Graco Lauren Convertible Crib, Espresso

Graco Lauren Convertible Crib, Espresso

Durable, versatile and beautiful, the Graco Lauren 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is certified to be safe. Simple yet elegant in style, this sturdy crib features stationary side rails for a safe sleeping environment for baby with a mattress platform that adjusts to three different heights depending on the age of your baby. This crib transitions easily to a toddler bed (no guard rail needed for conversion), daybed and full-size headboard. (bed frame not included).

Main features

  • Crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed with headboard (bed frame and mattress not included)
  • Three-position mattress height adjustment
  • Meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards plus JPMA certified
  • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Assembly required
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Great Lower-Priced Crib

I love this crib with one caveat: IT WON’T LET A STEEL-FRAMED CRIB MATTRESS SIT FLAT because it won’t squeeze between the brackets that hold the springboard up.Why I chose this crib:(1) After reading reviews on a TON of cribs, the problems reported seemed fewer and less significant or even avoidable. (More reviews for this crib are under the espresso finish.)(2) I chose the natural finish because, like many cribs priced up to $500, it’s made of pine, which is by its nature a softer wood, so likely to be dinged by a baby. I figure that with the natural finish, any dings or chips on the finish won’t show as badly as on the espresso finish. Also, pine is a light wood that you can kind of mesh with other pine or birch pieces and it looks fine… Darker stains are harder to match.(3) I went to a store with a lot of cribs set up to see how the standard mattress fit in each one and to shake each one for sturdiness. This was the cheapest one where the mattress fit snugly and it seemed very sturdy. (Granted, even good cribs may seem less sturdy if not tightened properly when built.)(4) I found it for $125 new, which made it a lot cheaper than my other top choices for cribs.(5) This is convertible to a toddler bed. The downside is it doesn’t have a half-rail, however it’s super low to the ground at that stage, so I don’t see that it will be a huge problem. I can always put pillows or blankets down for the first while. I would think that most kids will only fall out a few times before they learn not to roll off.(6) You can also convert it to a full-sized headboard (not the whole frame) which I liked because a lot of other cribs require you to spend around $100 to buy the matching side pieces to put along the bed. I thought this was much more economic, because if I do use it that way I can just buy a cheap bed frame and cover it with a dust ruffle. And really, kids don’t need footboards on their beds, in my opinion. I don’t even think they need headboards, but it’s sure a nice option!When we received the crib, my husband and I put it together. The directions (which are on the spring assembly in the box) were great as long as you really pay attention to where the holes are on the picture to see which way the pieces are facing. I didn’t do great at first, but it only added a few minutes to fix the piece I’d turned around. It was easy to assemble, and when you tighten the bolts properly, it is very sturdy.Only problem:I tried to put my nice steel-framed mattress in and saw that where the brackets made it so the mattress wouldn’t fit flat. I warily called customer service and was actually very impressed with them–except the replacement springboards they sent, though different, still had the inherent problem of not allowing enough room for the mattress which was the size they said to buy because it won’t “squish” in between the brackets. So… not having the packaging for the crib anymore, I ended up buying a firm mattress without a steel frame instead. I’m extremely disappointed with this easily avoidable flaw in the design, but otherwise really do like the crib.However, I do overall like this crib, and it’s reasonably priced. I’m about to buy my second one for my second child.

Velma Soldier, KY

Nice crib

I have the natural color and its a pretty nice crib for the price. Nothing fancy and some of the screw holes are deep and it didnt come with those dots that some furniture comes with to plug it so it looks nicer. If you dont want to spend too much on a crib but you dont want anything crappy this is a good choice. The removable side is great because you can set it up next to your bed so its a co sleeper crib. Easy access to the baby. If you have a very high bed it will be a little low even on the highest setting but you can always put something under the baby mattress to even it out.

Francisca Squirrel Island, ME

Extremely happy with purchase!

This crib looks amazing, is very sturdy, and was super simple to put together- it took my husband and I (9 months pregnant) 30 mins to put together. The instructions were very easy to follow.We got the Sealy Baby Firm Rest crib mattress, and it fits nice and snug.

Ann Gilman, VT

Started out great… then not so much..

We have had this crib for 9 months now. It is not intended for a newborn, so our daughter did not use it immediately, however she has used it exclusively for several months now. When we first assembled it, it seemed very promising, but now has turned us a bit sour..Pros–1) Pretty straightforward assembly; did not take long.2) Fixed side; prior to the banning of drop-sides, this was a concern to us.3) Price point; lower than many cribs, still a ‘big name’ brand.4) Color choices and coordinating furniture5) Advertised Expandability past the ‘crib’ stage.Cons–1) Finish; After 9 months, the finish is actually *cracking* on the wood panel on the ‘headboard’ piece. It is also extremely easy to mar– a zipper on my shirt nicked it up when I leaned in. Our daughter is starting to teeth and I don’t think I can prevent her from chewing the WHOLE thing. This bothers me about the finish.2) Wood quality; It’s a cheap pine and the front fixed panel is not super-sturdy. We’re not leaning our entire weight on this rail when we lean in to get our baby out of the crib, but a tiny bit of leaning makes me think this would break– we are not ‘large’ people, either. I think this plays somewhat into the finish issues, too.3) Not really ‘4-in-1’ given the issues with the wood quality. Upon removing the front panel, it appears the ‘toddler’ bed would sag on the sides from not having that fixed support.In summary, I guess you get what you pay for– we were hoping for something inexpensive that would be functional beyond the ‘baby’ stage— but if this lasts much longer I would be shocked.The cons in light of her obsessed gnawing on everything… we may just bite the bullet and get something more expensive that will last longer. I won’t even think of trying to use this with another baby… it just won’t last.

Susana Grays River, WA

Looks great and sturdy,…..but

The crib arrived in three days with standard shipping. No obvious dents, note that I’m not that picky about dents and marks. Really like the reddish color, like others mentioned it’s not an “espresso”, but still looks great. Very light weighed where I can carry each piece up to my second floor. I’m eighth months pregnant and able to put most of the parts together with my husband.It’s pretty easy to assemble until we tried to put together the front side of the crib part. The screws they provided are not the CORRECT size, they were a tad too short. I tried to switch another screw that they provided to see if that’s the case. Took me awhile to realize that it’s too short. I had to go to a hardware store to go buy four additional screws. If I had known this I would purchased the Graco Stanton instead.Maybe I’m the only one who had this problem, but if you experienced this please let others know.Other than that I am very satisfied with the overall product. Can’t wait to use it.

Angel Exton, PA

Great price & looks good!

Very happy with our crib. Was best buy recommended by Baby Bargains book – last edition and the current 2013 edition. Got this for a great price.

Reba Turpin, OK

looks high end

I love that this crib looks high end for a great price. All of the existing furniture in the room was a natural wood color and it was hard to find a crib to match. This one is simple and very pretty.

Angelita Elfers, FL

You get what you pay for! This crib is not well made.

You get what you pay for! Parts of the wood were missing the stain and finish and a piece was chipped right out of the box. The design is flawed as well: the brackets that hold the spring base protrude into the space that the mattress should sit on making it VERY hard to find a mattress that will fit this crib. I wanted the Naturepedic Organic 150 Dual Sided but had to return it because it wouldn’t fit in the crib (it was too big to fit down between the brackets). The Sealy Baby Firm Rest has an ok fit but I not what I really wanted. The corners of the mattress have a little too much space between them and the crib.

Jenna Argos, IN

Nice crib, great price.

I am satisfied with the crib and the color. My husband didn’t have any issues putting it together. The price on was also the best I could find! Shipping was great and right on schedule.

Rosalyn Petersburg, OH

Great crib for a kid that doesn’t try to escape.

At 23 months old my son is still happy sleeping in a crib. He has never tried to climb out, which is a good thing because a few months ago we thought we would give the toddler bed a try and it turns out there is no rail. He wouldn’t stay put and we were worried about him rolling out and bonking his noggin so the crib part went back on. He’s happy for now but we are ready to switch him and how we have to buy an all new bed.As for the crib itself, we love it. It has held up really well, it’s pretty and simple,and it was easy to put together (and the crib front was easy to detach and then reattach). So if you aren’t planning on converting it this is a really great crib.

Deirdre West Monroe, LA

Fantastic crib and value

I needed a second crib as baby number 2 is due in a few months.This crib was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would convert to a toddler bed for when our daughter is ready to transition.This crib was easy to assemble and was very affordable.Would definitely purchase this again!

Gay Independence, MO

excellent convertible crib for the price

Great price, great crib – can’t beat it. I love the clean lines. Both of our children sleep in one. It’s easy to assemble and we haven’t had a problem. My sister spent about 5 times as much on a fancy crib and was devastated when it came with warning labels written all over the fancy wood. The labels on this crib are discreet.

Christine Morgantown, KY

Reasonably priced, attractive and sturdy crib

Love this crib–got the "walnut" color because the price was marked down and I didn’t figure any baby would know the difference. As others have noted, the color in this photo is not accurate, but I like the color anyway. It is more of a dark cherry wood color. Crib is sturdy and reasonably easy to put together. One of the screws got stripped, we called Graco and had a replacement within a week. I do wish it had just come with some extra screws, but luckily it was taken care of easily enough. We moved when the babies were 5 months old and the cribs got disassembled and reassembled easily. I will say that the wood chips fairly easily, but this is not a piece of furniture I anticipate using forever. We use this crib (two of them for twins), the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress, Carter’s Keep me dry mattress pads and Carter’s easy-fit cotton sheets. I like this combo.I chose this crib as it was recommended in Baby Bargains and I’m glad I did. The price was right and I’m not sure why you’d spend more. We have received a lot of compliments on the cribs.

Brandie Deer River, NY

Received in perfect condition!

I was fairly skeptical about ordering this crib after reading some of the reviews about it arriving damaged and poor customer service…. However…It came in quickly and beautiful!Super easy assembly, and once it is together it is VERY STURDY! I love that it grows with baby, and it looks like it will be able to stand up to alot of abuse.We are VERY HAPPY with this purchase, not to mention the awesome price point!

Patsy Prospect, NY

Great Crib, easy to assemble

Our little girl isn’t due for another 3 months but we have purchased major items for early preparation. This crib took my husband about 45 minutes to assemble (he is very careful, precise, & takes it sweet time), it was very easy to assemble. The espresso color is not as dark as the picture, it has a cherry tone to it. But it still goes well with out non-graco espresso dresser, you would have to set them side by side to tell the difference so we can live with that. Overall great price, great quality. Cant beat that! Afterall she isnt going to be in a crib for a very long time…simple and inexpensive was exactly what we were looking for!

Reyna Memphis, TX

Great Crib, easy to put together

This is a great crib and is quite easy to put together. I just wish that there was a lower setting for the mattress so it could be a little more difficult for my son to climb out. I recommend protecting the sides with some sort of crib wrap, because once my son was able to stand in the crib and reach the sides with his mouth, he started gnawing off the finish and getting it in his mouth.

Louise Oakhurst, TX

Simple, Sturdy Crib

I just moved and my crib broke during the move! We needed a new one asap. Our old one was a drop side and I didn’t think it was necessary. I was looking for something affordable, simple, attractive, sturdy and safe so I decided to buy this one. I put it together by myself and it was pretty simple. It is sturdy and the rails are closer together than my old crib, I like that. I also like that it will convert into a toddler bed when we reach that stage.Our crib came in perfect condition. I see that someone put up multiple photos of the crib damaged from shipping. In my opinion this is an unfair review of the product because it is not reviewing the crib, but the method and treatment of the crib during shipping. I too have received badly damaged items when I’ve ordered online, but that is not a reflection of the product, it is a reflection of the shipping carrier/method.

Corina Valle Crucis, NC

So far so good…

We received the crib last night and put it together today. Overall, it wasn’t a difficult process at all and didn’t take very long. My husband’s main complaint was that the wooden dowels didn’t appear to do anything but help align the pieces. While the crib seems very sturdy, he wishes it had more screws to hold it together. It also looks very nice when put together. I hope it lasts for years to come. Our little hasnt arrived yet, but once he does we will update to see how it’s going.

Adele Purdy, MO

Excellent for the price!

After debating between this crib and a slightly more expensive one, we chose this one. We are SO happy with our decision. It was easy for one person to put together in about 45 minutes. The mattress fits very snug which is great and the craftsmanship is wonderful! All parts fit perfectly together. It looks much more expensive than what we paid. The walnut color is actually pretty dark and matches well with the cherry wood throughout the house.

Kimberley Manter, KS

Nice crib

We have had this crib up for about 3 months now. It’s a pretty decent crib. The color is great and you can adjust the mattress to different heights. This is a great feature for a growing baby. Our 11 month old is currently using the middle level of the mattress height and he is doing great. Later on down the line we will probably drop the mattress down to the lowest level. I’ve heard of parents having issues with their crib because their child could climb out, well, there is no way our son will ever be able to escape from this crib. My only complaints with this crib is that my son has easily etched off some of the finishing on the rails with his teeth, but I suppose that would happen with any crib. And every now and then we have to re-tighten the side screws on the front panel of the crib because he will pull the front rail bar and rock and loosen the front panel, but all in all a good crib for the price. Quality and visually appealing.

Francine East Dorset, VT

Perfect and reasonably priced

My daughter is only 4 months, but so far we love this crib! The color is beautiful and the design isn’t too modern or trendy. If you are looking for a less expensive crib that is a good quality, this one is perfect!

Monica Otter Rock, OR


Greatly made product. Even though the packaging was punctured during transit, this product stayed in tact (other that a very small chip in the back). Great value for the money. We coudln’t be happier with our choice of crib. We needed a well made, neutral looking crib. Not too fancy, but not cheap looking either. Very sturdy. This fits the bill. Could fit into ANY decor. Very easy to put together too.

Saundra Shepherdsville, KY

Good crib at a great price

I researched tons of cribs before I decided what to get. We ordered a DaVinci crib for our house for my older son when he was born in 2010 and got this one for my mom to have at her house for him because it seemed perfect and was half the price. We’ve been very happy with both cribs… in fact we’re having another baby next month and ordered the Lauren crib for our house for this baby. It just seemed like a better deal then spending $300 on another crib. The only disappointing thing when comparing the two is that this crib doesn’t have as many height adjustments so the highest level is still somewhat low. Not a big deal, since when you drop it all the way down it’s still very safe… but it was nice to have a really high mattress for those first few months so that I didn’t have to bend over so far. It’s a little thing and not worth an extra $150 for me.

Dominique University Center, MI

Great crib for the price.

This crib is decent for the price, though for a couple hundred more you can get a crib with a nicer finish and also sturdier. Since I had a budget I found the crib that seemed to be the best for the money I had at the time. This crib is sturdy, though I think the more pricey ones seem sturdier and the while the finish on it is ok, there are parts on the rails that could possibly give your child splinters. This crib was fairly simple to put together (about a half hour to an hour) with two people, just be sure you are using the right length screws since they are very easy to mix up.Pros:- easy to assemble- decent quality for the price- seems sturdy- looks nice (more of a cherry color than walnut though)Cons:- Finish could be nicer, areas on rails that may cause splinters- For a few hundred more could get a bit sturdier crib, but if you are on a budget like I was, this crib still seems to be sturdy enough that I do not worry about my baby’s safety.*Will update on safety in a few months when my baby is older, and standing/walking.

Guadalupe Forest City, MO

Great product

We bought this crib for our soon to arrive baby and my husband had a pretty easy time assembling it. It maybe took him 30 minutes and we are first time parents. The picture is pretty true to form, though I’d say the color is a tad darker than what the picture shows, but that can vary by factory. A standard crib mattress fits in it easily. It’s a great product for the price and I’m very happy with our purchase. I think it will hold up nicely once our child is born and gets to use it.

Nadine Rollinsville, CO

Great crib–different color than picture

This crib was easy to put together and looks great. It seems solid and like it will last. Our baby boy isn’t here yet so I can’t comment on its use. We didn’t have any problems with broken or chipped pieces from shipping. My only disappointment is the color. We ordered the Walnut and it is much darker than pictured. It’s a pretty color, but darker than expected.

Tonia Pineville, LA

great basic crib for the price

after debating for weeks on which crib to purchase, we decided to go with the graco crib bc of the price and great reviews from amazon and the baby bargains book. the quality is good for the price but there is definitely a difference in material and quality from a $600 range cribs we were looking to purchase. i’m not sure if this crib will last for more than one child or if it’ll even last through the toddler years, but my husband convinced me that we can purchase 4 of these graco cribs for the price of one $600 crib. i’m hoping and crossing my fingers that we won’t have to purchase a second one any time soon.overall, i’m happy with the crib. the woodwork isn’t perfect (has some dents/dimples/scratches on the wood), but they are minor and you get what you pay for. i did have to exchange the first crib we received bc one of the sides had a huge crack in it. amazon did a great job exchanging it in a timely manner.

Angel Morattico, VA

Pretty Crib

It really is a good looking crib. It took my husband about an hour to assemble. Of course I was “helping” while nine months pregnant, so I imagine he could have done it a little faster without me. Im very happy with it and recommend it to friends.

Nina Markleysburg, PA

Nice product, just what I wanted

I liked the simple and classic style and the white color – perfect fit for my nursery. The actual product is just as pictured. I opted not to affix any mobile to it — the “clamp” of the mobile appears to scratch the pain. I actually prefer the ceiling mobiles.I compared other cribs – cost and design style, and still think this is the best product for the price that will serve us for many years. I liked the images of toddler bed, it should go well with any room design – for boy or girl.It was easy to put together – we did not try “one man job” – MIL and me enjoyed helping my husband to put it together. It did not take more than 30 mins. The mattress fits inside perfectly. It has fixed front side, new safety feature. Three levels of mattress position should be very useful. Cant wait to see our baby in it.

June Fremont, IA

Beautiful and Sturdy

Love this crib. No problems so far with it. The only thing I did not notice when I ordered it was it does not have the option to raise the mattress for the newborn stage, which did not matter to us anyways as we had her in a cosleeper for the first 4 months anyways. She loves her crib, the first time we put her in it till now.

Denise Lodi, WI