Graco IPO Stroller in Enzo

Graco IPO Stroller in Enzo

This compact toddler stroller combines streamlined European styling with light mobility and compact convenience. But even though it’s trim and ready for action, it offers plenty of comfort and convenience features. Moms on the go will really appreciate one-hand folding and a convenient carry handle. Perfect for kids who don’t need a full sized stroller anymore. Features: 3-dimensional, one-hand compact fold for maximum portability Adjustable leg rest Accepts child up to 50 lbs. Multiple-position, reclining seat for child’s comfort Canopy with peek-a-boo window and tuck-away tinted sun visor Convenient carry handle Large, easy access storage basket Combination 3-point or 5-point harness Padded ergonomic grip Robust, stylized frame for maximum durability Front swivel wheels with locks and suspension Removable seat pad may be washed in cold water on delicate cycle and drip-dried No bleach. To clean stroller frame, use only household soap and warm water Recommended Use: For infants and children less than 50 lbs. Stroller Dimensions: 26.5″L x 19.5″W x 41.5″H Seat Dimensions: 12″L x 12.54″W x 17.5″H Width of Handle: 12.5″ Wheel Size Front/Back: 6″ Stroller Weight: 17.53 lbs.

Main features

  • Three dimensional, one hand compact folding for maximum portability
  • Adjustable leg rest included
  • Canopy with peek-a-boo window and tuck-away tinted sun visor
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Front swivel wheels with locks and suspension

Verified reviews


Pretty Good Umbrella Stroller

Got this Graco IPO umbrella stroller for my 20 mo old baby. He seems quit content in it and hasn’t complained. After having 3 Maclaren strollers (techno, triumph and rally twin), I can say: cons are that this stroller is smaller and heavier, narrower than the maclaren, the sunshade is not that good b/c it doesn’t cover all that much, the seatback is short (my son’s head bulges out the fabric when he lays down) not an issue on the maclaren, the foam handles are kinda rough, the locking latch is manually done, not automatic like the Mac does, and I have to try not kick the back of the wheels with my long stride (although I am only 5′ 4″ and never an issue on the Mac)…. the pro’s is the folding mechanism is quite easy to use, but you have to bend down to do it, the basket is fully lined (the Mac is mesh), the 5 pt harness is easier to adjust, the price is much lower (got my IPO on sale for $53), the stroller is rides smooth and pushes easily with one hand if needed and the recline strap is easy to use. I think for the money it’s a good choice, but overall I think Maclaren wins for umbrella strollers (if you have the extra money to put out for one).

Bridgette Des Plaines, IL

good so far

I have owned 6 strollers already in the 4.5 years since my first child was born, and so far this is one of my favorites! I have 3 kids & have hated almost every stroller so far. This one was recommended to me by a neighbor & I am loving it so far.pros: Pretty lightweight yet not flimsy. REALLY easy to fold up. Great carrying handle on side of frame, which is small enough to stay out of the way when using & storing, yet sturdy enough to be able to lift stroller in & out of car. plus my 2 year holds it while walking next to the stroller, seat is easy to adjust while baby is asleep. the slight curve to the handles makes it easy to steer with one hand (not so on others) convenent basket & straps can be used as 3 point or 5! sun shade is removable. Very easy to use & put together. Tall handles, compared to most lightweight strollers. NO bending or backaches. easy to fold with release lever.cons: basket is small & hard to reach with seat in recline but it is better than nothing. sun shade doesn’t move very far, if sun is not right overhead then it doesnt do much. no cup holder (or attachment) but this helps keep it light. the lock mechanism that holds the frame open could be a bit bigger, it is hard to push with foot, you have to be at just the right angle. shade blocks latch that holds it when folded up, but this isn’t to big of deal, you just need to push it in a bit.Overall this stroller is great, light weight & easy to use. Great if your tall. I can use if for my 3 month old or my 4 year old.

Jenna Eagle, MI

Returned it

I bought this stroller for my upcoming travels, needing a maneuverable and lightweight but sturdy stroller. When the Graco IPO arrived I had to do some minor assembly including putting on the wheels which I could not complete because the push-in locking assembly for one of the rear wheels was stuck inside the leg, making it impossible to securely attach the wheel. So it went back that night. I got a Maclaren Volo instead, which requires virtually no assembly, is smaller, and is more maneuverable although I found the Graco IPO to be easier to fold and unfold and I preferred the darker fabric. I don’t think the Maclaren is completely worth the price, but for me so far it is better than the Graco IPO.

Sybil Cheshire, OH

Best. Stroller. Ever.

I was toying with the idea of getting a MacLaren, Chicco or Combi umbrella stroller. Don’t look any further!!! This stoller is perfect. It reclines, it washes well (yes, we’ve owned it a day and already have made a mess in it!), my son seems to be comfortable, the handles are a great height, the canopy is awesome (you can see through the top!). Buy this stroller – you will love it.

Dollie Toomsboro, GA

No need for BIG bulky stroller

I looked & looked to find a stroller that would meet all my needs & believe I have found it!It is: Extremely easy to close & lock/open & unlock – just pops right open! It has just enough weight to know it’s well made, but I can still pick it up (by it’s convenient handle). I think the color is great for either gender. Locks work great on the wheels. One thing I REALLY liked is how far the back leans back. It can be pushed into full sitting position, but can lean far enough back for newborn to take naps & not slide out. I added a Eddie Bauer Head Support insert in the seating area for more support on our little newborn. (It has holes for seatbeat & works perfectly.) Stroller is easy to stear & maneuver – even on carpet!As for the basket in the bottom. I thought it was perfect for little trips to the grocery store, zoo, or park. It’s not huge, but the handles can support a Diaper Bag or Purse. Or, you can do like we did and purchased a stroller organizer to attach to the back.Unless you are going for one of those MONSTER strollers that take up your whole trunk, I would definately give this one a try! I have no regreats.

Gwen Pulaski, WI

GREAT Umbrella Stroller!

I have the Graco IPO in the “Vegas” pattern. I received it in the summer of 2009 before my son was born. I was finally able to use it for the first time this weekend (March 2010). I was a little scared given the nasty reviews I had read regarding the poor construction. Right out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble–no tools needed, good instructions, easy for a wimp like me to assemble alone. I had no trouble keeping the canopy in place or open, and the seat went upright with little effort, staying that way until I pushed the little release mechanism.Once it was together, I popped my 6 month old in it, and fumbled a bit with the straps. To make it a 5-point harness (instead of a 3-point) a little finagling is required, and it’s made a little more difficult if your child is squirmy like mine. We figured it out, though, and were on our way.It handles great! Smooth ride, turns easily and one-handed, and ALL the wheels made contact with the ground (unlike some other reviewers’ experiences). We walked down the street and back (traveling on sidewalk and street), and he was asleep by the time we got home (stoller must be comfortable if he’s asleep!).Then we headed to the mall. The stroller collapses easily and I was able to stow it in the back seat floorboard (I drive a Saturn Vue). Took it out of the car, unfolded it, and it was ready to go quite quickly. I really like that you can see the top of your little one’s head thru the canopy–which still hasn’t budged or given us any trouble. The seat stayed in an upright position the whole time despite my son’s efforts to escape.Overall, this was a great stoller experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Not sure where all the negative reviews are coming from…we love ours!

Nanette Beason, IL


I bought this stroller after searching for a sturdy yet light weight sto-and-go stroller. The price is what I would consider reasonable and the quality of it so far is excellent. It shipped quickly and I didn’t have to assemble it.The canopy is detachable and small. I can’t see it really blocking out a majority of the sun, but it seems somewhat practical. The seat has a five point harness system that is easy to use and holds my little guy in there safely. The basket under the stroller is actually pretty decent sized since this is supposed to be an umbrella stroller equivilant. I could easily put a light jacket under there and some other odds and ends. Maybe not a big ol’ diaper bag, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to since this is a small, fold up stroller not a full sized stroller. The seat does recline with the flick of a tab but ours doesn’t easily slip in and out of place like another reviewers did. The seat sits fairly upright and is a nice leaned back position when fully reclined.The stroller easily manuevers around the sidewalks and side streets of our city. It is stable and turns quickly. The handles are tall enough for my 6’2″ husband but still in a comfortable place for me at 5’2″. The rear wheel base is a bit narrow for my husband’s liking. Because his stride and foot size is larger then mine, he kicks the back tires or brace with his feet if he doesn’t really watch it. I don’t have this problem though.It folds up pretty easily, and even though it takes using both hands right now, I can tell that the more I use it I may be able to close it with only one hand. It is light enough to carry and folds up small enough to fit easily in the trunk of our car. Opening it? Now that’s a different story. You are supposed to push with your foot on this little spot on the back and lock the stroller open. I’ve done this and several times, it doesn’t really lock even though you see and hear the click of the “lock”. I’ve had the stroller collapse in on my son when I put him in it. Not cool. One time I had to practically jump on the pedal/lock to get it to really lock. But then, other times it easily locks in place like no big deal. Maybe I’m just new at using it or something. It’s a “User Error” & not a problem with the actual stroller, I’m sure.Overall, I really like this stroller and don’t think I’ll buy any other stroller. I would recommend it to a friend with the warning about the stroller not locking all the way if you don’t do it right. Most importantly, my son loves riding around in it and I feel like he is safe in it. It isn’t a burden to pack up and store and it isn’t so big that I can’t get around the city with it, in and out of stores etc. If you don’t want to buy a cheap, umbrella stroller but don’t want the next size up “light weight” stroller, this is the stroller for you. It was a great middle of the road choice for us since it wasn’t cheaply made like the $25 stroller, was sturdy yet wasn’t outrageously priced like the “high-end” strollers are.

Dayna Fort Spring, WV

Perfect Stroller for us!

I am so glad I found this stroller. Originally, I came across this stroller at a Burlingon Coat Factory but they happened to be out of stock. I got to play with the floor model and noticed that it was lightweight and easy to fold down for storage. I have two older sons who had a full stroller travel system. When I used those bulky strollers, I always had a hard time folding the stroller and getting it in the trunk of my car along with the groceries or shopping bags if I was out and about. This stroller holds the same durability as those big travel systems yet doesn’t have the bulk that comes along with them. The Graco Ipo stroller is just slightly bigger than an umbrella stroller. The difference is in the build. You have better tires on this stroller that allow for easy maneuvering at stores and in parks. The height on the cheap umbrella strollers also seems to be kind of low which is a pain for my husband because he always seems to have to crouch to push those, not with this stroller… The Graco Ipo stroller is built a little bit taller so it’s at a perfect height for my 5’9 husband to push with no problems. I am very happy with my purchase and I’ve even been stopped by other expectant mothers to ask about where I picked up this great stroller. I think it’s a great purchase and I definitely recommend it.

Gussie North Las Vegas, NV

A little heavy, but otherwise just what I was looking for!

I have 3 kids and a lot of strollers. I wanted a lightweight stroller for my 3rd child (2 1/2 years old) and to give up my Joovy Caboose sit and stand. It folds nicely, basket fits my small bag/cooler, reclines if he falls asleep, easy to push and steer, and feels sturdy. I wanted to spend less than $100 and this fit the bill perfectly. I have had no problems with it and my 2 1/2 is very comfortable and has no complaints! It is heavier than other small strollers I have had – but it doesn’t bother me.

Louisa Walton, NE

Excellent stroller

I needed a one handed collapsible stroller for going abroad/keeping in the back of the car. I actually drove myself almost insane trying to work out which one to buy, in the end i got this one as per many reviews.This stroller folds up neatly (wheels at both ends) it is compact but does weigh quite a bit more than the light weights (remember this if lugging it around airports etc), but the pros outweighed the weight (as it were!) The handles are at a comfortable height and angle (i am 5′ 6″ but i also wear high heels) there is very little kicking of the back of the stroller which is a huge plus as there is nothing worse than going for a big walk only to find that you can’t stride along. The basket is useable (as far as folding strollers goes it is better than most), you can fit a blanket in it and a few bits and bobs (don’t expect to be able to access them when the chair is reclined). The winning feature for me was that the seat reclines really far back (most folding strollers only go back an inch or so), my son falls asleep in it very well! It has 5 point harness which is great as my son is a fidget. The stroller is quite narrow and the wheels at the front can either be 360degrees or front facing. There is a handy carry handle on the side of the stroller (especially useful to pull the stroller out of the back of the car!) The clip to keep the stroller shut works well and swivels out of the way.There are a couple of things that aren’t great, the material on the one we got is quite shiny and slippery and gets very cold when left in the car, the umbrella (as with all strollers) is as useful as a chocolate teapot! and if you want to hang your diaper bag over the handles, it will keep sliding down, (wish there was a hook or ridge to stop this) All in all, this is a great ‘cheaper’ folding stroller and withstands lots of abuse.

Selma Stockton, MO

Great Stroller

I love this stroller. it is heavier than other umbrella strllers, which is a bonus. It doesn’t feel flimsy like the lighter weight imbrella strollers. My daughter is 7 months old and very squirmy. it is easy to fold and lift with one hand which is priceless if you live in a large city. I just wish it had a bar across the front and it would be perfect. I have no complaints, it handles nicely and the price was awesome. I also own a Graco Quarto Tour Deluxe and love Graco products. i do wish the seating postions were a bit better, but again, overall, this stroller is amazing.

Misty Ebro, FL

Really great

I have to say I bought this stroller alltogether with the matching twin stroller, because I have triplets, and I wanted to join the 2 stroller so I can have a triplet stroller, or use the separated when I had someone else to drive the extra stroller. So in my search of stroller, I had the limitation that there has to be the 1+2 stroller set. So, there are a huge set of options for parents looking only for a single stroller, but I have to tell you that one thins this stroller have as a plus, is their limit weight, most strollers stuck at 35 lbs and this stroller can hold up 50 lbs, so its really a good investment, cause you will use it for a longer period than other strollers.

Katelyn Lake Oswego, OR


Love this stroller. It is a breeze to assemble, light, easy to carry. It folds compactly with one hand (wonders when you’re holding a chunky squirmer), turns on a dime, and the handles are comfortable for extended walks. The front wheels can be locked for pushing over grass or other rougher surfaces, and surprisingly it works really well. My 6 month old rides in it with no trouble, and it will easily accomodate her growing little body for well over a year. The seat is cushioned, the ride is smooth. Two drawbacks – the sunshade doesn’t extend out very far, offering limited protection at best. It also attaches kind of funky – you have to fold back the fabric on the side bars and snap it over a little button, which doesn’t hold it securely at all. I overcame this by purchasing a rayshade by kiddtopomus for $11. The other minor drawback is that the seat does not come up all the way. It lets down smoothly for sleeping, but baby has to sit slightly reclined when it is pulled up as far as it will go. My girl doesn’t seem to mind this at all, but other babies might. I don’t have a problem with the small storage area underneath, or the lack of cup-holders. If you’re not struggling with juggling a baby AND a bag, it is pretty easy to push a stroller and sip on drink.

Tia Rensselaer Falls, NY

Great Small Stroller

I bought this right before Christmas and have finally started using it. We have 4 kids (9,8,6, and 1) and we have had SO MANY strollers. Ranging from the Evenflo Travel system (hated both the car seat and stroller), Graco Tandem stroller (got rid of that and got a Combi side-by-side stroller – much better and smaller), a Chicco travel umbrella stroller that my MIL left in a parking lot (not too fond of that as the material was rough and barely reclinded), 2 Combi Comso DX single strollers (great but after years of use, they were feeling flimsy and shakey), and a Graco Quattro Tour full size stroller (It is still going strong after nine years of use. That one is my “go to” for all day trips to the amusement park, zoo, kids’s football and baseball games.) Finally, I bought the Graco Ipo.As I said earlier, I bought the Ipo to replace my Combi DX or EX Cosmo single strollers. They were great strollers, except my feet (I’m 5’2 & my husband is 6’2) would always hit the wheels and we had to crouch to push it. My kids always seemed comfy in them. After nine years though, they were wobbly and needed to be retired.Enter the Ipo! After using this one, my first impression is “Wow! This things is sturdy!” Yes, it’s heavy for an umbrella. Around 19 pounds to Combi’s 14 pounds, but this thing is not going to flip with a diaper bag on the handles. (My Combi always flipped as soon as I took my baby out.)The basket is small, but most umbrella strollers don’t even have a basketMy only real gripe is that is doesn’t have a belly bar. My son noticed, too. (He’s 13 months and likes to pull up on the bar or prop his feet on it. You can’t even buy a generic one to attach. Which also means you can’t attach a Graco car seat (or any car seat.)Pros:Folds up smallNice and sturdyHolds up to 50 Pounds. (My 13 month-old is already 23 pounds so this was important to me.)Easy steering, even with one hand with my diaper bag hanging on the back, while holding my son.Son seems pretty comfortableThe canopy is bigger than most umbrella strollers. It would be nice to be able to push it in front of kids’ faces when the sun is in their eyes, but it IS a convience stroller, not a full-size one.Reclining seat, not flat fold but more than the inch or so of a typical umbrella stroller.Barely takes up and of my 2012 Honda Oddessy’s trunk.Easy to fold and un-foldlocking breakslocking front wheels for grass or gravelGood height, not kicking the wheels or hunching over.Glides well & drives niceCons:Storage basket is smaller than Combi’s. B/c Combi’s has elastic, I could actually fit quite a bit in here.No parent cup holder (or kid’s cup holder) My Combi had a kid’s drink holder and I attached a Diono snack tray to the belly bar, but then I couldn’t fold up the stroller all the way with it on.No belly bar or snack tray option. (I am going to buy a Fisher-price snack pod to attach for my son to see if that helps.)It would be nice if it reclined flat to change a diaper in. (Public changing tables are gross!)Wish it was lighter, but the sturdiness makes up for that.I’m not a fan of the harness. It comes apart into 5 different pieces, instead of the usual 3 parts for a 5 pt. harness. The extra steps waste time to me.To make my Ipo even better, I attached the Diono Stroller Buggy Buddy, to use as a console. It has 2 cup holders, but personally I would not put a hot coffee or McDonald’s cup in there for fear it would spill on the baby. They do work perfectly for sippy cups or water bottles. I also attached the Valco universal cup holder for me, a rear stroller bag, and 2 side saddle stroller bags on either side of the stroller. All of these additions can stay on when folded.All in all, I like this stroller, but will keep my Graco Quattro to use as my “work horse” stroller. This will be the one I keep in my car for running errands and quick trips to the mall, not all day marathon shopping.UPDATE March 5, 2013I’ve had this stroller a couple of months now and still love it. My son HATED the 5 point retraint…and so do I. It’s tedious and takes extra time b/c they way Graco designed it, it’s and extra step. The harness barely has any give, even on the longest setting and my son was stuck flatened to the seat back of the stroller. Now, we just use the 3 point harness TIGHT and he can still move around and is much more comfy. I tried attaching the Snack Pod to the front of it for snacks, but it just kept popping off. I now use JL Childress’ soft cup holder at seat height and now he has a snack cup. Plus, it collaspes with the stroller. I find myself using this as my “go to” stroller. In fact, I have only pulled out my big Graco once since we bought it and that was for an all day shopping marathon at Ikea. This stroller is great!

Melisa River Rouge, MI