Graco FastAction Fold Classic Connect LX Stroller, Orlando

Graco FastAction Fold Classic Connect LX Stroller, Orlando

Experience Graco’s new stroller featuring a unique, one-second fold. This lightweight stroller not only features a new one-second fold, it also has a multi-position reclining stroller seat that lies flat and an extra-large storage basket.

Main features

  • Accepts all graco infant car seats to create your own travel system
  • New one-second fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Lightweight, sturdy frame for smooth manuverabilty and easy portability
  • Deluxe, padded, multi-position reclining seat lies flat for baby’s comfort
  • Child’s tray with cup holder pivots or removes for no-fuss stroller entry

Verified reviews


Fast? Yes. Easy? NO!

Having 3 kids, I’ve used my share of strollers. As parents know, you often have to hold your baby and do things only using one hand. This stroller is very hard to close with one hand, and nearly impossible to open with one hand. Otherwise the stroller works fine, but for the “selling point” to be “FastAction Fold” is a bit of a leap. Fast? Yes. Easy? No. When the stroller is folded up, it’s big and bulky, and awkward to lift and store. My Sit-And-Stand stroller, which is much bigger, is by far easier to open and close (with one hand!) and to lift and store than this stroller. It also folds down slimmer than this stroller. I would not buy this stroller again, and definitely do not recommend it.

Nell Latimer, IA

Really like this stroller; here’s why.

The Graco LX FastAction actually lives up to its name. You can fold and unfold the stroller in a few seconds. The tradeoff being it doesn’t get super compact, it is still a bit thick folded. Nonetheless it is still an impressive feat in this price point. But beside that the stroller has a slew of well thought out features that make it a good buy and definitely a stroller to put on your to consider list.The stroller is very comfortable and easy to get a little one in and out of. The seat position is virtually instantly adjustable via a drawstring from sitting pretty straight up to reclined. The straps use a very cool system where the side straps are split in half. The top and bottom halves on each side loop over one another and then you click the combined strap into the bottom piece. It takes a few rides to get it to be second nature but when you do you can easily slide in a secure your child.There is ample storage. The bottom compartment is deep and secured with mesh on all sides. There is a tray that easily swings out for snacks and drink for your child. There is a double drink tray for you and a handy compartment in the middle that closes. This is big enough for a phone and keys so you can have your phone within easy reach while strolling. The canopy is pretty wide and does a good job keeping sun out. It also has a vent on top that can be opened and closed.Lastly the ride is very smooth and the stroller is light and maneuvers well. Compared to are other strollers the child rides pretty high up. This is a great feature as children get heavier that you do not have to reach as far to the ground to put them in or take them out. The handles do not adjust so if you are very tall that might be a problem. But for myself 5’9″ and wife 5’3″ is is a great height. Graco put a lot of thought into this stroller. How can we make it comfortable, easy to use for parents and caregivers? How can we give a nice comfortable ride to the kiddos? How can we provide storage, ease of getting kids secured, and an easy fold system? They succeeded in accomplishing all of that at a pretty fair price. Recommended.

Abby Paw Paw, WV

Great Stroller – terrific value for the price

The directions were easy to follow and it was especially nice that no tools were required for assembly. The stroller I received was missing directions on how to install front wheels, but it was pretty easy to figure out. The front wheels snap on easily, but you need to make sure they are straight when sliding in. The back wheels were the hardest part of the assembly. It helps to have two people to put the stroller together: one person help to push the rod while the other snaps a pin in place. Do one wheel at a time. For the second wheel’s pin, I ended up using small needle nose pliers to open the pin so it would go on easier and make it easier to grasp.The brakes are easy to use and work well, they keep the stroller from moving. Unfolding takes a few seconds and you need both hands. Folding up only takes a second and I could hold a baby at the same time. However, folding is rapid so be careful you don’t hit anything. The wheels roll smoothly on flat surfaces. The straps are easy to use and adjust and the stroller has a nice step out front so an older child can step out/in easily. The colors of the stroller are gender neutral so great for boys and girls and as well as moms and dads.The stroller has a nice mesh vent at the top which is also great to use as a peak hole to watch the baby. There are drink holders for both the adult pushing the stroller and for the child. The adult cup holders are larger and can hold up to a medium size reusable drink container, but the child’s one can still fit a bottle of water. There is a small storage compartment in between the adult cup holders for small items like keys and a phone and there is a large storage space underneath child. Two things to be careful of: 1) be sure to remove all item from storage before folding. 2) make sure you fold over flap to cover pull strap to keep kid from pulling and having it potentially collapse.All in all a great value and I recommend the stroller.

Deidre Fayetteville, NC

Great stroller for mom and toddler on the go

The Graco FastAction Fold LX Stroller is a fantastic stroller for a mom who is always on the go with an active toddler. The fast and easy fold means getting the stroller open and closed, and in and out of the car that much faster – you simply pull a strap that is located where the seat and seat-back of the stroller join and pull, and the stroller folds neatly.The stroller is light-weight yet sturdy and handles almost any terrain with ease. The cup holders and storage in back for the parent and the cup holder in the front for the child are fantastic – I can’t imagine a stroller without them, and one of my favorite features is that you can take the front tray off completely so that you can easily get your child in and out of the stroller. If you have an older tot like I do, it’s much easier to let them climb in and out on their own and not have to climb over a tray to do so.The multi-positioning seat lies completely flat for when your little one falls asleep, and I really like that you can use the harness as a 3-point or 5-point harness – adjusting it to your needs.Add in the fact that this stroller is compatible with all Graco brand infant seats and you have a stroller that will last you for years – from newborn to young child depending on the size/weight of the child (maximum recommended for this stroller is 50 pounds).

Sara Coleridge, NE

PICS posted. I compared it to 4 other strollers.

This is a sturdy stroller, well built, and easy to assemble. It took around 20 minutes to put it all together, probably 15 minutes if I didn’t have to go looking for a pair of small pliers (yes, the two rear wheels secure with very small curved cotter pins, it will be VERY hard to do it with just your fingers). I pulled out our other FOUR strollers to do side by side comparisons, but most of my comparisons will be to it’s older cousin the Graco Metrolite stroller, which has served us well the past five years through all kinds of use and abuse. The other strollers are a collapsible shoulder carry Chicco, new Countours Options 3-wheeler, & MacLaren Volo. I dunno, I’m like a stroller collector… Some pics posted too.Impressions:1. Small snapping flip top storage space for keys/cell phone on the upper bar… this is my FAVORITE feature of the stroller. I usually just put the keys in a cup holder, but this is much more secure and inconspicuous. There are also two cup holders for the parent.2. One fold system works as advertised, though you may need to give a good oomph/twist to do it in the air before you set the stroller on ground. Therefore, if you have back problems I cannot recommend this system very highly. The Metrolite had a much easier open/fold system with the release in the handle bar. Though the Metrolite is a bit lighter, this stroller is decently light, especially for it’s more sturdy build.3. The kid’s tray comes with two cup holders for the kid, but is snapped in place. If you want to remove it, you have to pull the plastic tabs to release. I imagine that over years of use these tabs will break from plastic fatigue, and your tray will not stay on anymore. The Metrolite had a better button release system where the tray just disconnected on one end and then pivot down.4. Standard 5 point harness that is easy to snap in place.5. Handle bar is not adjustable, but it it’s probably at a good height for 95% of people. Those of you who are 4% way taller or 1% way shorter should find a stroller with an adjustable bar height (ah ha, the Metrolite has one).6. Graco Snugride car seat fits in perfectly and is easy to pop in/out. Two additional straps will help keep the carseat from tipping out.7. The seat reclines/sits up by using a backpack or windbreaker like strings. It works fine, but not nearly as easy to do as a bar system like the Metrolite and Contours. You need two hands to sit up, and it will be very hard to do on the fly while walking. Also, the seat does NOT recline to flat, stops at around 30 degrees…8. Canopy gives decent coverage, but there is no rear cover. With the canopy from the carseat and stroller combined, you can completely cover your child, except for the feet (Metrolite has a rear cover). Also, the top canopy window has NO velcro or button to hold it in place. So on a windy day, that’s going to flap around (and it’s open mesh so stuff can get in too). The Metrolite came with a front canopy net that was good for mosquito and windy debris protection, that is missing on this model, though most other brands don’t have one either.9. The rear wheel brakes system – bad – you have to engage each pedal individually. If you only do one, the stroller still pivots very easily and this is unsafe near stairs or sidewalk edges. If you do two, it takes more time and since it’s a simple sprocket lock (they have to line up exactly), it may not engage the first time you try. I like the rear foot bar for both wheels system much better (Metrolite and Contours).10. Undercarriage storage is adequate. Curiously this stroller has a big tilt to it, which greatly lowers the clearance. All the other bigger and smaller strollers had better ground clearance than this one. Also, the sides are open mesh. Your stuff is going to get a bit dirtier in there. I think you could probably fit a medium size diaper bag, jacket, and medium purse comfortably. With the open mesh, it’ll be harder to hide the purse. I think this is the weakest design element to this stroller.11. From the design of the stroller, if you want to set it down after collapsing it, you are either going to severely scratch the front plastic tray on one side, or scuff up the fabric on the front part of the canopy if you lay it on the other side. Oh well.On its own merits, I actually think this is a very sturdy & convenient stroller. I predict it will last many years and could handle a decent amount of abuse. It’s pretty well designed, but could be improved if the Graco design team would copy a few features in from their older Metrolite series. It’s decently light compared to other similar quality strollers and definitely smaller and more compactable than a lot of 3 wheeler strollers.

Josefa Trout, LA

nice concept, but too bulky

I was really excited about this stroller. I wanted something that would be easy to breakdown and carry around. I have a Graco Quattro Tour that just seemed big and difficult to take on trips. Boy, was I disappointed in this stroller.Let’s start with what is good about this stroller:1. The breakdown was simple and quick. Grab the handle on the stroller seat, pull, and give it a little shake. It is super easy to carry this way and works just as described.2. It reclines all the way. It has a drawstring to adjust the recline. It is pretty simple and isn’t jarring on the baby like the “click” ones on the Quattro (a handle you pull and click into pre-defined locations). It does not seem up to sit up enough for my son, though. He had to pull himself more upright to get to the snack tray (he is 10-months and big for his age).3. The trays are nice. I like the kiddie snack tray is just right for Cheerios and a sippy. My son had no problem grabbing Cheerios from the tray and they didn’t get all over the place. As usual, the parent tray is good–two cup holders and a closing tray.That is where the good ends for me…Here’s the bad:1. The breakdown is easy, but the setup is a bit harder. It requires 2 hands–one to pull the strap and one to grab the top handle. Not so easy to do while holding a baby. I traveled with this stroller and gate-checked it. The pilots were waiting in the gate-check area and helped with all the strollers. They could put up all the strollers except mine. So, it isn’t completely intuitive.2. The absolute WORST thing about this is its size. When it breaks down it is so thick that is barely fits into an average size trunk. It doesn’t not fit in mine at all (I have a coupe with a small opening, so I’m not surprised). I was able to get it into my parent’s car’s trunk, but with nothing else in the trunk and it took some maneuvering. It was frustrating as I was trying to get it in while being picked up at the airport.Also, this stroller DOES NOT fit the security xray machine at the airport. I tried at 2 different airports (San Jose & Phoenix) and it wouldn’t fit. I had to leave it setup TSA had to get “stroller assistance.” It would have been nice to get through security faster without the extra checks.Overall, it works fine as a stroller. Hey, it rolls nice and my son fits in it. I do not recommend it if you have a car (not an SUV or minivan or vehicle with a large hatchback area) or plan on flying. The concepts are great, but the execution failed.

Hillary Ryland, AL