Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System/Click Connect 30, Finley

Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System/Click Connect 30, Finley

Experience the only travel system with a one-second fold. This lightweight stroller not only features a one-second fold, it also has a multi-position reclining stroller seat that lies flat, and an extra-large storage basket. And, the travel system includes the SnugRide Click Connect 30 infant car seat, one of America’s #1 selling infant car seats.

Main features

  • Includes the Graco snugride click connect 30 infant car seat with stay in car base
  • One second fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Lightweight, sturdy frame for smooth maneuverability and easy portability
  • Stroller holds child up to 50 pounds for year of comfortable strolling
  • Multi position reclining seat for baby’s comfort
  • Includes the Graco snugride click connect 30 infant car seat with stay-in-car base
  • One-second fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


Simple and Easy!

I purchased this for my baby who is not yet born. That said, with any later complications I may update this review. What I can say now though is that the shipping was fast and it arrived in great condition. The stroller needs minor assembly that requires no tools and is very simple to do. The design is very nice and will look great for either a girl or boy (we want to have other children in the future so this was important to us). I like that the car seat base has a space to insert the manual so that if I have questions later on about how to adjust something it will always be available. As I said, once baby is here I will update so you know how it goes with a little one!EDIT: My husband recently installed the car seat in our car and found it really simple but did complain that the instructions in the booklet were hard to follow. After watching a video for installation that was posted by Graco it was much clearer.EDIT: Now that we have been using this travel system for a few months (my baby girl is 3.5 months old) I can say easily that this set is really easy to use and very convenient. First, adjusting the straps on this system is very simple and quick (follow the instructions, I don’t want to confuse you). The stroller portion fits easily in my Toyota Camry trunk (and in several other vehicles I’m sure). The base is easier to install/remove with practice and the car seat goes into it easily, but I recommend always double checking it is attached properly by pressing down on the seat ‘one last time’ before closing baby’s car door. Overall, I feel this system still deserves the 5 star rating!

Lesley Mcclellan, CA

Review after 5 months use: If you’re tall, find a different stroller!

Pros:Car seat:Nice neutral colorsEasy to get it in and out of base and strollerHolds up to 30 pounds 30 inchesStroller:Same neutral colorsQuick fold is awesome!(We have SUVs so one hand to close and throw it in the back, child tray up so it doesn’t roll around)Holds up to 50 pounds either use 5 point harness for baby without car seat or 3 point for toddler and upCons:Car seat:Sometimes it’s hard to get the shoulder straps evenly snugStroller:If you’re taller than us 5’7" you’ll hate this stroller and this is why!Handlebar is too lowThe gait is too short so we kick the wheel axle and the breaks, a lot :(Doesn’t do well on all-terrains, fine on flat surfacesSmall basket, only holds the diaper bag with a little space left overWe plan on just one and done so it works great for us! But if you’re going to have more than one kiddo maybe not for you. Best place to look at the mall; not the stores but in the breastfeeding rooms! Those girls know what’s up, there’s tons of new convertible strollers for more than one kid. Also ones with better wheels and more storage space. But I’m not complaining it was a gift we’re very grateful for and fits our needs!

Shelby Wright, MN


My friend was/is happy w/ the travel system. It wasn’t for me, it was a gift. Great product! Great experience at

Carla Pierce, CO

I’m in stroller heaven.

This is by far the easiest assembly ever, the quick action fold is amazing (one hand yea!!!) I love it another great Graco product.

Shauna New Orleans, LA

easy to assemble

this was easy to assemble and exactly what I needed to be able to bring baby home from hospital in.

Phoebe Voorheesville, NY

good value

What you get:car seat (snugride click connect 30, ie up to 30 lb child)car seat basestrollerWe bought another (click connect) base for 2nd car. It was identical to the one included here.I thought it was ridiculous how much some systems are selling for. After doing a lot of research (pick a good safe car seat, consumer reports among others) we decided on this one. Time will tell but they look sturdy enough for hopefully 2 kids eventually.The Finley color seemed gender neutral and it’s nice.The instructions are bad in my opinion. The pictures are supposed to make thing clearer not worse. This is really nerve-racking because you don’t want to make mistakes. For the base installation, I looked for Graco videos for this specific base and couldn’t find it. There is a LOT of leeway for correctly leveling the base. It has a color indicator but every position I tried gave me a blue (good) indicator. I researched it and apparently you aren’t supposed to trust the level indicators. One book says to cut a piece of paper 45 degrees and put that on the back rest of the seat and the top of the paper should be level (back rest should be 45 degrees), ugh frustrating.The stroller was easy to assemble (even with the bad instructions) and it rolls smoothly. I was worried the wheels would be too small (I didn’t see it in person until it arrived), but the wheels are good.The "FastAction Fold" is pretty good. It’s hard to find videos that show how to unfold it (probably because it’s not as fast). To fold you just yank on the handle in seat. That’s it. To unfold, pull on the same handle and lift up on the push-bar but you may need to hold the wheels down with your foot (not as elegant!).It takes considerable force to unhook the child cup holders (I keep thinking I’m going to break the plastic lever I have to pull on under the cup holder tray.The seat clicks on the stroller with no additional straps needed.The buckles on both stroller and seat are hard to push but I’m sure that’s by design.Would I buy it again? Yes. It works and the price isn’t ridiculous.

Martha Granby, CO