Graco Day2Night Sleep System, Ardmore

Graco Day2Night Sleep System, Ardmore

The Graco Day2Night Sleep System is an integrated solution for baby’s seamless day and nighttime sleep. With a bedroom bassinet, portable bassinet and playard bassinet, you’ll always have the ability to keep baby close. Each piece of this versatile playard is designed to work together seamlessly for baby’s ultimate comfort and your convenience. Thoughtful extras include a sturdy folding bassinet stand with storage, flip-away changing station, stylish frame, gentle bassinet vibration and an MP3 speaker system. There are 10 ways to use the Day2Night Sleep System, so it truly answers the question of where your baby will sleep. – MP3 speaker system and two-speed vibration – Cushioned flip away changer with wipe-clean fabrics – Micro fleece fabrics are soft on baby’s skin

Main features

  • Graco’s Day2Night Sleep System, in Ardmore, is an integrated baby sleep solution for seamless day and nighttime sleep
  • Comfy bedroom bassinet is an infant sleeper that keeps baby close by overnight
  • Parents can carry baby throughout the home, with cozy, portable bassinet
  • Playard bassinet creates a cozy nest for baby to rest
  • Folding stand securely holds the bassinet for baby’s sleep anywhere in the house

Verified reviews


excellent option for bassinet and play yard

We used a Graco play yard/bassinet for our first child and we were very pleased with the quality. 6 years later, and we were again in the market for a play yard/bassinet system and I was given the opportunity to test this one out for the purposes of writing a review. First, the quality is the same if not better than our first graco product. When assembled, both the portable bassinet with stand and the play yard felt very sturdy. All pieces felt well made and this should last for many years (and through multiple children). The portable bassinet and stand were very simple to put together. The play yard with bassinet was quite a bit more difficult to assemble and I felt that more detailed instructions would help with some of the steps. It also took quite a bit of muscle to get some of the pieces together. I needed my husband’s help on some of the steps because I just didn’t have the strength to get the parts together. This was definitely much more difficult a process than with my older model play yard and I am deducting a star because 1. the instructions could have been clearer and 2. this is difficult for a smaller woman to put together without help.Once assembled, I was pretty impressed with both the bassinet and the play yard bassinet. The portable bassinet has soft fleece sides and a sturdy bottom. I am using this during the day because it is fairly light weight and I can move it easily from room to room. The stand has storage compartments underneath. The play yard bassinet has 3 compartments, 2 storage compartments and one bassinet area. This is a change from our older model that just had a flat surface with no compartments for the bassinet. The storage compartments are handy for storing diaper supplies. The play yard bassinet also has a vibration unit and an MP3 player (requires 1 D and 2 AA batteries). This model does not come with a mobile.I definitely like this system and can easily recommend this.

Althea Faith, NC

Separate bassinet and playpen all in one, changing table, diaper storage, bassinet, and MP3 Speaker vibiration unit.

Awesome Graco Day 2 Night all in one set. Can be used from birth to age ready for toddler or regular bed. It lets you skip the baby bed. This works great for apartment or other close living. We used the Playpen in the day and then bed at night. We just used the playpen as baby bed after bassinet until he was big enough to sleep in toddler bed.You will need one D battery for vibe unit and 2AA batteries for the MP3 speaker electronics module. (MP3 player not included). You get playpen, playpen mattress, playpen storage divider, bassinet adaptor, changing table adaptor, and a separate stand alone Bassinet with folding stand , separate storage organizer, MP3 vibe unit, instruction manual and all the tubes to put together. It is a big snap together project. No screws needed to build. Mine came by UPS in box 34″ Tall 21″ Thick 15 “Wide. NEVER LEAVE BABY UNATTENDED.1. Bedroom Bassinet Weight: 14 lbs Overall Height: 45″ (with canopy up) Width: 18″Short Side Depth: 30.5″ Long Side. Portable Bassinet for use with folding stand for nighttime sleep or anywhere you want to take baby. Parents can carry baby throughout the home, with cozy, portable bassinet. The bassinet must be fullly assembled and installed, including, two metal wires, hook and loop tape, liner and mattress / pad, before using. Bassinet somes with lovely fold down Canopy to block the baby from harsh light. To rotate Canopy push in buttons on each side and flod down. It flods completely flat, and combines with the folding stand for travel with your infant. Stop using when baby reaches 15 pounds or if he or she can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first. **WARNING NEVER ATTACH BASSINET TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT only to included stand or use inside playard bassinet opposite end of the changing table. Never put inside changing table on inside open playard.2. Folding stand . It has storage space underneath and is the perfect frame to hold the portable. It securely holds the bassinet, for baby’s sleep anywhere in the house. Easy to set up just place legs in to stand and snap into place. Then attach the convient extra storage bags with snaps on the bottom. Fold up flat for out of the way storage or portability.3. Playard Weight: 30 lbs Overall Height: 34″ Width: 34″” Short SideDepth: 48″ Long Side Playpen for children unable to climb out, under 35″ tall. Playpen come with separate mattress and storage bag. It is stationary when set up. Love that the corners have fabric stiffeners to tuck the mattress edges under. Helps keep the bigger kids from getting their hands underneath the mattress.Space saver – Playpen folds up then you put mattress pad around and use Velcro tabs on end of pad to hold and place in included duffle bag that is about 30″ X 10″ X 10″ tall. Storage bag is great but wish it has a carry handle.Playpen : Always remove any sand before storage as sand will damage the lock. Cleanwith household soap and warm water/drip dry. NO BLEACH, machine wash carry bag inlukewarm water.4. Playard Bassinet adaptor creates a cozy nest for baby to rest -:it is divides into larger area for bassinet use and the other for storage. I has a flat bottom, oval shape and soft side panels for baby’s comfort.Bassinet is for 15 pounds or less. It attaches to sides of playpen to make bassinet area. It is a separate net lining you attach to top sides of playpen that hangs down 10″. You install tubes provided in ends, and you attach the vibrating unit on the bottom. It must be fastened tight and centered on the webbing strap to work properly. A cord goes from vibrating unit to the electronics mod. The module sits on edge of playpen. Then put mattress from playpen on to the top of unit. The baby is about 9 inches from top of playpen for easy access. Storage compartment should be attached at the end with the changing table holes. Plenty of room to store baby essentials, like diapers and wipes. Stop using when baby reaches 15 pounds or if he or she can push up on hands and knees.5. Changing table adaptor : weight limit for changing table is 25 pounds. It is fabric with cushioned, quilted rim. You slide tubes through edges and attach mounts on legs. Then place legs in the holes on top of the right end of the playpen above the storage area. Easy to fold away just push in buttons on sides and tilt changing table up and down to fold alongside the end of playpen.6.MP3 speaker system and two-speed vibration: The electronics module is used to control vibration for the bassinet only. to use with your MP3 player not included, connect player to cord in speaker system. you lif lid place inside and connect.I expect this to last a long time and go through many children. We had a previous Graco playpen lasted 15 years.You’ll need 1 D battery for the vibrating feature and 2 AA batteries for the mp3 player. See more at:[…]ash.UIkOhp8m.tKZweu1x.dpufIf looking for a chic stream lined play yard that is rectangle, supports older to age 4 child and fits almost anywhere , then check out I’coo Starlight Play Yard, BlackI’coo Starlight Play Yard, BlackIf looking for cute pastel neutral playpen with rocking baby seat then try cuddle coveGraco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, Rittenhouse

Verna Mountainville, NY

Love it

I love this item so much too bad my baby hates it. I stopped using this item day 3 after I brought my baby home. My husband is mad that we are short 246.00 dollars. However I will still recommend it.

Pamala Inwood, NY

EXACTLY what I wish I’d had with my newborn

This is absolutely the perfect combo for me–I just wish they’d had it sooner!This is an excellent set for a work-at-home parent who uses a combination car seat instead of an infant car seat.While we decided that a combo seat made the most sense for us, I often wished I had an easy way to tote my baby around (to shower, cook dinner, etc) without waking her, and I envied the infant car seat people their handy baby baskets.The baby basket bassinet thingy can sit on the stand (very handy height next to a desk or bed), on the playyard bassinet, or can be easily toted anywhere around the home without waking the baby. The stand and playyard both have great storage areas, so you can keep one in your bedroom or living room and the other in your office, and always have your supplies right at hand.The play yard is DELUXE, easy to open and close and very sturdy. I have aGraco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Greenand while it’s just fine, this is way snazzier. It’s slightly higher, so easier on your back, but it’s also bigger and sturdier–has additional metal rails as well as the side clips. The bassinete/storage insert is very secure and cleverly designed with a flip-up changing table with raised sides (the storage area is under it). Everything is very well designed and the quality is excellent.The bassinet insert is different from many playards. Instead of a large open shelf, this is permanently divided into sections. Half has a semi-rigid rounded, tapered wall, making a bassinet area about the size of a traditional standalone bassinette–and in fact, the detached basket fits inside it. Then there is a rigid divider with a board insert, and on the other side, under the changer, there is a partition dividing the remaining half in two for storage.. I have a basicp Graco playard as well and its bassinete insert is simply an open area the full size, a different setup.I do wish the dividers in the bassinet insert were secured with velcro instead of permanent so you had more flexibility to change the configuration if desired. That would have sent me over the moon.There’s even a vibrating napper feature and an mp3 player jack, fantastic if you like to use a white noise app to put baby to sleep instead of the heinous soundtracks on most musical baby gear.The directions are clear and easy. The only part I found conufsing was the 2nd hinge thingy on the changer, but there’s really only one way it can go; and I initially snapped the bassinete insert on facing the wrong end, so the storage side wasn’t on the same side with the holes for the changer. Those are about the only steps that were at all tricky. Assembly of everything, plus practicing opening and closing the playard, took about 40 minutes.You’ll need 1 D battery for the vibrating feature and 2 AA batteries for the mp3 player.I’m psyched to have this set even now, but it would have been an absolute godsend in that first month.I would say you could easily get away with just this set, no crib or changer or infant carseat (opting for longer lived combo seat instead) for the first 6-8 mos, maybe longer–especially with a small baby. It would be a really smart option if you want to wait and see what gear you really need for your home/baby, as everything folds down to a pretty small footprint for ultimate storage.UPDATE: While the baby has outgrown the bassinet, the play yard gets almost daily use. One thing I’ve since realized is that this is too wide to fit through our 36″ doorways without some fenagling. Eventually you can shove it through, but it does get caught up at the hinge of the changer frame. Just something to know if you’re planning to move it from room to room (it doesn’t have wheels like some, so I don’t think it’s so much designed for that).

Margot Blowing Rock, NC

Compact system for all those baby needs

While preparing for our baby, I found myself looking at all the various “necessities” of taking care of a newborn, and I found the things I thought mostly about was a bedding situation and a place to change the baby’s diapers. This led to a whole slew of random items about the house.Then I got this. I was blown away at the concept of having everything in one convenient space, all on top of a PacknPlay for later use and travel. Everything fits together seamlessly with bassinet and changing station perched on top of that PacknPlay but so easy to remove. I am able to put my baby’s necessities in one convenient area of the room–and still be able to take it all apart at will for playtime or travel.My favorite feature has to be the bassinet: it’s small and cozy, just the right size for those first few pre-crib months. I can place it atop the PacknPlay, on top of a handy stand, or collapse it for travel. Then there’s the diaper station. How cool is this! The padding is easy to clean, there are worry-free sides, and a nice little compartment right beneath it to store supplies.And everything is so wonderfully sturdy! This is a quality product that does not have me worrying about stability, and everything fits together securely. Adding to this nice sensibility is the MP3 station with the vibration unit (which is must for my baby).This is a wonderful system for parents and babies. Everything one needs in one handy package.

Twila Elsinore, UT

A lot of purposeful items for your buck but pack and play is hard to set up

I really wish we could have had this when my daughter was even younger since she is now no longer able to fit in bassinet or have use for the changing table. It is too small for a 1 year old but perfect for a newborn. This comes with a bassinet and pack and play with an optional bassinet and changing table. The bassinet seems sturdy and easy to set up. It is portable and not too heavy. The changing table for the pack and play is just a little bit flimsy and doesn’t seem like it could hold a kicking baby securely enough. It says up to 25 lbs but I would say the limit should be more like 15-20.The pack and play I used extensively, especially for our vacations that we have taken. The assembling of the pack and play is very much like other ones. You have to lock each side down first and then push really hard on the middle so it will open up. My issue with this is that the only way for me to get the bottom to open up, I have had to use my foot and literally almost step on it as I pulled on the other parts. Also, it is very easy to accidentally collapse the side back up since the part that allows you to press on it and collapse it is right in the middle and can get hit easily when trying to get the last bottom part out. So this means I had to go back a few times to make sure again all of the sides are locked before pushing the bottom down. It is easy to disassemble it though. All it is is just pulling the red tab up and then unlocking the sides. The pack and play is a comfortable size and pretty standard size of other pack and plays.The pack and play is also extremely sturdy, especially the mesh part. My daughter would repeatedly scratch at the mesh portion and had long nails at the time and there were no tears. It has held up well each time and in good shape. The mattress for the pack and play is standard like all other pack and plays. I just wish there was a little bit more of a padding for when the babies want to sleep because it is not comfortable for them.Overall, this is a really nice set with high durability items. I just wish the pack and play was easier to assemble.

Florine Talihina, OK

Good system

The instructions were a little confusing. They cut out most words in lieu of pictures. For example “insert short rod as shown in picture”. It would have helped to label the pieces with letters and used clearer instructions. Took about 2 hours to unpack and put together. Overall the system works and offers many options for the baby to sleep.The portable bassinet on the stand measures about 30 inches in height by 31 inches in length. Our bed is short at about 27 inches, so the bassinet inside the system works better for bedside than the portable. That is, with the whole system by our bed I can just roll over and peek inside to make sure the baby is ok rather than having to situp and look inside. As you can see in the picture, the ends of the system curve up and are taller than the sides. So in order to be able to roll over and look at the baby, I had to line the system up length wise to the bed. I think this would make a difference to those who are recovering from a c-section as you are using your abs more than you realize each time you have to sit up and check on the baby. Also, after 2 months my baby could not fully stretch in the portable bassinet.

Aline Meeker, OK

Very nice, very flexible

We have used several different pack ‘n play systems over the past several years. This Day 2 Night system is probably the nicest. (We have the basicGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet, Kenslyat grandma’s and the slightly fancierGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Forecasterat home.)This system is very flexible, and I find myself carrying the portable bassinet more than I expected. (Its use is somewhat limited after the first few months, as it is only to be used up to 15 pounds.)We don’t use the MP3 feature, but have used the vibration as a soother. The small storage area is useful for keeping diapers on hand (not just in the baby’s bedroom) and yet out of the way.Like the other Graco pack ‘n plays we own, this one is pretty easy to set up and fold away, once you understand what you’re doing. (I remember originally thinking you needed a couple of extra hands, but the second time around it was pretty simple.)The fabric pattern is neutral, which is great.The actual pack ‘n play feels a little more sturdy than the Kensly bassinet that we’ve had for a few years (it’s also a “basic” model). It uses a standard pack ‘n play sheet (we use bothCarters Velour Playard Fitted Sheet, ChocolateandAmerican Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini Sheet, Ecru).Recommend this system if you don’t already own a separate bassinet…handy to have everything work together.

Sophie Smackover, AR

Good & Bad

I debated back and forth about how my newborn would spend his first few months…. in a bassinet? In a pack-n-play in our room? In his crib? I didn’t want to waste money on a bassinet that would only be used for (at most) the first several months of his life. I also didn’t want to have a huge pack-n-play set up in my bedroom for a tiny little baby to sleep in. I saw this “sleep system” and thought it would be perfect. To start, it’s super expensive compared to other pack-n-plays, but I reasoned that I was saving money by not buying a bassinet as well. And I do really like the bassinet that comes with it – especially since it has its own stand so I don’t have to keep the pack-n-play put together at all times. In that respect, it worked out well in the beginning.Having said all that…. we ended up bringing the actual pack-n-play portion of the system to my parents’ house so the baby would have somewhere to be changed and to sleep while he’s there. Similar to others, this one has an incredibly thin/hard “mattress” – I use that term (very) loosely. You really need to spend an additional $30-$40 to buy one of those foam inserts to make it even remotely comfortable if you plan to have your child sleep or nap on it for any length of time. The changing station, as others have mentioned, sort of slopes towards the center of the pack-n-play so the baby is constantly rolling to one side. I also have to disagree with most other commenters who say that having the storage area under the changing station is convenient. I find it incredibly INCONVENIENT. How am I supposed to access anything when the baby is in the process of being changed? What if there’s a huge blow out and I don’t have time to pull everything out before getting the baby on to the changing table to be cleaned? I can’t flip it up to grab stuff with the baby on it. So I usually just throw all that stuff in the compartment made for the bassinet to fit into – which, for now, I never use because it’s still kept at my house on the stand. For the price, it should come with an organization piece that hangs off the side (which I am sure you can purchase for additional money)…. that would be much more convenient.Because it’s kept at my parents’ house, I haven’t really played with it too much. I’m not sure if I just haven’t figured it out yet, but I can’t see how to remove the compartment pieces and keep the mattress up towards the top. It appears that with this system, you either have the compartments there or you have to lower the mattress to the bottom. If I’m wrong, PLEASE, somebody let me know how this can be done.Another thing that bugs me…. I do like the bassinet – but I don’t like that you cannot purchase a mattress pad, protector, or sheets for it. It’s one piece and you can’t even purchase an extra unless you contact Graco directly. It’s machine washable which is nice, but you have to let it air dry – well, if your baby has an accident and you have to wait for it to air dry – you might be waiting for a while. They should really come with an extra insert or at the very least, have them available to purchase from the same place the pack-n-play is sold. Just sayin.Would I purchase this again? Maybe. I figure we’ll eventually need the pack-n-play for when we travel, and the bassinet is very convenient for the first few months. Do I think this system has flaws and is overpriced? Absolutely.Disclaimer – we purchased from Buy Buy Baby so the price was about $275 before using a 20% off coupon – item was not in stores so we could not see it before purchasing, and was shipped directly to our home. I believe Babies R Us has a similar model (different color) that you can view in store before buying. If you’re thinking of purchasing this system, I’d recommend finding a store that sells it so you can see it and compare it to the cheaper pack-n-play systems that are available. You can get one for much less that will probably suit your needs just as well.

Faith Uledi, PA

Does what it says

For the baby, it does what it says.1) I’m a guy, I dont like instructions and Graco is a company that makes guys read instructions to piss us off. Some of the steps are written backwards.2) The bar to secure the bassenet/changing is a PITA to install.3) Have a retractable pen handy. Use the head to push the pins in to insert the part into the right place. Trust me, your nails will love you for it.Based upon these three items, I had to drop 1/2 star for each one.

Essie West Camp, NY

Perfect for my needs

Shipping: Surprisingly fast shipping (for me at least) but it only came from the next state over so that’s not too surprising. Box is large but that’s not surprising as it does hold a lot after all. Being 7 months pregnant I wasn’t the one doing the lifting so I didn’t worry about it, with all the bits together I have no issues moving it around and maneuvering etc. but I’m also very active and 5’11" so it might make a difference for smaller people when it comes to weight.Assembly: Yeah.. there’s lots of parts. It took me 45 min to an hour to get the various pieces together, it might have gone faster if I had been able to lay it all out to see everything. The directions are good if not great, there were a few places where I wondered where exactly I was suppose to put things but some general exploration and an open mind helped a bit. If I were to do it again I would assemble the drop in top storage/bassinet holder outside the play pen and then put it in just for the sake of maneuvering.Use: I’ve already had one kid so experience let me know how much I’ll be using all the bits and pieces on this, having another bassinet is extremely handy especially with the portable stand and handles. As other reviewers have said the liner for the bassinet not being a sheet and easy to get a replacement for will be annoying but as it’s an easy remove and toss in the wash thing I’m not too worried about it. The changing table seems to be fine for the weight range I’ll be using it with, I wouldn’t want to use it with an excessively active baby but by that point most changing tables/pads are a challenge anyhow and you get use to doing things one handed or running. The ‘mattress’/pad/ floor or whatever you want to call the bottom of the play pen has nice padding and will do well for naps and keeping small children in one spot comfortably for reasonable periods of time and seems to be very sturdy.Over all I’m extremely pleased with it and looking forward to using/abusing it through one if not two children depending on how it holds up over the next couple years.

Cheri Voltaire, ND

Love the Bassinet, the Pack & Play is not really a travel system.

The pack & play was really hard to put together, but now that we (my husband and I) figured it out, it’s ok. But I wouldn’t recommend this product for a travel system, I’d get a smaller pack & play that is easier to put together that can really be taken anywhere. I do love the bassinet, it is the perfect size, it’s stable and I like that I can take it anywhere from the stand, to the couch, to the crib…

Avis Eden, NC

So Glad I Got This Set!

This was the one thing I ordered before baby arrived that was a true "splurge" for us. Yes we could get by without it but it has made life so much easier. I unexpectedly had to have a c-section so having the baby bedside in the bassinet for feedings after recovery was super helpful. The quality of the bassinet is better than others I have seen in stores and we like that you can lift out the carrier and move the stand where ever you want. I put a waterproof cloth (intended to put on the top of changing pad covers) in the bassinet to make cleanup easy. We haven’t used the pack in play as much but we have it in the family room for quick diaper changes. We plan on using it more for when baby gets bigger and for when we go out of town. We expect the set to last us for future babies. One thing to note, it did take us a while to put the pack and play together (aprox. 20-30 min) at times some of the instructions were confusing. Make sure you take your time and really look things over.

Felicia Abbottstown, PA

Worth the cost

I know, over $200 for a pack ‘n play? I thought the same thing, but so glad we bought this (actually two of them). It’s sturdy, well built and I love the options it gives you. The colors are gorgeous yet neutral so can work for boy or girl and in any room without sticking out like a sore thumb. The travel case it came with is also quite handy.

Carly Geneva, MN

Great Product

This is a very well made and versatile collection of items that all new parents could find extremely useful. Graco is famous for their line of baby product, and rightly so. This night sleep system is one of the most useful, portable, and convenient baby products that I’ve come across.BassinetBassinet is small and comfortable, and it fits nicely next to any size bed. It’s a very convenient place to have your baby sleep overnight. It is also light and portable, so you can move it to a different room in the house if a need arises. The bassinet stand is foldable and easily storable.Changing TableThe changing area is also very comfortable and convenient. It attaches nicely and securely to the main play area. However, I find it a bit flimsy and prefer changing the baby on a sturdier surface. It’s also, like the rest of this set, a bit on the small side and your baby may quickly outgrow it.PlayardThis is a very nice and relatively large playard for a newborn baby, up to few months age. It is comfortable and secure. It gives you a peace of mind that your little one is safe while you are occupied with something else. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, which makes it convenient for travel.Overall, this is a really good, high-quality, product with a lot of useful features. I would highly recommend it to all parents of newborns.

Tia Hill City, MN

Best Purchase for Newborn

When I saw this at a store I immediately knew I needed this for my baby. It is the perfect combo of portable bassinet, changing table and play yard. I had my baby for two months in our room and I absolutely loved that I could place the bassinet in different parts of the room, on the play yard or anywhere in the house. The changing pad is great because it gave me another changing station and saved me a trip across the house. The storage area behind the changing pad is wonderful to have – I stored all my newborn essentials and had them right in my room. Added plus: it’s machine washable. A great buy if you are looking to have a newborn in the room.

Nettie Garden City, NY



Yvette Maury, NC


With so many pack and plays out there, it was hard to choose one. I finally decided on this one for two reasons…the portable bassinet and the flip up changing table. It was extremely difficult to put together. The bassinet I was able to do on my own, but being 9 months pregnant at the time I had to ask for help putting the play yard together. The very last step of assembly is the changing table. The part to attach the changing table was broken! I was so upset, so I called Graco and they told me that it would take a month to get the replacement part because it was on back order. I ended up receiving the part two weeks after my son was born. I really wanted it for the changing table, but I was forced to purchase a separate changing table. I use the storage part though, that is great. It is like having a mini dresser to keep all of his clothes in my living room.The portable bassinet is great. Since my son is only 7 weeks old, I want him to sleep in my room, but not in my bed. The bassinet is the perfect height to keep him next to my bed. If he is sleeping and I have to go downstairs I can bring the bassinet down with me so I do not have to wake the baby. My only complaint about it is that it is a little small. At 7 weeks old my son has almost outgrown it. He does not even have any room to roll over. I was hoping to get a little more use out of it.All and all it is a good product, but not the best.

Marquita Landenberg, PA


I removed one star from my rating because of the terrible assembly instructions. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature and my husband is an attorney, so suffice it to say, we can read, write, and follow directions. It took us two hours, working as a team, to figure out the changing station portion of this crib. My advice to anyone struggling with this portion of assmebly is to allign the hinges on ends of the cribs before putting the changing mat bars in. This was how we ended up with a final solution. Initially, our changer did slant, too, but this was because it was assembled incorrectly. II cannot blame some reviewers for thinking this is how the unit is built and is just defective, because the instructions are VERY sloppy.However, now that it is assembled, we love it dearly and cannot wait to watch our little girl snuggle up in here once she’s born(due date in March ’14). The colors of the sleep system fit in seamlessly with our home decor–this is truly one of the more beautiful-looking sleep systems we came across. We received this as a gift for our baby shower and are eternally grateful as it is a great addition to our home.

Florence Anna, IL


This pack and play is perfect because we are about to move to a different state and space is already limited so this works great as a sleep station for baby

Lacey Dorchester, SC

Initial Review

I love this product! It fit so many of our needs all in one system. Where our newborn is going to sleep is no longer a question and with so many functions it’s worth every penny! It was pretty easy to assemble and didn’t require any tools. The insert is really simple to remove and its packing function is really handy for transport. We decided to reverse the insert so the baby changing station didn’t cover the storage compartment below. We figured if the baby is in the changing station and you needed something from the storage below it might be a hassle to get to it. Fortunately it hooks in any way you want. So far, no complaints.

Bertie Swan Lake, MS

Pros and cons

Pros: I love being able to move the bassinet to different areas of the house to have suitable sleeping place for the baby, where I can keep an eye on her. I also love that I can place the bassinet in the area that vibrates–it’s been a lifesaver and has really helped in getting her to sleep.Cons: Like many have said: the changing table. We only used it for a month, because she was rolling to the side…not convenient when you’re trying to clean up a messy diaper. Also–my husband and I are both fairly tall, and we found the height of the changing area to really put a strain on our back. I never really intended to use this as a changing table long term, though, so it’s okay. Another con–the fact that the bassinet doesn’t have replacement sheets/covers. What if my baby spits up a lot or has a blowout? You can remove the insert, wash it, and the it has to be air dried. What do I do with the baby during that time?? I called Graco and asked if I could purchase additional inserts…they said yes, but they were backordered 8-12 weeks!! Well, she’ll certainly grow out of the bassinet in that time.I haven’t had the chance to use the pack n play without the infant insert in it yet, but I’m sure it will get plenty of use.

Angelia Port Clinton, PA