Graco Cozy Dinette Highchair, Broadstreet

Graco Cozy Dinette Highchair, Broadstreet

Graco’s Cozy Dinette Highchair makes meals more enjoyable for much less. It has an adjustable footrest that reclines in two-positions, a parent tray flips open from the side making it easier to take child in and out, handy under seat storage, cushioned seat pad, 3 seat positions and locking rear wheels. Adjustable footrest reclines in two-positions to help keep your little one comfortable from infant to toddler Height adjustable Infant Body Support helps you keep your baby in a comfortable position for feeding Handy under seat storage Machine washable cushioned seat pad Three seat positions recline Dishwasher-safe, pull-out tray insert for quick, easy clean up Convertible 3- 5-point harness Locking rear wheels help keep chair still during meals and unlock for portability Compact, easy fold Weight capacity: 40 lbs. Click here to view the manual

Main features

  • Compact, flat fold fits in your closet
  • Stands upright when folded for convenient storage
  • Three seat positions recline with one hand to help keep infants comfortable
  • Six seat heights put Baby at table or your level
  • Dishwasher-safe, pull-out tray insert for quick, easy clean up

Verified reviews


OK high chair, could be better

We were given this high chair as a gift at my baby shower. We had not registered for a high chair since we knew the baby wouldn’t be needing it until closer to 6 months old, but a friend picked this one out for us. We have the “Elyse” pattern, which is definitely girly (we elected to wait to find out if we were having a boy or girl until delivery – it’s fortunate that we had a girl!).We have the Chicco Keyfit/Cortina travel system and pack & play and love the ease of use and simplicity of the Chicco products, so we considered returning this chair and applying the store credit towards the Chicco Polly high chair. My sister-in-law has the Polly high chair and after seeing and using theirs, we’re glad we stuck with the Graco Cozy Dinette.We started putting the baby in the high chair when she was around 3 months old, but since she’s breastfed and not on solids yet we didn’t have much of a reason to do so frequently. It was nice to have a safe place in the kitchen where she could play while we got dinner ready or I washed pump parts. We’ve started using the high chair more often over the last several weeks because we will be starting to introduce solids in a few weeks when she’s 6 months old.What we like:~ The large “upper” tray is adjustable in position.~ Easy adjustment and fastening of the straps and the ability to use the straps as either a 3-point or 5-point harness.~ I can get the tray on and off with one hand with no difficulty – I’ve read the reviews saying otherwise but we have never had that problem.~ Easy cleaning of the entire chair. My husband’s sister has the Chicco Polly high chair for her kids and there are tons of crevices and spaces where food becomes trapped easily. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting and hard to clean and I am glad that the Graco Cozy Dinette is so easy to clean!What we don’t like:~ The footprint that the chair’s legs take up is substantial – however this is no different from any other full size high chair on the market. Right now we eat primarily in our eat-in kitchen and the chair takes up a lot of space, so we have to fold it between meals.~ It can’t be unfolded with one hand. I often have the baby in arms and needing both hands to fold/unfold is inconvenient. It would be nice if there was a one-hand fold/lock mechanism.Overall this is a good high chair. My only regret is that we didn’t exchange it for a more gender-neutral pattern since we will be having more kids in the future and if we have a boy the Elyse pattern will not work.Edit 7/18/2011 – I want to like this high chair, I really do. Unfortunately our rating has dropped to only three stars now that our daughter is almost a year old and is eating table food.The fabric cover, while attractive and comfortable for the baby, gets filthy very easily with a self-feeding baby or toddler. We bought an aftermarket plastic-coated high chair cover that does a bit better but we were still washing the cover every other day. Finally we decided to just use the high chair without any cover at all so that we can wipe it down after each meal. And it’s really NOT as easy to clean as I had thought. While easier to clean than the Chicco Polly, there are flower-shaped plastic things at the corners of the tray that require a Scotchbrite pad to get clean. Naturally since these pieces are close to the baby’s hands, they get disgusting easily. There are also a few crevices that are annoying.Honestly, I think we’d have these issues with any of the plastic high chairs on the market. Now that our daughter is older we are going to be getting aKeekaroo Height Right High Chair, Infant Insert and Tray Combo, Natural/Lime. We want a chair with a smaller footprint, easier cleaning, and more attractive appearance. We will keep the Graco for a future baby to use up until the start of self-feeding.

Lucy Eastland, TX

Great Highchair, so easy to clean!

This high chair went together easily (Okay, you have to read the directions), is super comfortable for my daughter, and is VERY easy to clean! The cover is machine washable and I love that! As for the tray being hard to snap into place, it loosens up quickly. I don’t believe my daughter could even find a way to get her fingers in the way while I’m closing it. The recline takes a little work, but you should only recline when the child isn’t in the chair anyway. All in all, I wouldn’t change my purchase of this high chair for anything! A little sanity at dinner time!

Ashleigh Milton, FL


This highchair is PERFECT!! It is durable, versatile, and worth every dollar!! The chair has plenty of cushioning to support an infant…..and the extra cushion can be removed as the child grows. It seems very easy to adjust, and clean up………and does fold up for storage. It also has wheels to make moving it around easier!! The gender neutral colors are perfect for a family thinking on expanding further in the future!!!! Another good thing, I put this together by myself in about 30 minutes….and it was so easy!!!

Bridget Austin, IN

it’s an ok chair

i bought this a couple weeks ago & not to sure i would by it again… i like the lkooks & it’s comfortable for my daughter, but i pinched my thumb in it yesterday really bad & now i’m kinda pissed. it’s very functional & does what the manufacturer says. mt isses are with they lare detachable tray.. they mechanism to attach it to the chaie is flimsy & onlt 3 positions for the tray. you have to take it completely off to take your child sister has a different graco one & you can slide out the tray to the last position & take baby out with out removing the tray which is rea;;y nice. not with this one. & the small attached tray is kind of hard to get open.. takes 2 hands.. so if your babys in 1 arm, it’s really difficult.. & that’s why i pinched myself..trying to get the small tray open while holding my baby…then i couldnt get my finger out while holding her…so i had to set her in the chair as best i could ith 1 hand & het my finger unstuck…lame. my other problem is the recline position is VERY flimsy! when fully reclines you can just push it staight up with out using the button! so if you had more than 1 kid & they came by & pushed on the back of the chair & a small baby was in it…i could see something bad happening..

Chris Monticello, UT


This chair rocks. It’s so easy to clean…there is almost no place for food to get caught. Love the insert tray, so you don’t have to wash trays as much. Easy to move. The fabric wipes clean, and only very infrequently do you have to throw the coveer in the wash. I can’t believe it was so cheap!

Pamela Pickens, MS


It’s just OK, I bought this because it seemed fine and the price was very good. Clip is hard to close (be careful with your baby’s arms). My nephews have the fisher price models which I find safer and designs are more fun and modern. I would not recommend this one.

Lizzie Glenns Ferry, ID

great high chair

This is a really attractive high chair. It doesn’t scream “baby stuff” in your dining room. The five-point harness is nice; you don’t have to worry about baby leaning over to reach for something on the table and tipping over. It seems really comfortable. I like being able to remove the big tray and just use the little mini tray because my baby isn’t ready for finger foods just yet. My only complaint is that the front wheels don’t swivel, which does make it hard to maneuver. On the other hand, my baby likes to sit on the floor in front of it and use it like a rowing machine, which wouldn’t be so easy with swivel wheels.

Pearlie Cicero, NY

great, with a few tiny flaws

This high chair is fantastic. Adjusting it is really quite simple, my son looks comfortable sitting in it, and he’s very secure when strapped in.My troubles with the chair are as follows:1) My son was big for his age, and had outgrown the shoulder straps before he was really stable without them. The shoulder straps are very short.2) If you have a hardwood, tile, or otherwise slick floor, the wheel locks accomplish nothing. My son figured out how to rock forward and back to ‘walk’ the chair forward or backward. He’ll scoot the chair forward until it bashes into the dinner table, he’ll scoot it backward until he’s in the living room. (Once, just for fun, i moved all obstructions to see how far he could go. He scooted across the dining room and all the way through the kitchen. I dragged him back to the dining room, and he scooted right back through the kitchen.) So either expect your child to move the chair, or nail it to the floor.3) Keep an eye on your kid’s fingers when you’re latching the small tray into place. My son liked to grab the armrests after we’d strapped him in, which meant his little fingers almost got mushed a few times. Now he knows to lift his hands out of the way, but it was annoying for a while.Even with those three issues, this is a 5-star chair. Unlike most other high chairs i’ve borrowed at friends’ houses or used in restaurants, this one has never tipped at all. My son, as you may have figured out from point 2 above, is quite active and quite wiggly. I’m impressed by any high chair that can keep all four wheels on the ground despite his best efforts. It’s also easy to fold, easy to adjust, and easy to clean (the pads come off quite easily for laundering, but have yet to come loose during use).

Justine Pine Hall, NC