Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Finley

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Finley

The best moments in the day are the ones spent with baby, so make the most of precious time with the Graco DuetConnect LX Baby Swing & Bouncer. This ingenious swing has a seat that doubles as a bouncer, giving you the flexibility to move around the house while keeping baby cozy and close-by. With added features such as a plug, two-speed vibration, six swinging speeds, classical songs and nature sounds, the Graco DuetConnect LX Swing & Bouncer has all the options both you and baby will love.\n\n

Main features

  • Metal, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer
  • Vibration with two speed settings keeps baby relaxed
  • Roomy seat with recline and head support keep baby cozy
  • 6 swinging speeds allow you to find the right pace
  • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds will delight and amuse

Verified reviews



This swing’s about average in quality and performance, and you get less bang for your buck than with other similarly-featured models.Pros:-relatively decor-neutral and gender-neutral color scheme-removable bouncy seat is handy and replaces an extra piece of gear if you need to seat the baby safely in multiple spaces-plug-in and battery options-fairly easy to assemble (need only a phillps screwdriver for 4 screws; everything else clicks into place-reasonably sturdy-baby versions of classical music are far superior to typical annoying generic baby tunes-toys easily remove from mobile frame and could be replaced with something more engaging.Cons:-loud motor, sounds like a groaning, cranky metronome.-harness seems flimsy-harness padding is really cheap and impractical–the shoulder pads fall of easily, and the weird padding thing on the crotch strap has to have the shoulder straps threaded through each time you use it–totally inconvenient and cumbersome if you’re trying not to rouse a sleepy baby. They’re also just cheap and awkward. Compared to the padded Fisher Price harnesses, they seem like some kind of junky throw-away tote bag you’d get at a convention, and make a decent swing look really cruddy. They’re also uncomfortable for a baby and have to be fairly tight for the baby to feel secure because they’re so narrow. And my baby’s only 14 pounds; I think with a big baby, it would seem like a package tied with twine.-mobile is dull neutral colors with no contrast to attract baby-mobile hangs too low, putting it right in baby’s face when swinging-mobile doesn’t swing out of the way; has to be removed completely-there’s no effort to make the rod and tubular metal frame look more attractive.All and all, I wouldn’t recommend this swing unless it were about half the price. It’s not dangerous or horrible; it’s just uglier and flimsier than other similarly priced swings with the same features. If you’re going to fork out a big chunk of cash, you deserve a better swing. I was really well pleased with the Graco playard/bassinet/basket setGraco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore, so I know Graco can make great products, but this swing is not one of them. If you’re looking for a swing with a removable seat, music, and plug-in/battery options but much nicer appearance, mobile, and harness (but, admittedly, also has a LOUD motor and the standard awful baby music), I love ourFisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing.

Kirsten Oakwood, OK

Great swing/bouncer, terrible assembly instructions

The is the second Graco-brand infant swing that I have tried out since the first of the year. This DuetConnect LX is significantly better than the Graco Glider Petite LX, even though the DuetConnect retails for only forty dollars more. It is well worth the upgrade for a better quality swing with bouncer.At the outset, however, I have to criticize Graco for offering yet another product with very confusing assembly instructions. Like the Glider Petite LX, this DuetConnect requires a great deal of painstaking assembly with instructions that appear to have been written by someone largely unfamiliar with the product. A team of two to three adults worked on this off-and-on for a couple of frustrating hours before we finally got it all together. For a long time, we all suspected that we had been shorted four screws — another reviewer, I noticed, thought this also — only to find them “hidden” alongside other materials. Finally, after a great deal of effort, we got this together, and that’s where this review improves.Both the swing and bouncer functions are great and very entertaining for my seven-month-old. Like most swings, this one can work off batteries or by plugging it into the wall, and like most swings, this offers an optional vibration function. I have found that my daughter rarely falls asleep in a swing unless the vibration is turned on. So far, she has twice fallen asleep and slept quite peacefully in this DuetConnect, and she seems much less restless than she did in the Graco Glider Petite LX. Graco makes quality products, some more than others, but they really need to work on better assembly instructions. For a few hours, I was preparing to write a scathing one-star review. Still, I have to recommend this compared to other swing/bouncer combos on the market.

Blanche Stuart, IA

Excellent swing at great price with great features

I’m usually very hesitant to give 5 star reviews on Vine products but this one deserved it. My best friend just had her baby 2 months ago so we drove to her house with this and set it up. I must say that her baby now weighs 11lbs and the max recommended weight is 30lbs. Set up was pretty simple since it came with very clear instructions.I must first say that the price you’re paying for this 2-in-1 product you’d pay quite much more for both products combined. The seat fabric is soft and we loved that it had head support for the baby. We tired out both the swing and bouncer feature and both worked amazing. We loved the 5 point harness and the vibration that we used on the bouncer. The bouncer was also easy to disconnect from the swing. The vibration mode though does need 2 D batteries since the plug in feature is only for the swing. Great feature if you want to take baby from room to room without waking him/her but want to keep your eyes on him/her.The plug in feature is definitely a money saver since most swings run through D batteries pretty quickly if you’re using it on a daily basis. The melodies and nature sounds didn’t sound too tinny but had a nice sound to it and the volume is totally adjustable. It does swing in a side to side motion so be sure that wherever it’s set up that you have room for it to go side to side. We used the 2nd swing speed and that was perfect for her 11lb baby, not too fast or too slow.The recline position was also great for baby and I must say that this can be used with your newborn with the furthest recline position.The mobile though doesn’t rotate on its own but is stationary. Wished that it did rotate but that does not take away from the swing. I definitely recommend this swing.

Liz Liberty, NC


We love this swing/bouncer. Assembly was on the difficult side as the instructions were not very clear during some points. My wife gave up the first night trying to get it together, and after working with it for a half hour I figured out what the instructions meant to say while putting the bouncer section together. After that though, our baby loves this swing, even more so than the one that rocks back to front. The added music and simulated “heart beat” knocks our fussy 3 month old right out giving us some much needed catch up time with our other kids. Removing the bouncer is very easy so we can transport baby wherever we go throughout our house. I would highly recommend it to new parents and old.Update: Just a note that the motor for the swinging mechanism has quit on our swing, and while it is still a high quality bouncer, we are disappointing the the motor seems to have burned out. Our baby preferred this swing over the one that moves back and forth, so we are disappointed that it broke as fast as it did.

Bette Cordova, AL

Great swing

This is a great multi-purpose swing/cradle/bouncer. Very sturdy and fun product. A life saver for parents of youg kids. He or she will be resting peacefully for hours for your much needed break. Very reliable. I like the unisex colors as well. Recommended.

Alexis Mesa, AZ

wish I thought of this idea!

The plug-in feature alone saves you so much money on batteries that it is worth the few extra dollars you’ll spend on this high-quality item. This item is honestly worth its weight in gold; it saved my sanity when I needed to make dinner or work at the computer (stick her in the portable bouncy chair!) and when she refused to sleep anywhere else (turn on the swing with it’s classical melodies!). The wide-bucket seat is great and fit my 95th percentile baby from 1 month +; she’s 6 months now and still has nowhere near outgrown it. It’s a great color- not too bright or flashy, which means my living room doesn’t have to look like a nursery room just yet, and the little dangling monkeys were my daughter’s first toy friends 🙂 All in all, I am so completely impressed with this swing/bouncer that I honestly cannot figure out why anyone would buy any other brand. My ONLY con: when detached, the bouncy chair isn’t particularly "bouncy". That’s it!

Esther Battle Creek, NE

worked well for the visiting baby niece

This is a great product: it’s easy to use (self explanatory), easy to assemble (too less than 30 minutes), easy to clean (just wipe it down with a damp paper towel), easy to transport (have to disassemble/assemble). It’s good for the baby too since you can keep the baby in sight, while still having your hands free to do other things (cleaning, cooking, etc.).This works best for any age of the baby, depending on their size. There are 6 different swing settings — enough to entertain even the pickiest of babiest (and the loudest criers tend to come down).My niece is 4-month-old and it worked well to put her in the swing (she likes the swing that’s at her house, so we had to get one as well to keep her quiet, er, happy). She was quietly lulled to sleep.

Mallory Ava, OH

Very versitial

This swing is also a bouncer. I love it because it is both in one so I don’t have to have the space to but a swing and a bouncer. I love the color of this one. Its red and gray and black. I matches my house great. I did notice that it lays back more when its a swing than my friends swing that it just a swing even though it have two settings for the amount it lays back.

Lottie Bunkie, LA

A note of caution for a great swing

I’ll start my review with a note of caution. When you assemble the product, be very careful when installing the bars that contain electrical circuit cables: it is VERY easy to accidentally cut them. You will have to figure out how much electrical cable to leave on each side of the 2 bars that you connect and snap into place. Other than that, the rest of the assembly was relatively easy, provided you spend the time following every step in the instructions booklet. The numerous graphical images included in the booklet definitely help.This is a good looking and sturdy swing that helps put even restless babies to sleep. The music is OK – good selections yet relatively poor electronic execution. My 1 year old fits good in this swing and her feet are barely outside seat. It seems that a larger baby can fit a lot better than in theGraco Glider LX Gliding Swing, Peyton. Both sets have my thumbs up since we do not have to spend money on batteries except for the non-vital vibrating function.

Cathy Whitewater, MO

Short and Sweet – AMAZING!

I have four children and have had many swings in my day! I really love the Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer! Easy to assemble, super comfy for the baby and I love the multi-purpose feature! I mean really, who needs all this equipment all over the house? Versatile product and wow, what a GREAT gift for someone! Sure beats the days of the old wind up swings, eh?

Edythe Charles Town, WV

Great for babies/twins & small spaces

I have 2 more expensive swings at home for our twins that do basically the same thing (seat base comes off of swing) but we have a set of these down at my parents home for our visits. The quality is what one would expect of graco—nothing special but decent, we don’t feel like they are unsafe or anything. The huge benefit to these is that they also have the vibrating feature so they are a true bouncer seat when disconnected from swing. We also use the vibrate when they are swinging but generally the swing motion is enough and the vibrate is great when the seat is on the floor. Easy to take off of swing, pretty light overall. For the price, these are great (even at full price which i think is still under 200). Not sure if they will last through additional kids down the road (again, graco-quality) but will last for our twins until they grow out of them.

Noelle Spring House, PA

A life saver

These are just a must, and we really love this model. It breaks down really easy to move, it plugs in for the swing, though not the vibrator chair.

Amelia Redding, CT

Makes clicking noise

So far, baby seems to like this swing for short periods of time. He likes the vibrating seat, but the battery cover rattles when the vibrator is turned on. It also makes a clicking noise when in swing mode, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. I would like if the mobile turned on and didn’t just hang there.

Tamara Danville, KY

Baby likes it

Pros: attractive. baby likes it. music is good quality, not annoying to adults. two in one.Cons: hard to assemble. vibration is loud. swinging makes some noise but not bad. any setting higher than two will send baby on a wild ride (there is a harness). Would give 5 stars but the vibration is so loud, can’t use that feature. Going to see if we can’t make parts rattle less with a little masking tape.

Caroline Newfield, NJ

Worth every penny

We have a 4 month old and have had the swing + Bouncer for about 3 months now. We are very happy with the purchase. It may be a lot more spendy than most swings but it does have many choices on figuring out what your baby likes instead of having to buy separate items to figure your kid out. We found out he is happiest in the swing part although the detachable bouncer is nice to move and take him outside in it so he can lay under a tree and look at things. The adjustable seat is nice for propping him up so he is not staring at the sky all the time. it does take up a lot of real estate in the living room but you can shove some flat things under it like playmats and foldable walkers. The music sounds good with not too annoying selection as does the white noise selection. It is noisy when rocking back and forth but I just except that is more white noise for the kid and he doesn’t seem to mind it. The only thing I don’t like about it is the bear mobile. It is not electronic and my baby never looks at them because they are not an exciting color. You can however, take the bears off and hang other toys on the mobile. But mostly it just gets in the way when you are taking your baby in and out of the swing.

Elena Rye, NH

Better options out there

We had a different Graco swing/bouncer combo for our first son and decided to try this one since we hated the non-removable tray on our old one. It showed up yesterday and already I have to say I would probably not buy this one again, either.The good:Love the vibration option on the bouncerBouncer is fairly easy to removeThe recline is great for itty bitty newborns (our twins were quite small and are now barely 6 lbs, so if you have a baby at or just above the 5.5 lb minimum recommended weight this swing is a good choice.)The not so good:The recline adjust handle is at the rear of the seat, which is a pain to get toThe straps and strap cover are a pain in the neck, especially when holding a screaming newborn and trying to undo it one handedThe frame feels quite flimsy despite it’s sizeThe fabric and straps are super cheap feelingAnother reviewer mentioned the Fisher Price Zen Collection swing as a better option, and I have to agree. We are actually borrowing our friend’s FP Zen and used it for a week before purchasing our Graco, and except for the recline (it does not go as far back and the babies seem to slide down more, which I don’t like) and the lack of vibration in the seat the FP is a superior product overall. I was shocked at how much sturdier it is and how much nicer the materials are compared to the Graco DuetConnect LX. If we decide we need a second monster swing/bouncer combo for baby #2 (who could not care less about a swing at this point) we will be getting the FP instead of another Graco.

Laurel Lennon, MI

Instant sleep machine!

That is awesome! Our little boy (3 weeks old) falls asleep in a minute when we put him in there. He goes so deep in his sleep we can remove him and bring him to his bed right after! This is our instant-sleep machine.

Sadie Islesford, ME

So far so good!

We’ve had this swing/bouncer for about a month and so far so good. I haven’t had a problem with any part of it yet. It was pretty easy to put it together. The bouncer takes ONE ‘D’ battery and if you want use batteries for the swing portion it needs FOUR ‘D’ batteries, but you can plug that in to an outlet which is great. My son takes at least one nap per day in it & he loves that it vibrates. It’s very gender neutral which I like also. Would recommend!

Jennifer Lagrange, IN

Good product, directions are terrible

Overall, the swing appears to be good quality, however, the directions are definitely not comprehensive. My husband does very well with assembling most anything, and he was very frustrated with the lack of details with the instruction booklet, and had to redo a couple steps. I wasn’t aware there is a YouTube video to assist with assembling this product, otherwise we would have referred to that vs. the booklet. Will not utilize the swing until July, so not sure how well it operates.

Jeanette Fiskeville, RI

Solid Construction, easy to use. Well made

This is a great swing for baby. Well made, fairly easy to put together, with features that will make it easy to accommodate your needs.First, assembly is fairly easy. The only hitch is when assembling the seat, it is a bit tricky to insert the legs and then put the two pieces of the seat together. You need a philips screwdriver, getting the screws to match up is slightly tricky. After that assembly is a piece of cake and the whole process should take less than 20 minutes.The whole item is quite large, though the seat can disconnect and act as a bouncing seat so you can take it with you. The seat not only acts as a bouncer, but when connected to the swing arm acts as a gentle swing for baby. The seat also can recline or be set up more for a more upright position.The seat also has a vibration feature with two settings. Low or High vibration. This feature REQUIRES two D batteries (not included).The easy to understand controls control music, with decent sounding gentle songs. The control knob allows you to set swing speed from 1-6. The swing operates very quietly and swings side to side.It also features a small mobile for baby’s viewing pleasure.The swing can run on half a dozen D batters (again, not included) or run off AC wall power with the included adapter. Since this swing is large, we just leave it plugged in at all times.The seat also has covers for the straps. They easily come off, and I found myself just removing them rather than always trying to find them. The straps can be adjusted as your baby grows and it also includes a padded head rest.Overall, a well built swing with great features and easy to use and assemble.

Lashonda Forest Hill, WV