Graco Glider Petite LX Gliding Swing, Botany

Graco Glider Petite LX Gliding Swing, Botany

Graco’s Glider Petite LX is a unique, portable gliding swing that soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting baby in your nursery glider. This innovative gliding swing is lightweight, making it easy to use anywhere in the house, and the option to plug-in saves you money on batteries. A plush, roomy seat with removable infant head support will keep baby cozy, while six gliding speeds, ten melodies and five nature sounds will keep baby entertained. With the Graco Glider Petite LX, you have all the features you want in a swing, but with the gliding motion baby knows and loves.

Main features

  • Soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting baby in your nursery glider; Customize with 6 gliding speeds to suit baby
  • Lightweight, portable frame makes it easy to use anywhere in the house; Features 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds with a convenient volume control
  • Can be used for babies 5;5 to 25 pounds; Safety is always the first priority for your baby, so you’ll feel great about securing him or her into the Glider Petite LX with the 5-point harness
  • Easy-to-attach removable toy bar with 2 cute, soft toys
  • Seat fabric is machine-washable; Glider requires batteries if not using outlet

Verified reviews


Loud motor, stops swinging if baby moves

The idea and design of this swing is great. The function is not. Our baby is 13 lbs and the swing does not work well even on the highest speed. If she kicked or moved, the swing stopped and we had to give it a push to restart the swinging motion. The motor was very loud also. We returned it. Too bad because we liked the colors, size and the ability to plug into a wall outlet instead of using batteries.

Doreen Northboro, IA

great assistant swing to put baby in for soothing

This swing is small enough to put on a table or some other kind of surface or to use on the floor. It’s about as big as as a chair but only half as tall.It’s small enough that yo can put it in the car and take it to grandparents’, your friends’, or when you travel.The Glider is great for mild gliding movement and for more moderate swinging to soothe the baby to sleep and/or to entertain the baby. The top of the swing has space to hang toys/stuffed animals to amuse the baby.Keep in mind that the swing isn’t designed for a large baby or a grown baby. This is for newborns, for sure.Note: Easy assembly.

Aurora Elmer, LA

Nice, plush, smooth glider with excellent features

I really like this glider for our almost two month old. We already have both a Fisher Price bouncer and swing, and this Graco glider is good because it is not a repeat but rather something new and improved. We put this together in about 10-15 minutes and it feels well made and stable. The feature I am most excited about is that it can be plugged in. This is a huge savings for us, as we were replacing lots of expensive batteries every two weeks with our swing. This has the option for both, which is great if you want to move it around like we sometimes do, its still functional with the battery option.It sits relatively low to the ground like a typical swing and doesn’t take up a huge footprint. I find the neutral color palette a refreshing change to the typical gaudy fabric choices. The toy arch is great because it can slide up or down the edge of the chair where it clips, so the toys can be in any view or distance from baby’s face that you want. I will say the stars are kind of boring, but they are attached with velcro so they can be changed with another toy that has velcro or clipped onto the bar.LOVE LOVE LOVE the backlit push button control panel. Makes it feel so much nicer and gives you lots of control. We usually stay on the lowest speed. Its definitely a glide – swishing as opposed to swinging which is a different sensation but seems to be soothing. It also has a music and white noise player with volume control which actually sounds good and isn’t loud or irritating.The seat is lined in ivory fleece, except the part under baby is a more resistent fabric. The seat has a wide and shallow profile. While I dont usually buckle in baby in his swing, I feel like we need to do it in this glider. I also like that it comes with a fleece head support and my child’s chin doesn’t touch his chest like it does in his swing. I would say this is best for newborns up to probably no more than 4 to 6 months old, when their feet would likely start hanging over the edge.There are definite purposes for a swing, bouncer and glider. All are valuable for resting, digestion, and allowing parents to set baby down. I am really pleased with this glider and would say its got all the features I like. Definite winner.

Lashonda Millwood, WV


This took awhile to put together but it was worth it. Big things come in this small box. These swing/chair is very nice to have when you have a cranky baby that does not want to sleep. The color is great for a boy or a girl as well. Can be used on a table and on the floor. The sound is not great but the movement in the swing makes up for it. Can be cleaned of with a rag, cover can be taken off an thrown in the washing machine as well. Great for any new baby.

Harriett Barton, OH

Perfect for travel!

As a mother of four, let me tell you, we have had many swings in our house! My children are all older now, but this is awesome for traveling! Move it room to room or take it to grandma’s house! I love that it is low to the ground as well! Some reviewers complained about the “noise”? I didn’t find it noisy at all. Babies adjust to noise and compared to three siblings running around the house, this was nothing! 🙂 Seriously, I am giving it a five star review because it is portable, suits a boy or girl, does everything the product says it will do! You can’t beat that!

Rachael Johannesburg, MI

Great features, easy to assemble. Baby loves it

This is a great swing for the money. It is easy to assemble and take apart, has many great features, and swings so that newborn baby likes it. It is relatively easy to remove the cloth to wash, you only need a philips screwdriver, though to assemble, no tools are really required.It can take batteries, or run on the included AC adapter. It has 6 swing settings, with alternative speeds and programs. It also has built in music and nature sounds. though they sound a bit tinny, what do you expect? A Bose?Baby loves it, it’s easy to put together and clean, and is small enough that you can travel with it if you need to.

Bridgette Meridian, NY

Disappointed overall, but daughter enjoys it

My wife and I have two little girls, and we have used a number of Graco baby products over the years. I had high hopes for this gliding swing, swayed by the quality of the Graco brand. I am sorry to say that I am pretty disappointed in the actual product, right out of the box. The directions are surprisingly difficult to follow, and I’m not embarrassed to say that it took three adults in my house to successfully put this together. At one point, the directions seemed a little faulty, or at the very least misleading. I could tell that we were not off to a good start.Then it came time to put my five-month-old daughter in the swing. The arch overhead has two small plush hearts attached with tiny pieces of Velcro. Naturally, as intended, these came off quite easily. They are not choking hazards, but it nevertheless struck me as inefficient that these little Velcro hearts came off so easily (and were a little more difficult to re-attach). But the real problem was with the overhead arch itself. It snaps onto the sides of the swing, and I was very disappointed to see my five-month-old yank the arch down immediately. I reattached it, and the exact same thing happened five more times in under two minutes. The arch is not secure in any way, and I won’t risk leaving my daughter’s side with it attached to the swing. Without it, of course, it’s just a very simple swing with nothing overhead to attract the baby’s attention.There were some positive elements, however. The swing function works well, and the music selections are nice and varied. And with or without the overhead arch, my daughter seems to really enjoy the swing (totally unaware of her parent’s frustrations). I suppose this is an “OK” swing, but for my money I would go with a different model or brand. From the instructions onward, this was a disappointing experience.

Kathy Stoutsville, OH

Don’t buy

I was wary of ordering this swing after all the negative reviews; I should have listened to them. The swing itself is a nice cushy seat, my baby liked the gliding motion, I liked the small size and the fact that it plugs in. But after 2 weeks, it would only work on the highest setting (with my 9lb 3 week old), and would randomly slow down and/or stop working. Seems like with everyone having the same problem, they should just remove these from the marketplace…

Patsy Allison, TX

love this swing

Bought it for my newborn and we love it. You can change the rocking from very slow to faster as she grows. We love the nature sounds, I believe there are 35, and would recommend this swing.

Tabatha Manchester, VT

Loved it while it lasted

This swing saved us for the first 2 months of our son’s life. He loved the gentle gliding motion (he hated traditional swings), and even though the loud motor originally bugged me, I got used to it and the white noise seemed to lull him to sleep. When we had tried everything else to get him calmed down and nothing worked, putting him in this swing would quiet him down and he’d fall to sleep. Loved it. However, the music / nature sounds feature quit working after a month, and by 2 months with our baby weighing 13 lbs, it is going through 4 new batteries like crazy (it didn’t before) and it barely swings an inch or two back and forth even on the highest setting with new batteries. So sad this didn’t last longer because our son really loved it :-(**Update**Seems this swing found a second wind shortly after I wrote the original review. I was ready to plan its funeral when with the same set of new batteries it had since the day before and had barely been moving with, it all of a sudden started swinging again as it should. It’s continued working great with just the occasional few minutes of weak motion here and there. The music/sounds, however, seem to have permanently died. That’s okay, I was never a fan of them anyways. Just so glad the swing, at least for the time being, is back in action. My son is sleeping comfortably and happily in it as I type this 🙂

Elsa Burlington, CO

Doesn’t Swing

I got this as a gift and it worked well for my baby’s first 4 weeks or so, but once he hit a certain weight (maybe 10 lbs.) the thing stopped swinging even on the highest level. Now we have to push it manually, which is stupid. The bar in the middle also falls down and won’t stay in place. My son really likes watching the things swing and those flowers were some of the first objects he focused on, but the bar topples on him easily. It’s soft so it doesn’t hurt or anything, but again it is poorly designed. I wouldn’t waste your money on this glider at all!

Pamala La Fayette, KY

Good, but noisy

It performs to my expectations, but it is quite noisy. I don’t mind the noise because baby likes it, but it was a little surprising upon the first use.

Michell Sicily Island, LA

Too Small

Was hoping to save some space so bought this but it’s not worth it. Get the regular style and size swing. This does not have the power to swing as well as the child grows.

Adrienne Shenandoah Junction, WV

broke after 5 weeks

the motor stopped being able to push the swing after only 5 weeks. my daughter onlt weighs 10 pounds at 5 weeks, so shes not too heavy. its also very loud.

Mandy Otis Orchards, WA