Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Metropolis

Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair, Metropolis

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Graco DuoDiner LX Highchair – Metropolis Introduce your little diner to family mealtimes with our Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 highchair. The highchair that grows with your child from infant to toddler and converts to a space saving booster. It has a 6-position height adjustment that helps you position baby at the family table. Its 3-position, one-hand adjustable reclining seat and infant head and body support help ensure baby’s every meal is a comfortable one. The wipeable and machine-washable seat pad along with the dishwasher-safe tray insert make cleaning a breeze. And the highchair frame is designed to easily stow away when you’re using booster mode.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Graco Duo Diner LX, in Tangerine, is a 3 in 1 High Chair that grows with your child
  • Stage 1: Infant high chair reclines to provide a comfortable space for baby
  • Stage 2: Fully featured high chair for your little diner
  • Stage 3: Easily converts to booster when your child is ready
  • Easy clean seat pad is wipeable or machine washable

Verified reviews


Very nice but not flat folding

Is a very nice high hair but when folding it to put it away you have to take the tray off. You can fold it with the tray on but the tray sticks out and it’s not a flat fold for storing. I do like the adjustable height options and the overall design of it. I just feel like a flatter folding option would have been nice.

Ola Kihei, HI

Makes meal time easy.

Love that his has two trays, one that’s removable. Makes cleaning very easy. The chair fabric is also very easy to clean because its kind of a plastic like fabric. Its hight adjustable, and comes with a booster seat. This booster seat won’t fit with just any table. My table has a decorative fringe that won’t let my babys feet fit comfortably. But one the leg stands this chair adjusts to table height.

Benita Canaan, CT

Sturdy with some nice features.

Great chair, lots of nice features (reclines, height adjustments, removable tray cover). I agree with other reviews that the stickers on the tray are a nightmare to remove, and the shoulder straps are cumbersome. I found the tray annoying attach at first, but now I’m used to it.Overall a good value.

Glenda Harvey, IL

Great investment

Durable, versatile, easy to set up and use. Clean up is easy too. Different heights help with finding the right one for your dinner table. You can lean it back slightly or put up straight. What I like it it can turn into a booster for later on. Comes with extra thin pad for newborns. Can lock the wheels, so it doesn’t move around easy. The metal legs are thick and sturdy. I can remove and put on the tray one handed, if I need to hold him. Truly a great chair if this is what you’re looking for.

Marylou Campo, CA

Like Recline Feature

Have only used this with my newborn, but the recline feature lets him sit with us while we’re eating and not be in an upright position. Like that the chair comes off and can be a booster seat too so we can take it with us to our cottage or when we go to visit family.

Aline Murdock, NE

Tray doesn’t slide smoothly

The tray is a pain to get off and on, it just doesn’t seem like it wants to slide on smoothly. All of the adjustable positions are great though, and it’s easy to clean.

Ola Elmira, OR

Great high chair!

We are very happy with this high chair. It’s very practical and easy to clean. I agree with other reviewers that the tray is hard to get off, but my husband and I can do it, no problem. I would be aware of this if the person who cleans it is weaker in the arms. Overall very satisfied and would recommend it based on the price and functionality.

Joanne Big Lake, AK

Great chair !!

Excellent purchase !! We have used it in any possible way and position. Easy to clean. I like the fact that my son doesn’t slip through the legs opening even if i don’t use the straps. I remove the legs and put it in the bathroom with me, that way my son is supervised at all times.

Sheila Jefferson, MA

Excellent High Chair

My wife and I researched quite a few high chairs before deciding on this chair. We have twins, so we bought two, just in different colors. We are both glad that we went with this model. Below are some Pros and Cons from our PoV:Pros:1) Sturdy and well built.2) Easy to adjust up and down with several heights to choose from.3) Tray is sturdy and easy to clean.4) Adjustable back is great for even smaller babies for feeding bottles while mom or dad clean, cook, etc.5) Can be folded to store out of site if desired.Cons:1) The tray can be difficult to get on/off for someone with strength problems in their hands. My mother-in-law cannot do it on her own.2) Really wish there was a break of some kind on the wheels. As babies begin to crawl and grasp to stand, the high chair can slide away from them.3) Straps are solid and well built, however can be hard to clean. There are small woven grooves in the straps that hold food toughly. They can be cleaned but it takes some elbow grease. Smoother straps would make this much easier.Overall we love these and would recommend them to anyone, but that is not to say there is not room for improvement.

Cassandra Port Clinton, PA

worth the money

This is our first ever high chair and i wanted one good enough I wouldnt feel the need to purchase a better one when baby number two happens. Mission accomplished.Pros: The double tray allows you to pop off the top layer and still have use of a clean tray. Nice for very messy meals or when you dont have time to clean it between meals.Dish washer safe traysI have the cream and blue color. The cream hasn’t stained. I was very worried the spaghetti sauce would be the end of the tray.When both trays are off you can pull your little one right up to the table, like a big kid.The back tilts back to several positions. My baby is 13 months and doesn’t typically fall asleep while eating. But a couple times, it’s been handy.Its balanced/sturdy enough he can push it all over the kitchen like a walker with out being wobbly or wanting to tip.Cons:instead of a wheel in the back, its in the front. This makes it impossible to tip back and pull to another room. Its very awkward to move if you are on shaggy carpet.The cover for the chair has two small folds on the seat part. Its a trap for any food that ends up along side your baby.Over all, I find it functional, safe and decently attractive. The most value we have found is in the double layered tray.

Patrica Bloomfield, IN

Love Graco Anything. Highly Recommend.

LOVE this highchair! There are so many choices when it comes to buying a highchair, so I was rather intimidated. I have Graco everything else, so I gave it a try.The seat can recline, and sit upright…so it’s nice to have a bunch of different recline positions that best fit your baby’s needs. I also like that fact that the gray tray is easy to remove for clean up. It pops off and on very easily.We don’t fold and unfold it much, but it is pretty easy whenever we choose to. Would highly recommend.

Nikki Bainbridge, PA

This is the one for us

After extensive research on high chairs, we narrowed it down to Graco brand. It was between this and the Graco 4in1 highchair when this LX was a daily deal. After comparing the two, we did not need the extra step in the 4in1. This is more than sufficient.

Annie Fairpoint, OH


This is a very nice chair. It will be usable for several years and is very stable. I have purchased other Graco products and that influenced me to buy the chair.

Ruth Flemington, MO

Fabulous in every way

Wonderfully designed, beautifully crafted, and in a very handsome (and virtually impossible to find) color combination, My daughter is really delighted with this choice.

Rita West Point, GA

Good Highchair

The one we ordered from Amazon actually came in a crushed box which I’m sure was not the fault of Amazon but the fault of UPS. I seem to be getting more and more crushed/opened packages from UPS these days. Anyways, I didn’t want to receive another crushed box so we decided to order from target instead. Overall we like it, my wife just wishes the table section was somehow attached to the chair. We would buy again.

Opal Deer Creek, OK

Can’t complain!

Gorgeous high quality highchair. My 10 month old fits perfectly in it and Usually let him snack in it while watching cartoons! Love the 5 point harness for when I need to take the tray off and I don’t have to worry about him falling out!

Bobby Fackler, AL

Perfect Highchair, Easy to Assemble & Clean, Baby Loves It

When my wife and I registered for our baby, we didn’t put a highchair on our registry because it was something we didn’t need. However, 3.5 months later, we realized we probably would need to start looking around. We had a gift card for our local Babies R Us and decided to see what kind of selection they had. Out of the 20 or so high chairs, this one was one that appealed most to us. It looked nice, had great functions listed, and would grow as our baby grows. The color we originally wanted was Oasis, but anyone who has shopped at Babies R Us/Toys R Us can tell you that the markup on their items is a bit more than other places. We decided to wait to shop around.Then a couple weeks later, Amazon had SAME highchair on a Lightning Deal but in the Metropolis color (black & gray). We decided that for $50 cheaper than Babies R Us, it was worth purchasing despite being a different color. After a few weeks of ownership, my wife and I couldn’t be happier.From beginning to end, putting this highchair together requires NO TOOLS and only took me about 15-20 minutes to put together. Our infant (she’s a little over 3 months old, was born a preemie) LOVES LOVES this seat. For some reason after she eats, she likes sitting up and doesn’t like being laid back down. The problem is, she tends to feed right before our dinner time. What this allows us to do as parents is actually EAT & ENJOY our meal while our daughter is right next to us. I can’t tell you how many times before we got this chair that one of us had to hold her while the other eats their dinner at our dinner table. Then when that person is done, the person holding her (usually me) ends up eating a cold dinner. This chair solved all our problems.It’s important to note that this chair is a 3-in-1, rather than a 4-in-1. The difference between 3-in-1 highchair systems and 4-in-1s are that the 4-in-1s usually accommodate children that have surpassed the toddler stage. Meaning they can sit directly into the chair without the booster.[[ PROS ]]- Easy to put together.- Easy to clean (fabric is easy to wipe and can be washed, tray comes with insert to make it easier when washing)- Adjustable reclining, height, & footrest positions can accommodate a growing baby- 5 point harness- Has wheels on front 2 legs so that you can roll it around the house.- Our daughter looks around, coos, and laughs while in the seat. She just likes being around us and has not fussed at all while in her seat during our mealtimes![[ CONS ]]- According to other reviews, there are reports that if you have wood floors, this can scratch them up. While it hasn’t (yet), I took the initiative of researching more. It seems that this will scratch up your floors from the back legs. The plastic will wear down over time and that’s when the damage starts. I took the initiative and purchased some furniture pads (adhesive) and taped them up to the back of the chair. No chance for this chair to scratch up my wood floors!- No wheel lock. I know this isn’t a stroller, but I would have appreciated a wheel lock. While my daughter is too small to wiggle with enough force to get the chair to scoot, I anticipate it will eventually happen. Not sure if it would have been a safety hazard, but I think it would have been a great feature.Overall, my wife and I love this chair and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Amazon!

Yvonne Moscow, VT

One of my favorite baby products!

I am absolutely in love with my high-chair! In fact, I think it’s the best high chair I’ve seen hands down! I’ve recommended this chair to all my pregnant friends because I love it so much. My good friend and I actually got ours around the same time, and she loves her Duo Diner too. Here’s what I love about it:- You can wipe the seat clean super easy. The cover doesn’t look or feel like vinyl at all, but it wipes like vinyl.- You can take off the top part of the tray to wash.- The tray wipes clean super easy also.- FAVORITE PART! It turns into a booster seat. If you remove the seat from the high chair stand, you can secure it onto the table chair. You can use it with or without the tray this way. The arms of the high chair keep your little one secure on the sides (along with the safety straps), but they fit under the table so you can scoot your child close to the table (when not using the tray).- The straps and cover come off easily and always wash clean. My son stained it with blueberries, and when it was out of the washer, it was as good as new.- You can order new covers from I wanted to change up the high chair for my 2nd son, so I just ordered a new cover in a different pattern.

Kimberly Tallman, NY

I can’t wait to see what it looks like….

Just received it and i am a proud to say that we have two of everything to complete our twins collection.

Cindy Copeville, TX


We live the color, flexibility and ease to clean the chair. Our baby is 9 months and he is very comfortable. We had to hide the stripes because they were just making him uncomfortable and he does no want to be tied down.

Katharine Bristow, IN

Worth it

I really love this high chair. I had a plastic $40 dollar one for my daughter before this, and it just seemed too uncomfortable. This one is spacios, and has room for her to grow into it, and it can also be used as a toddler seat. It has many different high settings, and you can also make the back support part lean back. It has two trays which makes cleaning up much more convenient. I try to only let my daughter eat off the gray tray, because the black one is not as easy to clean because its bigger and thicker. You only need one hand to slide the tray off or put it on. The leg seperater thing is attached to the tray, which I thought was a good idea. Its pretty easy to clean, if you have any type of cleaning wipes, it doesn’t take long to disinfect. The only thing I don’t like about this is that the gray tray easily scratches.

Gay Hodge, LA

graco duodiner

Difficult to put together for the price. It is sturdy and contains baby quite well, do not like the vinyl padding. would much prefer cloth.

Adrienne Pacific Palisades, CA

Great highchair

I’d give it five stars, if only there was a way to look the wheels. The wheels are a nice feature, but there are times that I wish I could keep it from rolling. It’ll definitely be a concern of mine when my baby starts pulling up on things/ trying to walk. Other than that, it’s great. I like that it reclines, and it’s simple to use.

Audra Harper, IA

Easy, Stylish and Versatile

We love it. I like the versatility of the chair. We put it at it’s highest height and it was the perfect level for our table. I also liked that you can change the recline position and use it with a 3 or 5 point harness. It folds not exactly flat, but is space saving enough. It’s easy to clean and the wheels make it easy to move around the house. All in all we’re very happy with the chair.

Katelyn Woolrich, PA