Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller in Fortune

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller in Fortune

Life is busy and complicated enough when you have two small children: but with the Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune) at least getting around is made a whole lot easier. This easy-to-use stroller is built to carry two children in comfortable style–and it includes plenty of great accessories and features to make mom and dad happy, too. The Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune) offers: Two seats carries a toddler and an infant. Three- and five-point harness ensures security. Built-in snack tray with beverage holder. Just 20-inches wide for easy maneuverability. Both seats feature a multi-position recline function. View larger. A Stroller Built for Two This versatile stroller has two seats that are ideal for use with a toddler and an infant, or even with twins. With the seats positioned in tandem, the rear seat rides higher so both children have a great view of the action. Both seats are compatible with the Graco SnugRide and Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seats: simply snap your car seats from your vehicle into the stroller and go. Seat the kids directly into the forward-facing seats from the time they can sit up (around 6 months of age) until they reach up to 40 pounds in weight–so even when your children outgrow their infant car seats, you still can use the stroller for years to come. Each stroller seat is equipped with a three- and five-point harness, an adjustable canopy to shield the kids from sun and rain, and a handy snack tray with a beverage holder. Both seats feature a multi-position recline function, and the back seat can fold down flat to accommodate a napping child. Convenient, Easy Operation for Parents Double strollers can be bulky, making them difficult to push and to load into your car. But the Graco DuoGlider LX is just 20 inches wide, making it easy to maneuver through doorways. Its lightweight construction makes the stroller easier to maneuver, as do the lockable swivel front wheels with suspension. And when you’re done with your walk, the stroller’s one-handed fold-and-latch mechanism easily collapses the stroller. The stroller includes a drop-down basket that offers easy access to your gear, even when the back seat is fully reclined; and the parent storage tray includes a convenient cup holder. About Graco In 1942, Russell Gray and Robert Cone formed Graco Metal Products, in Philadelphia, PA. For 11 years, the firm fabricated machine and car parts for local manufacturers. In 1953, Gray left the firm, leaving Cone as sole owner. Cone decided to manufacture his own line of products, but had trouble coming up with ideas. Enter David Saint, an engineer, tinkerer, and stained glass artisan who worked for Graco. Saint, himself a father of nine, was intrigued when an associate told him how his wife would soothe their tired and cranky baby while swinging in a backyard glider swing. Acting on this inspiration, he went to the drawing board and 18 months of hard work later, the world’s first wind-up infant swing, the Graco Swyngomatic, was born. Graco sold millions of Swyngomatics in the coming years, becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of juvenile products in the process. Today, Graco is a Newell Rubbermaid company, with 1500 associates worldwide. While a half-century has brought many changes to Graco, their dedication and commitment to designing and manufacturing top-quality products remains, and continues on. What’s in the Box Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune).

Main features

  • One hand fold with storage latch, front swivel wheels with locks and suspension.2-position reclining front seat, 2-position reclining rear seat, etc
  • Stroller per seat weight recommendation: not to exceed 40-pounds
  • Elevated rear seat for better viewing, and an extra-large lower and load storage basket
  • Removable canopies with tuck-away tinted sun visors, parent organizer tray with storage compartment and cupholder

Verified reviews


What a super double deal!

After reading the reviews and comparing it with more expensive and sleek looking strollers and to its own Graco Quattro Duo stroller, I am SO glad I decided on this one! I already own the single Graco Quattro Duo stroller and loved it SO much, that I really wanted to stay w/Graco if I could.At first, I was unsure if the frame looked as sturdy as the one I had because the back wheels aren’t as large as my solo Quattro Deluxe. I really put my single stroller through everything, so I wanted to make sure it was built to speed. So, I called Graco’s customer service and they explained all the measurements to me so that I could compare, and since wheeling it around town, everything seems alright.The reason I didn’t purchase the more expensive double Graco Quattro Tour Duo was b/c I wasn’t sure it was going to fit in the trunk of my Honda Civic ’05, I didn’t really like the tray attached, and the weight was slightly heavier.Like my single Graco stroller, I like this one because:1)I have the snack/cup and full tray available, and a tray for my own goodies.2)It is easy to steer and manuever ( I can hold my infant and still steer my 30 lb., 2 1/2 year old w/ONE hand!3)There is roomy storage space underneath.4)It folds up fairly easy. (sometimes I need to adjust the wheels or fold the front canopy forward.5)Fits perfectly in the trunk of my ’05 Honda Civic.(with a bit of room behind it to spare)6)Easy enough to lift into my trunk on my own.(I’m petite and not a muscular woman by any means, but any double stroller isn’t expected to be light enough)7)Feels sturdy and secure enough to ride on the sidewalk to dirt pathways.But, there are a couple things I was disappointed about:1)Maybe I don’t have the movement down, but I always have trouble lifting /undoing my Snugride Infant seat from the rear seat tray area. And putting it IN the stroller can be a pain b/c you have to first make sure the seat is fully reclined, and then slide the carseat all the way to the back of the canopy, and then snap it in while your infant is in the seat. So, it’s just a bit tricky, and taxing on your back. And once in place, you have to make sure the handle is at 45 degrees or else your front seated toddler is going to hit his head on the carseat handle.2)The front seat for my 30lb., 34 1/2″ tall, 2 1/2 year old toddler seems small and uncomfortable although he is not complaining about it. If he slouches on the seat, his bottom is already halfway off the seat. And the backrest is not tall enough to completely support his head. (it’s about 2″short. My solo Graco’s seat was tall enough to support his head and body.)And sometimes I have to prop his feet up on the footstand when he falls asleep.Overall, I do love this stroller, and it looks WAY more sportier and updated than in this picture on Amazon. The trim is this dotted, checkered looking pattern. So glad I didn’t spend the extra $100 on the Quattro Tour Duo! MOney well spent on this one!

Melanie Moatsville, WV

Great Stroller for Two, Twins or Siblings!

This is the 4th stroller I have owned, now being on my third child and I love this stroller. It is lightweight for a double stroller, easy to maneuver, slender, and fits easily into my Nissan Pathfinder. I also own a Graco Quattro Tour, a Chico umbrella stroller, a Peg Perego Pliko.PROS:- Lightweight – This stroller weighs as much as the Graco Quattro Tour single stroller, which I also own. Granted, the sitting area is a bit smaller on the Duo, but I am willing to trade the extra space-per-child for a lighter ride. As a result, the DuoGlider is easy to push and easy to lift into the back of my SUV without assistance.- Ample Room for Both Kids – The DuoGlider is actually longer than many other double strollers, giving each child ample room. I have seen other stroller models that give the child in the back seat almost no leg room.- Good View for Both Kids – I purchased this stroller for an 18-month-old and a newborn, and I like the fact that either child can ride in either seat. Our Graco car seat will snap into either the front or the back seat, and the toddler can ride where she pleases.- Easy to Store – When folded, this stroller stands upright on its own making it easy to store in a coat closet.- Fits the Graco Snugride 32 (Large Car Seat) – The Graco Snugride 32 (one of Graco’s largest infant car seats), as well asother Graco infant car seats, all snap easily into the stroller.CONS:- Sometimes difficult to fold. Make sure you lift the front of the stroller so the wheels turn down and are facing the right direction prior to folding the stroller closed.- Sometimes the sun shades get stuck. Make sure you pull the back of the sun shade to the back, as opposed to mistakenly grasping the front of the sun shade and attempting to extend it back, as this jams the shade, making it difficult to straighten out and set right.Overall a great product for the price. I would highly recommend.

Ruth Buckner, IL

Not perfect, but good

After owning this monster for about a year now, I can say that it has served it’s purpose.I have two boys about a year apart and it has been functional for us. I think the design looks nice and it rolls well. it’s a bit heavy and barely fit in the trunk of our civic. We had to take off the tray and sun shade to get it to fit. It fits much better in the back of our new Honda CR-V.I wish the storage compartment was easier to get to when both seats are in use. I also with there was a bit more back-legroom.All-in-all, for the money, I think we got a great product. You’re going to have to spend a lot more if you want something closer to perfect.

Irene Waring, TX

Have had this stroller for 2 years now *** updated**** 8/8/10

We love this stroller. It is safe, easy to use, easy to fold up, and has a huge basket on the bottom for when we are shopping.In the two years I have owned it we have had no problems at all. I can’t say enough good about it.The only bad remarks I can give it is that it is huge even when folded and the canopy for the front seat pops off way to easy. We have since just taken it off because it prevents us from seeing what our 2yr old is doing anyways so it turned out to be good for us!Update:We have had this stroller now for over 4 years and we still use it every single day and with another on the way it seems we will be using this stroller another 4 years if it continues to hold up as well as it has! We could not ask more of a stroller!

Alison Summit, NJ

Great for twins!

Perfect for my twins!!! Wish there was a larger storage underneath but overall this is perfect. Wish it never got discontinued!

Karin Vest, KY

Park loving mom

Put it together with the help of my toddler. It is big, yes, but what double stroller isn’t? Folds and unfolds easily but I don’t like that when folded, it rests on the front food tray instead of something more fitting of the job. It rolls smoother than my single stroller because it has real tires instead of plastic ones. If you are using a carseat in the back, don’t plan on using the basket underneath because you can’t get to it while the back seat is fully reclined. Also, we have a Snugride 35 and it overhangs just a little into the front seat’s head room so if my oldest leans back, he hits his head on the carseat behind him. Overall though, small issues, I think. I like the stroller and would recommend.

Lois Lookout Mountain, TN

So far, so good!

So far this stroller is awesome, especially for the price! I love how big the basket is underneath. The canopies are big and definitely keep sun out of my little one’s eyes. I have 6 month old twins and although the straps are still a little big for them, they both fit and will have a lot of room to grow into it. It’s also cuter than it looks in the pictures. I like that there’s a drink holder for mom, and I like that the back seat has a tray. It also rides really nice and doesn’t feel too bulky. When it folds up, it’s really not too big. It’s big, because it’s a double stroller, but I’m 5’2” and I can handle it. I have a small SUV and it fits in the back easily. I’m not sure how it’ll fit in a sedan though. Likewise, I was pleasantly surprised by how light it is all folded up!The cons:-Only the front seat’s tray has a drink holder for baby. I wish the back tray also had a drink holder.-I wish the basket had a “fold-down” feature to make it easier to get things in and out.-I wish the stroller had “pacifier holders” in each seat with detachable strings, but that is REALLY wishful thinking and probably a safety hazard. lol.-The backseat folds down to flat for sleeping babies, which is nice, but it only has two positions: up and down. I wish there was an inbetween option.-The instructions to put it together are a little hard to figure out. They were confusing, so I just went on instinct and put it together correctly. The instruction packet sucks though.Overall, I really like this stroller and I don’t see how the more expensive ones could be any better. I’d totally suggest buying this product!

Doreen Shauck, OH

Stroller Saver!

We have 2 young kids and were looking for a stroller that would work for a 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old. We have had this stroller for sometime now and it is wonderful and very comfortable for our kids when we go on long walks or if we go to the local amusement park. Would highly recommend.

Lina Brookville, KS