Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System, Chili Red

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System, Chili Red

Graco’s first jogger is the ultimate crossover stroller, combining all the comfort and convenience features of a traditional stroller with the performance and maneuverability of an all-terrain jogger. This stroller is loaded with innovative features like the one-second, one-hand FastAction fold bringing the ultimate in convenience to a jogger. Click Connect technology allows for a one-step, secure connection of infant car seat to stroller.

Main features

  • The Graco snugride click connect 35 infant car seat, rear facing for infants from 4.35 pounds and up to 32 inches
  • One second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  • Air filled rubber tires offer suspension for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging
  • Deluxe, padded, multiposition reclining seat for baby’s comfort
  • Includes the Graco snugride click connect 35 infant car seat, rear facing for infants from 4-35 pounds and up to 32″
  • One-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on-the-go
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging. Lock the front wheel for added stability while running and unlock the wheel for maneuverability on daily strolls.
  • Deluxe, padded, multi-position reclining seat for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


This wouldn’t be my top pick for a travel system

I should start off by telling you that I’ve never met a travel system that I love. There’s always something about the set that I seriously dislike. My typical complaint is that the stroller is too heavy and bulky. In the case of this travel system the stroller weight is certainly a concern. Graco calls this a lightweight jogger weighing in at 30 pounds. 30 pounds is not lightweight, but we’re looking at a jogging stroller here so you can’t expect it to be a 16 pound stroller. So maybe for a jogging stroller this is, in fact, “light” but this isn’t a stroller that any mom of a newborn is going to want to be lifting in and out of the back of the minivan.As far as putting the carseat and stroller together as a travel system, the two snap together with no issues. Releasing the carseat from the stroller is as simple as taking it out of the car seat base in your car. Just pull the red lever on the back of the seat and lift the seat upwards. It’s a breeze, but most travel systems (with the exception of the Britax B-Safe/B-Agile combo) are.When looking at travel systems I like to look at the stroller and the carseat individually. So I’ll take a look at the car seat first and then I’ll talk about the jogging stroller.The Snug Ride Click Connect 35 seat really impressed me. Two years ago when we were in the market for a new travel system I was very disappointed in the quality of the Graco Snug Ride infant carriers. We had used a Snug Ride with our two older children and we loved the seat. When it came time to buy a new one for our youngest I was unimpressed by the poor quality of the Graco seats. The handles were flimsy and the seat covers were thin and not as nicely padded as they used to be. So two years ago we chose Chicco over Graco. It seems like Graco stepped up the quality over the past couple of years. The handle on this seat is just as nice as they used to be 11 years ago. In fact, I think the handle is just as nice and comfortable to carry as the Chicco Key Fit. The padding for the seat is good. It’s not as cushy as the Key Fit, but it’s comparable to the Britax B-Safe. The Graco seat has the added advantage of holding a child up to 35lbs. Our Key Fit is only for infants up to 22lbs and was outgrown a while ago. My 18 month old (20lbs 31 inches) fits in this Graco infant carrier with room to grow. So if you’re looking for a seat that will have some longevity, this one will work.The seat is light. It weighs in at 7 lbs which is significantly lighter than our Key Fit and B-Safe infant carriers. That makes a big difference in how long you can carry your child around in the seat. I wouldn’t want to have to carry my 18 month old around in this seat, but I was able to carry her when we tested it out.Installing the base was relatively easy. It’s not as easy as installing the Chicco Key Fit base, but it’s a lot easier than fighting with the Britax B-Agile base which is a pain in the rear. My biggest complaint about the base for this seat is there is only one level indicator. If you are installing this seat on the driver’s side of the car you will not be able to see the level. I prefer to have a level indicator on both sides to eliminate any confusion. Britax and Chicco both have two level indicators on their car seat bases.Overall, the infant carrier is decent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.Now we can turn our focus to the jogging stroller. If you are unfamiliar with the nature of jogging strollers let me warn you that they’re big, they’re bulky and they’re heavy. This one at 30lbs is called “light weight” by the manufacturer. I have double strollers that weigh less than this. If you have a car with a small trunk, this stroller will probably take up the entire trunk provided that it fits. In the back of my minivan this stroller takes up a decent portion of the cargo area.The stroller offers a smooth ride. There is plenty of room for you to run behind this stroller without having to worry that you’re going to kick the stroller as you run. The stroller has a nice parent tray. There are two cup holders, a storage compartment and a smartphone holder. My iPhone 4s fit nicely in the phone holder. It didn’t move at all while I took it out for a test drive.The seat back has four fixed positions. The reclining mechanism is the kind that utilizes a squeeze lever to lower the seatback. I like this sort of recline far better than those horrible infinite reclining seatbacks. The upholstery on the seat is nicely padded. My daughter seemed very comfortable riding in the stroller. The harness was easy to adjust. My only complaint with the harness is the shoulder straps detach from the main belt a little too easily when you unbuckle the harness. I’d prefer it to stay together so I don’t have to piece it back together and then wrestle my toddler into the harness.The child tray for the stroller is one that will swing out of the way for easy loading. You can open the tray from either side. The tray offers two cup holders and a snack area to keep little ones happy.The brakes for the stroller are easy to engage and disengage. The stroller has a brake for each of the rear wheels. I’d actually prefer to see a single brake for this stroller.The stroller has what they call a one second fold. You simply pull the pull strap that is located on the seat and the stroller will fold up. I found that I had to manipulate the stroller a bit to get it to latch, which I found annoying. The folding mechanism is similar to that of the Britax B-Agile and that stroller latches once folded with no issues. I am a bit concerned about the seeming lack of a safety for the folding mechanism. There’s no button to push before you pull the strap. (On the Britax B-Agile you push a little button on the side and then pull the strap to fold it. I suspect that this prevents an accidental folding.) So I do wonder if it’s possible for the stroller to fold if a curious child were to pull the strap while in the stroller. Because of the weight, and the difficulty I experienced in getting the stroller to latch shut, I don’t folding this while holding a baby is a reasonable expectation.The stroller is decent, but I’d caution parents to consider whether they really “need” a jogging stroller travel system. If you’re hoping for this to be your only stroller, then you may want to look for something more compact. If, however, you see yourself doing more jogging than say shopping, then this might be the travel system for you. Just bear in mind that this stroller is huge. It feels like a chariot. As a jogging stroller along (not part of the travel system), I would highly recommend the stroller.Overall, I’d recommend each of the pieces in this travel system, but it wouldn’t be my top pick for a travel system.

Patti Lewistown, MT

Storage vs the City Mini

I have been using the very popular Baby Jogger City Mini, and I can honestly say that the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger is a much better stroller.Why?One Answer: STORAGE. The understroller basket on the Graco is large. As large as on the bugaboo and almost as large as the UppaBaby Vista – two strollers known for their storage. The storage under the City Mini is practically non existant, and is certainly very difficult to get to.On the Graco, you can store a diaper bag and a couple of shopping bags in the storage basket. On the City Mini you can store a rain cover and a lunch box. There’s just no comparison. And if you’ve been a mom or dad with a stroller before, you know this is super important. If you haven’t been there yet, ask a parent how important the under stroller storage is. It’s HUGE if you ever have to do anything with your baby – like shop. Or go to the Zoo. Or walk around the block and hope you have a diaper and a toy and a wipe and your purse and …. man, babies need a LOT of things. Transporting a baby needs to also be about transporting the baby’s stuff.Other comparisonsSize: The Graco is taller than the City Mini, but the width of the back wheels is exactly the same. This width is what makes a stroller “big” if you’re trying to navigate aisles in a store or on a city sidewalk.Fold: The mechanism is exactly the same – and super easy/quick. Big selling point.Everything else is pretty much similar and not the focus of my review. The storage basket is a very very big deal. The only reason the City Mini wasn’t a good alternative to the expensive strollers (Uppababy and Bugaboo) is because of the storage. With the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger, you really don’t need any other stroller. This is truly the all-in-one.This stroller replaces up to 3 strollers. Seriously.1. Your snap-n-go – the thing you use when you really need the carseat but don’t want to be carrying a carseat around your arm: Because it has the Click Connect for the carseat2. Your big bulky stroller – The thing that you use when you don’t have to worry about folding it.: Because it’s tall and has a good recline and AMAZING storage.3. Your umbrella stroller – the thing you use when you really just need convenience., because it folds just as easilyAwesome, Awesome stroller. Don’t let the price fool you.

Evelyn Carver, MN

Jogger a bit annoying, car seat feels cheap & light

This review is based on 2 months of use of this travel system and also provides a perspective ofBritax B-Ready Stroller, Blackusers.Jogger:- Heavy and very bulky. Takes full trunk space in Nisan Altima and leaves no space for groceries or a small suitcase etc.- Good maneuvering capabilities.- Large wheels, ideal for jogging on sidewalks or uneven surfaces.- One click, one hand fold works but you can’t lift it with one hand and put it back in car due to its awkward shape.- Once folded, it is supposed to stand with the support from a rod in the lower center portion. Now that rod is a bad design as it never stays in its place and will fold back most of the time. The metal grip from the rod which should snap firmly on the axle doesn’t do so very often and the standing rod moves back and forth, hence making it impossible to stand. It is especially annoying considering the fact that Graco is using this feature as a selling point.- The storage basket at the bottom is very useful and big.- There is a cupholder and smartphone cradle as well, but mind that iPhone 5 or any of those new bigger Androd phones will not fit there.- One particular negative point is that there is no padding along the frame and there is just cloth wrapped around it. Also, the frame rod is very close to the place where your child’s head usually is. We had an incident and all i will say is that this is a very bad design and will hurt your baby.- You have to always remember to put brakes on BOTH the back wheels. If you ever forget one, the jogger may pivot around the one which is on brakes and rotate. Come on Graco, you could have made this one convenient with just one brake paddle…a common feature with most strollers.Car Seat:- Feels very cheap and plasticky.- Base installation was easy but it is not easy to level up.- Feels very light and not sturdy to be able to protect the precious load it carries.- For some reason, our son’s head is always drops on the front and side when he is sleeping. There is no head support.The foam provided in the name of head support is a joke. And mind that our baby is not too small or lightweight either. He is in good 90+ percentile range and still leans on the side.- Belt/harness is ok as expected.Overall, this travel system is NOT a good value for the price. It is expensive and offers a lot less than similar price range products like Britax B-Agile and B-safe etc. In fact with Britax Free Ride event, their B-Ready and Chaperone combination will give you a lot better value and safety for the price. (It is an honest suggestion based on a terrible accident recently and Britax is not paying me for writing this).

Lorena Thurman, OH

Flexible system. Smooth but heavy stroller, chintzy hardware on seat

This was my first jogging stroller and my first infant seat. I’d really give this more of a 3.5, but it’s not really up to 4 stars.Overall: I’d give the look 5 stars. I really like the color and fabric. Not babyish at all, and gender neutral. As a system, it’s flexible and handy, though I wouldn’t want to haul that stroller anywhere–it would take up the whole trunk/hatchback of any compact car.Seat cons:-Cheap hardware. Given that my primary seat (Combi Zeus 360) is a fancy pricy seat, I don’t expect this one to be as good, but I was disappointed with the quality of the hardware. The chest latch seemed more appropriate for a bouncer, and the lap latch seemed more like a carnival ride latch than a proper seat belt. Babies are light, so I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I’d feel far more secure with better latches.-Questionable upper-end capacity. Although the seat is rated to 35 pounds, the manual says the baby’s head should be at least 1 inch below the top of the seat. Based on my short 18-pound baby, I wouldn’t expect the useful life of this seat to be anywhere near 35 pounds. My combo seat is rated for 40 or 45 and is much taller, more realistic. Obviously you don’t want a giant infant seat, but calling it a 35-lb capacity seems a bit disingenuous.-Clumsy handle/canopy interaction: The handle and canopy kind of catch on each other (so you probably wouldn’t want to adjust either with a sleeping baby), they’re both nice enough.Seat pros:-Fast, easy installation. Very easy to install with latch system, looks like seat belt would be just as simple, making this a good option for traveling (if we take it with on vacation, I’ll revise). Never having installed a seat before and unfamiliar with my car’s latch system (my partner installed the other seat, which doesn’t have a removable base, making it more of a PITA), it only took a few minutes for me to read the section on installation and install the thing securely.-Easily Portable. It clicks in and out of the base easily.-Flexible size. Not the fanciest infant insert, but between it and the various slots, there’s a lot of room to start tiny and grow. Adjusting the sizing is easy, pretty much the same as my other seat, so probably universal.-Works with other Graco Click Connect gear (mostly other strollers/bases, but there’s also a swing)Stroller cons:-Heavy. From what I understand, that’s just the nature of joggers, but still.-Bulky. See above.-“One-hand” folding is clumsy. While you can fold it with one hand, it doesn’t readily lock into the folder position without some fiddling/jiggling. I wouldn’t want to try folding it while holding a baby. Folding with the tray in place is a bit weird as well.-Saggy canopy. The canopy does not lock in the fully extended position, it just kind of slides around there, only locking in the next position down, so it’s never nice and taut. Besides looking sloppy, it’s this is annoying because the canopy is therefore saggy and doesn’t provide maximum shade.Stroller pros:-Smooth ride! This baby handles beautifully. I’d give it 5 stars for the ride. I live in the sticks and it does very well on gravel and grass, even in my moon crater lumpy yard. Zero-turn navigation is great with a bulky item like this.-Ample storage. Parent and baby trays have 2 cup holders each. Parent tray holds an iphone and has a covered spot that’s nice for keys. Basket underneath is roomy. I can use it for a light mail run or grocery run.-Removable cup holders for easy cleaning. They’re not easy to remove, which is a good thing.-Peekaboo mesh vent in canopy, which can be closed for weather-5-point harness. Nothing fancy, but perfectly serviceable.-Flexible range. With the car seat, this would hold a teeny tiny baby; without, a small child.-Baby seat clicks in/out easily. Baby faces you in the baby seat-Full canopy coverage with baby seat. With both canopies extended, the whole baby is covered, which would be great for naps or sudden showers.

Sarah Lindenwood, IL

Solid Affordable Combo

We have many baby products, including a couple from Graco, and have generally been very happy with them. This jogging stroller – car seat combo is definitely a very good and economical product. Here are a few of my general observations.**** Stroller ****This is a very good stroller that looks and feels pretty sturdy. I’ve seen some other jogging strollers that seem a bit sturdier than this one (B.O.B. stroller for instance), but they tend to be heavier as well.**** Storage ****This is one of this stroller’s biggest advantages over many of its competitors. The storage is truly huge – you can put a diaper bag as well as several other items easily. This is one of those things that you don’t think about before becoming a parent, but once you start going with your baby everywhere it becomes a basic necessity.**** Maneuverability ****Like most jogging strollers, this one is designed with maneuverability in mind. Large wheels with inflatable tires (as opposed to the plastic kinds you find in most low-end strollers) make pushing the stroller so much easier and more fun. Yes, it’s still a bulky thing to wheel around (especially with the car seat and perhaps some stuff in the storage compartment), but at least you don’ have to deal with small rigid wheels that are hard to turn.**** Transportation ****At 30 pounds this is not exactly the lightest stroller that you will come across, but for a jogging stroller it’s not bad. The stroller is relatively easy to collapse and setup out of the trunk. However, if you plan on going in and out of the car frequently (several times a day for instance) then it could get tiring. For a single stroll or a jog a day it is more than adequate though.**** Car Seat ****The car seat is very impressive, much so than I would have imagined from a relatively inexpensive “combo” system. It’s sturdy, well made and easy to install. The cushioning is soft and durable, and our infant seems to be very comfortable in it. It’s not too heavy – at least no more so than any other comparable car seat. The car seat also fits very easily and snugly with the stroller, and it’s straightforward to put it in and take it out.****Conclusion ****Garco is a great brand of baby products, and if you trust their name then you will probably be happy with this combo system that will save you some money. We’ve been really happy with it so far, and would recommend it to all parents of the little ones.

Olive Echo, LA

Great jogging stroller!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review.This is my first experience with a jogging stroller, and I can honestly say I wish I gotten one sooner. The features of the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Jogger are abundant and it’s definitely made my life as a mom easier. The stroller is easy to open as well as close. The one step folding action features a handle at the seat. The kickstand attached to the basket on the bottom keeps the stroller upright when in the folded position.The stroller has a ton of safety features as well. The baby can be secured in the stroller with a 5-point harness which can be changed to a 3-point harness in seconds, depending on your baby’s size. The jogger also works with the Graco SnugRide carseat and it only takes one step to connect the two. A large sunshade keeps your baby’s head and skin from receiving too much sun, and there’s a convenient little flap that allows you to look in on your baby from behind.A tether strap allows you to stay connected to the stroller in the event of a fall while jogging. It could be hazardous for the stroller to continue rolling while mom is on the ground! The large, all-terrain wheels of the stroller provide a safe, smooth ride for baby. They can handle grass, gravel, and flat surfaces making it a great jogging stroller no matter where you are.The child tray provides ample room for a sippy, snacks, and maybe even a toy. The tray easily pops off to be cleaned as needed. The parent’s tray offers the same benefits, as well as having a phone/MP3 cradle that secures your device to the stroller. Before, I’ve had to place mine in the cup holder – not the safest place for an expensive phone! Beneath the cradle is a small area for keys, wipes, etc.There are a couple cons to the jogging stroller, but they are outweighed by the pros. The stroller is a bit heavy, so it’s not easily put into or removed from the back of a vehicle. The kickstand also comes disconnected from the bottom of the stroller sometimes – it’s an easy fix but it can become annoying.All in all, I really like this jogging stroller and recommend it to any parent that enjoys walking/jogging with their little one!

Alejandra Old Bridge, NJ

Check the Graco Recall on this Buckle

As of February 12, 2014, Graco has a recall on this buckle on other car seats, but not on this model, for some reason. Graco’s spokesperson is quoted as saying that if you have this model and call Graco will still replace the buckle for you. Ever since we got this car seat we found the buckle to be extremely difficult to unbuckle, so it is not a surprise to find that a recall has happened. The government criticized Graco for not expanding the recall to this model. I called the recall number to get a new buckle and a recording said that they are getting too many calls that I should call back later.Overall this system has many flaws, is very heavy, does not ride nearly as smoothly as expected, and now Graco recalls the buckle but ignores this model to the dismay of government safety regulators.

Goldie Gardnerville, NV

Top ranked in safety, but heavy!

I love everything about this system except the weight.. It is pretty heavy and the stroller will not fit in the trunk of a Corolla.. Glad I have a SUV! Top ranked safety, so of course I got this system. :)Also, it DOES come with a carseat base.. The description confused me on this.

Merle Lebanon, NE

very heavy!

I am surprised to read all the good reviews on this product. I am a new mom and I have not yet taken the stroller out of the house as it is very heavy for me to lift on my own. If i could go back I would not have bought this. I think I would have spent the extra money on the britax car seat and BOB jogging stroller. The car seat isnt bad and my lil guy seems very comfortable but its a bit big and heavy for me and I really dont think its necessary to have a car seat that only faces rear to go to 35 pounds! I ended up also purchasing the graco snugrider elite stroller just so that i can use the stroller on my own as I dont think i will be able to use the jogging stroller without assistance.

Nadine Corder, MO


This stroller is a must for anyone who jogs or wants to start jogging. It’s hard to get exercise with my 4 month old and this turned out perfectly. It was easy to understand to set up and super easy to use. I put her in the car seat, attached her to the stroller and we went for a light jog and I have to say, she passed out.The Click Connect button is the same as I have on my Eddie Bauer and it is FABULOUS! I’m 5’0 and don’t want to sit there and struggle with a stroller. No it isn’t the lightest stroller to haul down stairs but it’s not that hard either.I love the red and think it’s great for a boy or a girl. The padding is decent, not great but above the middle of the road.I live in Utah, road construction capital and this didn’t get stuck over bumps, crack, going above a little curb. It was surprising. My 4 wheeled stroller gets stuck quiet frequently on little things like this. I love this! I wish I would have gotten one sooner.

Alyce Mercedes, TX

Love it

It was super easy to assemble and the connection between the baby seat and stroller were easy to put together. So far everything works great. Our baby hasn’t arrived yet to see how comfortable she will be in the baby seat and stroller, but the seat looks super comfortable. I love the fact that we can adjust the seat in the stroller when she’s old enough to ride in it. It rides smoothly, closes easily, and opens easily. I did see some reviews about women that are short and the stroller being a little bit big for them to handle and pick up. But I’m short (5’1) and it is perfect for me and yes it is a little bit heavy, but not too much to where I can’t handle it, because let’s face it all you basically will be doing is picking up just enough seconds to put in the car, not carry it long distance. I would recommend this product most difinitely.

Carmela Thornville, OH

Horrible jogger, not for small ladies

This jogger is so massive, heavy, and bulky. I absolutely hated it. I am a short person, 5’2, and the handle bar was so tall that it was just under my collar bone, which made it horribly awkward and painful to push. It is extremely heavy and really hard for a small person like me to fold up and down and getting it in/out of the car was a real challenge. For someone who is taller and larger than me, it’s probably much better, but my husband who is 5’8 still thought it was heavy and difficult to move.The front wheel kept getting stuck and turning funny on any surface other than smooth road. It even got stuck a few times in sidewalk cracks and crossing a wood-plank bridge was impossible. It is a horrible experience to use on any remotely rough surface like dirt or crushed gravel trails and pretty much has no suspension so it jostles baby around a lot. It’s cheap, and I get that most people dig the price, but if you are small and an avid runner who doesn’t want to be stuck only road-running, I’d strongly suggest investing your money in a better quality jogger. I sold this after only a few runs with it and replaced it with a BOB, which is fantastic and amazing in all of the ways this one lacks and more.

Terra Columbia, SC

I’m pretty happy with my stroller, but it could be a little better

I bought this stroller after spending an hour in Babies R Us pushing, folding and lifting various strollers. I initially wanted the BOB, but the price for the stroller, car seat, and extras (it doesn’t come with a cup holder or any accessories) was just too much. I decided on this stroller car seat combo and am pretty happy with it. Here’s what I’ve noticed after 3 months of use:The Good:-Height: I’m 5’10 and not all strollers feel comfortable to taller people. This one is the exact perfect height for me. My arms can be at my side and my elbo at a 90 degree angle when I push. I question how comfortable it might be for anyone shorter than about 5’7″, I’m not sure.-Ease of folding : The little pull strap on the seat makes it very easy to fold. It also has the kickstand so it stays upright after it’s folded. No need to lift it from flat on the ground, which could cause some back pain.-Parent tray: The cup holders are great. I like that there’s 2 spots and that my Starbucks venti cold cup fits perfectly in them. The center also has a covered area with a lid (I keep gloves and headphones in there) and a phone storage area. I will discuss that particular area in the negatives.-Front wheel: It is very easy to switch the front wheel from stationary to swivel. I go back and forth between walking and jogging and can adjust this easily.The negative:-Weight and size: I am going to mention this, but it is pretty much inherent to all jogging strollers and this is no excetion. I encourage everyone to make sure it fits in their car before buying. It only fits in my trunk with the childs tray removed (it comes off very easily) and even then it’s a very tight fit.-Car seat: First off, I’m very annoyed that Graco made classic connect and the click connect incompatible! We have a classic connect car seat that we were given, but when I wanted this stroller I knew I needed to buy the click connect car seat if I wanted to use this soon after my son was born. I wanted to start going on walks right after coming home from the hospital to get in shape, so I had to buy the whole system since my classic connect car seat won’t work. Also, they skimped a lot on padding for the car seat. The classic one is very soft and has great padding, the click connect isn’t nearly as comfortable.-Car seat canopy: The canopy is very rigid and doesn’t move easily. It has slowly loosened up slightly, but I would much rather have the canopy on the other seat.-Phone holder: The “universal smartphone” holder allegedly “adjusts to fit any size phone or MP3 player”. It doesn’t fit my Samsung S4 and I doubt it will fit anything much bigger than an iPhone. I do kind of wedge it in there and it feels pretty secure, but one edge of it is sticking out.-Lack of any shocks: There are times when I take my stroller through some gravel or grass and it’s VERY bumpy. I have to go super slow because my sons little head bobs all around. I often wish I would’ve sprung for the BOB for this reason.-Sun shade: Even though my son isn’t sitting in the main stroller seat, he’s still using his infant seat. I can tell that the sun shade isn’t going to be sufficient. It really wouldn’t be difficult to make it more adjustable where it wouldn’t be attached , it could be rotated further to the front to give more protection. If you’re walking towards the sun there is absolutely no way that it’s going to protect at all. My old stroller had a shade that wasn’t attached so it could be moved all over to fully block the sun. I saw another reviewer said they removed some screws to the shade could move all around, I’m definitely going to try to that little fix myself when he grows out of the car seat.All in all this is a decent system. It is much better than my previous jogging stroller for my older child. I do often wish I would’ve got the BOB just for the shocks, but overall I can live with this stroller. I’m rating it “I like it” 4 stars because it’s great for the price. The BOB is probably a better system, but for the stroller, car seat, car seat adapter, parent tray, child’s tray, ect I think it’s just too expensive. I encourage everyone to play with the strollers and really think about what you’re going to be using it for to help you decide what to buy.

Christi Henderson, NV

Very large but nice

Really big. It takes up the ENTIRE back of our 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The passenger seat needs to be pushed forward as well while it’s facing backwards…. not a huge deal but a normal 5’11 180lb dude can’t sit on the seat in front of it. The folding mechanism works but the locking mechanism isn’t perfect… it un-hooks from time to time.This is VERY smooth to push.

Justine Oil City, PA

Love the system but heavier than expected

This system works really well. It is really easy to open the stroller and lock in the car seat. Downfall…stroller is huge and takes up your entire trunk and both stroller and car seat are heavier than I was expecting for something advertised as being lightweight.

Lee Sneads, FL


SO…. Yes it’s on the heavy size and slightly wide BUT the PROs out weight those factors.Pros- one handed steering- sturdy while jogging with it- my 6’+ husband doesn’t kick the basket or breaks while walk to jogging with the pram- the EASIEST folding stroller ever!- too big folder??? no worries the tires pop off just as easy to fit into any trunk- stands on its own- cup holder, phone holder and wallet pocket- THE PRICE!- large under basketI bought this stroller and took it back to Australia. People stop me on the street to ask where I got it. I can not say enough nice things about it.

Jaclyn Mouth Of Wilson, VA

Good option for joggers at a decent price point

There are some important features that are a must when it comes to stroller shopping including excellent canopy, good sized and easy to access storage basket, and weight. This stroller scores high marks with good shade (but not excellent) and a nice sized basket, but it’s quite heavy, which is fine if you keep it in the garage for strolls. I actually have a lightweight one for the car so if you don’t mind getting two strollers, than go for this one. If you do want to keep to one stroller, you will want to consider how small it folds down and how heavy it is to lift in and out of your car. This stroller is both bulky and heavy, but again it is a jogger so those are things you’ll just have to accept.If you’d like a full review of the best strollers and what considerations to make when stroller shopping, visit the website, In the Baby Gear section you’ll find a crib shopping guide, what you must have on your registry vs what you really can live without, and the best toys and games for baby stimulation by age range.

Consuelo Folsom, PA

Buy it! It’s Perfect!

We love this travel system. It has everything you could ever need and is easy to fold up for the trunk. It is the best price that we have found and it comes with the car seat AND a base for the car. We didn’t realize that the base was included. It was a pleasant surprise.

Roxie Cumbola, PA

Excellent products

Arrives in the same box as you would buy it from in the store. Car seat lifts out of the box easily, and after adjusting the straps to the appropriate baby size, it was ready to use.The Jogger requires a little assembly, but it is easily snapped together and ready to go in just a few minutes. Easy to follow direction booklet is enclosed and I found it necessary to use to find out how to unlock the front wheel. The front wheel came locked in a forward position, which of course makes turning a challenge. However, it unlocks easily and turning is now very easy and smooth.Also road tested the Jogger on our street with great success. Much less bumpy than the old stroller, and very manuverable.I am so very pleased with both products.

Ilene Lake George, CO

I found in it everything i was looking for.

love it love it love itit is a little big, but what isn’t these days? easy click works perfectly and having a 3 wheel that closes with 1 hand and stands alone is great. roomy and comfy has all the musts.

Adriana Hudson, IA