Graco Diaper Bag Set in Bancroft 2007

Graco Diaper Bag Set in Bancroft 2007

Graco Bancroft Diaper Bag with changing pad,insulated side bottle pocket and adjustable shoulder strap.

Main features

  • Includes one main bag and one small matching bag
  • Main bag has an insulated side bottle pocket
  • Changing pad, dirty duds bag, and wipes case are include with the main bag
  • Shoulder strap adjusts for the perfect fit
  • Mini companion bag holds extra diaper duty essentials

Verified reviews


Too cute for matching to the car seat.

I have the car seat that matches these and they are just too cute together. I feel very coordinated when everything else is a mess with a new baby. Sturdy and well proportioned.

Frieda Seward, PA

What a deal!

I was so happy to finally find what I was looking for…something stylish and practical. I used the little bag for short trips, especially when my baby was a newborn. Now I use the larger bag and I love it!

Hilary Lake Wilson, MN

A Fan of Graco Bags

In looking for a diaper bag for our second child, I deliberately looked for a Graco bag because of how well-organized and easy to clean the Graco bags are. I thought I might try something new and spent a good deal of time at both Target and Babies R Us poking through bags from different brands. I was always comparing these other bags to Graco’s, and they came up short. I wasn’t being particular about patterns, so I selected this bag because it came with an additional smaller bag, which has come in very handy for small trips with my toddler.

Penny La Marque, TX

~*~*~Both bags work great & hold a TON of stuff for my TWINS~*~*~

This is the perfect combination of bags even if you have twins. Plus they matched our Graco Snugride Car Seats.When my girls were eating several bottles a day, if we dropped the girls off at their Grandparents or we went to visit people for the day we would pack both bags. We used the small bag to pre-make all of their bottles, I think we could fit at least 8 in there(8-10oz) The bag was small enough it would fit in the fridge. The bigger bag we used for diapers, wipes, several changes of clothes, changing pad, 2 blankets, (health items, tylenol, thermometer, etc) and we had extra room. Also, the bigger bag has a plastic zipper bag that we’ve used several times when we were out and one of my girls diapers leaked & we had to change their soilded clothes.If we were just running to the store, Dr or somewhere quick, we’d use the small bag. This would fit bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, 2 changes of clothes, etc.This combination of bags is PERFECT! You can use both, the big one or the small one depending on what you will be doing. We’ve had ours for about a year now and neither of them show any signs of wear. The lining is all in tact, the shell is in tact. They are easy to wash as well. I filled the sink with hot water & Dreft and hand washed them. I hang them upside down to dry. Be sure to open the plastic pockets to air them out or they wont dry. You can use a hair dryer to dry out the pockets once the shell is dry if you are in a hurry.I don’t know that they make this exact bag anymore(at least on Amazon) but I believe they have a new version, hopefully it is just as good or maybe even better!

Lucile Carmel, NY

Fabulous value, revolting smell

This is an incredible bargain for a diaper bag – you get two bags, all the fripperies, and a fairly cute pattern. The bummer is that they reek like a giant shower curtain factory when you get them. I’ve already aired mine out for two weeks and they still kinda smell. Once the smell’s gone, though, these will be favorite bags, for sure.

Justina West Groton, MA