Graco Digital Deluxe iMonitor Baby Monitor

Graco Digital Deluxe iMonitor Baby Monitor

Why digital? It’s simply the best performing technology available in baby monitors. Digital offers clear reception that is especially sensitive to the sounds Mom wants to hear. Plus it’s a private signal, which means your neighbors won’t be able to hear you- and you won’t hear them! Its super compact size and extended range lets you move through the whole house and stay connected. Features: 100% digital technology Crystal clear clarity! Digital offers clear reception that is especially sensitive to the sounds mom wants to hear Includes 2 parent units Wipe with damp cloth, do not submerge in water

Main features

  • Digital signal and security for static free clarity and complete privacy
  • Digital power for extended range of up to 2000 feet
  • Rechargable batteries with docking station for convenience
  • Pager to easily locate parent units
  • Two compact parent units with belt clip for easy mobility

Verified reviews


Range is more like 200 feet not 2000 feet

The range is not close to 2000 feet.Our toddler was sleeping and we took the receivers outside so that we could visit our next door neighbor’s backyard and it lost reception about 200 feet. We even put the monitor in the window and it still didn’t get the reception.

Sonya Agness, OR

Terrible Terrible and Terrible Monitors

I am so unhappy and fustrated with these monitors. The battery only lasts about 5 hours off the charging base so I can’t make it through the whole night without it beeping due to low battery. And it doesn’t just beep once – it beeps and beeps and beeps until you do something about it. I have to keep it on the charger all night so it doesn’t go out. There is tons of static and extra noise. Also, the belt clip is not tight – the monitor always falls off of my belt if I bend down to much. Just super dissapointed with these monitors – ABSOLUTELY NOT worth its big price tag!! Please look elsewhere – DO NOT recommend!!

Marisol Hiawatha, UT

I hate this monitor

When I got this, it was a new product and had great reviews. Well, problems surface over time with this junk. I needed something with long range to accomodate our 6,000 square feet ranch. This works ok around the house, but I will get out of range once in a while even when unit is sitting still and nothing moves in front of it. Our child is in the family bed so we only use it for naptimes. Thank goodness. If I had to use it at night, this would be in the trash by now. All the snap, cracle and pop and occasionally beeping out of nowhere, how can people take that in the middle of the night? To adjust the volume you have to push on the button which beeps with each push with the same volume frequency. Yes, it is very loud. And the rechargable batteries? Great thought, but these things don’t hold any charge. After one year of using it for couple hours a day, it holds charge for about 1 hour. Thank goodness I have two units and can take the other one when first one dies. Replacement batteries not available anywhere that I could find. even our battery store couldn’t help and I refuse to buy anymore products from Graco regarding this monitor. They already stole my money for it in the first place. What a junk. This was the WORST baby expense I have made. Honestly. I absolutely hate this monitor but suffer with it for the naps. Baby is growing up and soon this junk will go in the junk.

Colette Rome, IL

Works well + we like the small size

We are very pleased with this monitor – and yes I believe a monitor is a must-have baby product – you will know right away when your baby cries if you put them down for a nap or down for the night and want to be another room. The sound quality is good with this device – and we have wireless internet and live in a densely populated neighborhood. Also, I was pleasantly suprised by the small size of both the sound monitor and the receivers. The receiver in my kitchen takes up very little counter space, and the monitor is small enough to keep on a window sill. I appreciate another’s reviewer suggestion to get the monitor with 2 receivers (not one) if you live in a 2-story house. I was going to buy the single receiver model, but I am glad we didn’t, as I can keep one receiver upstairs in our bedroom and the other downstairs in our kitchen. I have often taken one of the receivers outside to do some work in our backyard while our little one naps – and have been able to get work done all the while being able to respond to our baby quickly when he cries. Overall, great product.

Monika Rock Point, AZ

Baby sleeps, but monitor keeps us awake – too annoying

We received this graco digital monitor set for a baby shower gift. When it works, it is very clear. Most of the time it’s annoying.We’ve suffered through it losing connection and beeping extremely loudly. It would be fine if we were pushing the limits of the range, but one room over it loses connection and reconnects twice an hour without being moved or touched.In addition to the annoying beeping from disconnects, there are static pops, most likely from power line interfereance. If you want true clarity with this device you may have to keep it on battery or use a power filter in front of each plug.Such a waste of money – we ended up turning it off and leaving all of the doors open to listen for the baby. Our child sleeps through the night without event but the bleeping baby monitor wakes us up every other hour with incessant crackling and beeping. We’re awake while our baby is peacefully sleeping.We decided to buy the Philips SCD590 DECT based monitor that costs twice as much to replace this. It was money well spent. We’ll give up eating out for two months to get non-interrupted sleep. Our child sleeps like a baby.. we want to as well.Don’t buy this product — it’s not worth the frustration and annoyance.

Noemi Portland, MI

Very difficult to adjust

We had a first years monitor with our older son, and bought this when we had a second. I wish we had saved our money. Its major drawback are: very loud low volume setting, very bright monitor lights (like having a nightlight near the bed — I have in fact used it for that purpose when getting up in the middle of the night), loses reception frequently, and if the power goes out (which seems to happen to us a lot), it shuts off and you have to go into the childs room to turn it back on (not the case with our other monitor). Most importantly, it is a failure as a two-room monitor. I found it such a hassle to program that we never used it as a two room monitor. I’ve used it for one son, and kept using the first year monitor I’ve had for years. buy something different.

Janette Hooppole, IL

This monitor is the bane of my existence

Nothing irks me more than this supposed “baby monitor”. Because isn’t the point of a baby monitor to monitor babies? Not to work sometimes, if the moon and stars are aligned perfectly, and work only when it feels like working. Not to beep endlessly and flip channels until I want to pull my hair out and throw the thing against the wall, not necessarily in that order.Now when this monitor works, it works well – it picks up every little sound clearly and I can hear my babies the instant they wake up. I rarely hear static. Despite other reviews, it has a long battery life (7-8 hours). I have twins, and set up this monitor in two different rooms so that I can hear the babies whether they are napping together or separately. I rarely remove the receivers from their battery chargers; they just sit in my office where I’m working, which is incidentally 15 feet from either baby. Since nothing moves, you’d think I’d only have to set it up once and be done, yes?Not even close. What usually happens is one of two things:One, it will lose a frequency and search for a signal. It does this whether I’m on the other end of the house or in the next room. It loses a signal at least twice per day. Then it starts endlessly beeping, during which I begin to imagine drop-kicking this monitor across several blocks and into the freeway, where it gets run over again and again by a convoy of tractor trailers.Two, it will flip channels so that it’s suddenly monitoring the same room as the other device, and now one baby is out of communication. It doesn’t matter that the switch is set to “room 2”, because it’s now monitoring room 1. I have no warning this has happened, no beeps or even a flashing light, so unless I’m within earshot and hear her crying, that baby is out of luck should she need attention. This happens at least once every other day, so I simply don’t go out of earshot anymore. To which I wonder, why have a baby monitor at all? It’s only out of morbid curiosity I keep it plugged in.I will try to reset the frequency (which you do by clicking buttons which also beep maddeningly) but usually this doesn’t work, and it continues to beep. I am actually surprised this monitor hasn’t yet been embedded in my wall.Maybe today will be the day.

Angelita Freeport, MI

Good monitor

I bought this when my baby started sleeping in her own room. The reception is excellent and I have never had a problem with interference. Since my place is small I can’t comment on the range, all I can say is that it has never been a problem for me. Both the nursery and the parent units are small and light and can travel easily. My only complaint is the battery life. The charge on the receiver doesn’t last the entire night. I use one unit for the first part and turn on the second when the first one dies. This can be overcome by leaving the receiver in the charger while it’s on at night. Other than that it’s an excellent unit and I recommend it.

Gussie Hannibal, OH