up vomit (not spit up, throw up). And because the straps aren’t removable, I have to hand scrub the braided straps. It is extremely difficult to get everything out of the nooks and crannies, and the puke smell really never goes away. If I could toss them in the washing machine (like you can with Fisher Price products), it would be so much better. In the end, for me, I wish I had gone with Fisher Price. Maybe not as pretty, but definitely more practical.

Nannie Perrinton, MI

Slim, durable, height-adjustable chair — very happy!

We sought out the Contempo specifically due to storage concerns. This chair folds up to a slim 7-8 inches in width, and at its lowest stowed height is around 34 inches. Great for tucking it out of the way in our space-constrained dining room, and all the better now that our two+ year old rarely uses it.I learned quickly that it’s important to be able to do a lot of tasks one-handed (with a turbo-charged toddler slung in the other arm), and while this chair isn’t exactly “easy” to deploy one-handed, it’s entirely possible. It’s possible to:- pull it out from whatever nook it is stored in, due to it not being overly heavy- open the legs using one hand and one foot (there are two “releases that need to be squeezed — normally a two-handed maneuver — but standing behind the chair, with one foot on the crossbar to apply rearward pressure, the left release, then the right, can be squeezed to separately to get it open- the two tray support arms can be opened one side at a time, clicked into place. These you’ll need to familiarize yourself with; if you’re just feeling around for them, they are easily missed- At this point, the chair is ready to receive a kidThe harness is a no-frills, unpadded, 5-strap affair. The crotch strap tends to get stuck under the plastic tray stay that prevents kids from slipping through underneath; with some practice, it’s possible to wiggle this clip out without removing the child or collapsing anything. Each shoulder belt connector needs to be slid on to the associated lap belt clip before that side can be clipped in to the crotch strap. Once in position, lacking any sort of chest strap, it’s easy for a squirmy kid to wiggle out of the shoulder harnesses unless everything is cinched down like a car seat. I really haven’t found this to be a big problem, but any locally available car seat sternum strap would prevent this sort of escape.The tray is generously sized, with a cup holder, and with a hard plastic “cover” that, when removed, effectively allows for an instant clean-up without a wipe-down. And under the big tray is a little tray (with a cup holder) that presents yet another “clean start” without a hassle. My criticism of the tray is it slopes back towards the seat at an aggressive angle, meaning that any plates, cups, food or spilled liquid tends to collect along this low edge right in front of the child.The height positions are very handy, as it allows us to move the tray height from approximately dining room table height, right down to living room coffee table height.The whole chair is stable enough that it doesn’t tip over when our 30 pound boy climbs into it on his own, which at face value sounds dangerous, but has actually been quite valuable in that my wife’s elderly mother can “assist” or supervise our son’s ascent into the chair without her having to dead-lift his weight, which wouldn’t suit her so well. And she has no problem setting up this chair without problem, though for her, it’s definitely a two-handed affair.The chair has tiny, non-pivoting hard plastic wheels on each foot. Frankly, I find them useless, and I don’t really have the need to move the chair around much — I’d rather they were just sticky rubber feet. They probably do make it easier for our son to “push away” from the table if he can get his feet up on it, though they also prevent the chair from tipping back when he does this.One other dislike of mine is that the height adjustment is “free” when positioning the chair up, i.e. the height adjustment release doesn’t need to be squeezed to move up. This means that, if I have the chair in the lowest position and stowed in its flat profile, if I lift the chair by the seatback (which feels like the natural place from where to carry it), the seat click-click-clicks into its highest position. I have to carry the chair from the legs to prevent this. On the flip side, this feature makes it a little easier to raise the chair height with a child seated (two hands to lift, versus one hand tied up squeezing the release located at the center of the seat back). But I’d trade one for the other.My wife and I liked this chair so much that we bought a second one for my folks to keep stored out of the way at their place. They, to, are quite happy with this chair’s unassuming storage profile.

Lakesha Hawkinsville, GA

good choice

exactly what I needed-Compact storage-cute designNO ASSEMBLY- after all the things I needed to assemble while pregnant…I was so happy to find this ready to use chair.easy to clean…and very safe…baby is attached at shoulder and waistyou can adjust the height and you can recline to give the bottle.My daughter loves it- She is only 51/2 months but knows this is meal time when she is in the chair and she gets over-excited

Tammi Camp Lejeune, NC

great high chair

I have had this high chair for about 6 months and like it a lot. It is not too big but has all the necessary features, easy to clean, and comes in decent patterns.

Arline Machias, ME

Very good chair

We love it and so does our baby. It’s practical, no assembly required, doesn’t take a lot of space to store, comfortable for the baby, easy to clean and use.

Hester Beaver Dam, KY


Bought this based on other reviews. I liked it until I saw other mom’s highchairs and now I love it. Its easy to clean, stains come out easily. I like that I can fold it up and put it in storage now that we’re done with it. Its easy to get the baby in and out. The tray is easy to get on and off, which is a huge bonus if you have any issues with your wrists or carpal tunnel (seek medical help immediately if you do, it doesn’t go away on its own). This is also why we started using the booster chair though. One day the toddler was eating and the try flew across the room. The wheels are handy, too. I liked being able to move it from the kitchen to the dining room so we could be in the same room while the baby is eating and I’m cooking or cleaning.The five point harness system is good, too. On occasion we only used the three point and the baby can climb out.

Janie Delaware, NJ


This is fabulous we have bought others in the past and none has lived up to our expectations other than this and I would recommend to anyoneGREAT VALUE !

Elba Wellston, OK

Good Highchair

We’ve used this highchair daily for the last two months and have been happy with it. The fabric seat comes off for easy washing but as another reviewer mentioned, the straps do not. Babies get messy and mine likes to pull on those straps with food still on his hands which gets into the crannies of that those straps. It takes a little bit of an effort to wipe it out which could have been avoided if the design allowed for it to be taken out for washing. We have the Rittenhouse print and the black portion of it (around the top area) tends to catch lint very easily. I have something of an OCD with lint on clothing and I wish Graco had a better choice for a lint free fabric than this. These are all very minor issues and overall I am happy with the functioning of the high chair. It folds up into a nice compact size for storage and the different height levels and reclining features are very useful. A good buy.

Stephanie Defiance, MO

Great high chair!

I love this high chair and so does my baby! I was able to put him in it at around 4 months old, even before he began eating food, because of the recline position and the nice padding. He liked to sit by the dining table with us while we were eating. The padding is great. He is so comfortable in this chair, there are times he actually will fall asleep leaning back in it! I love the decor; it goes very nice in our home. It is easy to clean, which is key, and easy to move around the house. I researched many high chairs before settling on this one, and I’m very pleased with this choice.

Ingrid Walsenburg, CO

Best high chair ever

I purchased this highchair over two years ago for my oldest daughter and am now using it for our youngest. It still looks like new.My favorite features:-SUPER easy to wipe off- The fabric cover is machine washable and does not stain (survived carrots and others)- The tray comes apart and the top part is dishwasher safe- it folds up very small and is easy to store- The straps have multiple heights they can be set asThis was definitely a great investment.

Dessie Washington Boro, PA