Graco Jump N Jive Doorway Jumper with Interactive Musical Mat

Graco Jump N Jive Doorway Jumper with Interactive Musical Mat

What’s more fun than bouncing in your doorway jumper? Making music every time you touch down! Baby will use this doorway jumper more than others, because each movement is rewarded with a beat of music. Just place the musical mat under baby’s feet, and watch your little maestro go. The baby jumper is height adjustable, with two clip-on toys and secure, spring-loaded clamp. Bonus: later, it’s a fun dance mat! Requires 3 “AA” batteries (sold separately). Seat cover removes for machine washing. For babies who can sit up, up to 25 lbs. Imported. Musical mat plays two songs Doorway jumper clamps securely and does not mar walls or molding Includes two removable, interactive toys, or attach your own to the toy links Jumper adjusts from 69 1/2″-80 1/2″H, so you can adjust it to fit your child To wash the removable seat cover, machine wash cold, gentle cycle, and line dry

Main features

  • For children weighing less than 25 pounds
  • Child must be able to hold head upright unassisted
  • Height adjustable as baby grows
  • Clean plastic or metal parts with household soap and water
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Does not shorten past a certain level!

We bought this when my baby was 4.5 months old to help increase her leg strength. She was small so she didn’t get to use it right away. Now, she is 8 months old, only 17 pounds and it is at it’s max height so she can no longer use it. I feel like it was a waste of money. She hardly got to use it. Don’t waste your money.

Tabitha Elkton, MN

Baby Loves this!!!

One of the best things that we ever got for our son. Plays cute music that is started by your baby jumping on the music pad. comes with some toys that can be taken off the sides.It is adjustable in length. My son loves to get in this thing and bounce as high as he can, and spin.

Melissa Frederika, IA


We love how much our baby loves this thing! But at 5 months he was too tall for it and we had a really hard time figuring out how to a achieve the extra height adjustment because we had lost our manual. As other reviewers have stated, it is possible just a little complicated. I have uploaded a picture of the instructions (page 10 of the online manual.)Hope that helps!

Rebekah Lakeview, OR

so much fun

The baby loves this she can be in it for a while without complaining, my complaint is the door sides can be a safty issue as they put therer head this way and that they can bonk it on the door frame.

Joanna Sundance, WY

Great Jumper!

My son loves this jumper. I like to hang it from the bathroom door and I put him in it while I take a shower. He loves to jump and spin himself around. He always has a smile on his face when he is in this!

Freida Saint Maurice, LA

Kind of fun

One of the best things that we ever got for our son. Plays cute music that is started by your baby jumping on the music pad. comes with some toys that can be taken off the sides.

Nicole Nett Lake, MN


Really well made, excellent back support, lots of safety features. Not all babies like to kick and jump, but if yours does, this Doorway Jumper is a guaranteed winner. Just be sure your doorway is really oversized, because with enough energy and jumping, you don’t want to take a chance of it bumping into the door frame. The mat is kind of fun…..different sounds when the baby jumps on different areas. The song might drive YOU crazy, but our 6 month old never seems to get tired of it. A word of caution…..this is really well made, but the leg holes are kind of large. Just be sure not to let the little one be in this without supervision…

Adeline Glen Jean, WV

Good but not great

We were really excited to see such a great jumper and complete with a music mat that would respond to our daughter’s touch.All babies are different – and this just didn’t work that well for our daughter.She would sit in it quite happily for some time and play with the dangling toys but just did not want to bounce in it!She was happy with us bouncing her but would not bounce by herself.Pros- great accessories – we still use the music mat for dancing even though she has outgrown the jumper, and she loves teething on the musical attachments.- safe, fun place for you to put your baby whilst washing up or cooking or sorting something out!- Nice and wide so makes you feel your baby is secure and cannot easily tip out (although also a con if you have narrow doorways!)- Fun for a bouncing baby – mine would just not bounce!Cons- Too short / tall, even at an early age and at the maximum shortening, my daughter was too tall for this. We have the right height door for the specifications but needed to be able to make it shorter for my daughter to be comfortable in it for bouncing.- Does sway a lot – we had a wide doorway but I can see that in a narrower doorway this might cause problems.- A pain to clean if you give her a snack whilst in it!Overall – a good purchase and I think bouncing babies will get tonnes out of it – but just wasn’t as great as I had hoped for my daughter!

Lauri Dryden, NY

Not for every doorway!

I had to return this item, and I wish the description was more clear about how you hook it up, the doorways in my apartment were not suitable for it.

Kasey Kirksey, KY


My little girl is a crazy bouncing fool on this! The music pad is not very practical, it moves a lot when she is jumping but it is well built and can go I. Any doorway and it handles her weight well, it is adjustable, we used it until she could crawl, it is good for 8 months, i would say, it is a great Invention and a safe and fun place for her, I think it is definitely worth the money!

Carmella Wylliesburg, VA

My baby’s favorite thing!

My 4 month old baby loves this jumper! (my now 11 year old also loved his Graco jumper). They are perfectly safe as long as you use it correctly so don’t let alarmist reviews sway you away from what will likely be your baby’s favorite piece of entertainment gear! The pad does slide around on wood floors but I suspect that a little piece of the stuff that keeps area rugs from sliding would work just fine. (I don’t know if it also slides on carpet or not)

Lucia Wilton, CA

My daughter loves this!

My daughter absolutely loves this jumper… and, I do too. It makes her happy and gives me a few minutes to get the laundry or do some dishes without worrying about my little girl being bored or crawling and finding something she shouldn’t! She’s 7 months, but we’ve been using this for about two months and it never seems to grow old… she just adores it.

Ursula Saint Boniface, PA

Excellent gift

I’m so glad that I registered for this. My daughter is 4 months old and she loves it! She was in it for an hour and a half today. She is currently passed out 🙂

Anna Medfield, MA

Baby’s happy, I’m happy!

Baby loves it! She’s 6.5 months old now and sometimes playing on the floor with her toys just isn’t enough since she can’t crawl yet so she gets "bored" and screams bloody murder until I go play with her. This saves me time and gives me peace of mind knowing she’s in one place instead of rolling around getting into things she shouldn’t be getting into!

Tracey Frederick, MD

My son LOVES THIS!!!

I bought this for my 6.5 month old son. He loves this jumper and would bob his head to the music! Unlike other jumpers, this one has the Musical Mat, which is great, it keeps my baby entertained and he enjoys jumping. Worth it! 🙂

Robin North Rim, AZ