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Graco Infant Car Seat Jungle Adventure


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car seat with bad design and hot fabric

This is my first review on Amazon, because I felt compelled to share my thoughts on this product. I am a first time mom and did a lot of research on car seats.This one seemed to get good marks . The positives: yes, its very cute, relatively light, installs fairly easily. However, as some reviewers pointed it does not adjust in the front, you have to mess with the metal buckles in the back. Does not seem like a big deal to you? Trust me, it will when you have a screaming child to deal with. VERY USER UNFRIENDLY! ON top of it, the fabric is awful , she sweats so bad in it, even with AC on high. Granted I have not tried other car seats, maybe they use similar fabric, because of flammability requirements. I just know this one needs to be redesigned. But to each his own, I guess, a lot of people love it. For first time parents, I urge you to try it out at WAl Mart or Target first, before ordering it online, based on good reviews. I would not buy it again, thats for sure.

Shana Mize, KY

Strapping in the child feature is extremely inconvenient and impractical – BEWARE!

We recently bought this car seat without knowing that Graco car seats actually have 2 different kinds of methods of tightening the baby seat belt in the car seat. We found that this particular colour that we bought Tango, you had to place the child in the seat, tilt the car seat forward, all the while making sure to hold the child in the seat so that he does not fall out, tighten the belt from the back of the car seat before the belt is tight enough to be used. There is the other type of car seat where there is a strap at the bottom where you can simply just pull to tighten. I do not know why Graco is still circulating car seats that has the extremely impractical and inconvenient model. In the end we returned this seat to Amazon, and went to Babies R US to view the right model and bought from there. We ended up paying a cheaper price as well.

Rowena Fitzpatrick, AL

Very Nice car seat

I am very happy with this car seat. I did alot of research before i purchased this and think it is a good value for the money. I purchased the “lotus” and love the colors and the material( black and red). The base is easy to install, and the car seat snaps in and out easily. Over all i think it is pretty light compared to others i have tried and owned. It is comfortable to carry and easy to get baby buckled in. I would recomend this to other parents.

Gertrude Smithmill, PA

Convenient seat

My son has been using this car seat for the past 6 1/2 months and I have really liked it. I love that it has a base that I can just snap the carseat in and out of – it makes running errands so much easier. It also has good safety reviews, which is important to me. I also really like the fabric. It can work for a girl or boy. Getting the base installed initially takes a bit of time, but it may be easier depending on the type of car you have.

Roxie Leesburg, IN

Safe Travels!!!!

This Graco Snugride Carseat in the Broadstreet pattern is an excellent choice!!! It is durable, reliable, safe, and also has a gender neutral pattern which is great!! The colors are great, and installation is super easy…….and if you are not sure exactly how to safely install it, many police departments, and Triple A (AAA) Agencies can help you out!! The carrier is not too heavy…..and to us, was the perfect choice!

Juana West Nottingham, NH

Easy to Install, Very Safe

I love this carseat. It was super easy to install with the latch system and is very, very safe. Once the base is installed, it’s very simple to pop the seat in and out of your car. I have a base in my car and my husband bought an extra base (only about $35) for his car. That way, we can easily switch cars without having to install the base every single time. It took us a total of maybe 30 minutes to set up and install everything. I highly recommend!

Juana Cincinnati, OH

The ONLY infant car seat I will ever consider!

Graco is very reliable, and the Snugride is among the best infant carseats out there. We had one for our son back in 2006, but it was probably the last model that came in a 3pt harness. Of course now they don’t even sell them with 3pt harnesses anymore, so I wouldn’t even consider reusing his old seat. Anyway, we LOVED the Snugride then, and we love it now. The base makes getting baby in and out of the car very easy and convenient, but even without it, the seat is still remarkable. Our little one seems quite comfortable in it. I love how easy it is to just “snap” right onto our Literider stroller straight from the car. There’s no disturbing a sleeping baby and it takes seconds to get situated. Very important when you have other children along! The sun shade is not huge, but it’s pretty decently sized. It can be moved forward if necessary to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes while you are driving/strolling. And honestly, the fact that it’s one of the safest models out there is a huge selling point to me!Now, that said, I do have some minor complaints (again, they are so minor that it wouldn’t stop me from buying or using the seat!)1) The fabric/padding is a little thin. It’s not terrible, and our baby doesn’t seem to mind. The thin fabric/padding may be more of an issue if you have a smaller newborn or preemie, and in that case maybe a infant support pillow would be an option for a little while.2) The head support is a little too big for newborns, but within a month or so our babies were big enough to use the support that comes with the seat. Before that, an inexpensive infant head support pillow really does the trick.3) I wish all the Snugride models came with harness covers/pads. Ours did not come with them, but we found some nice ones for only a few dollars that match the seat and keep our baby comfortable.4) It’s a little inconvenient that the harness adjustment is in the back of the seat and you have to adjust each side one at a time, rather than just pressing a button or pulling a small lever in the front to adjust both at the same time. I’m really not sure why they felt this was an “improvement” but it’s really not a big deal at all.All that said, we still love this seat and would not use any other brand or model! The Graco travel systems are so much simpler to use than the other brands as well (so I’ve seen and heard anyway). You really can’t go wrong with the Snugride. There will always be “something” you would like to fix, or have a little different, with every baby item you buy, no one item is totally perfect. But in my opinion and experience, the Graco Snugride is as good as you’re going to get! 🙂

Agnes Goetzville, MI

good value, lightweight

My husband has a very bad back, and I’m pretty petite… we chose this carseat because it’s light, but sturdy, and it was a great value. We’re very happy with it. We installed it in the car easily, and it’s simple to transfer from car to stroller to swing. We love it!

Rochelle Tuolumne, CA

Excellent Car Seat

I absolutely adore this car seat. It was so easy to install and to use. It was easy to remove, easy to put in, not too bulky, and not cheaply made. The harnesses do adjust in the back but to me that was no big issue but I guess to other reviewers thats a con but the good thing is, that they are super simple to adjust to your baby’s needs. Only con’s really for me with this car seat is A.) The handle was sometimes hard to get up or down and B.) The head rest/support it came with doesn’t really do much for the baby but I got myself a different one and it worked wonders.

Allene Mc Cool Junction, NE

~*~My Preemie Twins fit just fine & were protected in a small wreck~*~

When I was pregnant it never even crossed my mind that my girls could be born to small to fit into their car seats but that didn’t end up being a problem.My girls were born 5lbs 1oz & 5lbs 13oz & had to stay in the hospital for a week(due to jaundice). Before we were able to leave we had to bring in their car seats so the hospital could do tests while my girls were in them. This is to make sure they can tolerate sitting in a car seat. Both girls passed all the tests and we were released the next day.Both girls had lost weight after birth so my smallest was less than 5lbs when we left the hospital and the other was just over 5lbs. They looked so TINY in their seats. The girl who released us put them in their seats & tightened the seats which only took her a few minutes & they had to be adjusted quite a bit since my girls were so tiny. She put a couple of blankets around the girls bodies so they felt more secure. We got stopped by every nurse & person we passed on our way out, they put both girls in their seats on a wagon, everyone commented on the cute car seats too(we got the Betsey) The seats clicked easily into their bases.***When my girls were less than a month old and both less than 6lbs we were stopped at a stop sign & a lady slammed right into the back of us, Hard, she didn’t slow down at all(because she spilled her pop & leaned over to pick it up) The speed limit there was 35 but I’d guess she was doing about 20. They called EMS to check out our girls just because they were so tiny. EMS told us to call our Dr who said we should take them to Childrens Hospital just to get them checked out to be safe. So that is what we did. The cop checked and said the girls were securely in their seats just the way they were supposed to be(appearantly a lot of people have car seats installed wrong)Anyhow, both my girls ended up being just fine. We didn’t even know that once you are in a wreck, no matter how small, you can no longer use the seats. We gave the hospital ours to destroy and they gave us some new Evenflo Discoveries that Evenflo donates to give to people in our situation for free since we had no car seats to get our girls home.The differences we noticed. The Evenflo seats were not a sturdy feeling as the Graco, the Evenflo was lighter but because they are not as sturdy & did not feel as safe. The Graco snap in and out of the bases easier. The Graco material & harness is better material, the Evenflo is cheaper & thinner. We did like the shape of the Evenflo handle better, made it easier to carry but the Graco was definately WAY better. We immediately ordered 2 more Graco Seats.We have been very happy with our Graco Snugrides. I also will note that I am a real wimp but I could carry BOTH my girls at the same time even when they were getting ready to outgrow their seats…it wasn’t that easy but I could do it. So if you are only carrying 1 baby, it should be easy enough. Besides, it isn’t like you normally carry the car seat all over the place.

Jennifer Longville, LA

Infant Carseat-Graco Snugride

I really liked getting a carseat that matched the print on our stroller. The assembly was really easy when it came in the mail. It also came with the base for the car and seatbelt hookup. The clip that holds that carseat is hard to get right, but that will be the same with any carseat you buy. It does come with a strap to actually hook in between the seats and that’s a lot easier to use. It’s lightweight, so carrying my sleeping infant in it to or from the car is easy. My only complaint is that there is not a lot of padding on the seat and it felt really uncomfortable. So I took the cover off and put a knitted baby blanket in under the cover for extra padding. My kiddo goes everywhere in his carseat and loves it.

Shelia Republic, MI

Its Ok but could be better.

I got this car seat as a gift from my sister (and I’m grateful for it) but the fabric could be better. It feels like plastic, is not comfortable. Also the canopy does not extend enough to block the sun. It’s not attached to the back of the car seat, so every time I extend it, the back side also moves! Its annoying… Looks beautiful, but I was expecting more from GRACO.

Dianna Mendenhall, MS