Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing, Peyton

Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing, Peyton

The Graco Glider LX is a unique gliding swing that soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting baby in your nursery glider. For your convenience, this innovative gliding swing has a compact frame that uses 40% less space than other leading swings, and for flexibility you have the option to plug-in or use batteries. A plush, roomy seat with removable infant supports and vibration will keep baby cozy, while music will keep baby entertained. With the Graco Glider LX, you have all the features you want in a swing, but with the gliding motion baby knows and loves. The Glider LX offers multiple options for gliding, so you can keep your baby contented no matter what her mood. Six gliding speeds and two vibration settings allow you to relax and soothe baby, while 10 classic melodies and 5 nature sounds provide plenty of fun. The extra-cushioned seat, three reclining positions, and plush head support ensure that your little one will always be cozy. A removable toy bar keeps baby entertained and delighted, while a 5-point harness keeps kids safe.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Infant swing soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting baby in your nursery glider
  • Ingenious frame design uses 40% less space than other leading baby swings, so it fits easily in any room
  • Plug in to save up to $130, or use batteries for convenience; Based on usage of 2 hours / day
  • Vibration with two speed settings keeps baby relaxed
  • Roomy baby swing seat has plush body support and three recline positions for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


Finally, a swing that is loved by my baby AND that doesn’t take up much space!

With my first two children, I used travel swings. Those were fine (and portable), especially given that both of them crawled early and were no longer interested in the swing after that. Enter Baby #3, who has physical delays from cerebral palsy. I knew I needed a swing. I borrowed one from a friend whose baby had outgrown it, thinking it had all the bells and whistles we could want. (It’s theBright Starts InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing, Briarcliff.) However, it was HUGE, and Zoe would tolerate it for short periods of time, but she didn’t love it.Which meant I didn’t love it.This swing appealed to me because Zoe loves the motion of the glider we have in our living room. Plus, it wouldn’t hog valuable space! She’s 14 months old and 19 pounds, so it was risky to get a swing this late… but it’s AMAZING! She is content in it, providing a space where I can set her down from time to time. (Until now, she could only be in our Bumbo if she wasn’t in my arms or lying down.)MOVEMENT: This glides smoothly with six different speeds. The top two or three work fine for my daughter, and I expect that the lower speeds would work well for newborns and smaller babies. The vibration in the seat (which requires a battery, even if you’re running the swing on an outlet) is a nice touch as well.SOUNDS: It has 10 songs (all classical music, not obnoxious kiddie tunes) and 5 nature noises (running water, waves, heartbeat, birds, and rain or white noise). It has multiple volume settings as well; the manual says 5 different levels of volume, but I can only distinguish 4 different settings. You can also opt for no music/noise. The swing movement itself is very quiet.APPEARANCE: The main colors of gray and cream with yellow accents. The body and head supports are a cream color and can be removed. The toy bar has two places with velcro where the included teddy bears can attach and hang.OTHER FEATURES: You can use battery (4 Ds) or outlet power for the swing and sound. (Vibration requires one D battery in the seat.) It has two options for seating angle – both are reclined, but one is closer to sitting and one is closer to laying down. The seat padding is nice (with part of it easily removable and the rest of the swing cover removable with a bit more effort, so it shouldn’t be too hard to wash as needed; I haven’t had to wash it yet, though). The buckles are nice, with the option from a five-point harness or just a three-point buckle without using the shoulder straps (though that could be unsafe for a baby who can sit well). The seat offers two different heights for the shoulder straps. You can set a timer for swing and/or the sounds, having options for 10, 20 or 30 minutes.ASSEMBLY: I needed my husband to help me attach one of the swing arms… but it was because we were trying to force the piece into the wrong spot. Once we realized the mistake and rotated the piece, it went together smoothly. The instructions weren’t as clear as I’d like, particularly because the pictures didn’t provide a whole lot of detail, but it wasn’t too hard to get it together. If I had been assembling it while pregnant, though, I would have wanted help. All listed parts were included, including an Allen wrench/hex key in the right size for most of the screws; one screw required a Phillips head screwdriver (not included), but that’s the only additional tool needed.ONE BAD NOTE: The swing’s power cord had slight damage when it arrived. The power adapter itself was fine, but the place to plug it on the swing was bent like it had been smooshed; instead of a round hole to insert the power supply, it was an oval and wouldn’t fit. Instead of calling Graco customer service about it, my husband got some pliers to try to get it back in shape… and it worked! Given how well packaged the swing was, I think the damage must have occurred before or during packaging.Since we could easily fix the one flaw and since this is turning out to be my dream swing, this is a 5 star item to me.

Anna Iron City, GA

Older Babies!

I got rid of my Snug-a-bunny fisher price swing when my daughter was 4 months old. That’s when the jumperoo and the high chair came out, and there was just no room for it all to fit. But then I was really sad to not have a swing, and I think my daughter was too. So I was thrilled to get this when she was 5.5 months.I have to say, this Glider is incredible. It takes up about the sames space as a high chair – MUCH smaller than the other swing. And thank goodness it plugs in too so there’s no fussing with batteries. I love this – I could have had it from the start. I guess the bigger swing was better for newborn infants because it has the mobiles and more stuff going on to look at. But if you just want a nice gliding experience for an older baby to go to sleep, this one takes the cake. My daughter is about 15 lbs and 6 months old. It’s absolutely perfect. Love, love, love, love it. If you are reading this and thinking about a swing for a larger baby … get this one. And if you’re thinking about one for a newborn, I’d still suggest this one, because it will last you much longer than the fisher price swing. I can easily see this taking my daughter to her first birthday.It looks good too by the way. Actually looks nicer in person than in the product picture, which looks like it’s got a whole bunch of metal tubing. It does have those tubes, but it looks a lot more soft and gentle overall in person.I recommend this product without the slightest reservation.

Mandy Springbrook, IA

I’m so happy

I love this swing and so does my son! he likes that we can ajust the puppies for play and really seems to enjoy sitting in this swing much more than the old 1. i also love the angle he sits at both upright and laid back his head does not bobble over after he falls asleep. It really is a nice product I can’t express how happy I am with this swing. Our safty 1st piece o crap stopped swinging my boy at 15 lb. exactly, depriving my darling of his precious rest. After much research and deliberation my husband and i decided on this one. It has 30 lb. weight limit most r only 25 lb. it glides so smoothly with 6 speed settings and I love the classical music it plays. It takes up very little space and looks nice to.

Patrica Rockwood, TX

Good quality swing, disappointing size limitations

The primary reason why I got this swing was because it advertised a maximum weight limit of 30 lbs. My 11-mo year old baby girl is not big for her age (last time we checked she was in the 50-60percentile on height), and with clothes on she weighs 20-21 lbs. I figured that the can gain a few pounds and we can still use this swing. Not quite. I adjusted all belts to the maximum position and she can barely fit. The baby loves the swing, the music and vibrations yet the usefulness is likely going to be short-lived. Also, her feet are in the air while on the swing. The plug-in feature is great – it saves on replacing batteries. Basically you do not even need batteries except for the vibrating function.Update 3/20/13. I found the Graco DuetConnect LX Swing + BouncerGraco DuetConnect LX Swing + Bouncer, Finleyto be a much better deal, even though it is about $20 more expensive at this time. A 1 year old seems to fit a lot better in that swing than in this glider.

Sheena Camak, GA

Wow! She fell asleep

We have a 5 week old daughter who does not want to sleep when she is not being held during the day. That’s fine and all, but this glider was a godsend. Assembly was not difficult – it took about 15 minutes with the right tools. After plugging it in and introducing our Katelyn to it, she was knocked out in less than 5 minutes and slept for almost 2 hours. That is well worth the money in my book.The various options are really what make this a winner – it glides back and forth on its own at the speed that you choose, with or without music or vibration. It feels very safe – some bouncers I worry about her slipping out of. She even coos when she is in the glider. Yes, it is expensive, but really, its not. I would make the investment.

Esperanza Lambertville, MI

amazing swing

Graco Glider LX Gliding swing is an amazing device. It glides so smoothly and the rocking motion is calming to the little one.Very user firendly and sturdy prooduct. The only cmplaint is that you casn not use it for a little older kid as it is for infants upto 12 months, specially if you have a taller/bigger infant like mine. Otherwise well worth it.

Willie Highland Park, IL

Just perfect!!!

When I had to start rocking our one month old to sleep for 20 minutes after every feeding, I knew I needed to find a solution. After some careful research I found this product and it sounded great. I remember reading the other reviews and being so happy that this could be just what we needed. Trust me when I say that this thing works!We put our little girl in it the first time and it only took seconds for her to peacefully fall right asleep. She absolutely loves this swing. It has been a lifesaver for us!!

Chasity Cadet, MO


When we first set up the glider it worked perfectly, for about 15 minutes! Then my 2 1/2 year old son started messing with it and it stopped gliding. We could hear the motor turning and see that it was moving slightly front/back. Sometimes if we pushed it, it caught and would glide, others it would just stop again. Baby’s R Us is a 30 minute drive for us, so we decided to do some at home experimentation! What did we have to lose? We thought it was broken anyways!My husband and I took it apart, tried a few things, then somehow he decided to push apart the 2 main stands (1 contains motor and buttons, 1 on opposite side), suddenly it started gliding. It was like they were buckling inward, causing too much friction between the swing arms and the stands, not allowing it to glide. So when we pushed the stands slightly outward it glided. So I thought, how do you allow the stand to lean outward…then I thought about how TIGHT I TIGHTENED THE SCREWS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STANDS!! VERY TIGHT!! I OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T WANT IT FALLING APART AND MY BABY FALLING OUT!!So I turned the glider over, loosened the screws a tiny bit and like MAGIC…it allowed the stand arms to relax just enough so that there was no longer the friction between the stand and the glider portion. It glided. It works perfectly, glides super fast and smoothly on any setting. I am using 3 and it is more than fast enough for my 3 week old who weighs nearly 8 lbs.And my baby LOVES this glider. She would sleep in it all day/night if I let her. I can finally put her down and shes safe/secure. There’s no way this thing will tip over, not even with my 2 1/2 year old son messing with it. I’ve read comments about the toy bar. First of all, the toy bars on all of these swings are stupid, poor functionality! My last Graco swing had little white bears that hung from a mobile that didn’t even spin and there was no way my son could even reach them. Stupid. I actually like that I can tilt this toy bar back behind the head of the cradle or bring it forward for the baby to look at, which she can care less about at this point. Love this glider! Hate the design flaw, but at least we figured out what the problem was. Graco should take some time to figure out why so many of these swings are being returned with people saying the motor is broken and it wont glide. It took us an hour max to figure it out. I hope this advice helps some of you who have this swing and are having this issue!

Bridgette Townsville, NC

so mad

so pissed. my son will be here in a few weeks and my hubby was putting it together and two of the bars are messed up . now we need to contact graco to get two new ones so we can set it up. paid over 100 and it comes broken. thank you!

Latisha Newark, DE

Not great, but not bad…

We purchased this swing because our daughter really liked to to sleep in her infant swing, but it only went up to 15lbs. We would use the carseat other times to put her to sleep, but we didn’t want her in there for long periods. She is almost 18lbs now, and when we saw this is one of the only swings that accommodates up to 30lbs, we purchased it. It shipped for free and was delivered in 3-4 days, so that was great. It only took about 20 minutes for my husband and I to put together. It’s neutrally colored in gray and yellow. And I really like that you can plug it into the wall instead of using batteries. It has a vibration setting that the smaller (Petite version) doesn’t have, but this setting does require batteries. It’s also pretty sturdy. It’s just not great for an older baby. Our daughter is 30 inches tall, and her feet hang out of it about 6 inches, so definitely not for tall babies. The straps are way too tight. I guess because she’s tall. The side straps are more than accommodating, but it needs more length. It’s way too tight on her crotch and shoulders, so it’s very uncomfortable for her. It’s also SUPER SLOW to start swinging and any movement from the baby will stop it almost completely. Our infant swing, even with her at 15lbs, had a much more powerful motor. Really wanted to like this swing… but I think we’ll be returning it.

Miranda Quinhagak, AK

Graco Glider vs Fisher Price Cradle n Swing

Edit 06/23/14:My daughter wasn’t into this swing. She must have gotten used to the swaying of the fisher price swing and pretty much hated this Graco swing. I could get her to sit in it sometimes, but mostly she didn’t like it. I even tried it a couple days ago (she’s 8 months) and she still hates it. She’s practically walking, so I didn’t think she’d still enjoy a swing, but this was a waste of money because she just never liked it. Such a shame, since I like it much better than the fisher price one. It looks better, takes up less space and plugs in. I plan on keeping it and trying it with my next baby.Original review:This swing, so far, is awesome. I just put it together yesterday afternoon, so my daughter has only been using it the past two days. So far, it’s doing it’s job, and works much better than the other swing we have in our game room, which is a Fisher Price cradle n swing. The Fisher Price seems to be struggling to swing and support her weight, unless it’s on one of the highest settings. She’s only 7 weeks old, so that’s a disappointment. She’s a big baby, a little over 12 lbs. The Fisher Price swing did work with my oldest daughter until she was 4 months old, but she was a smaller baby.So far what I like about the swing:-Fairly easy to assemble, I managed in under an hour.-The gliding motion is fantastic, it doesn’t seem to struggle with her weight, and the perfect setting for her is between speeds 3 and 4.-Takes up practically no space! The Fisher Price needs double the floor space.-White noise sounds are pretty good.-Colors are fantastic. I love the grey and yellow together, super cute.What I dislike:-The music is AWFUL. I can tolerate the songs on the Fisher Price swing, I can’t even stand to listen to the ones on this swing. They’re awful and the quality is awful as well. Luckily, I don’t care much about this.-The motor makes a noise. It’s not loud, and I’ve gotten used to it already, but still would prefer it to be silent.-The toy bar will not stay on! I’m not sure if it’s something I’m doing wrong, or if I got a lemon toy bar, because the parts that are supposed to snap on to the bar are way too small and snap violently back off immediately. This isn’t a big deal to me, because I don’t care about the toy bar and my daughter doesn’t seem to miss it.There was a couple of reviews that had issues with the swing gliding, and to fix it, they didn’t tighten the screws all the way underneath the seat of the swing. My swing glides fine with the screws tightened all the way. I didn’t tighten them a lot at first, and had to go back and tighten them because the swing was moving side to side and seemed to be unsteady. So you may not have an issue with the swing not gliding, I’d suggest calling Graco if you do.

Haley Valdese, NC

Baby LOVES it!

A great swing and a perfect match to our existingGraco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Newborn Napper Station DLX, PeytonPros:- Very easy to assemble despite the instructions missing a few steps- Compact size- Lightweight- Sturdy construction- Volume Control for the sounds/music. Baby loves the birds sounds and the “Fall Asleep” lullaby.- A/C Power or batteries for when we take it out of the nursery.- Quiet OperationCons:- Boring Toybar that is a bit too loose (E.g. doesn’t really lock into place in the optimal position)- A single D Battery is required for Vibration and it is not included.

Allyson Wolf Creek, MT

Great for smaller infants

The Graco Gilider LX swing took less then 30 minutes to put together and works as designed. The size of the chair and the option of having plugged in to an outlet instead of wasting batteries is a big plus but the vibration unit still required batteries to work. I like how the chair inserts are washable but the chair itself could have been bigger because my son who is 4 months old and 19 pounds is already 28 inches and his feet hangs at the edge of the chair. The straps are very tight in his crotch area but the shoulders and side straps are some what comfortable. I like how the chair can be set for upright positions which is great for feeding with a bottle and laid back down in a flat position for sleeping in. The gliding swing seems to me starts off slow in any setting (1-6), but eventually gets to the desired speed. I love the song selection and the white noise options. Overall, this is a ok chair for bigger babies but would be great for smaller babies.

Tammie Verona, OH

Great swing for newborns but toy bar is useless

This is a great swing for newborns, but while it advertises that it’s good for babies up to 30 pounds, when I placed my friend’s year-old baby in the swing, the straps were just way too tight for her, and she’s definitely not 30 pounds yet.The installation was fairly straightforward, but the instruction manual was a total mess. We put it together wrong twice and kept having to take it apart and click it back together because the instruction manual wasn’t clear on which direction some of the bars were supposed to go. My partner is usually pretty good at putting these things together, but there were a couple of curse words uttered during the installation process. Again, it’s not that it was hard to put together, but that the instruction manual was so wildly unclear.I also don’t care for the toy bar. The two little bears hanging from a Velcro square don’t seem very entertaining, and it’s not really built to work with other types of mobile. The toy bar is so flimsy that it wants to pop off all the time, which makes it pretty much useless.That said, this is a beautiful, stable, and attractively designed swing. It looks lovely in my nursery, is soft and appealing, and has a wide base that seems much more secure than the two used swings I have from friends. I love that it has a timer setting for the rocking and even has a vibration option. It can be plugged in to save batteries for the rocking, music, and white noise, but you’ll need to use a D battery for the vibration. I don’t usually keep D batteries around, so I would’ve preferred using more than one AA, but that’s a pretty small complaint.On my carpet, the rocking takes about 10 to 15 seconds to get fully up to speed, which is good because I don’t want to startle my newborn. Even though I have carpeting and the manual says that it’s best on a hard floor, I haven’t noticed any issue with the functionality of the rocking setting.Overall, this is a beautifully designed and attractive swing. It’s obviously stable, secure and safe, with the base that feels like it would be impossible to tip even if your baby is flailing or squirmy. The design is so nice that it doesn’t feel like your home is being taken over by awful and gaudy baby stuff, and it’s so soft and snugly that it’s a very appealing little napping spot.

Rosetta Jonesburg, MO

Spent half a day assembling and it doesn’t work

The motor hums as though it is snagged and the seat moves half an inch. Don’t buy this thing. Now I have to disassemble and return.

Rebekah Crosby, ND

Great swin, terrible toy bar

This swing is fairly compact, does not take much space, works great for the baby, with 6 different rocking speeds.The music tunes that it comes with are quite appealing to babies, for the most part. I like the fact that you can adjustthe volume.However, the toys that it comes with do nothing to stimulate a baby, and the bar that holds them comes out of place constantly.It’s quite frustrating that it will not hold any of the baby toys out there designed for babies. It is obvious that they pickedthe cheap light toys it came with as the bar will not hold anything else, and even with those two little bears it will not stayin place very long.I wish I could give it 5 stars, as the swin deserves them, but the issue with bar is quite a disappointment.

Augusta Christoval, TX


This is the best investment I have made when it comes to my grandson… This is so quiet, and he loves the soft motion it has.. I looked all over and read all reviews, and this was and is the best…Thank you

Charity Plymouth, NC


Since I was told early on that most swings on the market eat batteries like candy, I wanted to find one that could be plugged in. I like the option of portability, but I knew most of the time the swing would be near an outlet. This is one of the very few swings I found with that option. It had vibration settings (which I didn’t think I’d use and actually do) and 6 speeds for the swing. The colors are very neutral and I just love a swing that goes back and forth! I was shocked at all the swings that go side to side these days. I’m not even sure why, but I don’t like that. That’s not how I’d want to swing…..

Taylor Deatsville, AL

So awesome!

This glider is awesome! Don’t know why I kept our rickety old Graco swing from when my daughter used it five years ago. It is old, clunky and on the brink of dying, so I needed a new swing. My son is now almost 18 months and over 20 pounds, and he may only have a few more months in a swing, but this is honestly the only way he will nap during the day. After trying, and failing, to get my son to sleep in his crib, I went back to the swing because I needed to save my sanity. So, purchasing another swing was what we needed. I LOVE this glider! It moves just like a gliding chair you would use to rock your child in your arms. I can’t put my son in it while he’s awake, because he just screams, but once I put him to sleep I can transfer him in here and he sleeps a long, nice nap. I have it gliding on setting 4 and it’s perfect for him to stay asleep.The glider footprint is much smaller than the last Graco swing we had, which was so big and clunky. My husband and I were always tripping on the feet that came out so awkwardly. We hated our old swing. This one is much smaller, and takes up less space. Something we needed, because we live in a small two bedroom house and the swing sits in our bedroom, along with the crib and changing table.I also love that the glider plugs into an outlet. I got so sick of changing batteries in a panic, trying to do it while my son was asleep in the swing – hoping and praying he wouldn’t wake up before I had the new batteries in.It also glides continuously until you turn it off. The sound stays on, as well, until you turn it off. These were all the features we needed to keep our son happy and sleeping. There are timers, though, if you want things to shut off after a certain amount of time. Sounds are loud enough, glider moves well even with my 20-some pound son in it. And it’s high enough off the ground that his feet don’t touch the floor. Also buckles him in quite nicely so I don’t feel he’s going to fall out.Love the recline options. He almost lays flat, but just up enough that if your kid suffers from reflux, it won’t bother them while they’re lying there.Only flaws in my opinion are: wish it had a buckle like the BOB stroller, the 5 point harness. The buckle barely reaches around his waist, can’t use the shoulder straps because they’re too short. I just use the buckle around his waist and watch on the monitor. When he starts to wake I go get him out. I also use the white noise sound and it is a little loud so I drape a small blanket over the speaker to muffle the sound a bit.Summary:- Glides and sounds stay on all the time, or as long as you need (timer option)- Works well with older babies (toddlers), I think the weight limit is 30 lbs- Takes up less space than older model swings. Nice, ergonomic look- Plugs into wall (battery option)- Reclines to almost flat position, and sitting up position- Wish they had one for adults. Looks amazing and comfy!Bottom line: If you need a swing (baby to toddler) BUY THIS GLIDER! DON’T HESITATE!

Diana Enosburg Falls, VT

Flimsy, unattractive toybar – dark, depressing low-quality music – nice glide and incline.

The only reason I am giving this swing a 4 star rating is because the incline is adjustable and the gliding motion is soothing. This is my babies favorite place to sleep because he has acid reflux.CONS : The toybar on this swing is a flimsy piece of junk. It often pops off all on its own. I can’t believe they designed and sold it like this. Once, it fell on my baby. The toys are dull and do not capture his attention at all. The music is absolutely HORRIBLE. It sounds very dark and depressing (think Phantom of the Opera but with god awful sound quality) I never ever use the sound functions. Sometimes it is very slow to get going and sometimes it makes a little sound. The sound is not loud and is easily ignored – we also have a Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo swing and it is so loud it’s annoying so this one is great by comparison…

Wilma Mansfield, GA

Baby loved this!

My baby was crazy about this swing until she outgrew it at 8 months. I loved it, too. The cover washed well and still looked new when we sold it.

Bonita Udall, MO

Decent glider

The feet don’t sit level on the ground so when it’s gliding it has a tipping motion that makes the gliding motion choppy if I don’t stuff something under one of the legs (I am sure ours is defective and they aren’t all like that). The speaker is awful. Way to loud and low quality. The toy bar is cute but it’s floppy and comes off frequently. All that being said, I didn’t bother sending it back. It still works for us.

Bonnie Lee City, KY

Perfect glider for babies who love to be rocked!

My new born daughter loves to be rocked. As much as I would love to hold and rock her 24/7 I can’t! This glider is perfect for when she wants to be rocked and I need to do house work. I can put her in the glider and she sits and relaxes and usually falls asleep. I love that you can plug it into the wall and not need batteries for the glider to rock. I wish the vibration system could be used by being plugged into the wall as well but you need batteries for the vibration. Other than that this is a perfect glider. There are six speeds. Since my daughter is only two weeks old I just use the 1 speed but there are 6 speeds and also plays music. I’ve used the heartbeat and my daughter fell asleep with it on. I am so thankful my husband purchased this glider.

Debbie Tremont, IL

The best baby invention ever!

Out of all the baby gear I bought and received for gifts this by far gets the most use. My baby just loves it. When he is fussy I can put him in this and he will fall asleep in no time. I also like that it has the AC adapter so I don’t need to keep feeding it batteries. I will say that it is clumsy to move from room to room and the incline is difficult to adjust. One important detail that I learned is that the cover is washable but it must by hung to dry, which means unless you get a nice windy day it will take all day to dry.

Reyna La Plata, MO

good for price

I saw this at a burlington and really liked the quality, but the colors matched my nursery.Pros-Easy-ish to put togetherCloth is able to be removed and washed (But not machine dried) is something gets on it… and it will.Swing motion is soothing and it is nice to be able to choose the intensity.Choice between music, ambient noise, white noise it great.Battery or plug in for swinging and musicCons-This is NOT a portable swing. Technically you can pick it up and move it, but you really dont want to do that very often and it just barely fits through doorways.. it is a bit larger than I would have liked.Vibrate is Battery operated ONLY and it is in a place that is crazy hard to get at.The cover is kind of a pain to take on and off.Once the baby reaches a certain size- about 2-3 months their legs start getting out over the edge- really meant more for newbornsThe little toy bar is pretty useless…babies dont want to look at two all grey little bears… especially when it is positioned that all they can see is the bear butts.Music quality is a little iffy- sounds like it was done on a keyboard for the classical songs.Overall -I would buy it again

Naomi Easton, KS

Pluses and minuses

Pluses:Plugs in OR uses batteries for swinging/soundsSmaller footprintQuietAdjustable reclineMinuses:Battery operation only option for vibrationNo timer to turn off vibrationToy bar constantly unsnapsToy bar cannot hold any additional weight (so you’re sort of stuck with the boring grey bears)Shoulder straps are uncomfortable (fortunately we figured out you don’t have to use them to use the lap straps!)

Valeria West Middlesex, PA

wonderful baby glider

baby sleeps in this glider for most naps. inserts remove for easy washing after spit up incidents. gliding motion seems to really lull baby to sleep. we rarely use the vibration (and it takes batteries to vibrate :/) but it is there if you need it! fairly easy to assemble.

Geraldine Arkadelphia, AR

Baby loves it, Mom loves it

I thought long and hard before buying this because of the reviews talking about how hard it was to make this thing glide (i.e. all of the "hidden design flaw" reviews). There is no "hidden design flaw." It is a construction flaw, if anything. My husband set this up without a problem. It glides just fine. I will say however that the toy bar IS flimsy and will most likely be knocked down by the kid once she gets old enough to do so. Also, the music is very tinny and quite annoying, but the baby seems to like it so I deal with it. Also, the nature sounds are much easier to tolerate. I do wish the volume could go a little quieter, but again, it doesn’t seem to bother the baby so it’s okay.The glider is overall a bit noisy, especially if you have everything turned on at once (vibrate, glide, and music/sounds). But I think compared to other gliders/swings this isn’t anything strange. The insert is very soft, and I love love love that it reclines!!Overall, I love this glider and would buy it again and again. Totally worth the price, and on top of it, is a lot more attractive than many of the other swings/gliders. As a side note, I would suggest this one over the petite version just because it is easier to put the baby in this one since it is closer to where she is when she falls asleep in my arms.

Concepcion Yorkshire, NY

Another MUST HAVE for new parents!

I had a feeling that this would be a purchase that would be worth the money and one that we wouldn’t regret and at only a week old, it has proven itself to be invaluable! Where should I start? Well, upon arrival and putting it together, I found that the instructions were horrible and some of the "pre-assembled" parts were put together wrong which made the instructions make absolutely no sense. Once I figured out that the pre-assembled parts were put together backwards, it went together pretty smoothly. Both this item and our pack and play have a vibrating mechanism that is just too harsh and powerful for a little baby to find pleasing so we have never really used those features. Speaking of that, the swinging part runs off a power cord and the vibrating part runs off a battery and the process of getting to and changing that battery is actually quite difficult, and i’m pretty mechanically inclined. Overall, it looks super comfy and I wish there was a grown-up version of this thing. Our 1-week old loves it and I actually have to keep him out of it because he goes right to sleep in it and we need to keep him awake as much as possible during the day so he sleeps good at night. The volume on the music and nature sounds doesn’t go low enough. I wish it could be a notch or two more quiet. It has several speeds but we keep it at 2-3. The fabric has a nice soft plush feel. There are straps to keep your baby secure but our little guy is so tiny that we haven’t used them. Overall, this is an awesome product and everyone should have one. We were actually going to move it to the bedroom because at this point, it is one of the only places our little baby will sleep. Anyways, this is a great purchase at a great price and you won’t be disappointed.

Lindsey Ravenden Springs, AR

Was ok for a while…

This swing was okay at first, but now we’ve replaced it with a Fisher Price swing and like it MUCH better. First of all, the mobile on this swing began to lean really far forward and back and never quite stayed in place. Also, over time this swing has taken longer and longer to reach the desired speed. You can imagine that this is quite annoying when trying to soothe an impatient fussy baby! Also, at only 3 months my daughter is too long for this swing. It is also quite annoying that there are three buttons you have to push in order to completely turn the swing off. I don’t know how many times we’ve forgotten to turn off the vibration which runs out the battery really fast. I will say that I like all of the white noise options it has. My daughter also really loved the music.

Janice Erath, LA