Graco Lauren Dressing Table, White

Graco Lauren Dressing Table, White

The graco Lauren dressing table provides a safe and convenient place to change and dress baby with two generous shelves for supplies.

Main features

  • Wood
  • JPMA, ASTM and CPSC safety certified
  • Features easily accessible open design with abundant storage space
  • Changing area equipped with built in safety strap for added security
  • Includes four sturdy rollers (two locking) for ease of mobility
  • 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Verified reviews



Strange, I read all the reviews yesterday night and wanted to write this review but was too tired, so I do it now. And there were like 20 negative feedback (1-2 stars), today I see 2 negative feedback !!!Are they removing them?? It seems like that.I bought this item for may baby due in 3 weeks.We couldn’t put it together, screws don’t match with holes etc… I’m so sad about that.I sent an email about replacement parts, got an answer today: ” Sorry, we don’t have replacement parts for this item until July”.Just great.But all in all this item is so cheaply made and terrible, I don’t recommend buying this. Color was coming off even without touching the dressing table.. First time in my life I see something so badly made..Anyway, yesterday I saw many negative reviews, today I see only 2.. That’s too bad.. you can’t trust amazon anymore??OMG, i just checked 1-star reviews.. 1 is from 2009, another 1 from 2010. I am the only one person in two years with 1 star.. yeah, right..

Katelyn Wainwright, AK

Love it!

I already had the Graco Lauren crib in Espresso. I didn’t originally think I would want or need a changing table. But bending over to the bed or couch was getting bad for my back. I love this changing table. I did buy my own changing pad for this since the one that comes with it is rather thin and flimsy. But the storage is great with the two lower shelves and the height is perfect for changing baby. I love the simplistic look (which is also why I loved the crib). Excellent product. Easy to assemble also!

Caitlin Rockville Centre, NY

Broke During Assembly

I wish I was able to have luck with this item. When we were putting it together, the leg split right in half as we were putting a screw in. I’ve returned it and am trying a different brand.

Elsa Morris, NY

Great table, great price

This changing table works great in our home and does not stand out too much since it blends in with the other furniture we have (we keep it downstairs, not in the baby room). Also I saw this table at other stores for much more money so amazon’s price is awesome. One thing I would recommend is getting a cushier changing pad. The one that comes with it is sort of thin and is similar to what you get when you buy a diaper bag. We still use it upstairs but I did purchase a think one that is concave to fit in the top slot of this changing table.

Marlene Ropesville, TX

Served us well!

My daughter is now 7 months old and this is the changing table we have been using since her birth. We chose this changing table because it came is espresso (to match her crib) and it was relatively inexpensive.The height is perfect for both my husband and I, I am 5’5″ and he is 5’11” This table is on rollers which was really nice, we started off with it in the bedroom and then after a few weeks just wheeled it into the nursery when we were ready to put her in her crib for the night. There is plenty of shelf room, I have three wicker baskets with socks and shoes stored on them, plus extra diapering supplies.For the price I am really happy with this changing table. I don’t feel I would have benefited anymore from spending $200 on a “fancy” one. It doesn’t look cheap compared to the rest of her furniture, and serves it purpose so I give it 5 stars!

Rosa Sullivans Island, SC

Awesome table, perfect height, size, and quality!

Snap to put together, love the white color, matches baby’s room perfectly. Wheels have locks on them to prevent from rolling. Side rail works great with Lionheart diaper depot (totally recommended!) so you can put wipes, diaper cream, and diapers on the side for e-z access (also on Amazon).

Concepcion Buffalo, OK

nice item

This is a very nice sturdy changing table. I love the color. The shelves are nice to put extra items on.

Graciela Gray, ME

Changing Table

The dressing table is very nice and matches the crib perfectly. I like having all the space for storage, and it is great not to have to bend over every time I need to change the baby. The only thing I didn’t like was the pad – it’s very thin. I changed the pad on mine out for one of the rounded munchkin ones which fit perfectly (and baby doesn’t roll into the bar that way).

Brianna Bryant, AR

Great table for the price.

We were looking for an affordable crib and changing set, and this was it. I’m sure it’s not the best table out there, but we love it. I have no qualms about laying my daughter on it. It feels study and gets the job done. The bad it comes with is a joke, but we just switched it out for a tradition curved changing pad. I also didn’t attach the wheels, they made it look a little cheap. We’ve been using it for 5 months now and we are still very happy with it. Bought the matching crib elsewhere as I found a better price. The two look great together!

Rosalinda Cummaquid, MA

I just miss space for the stuff I use

It is comfortable for the baby, materials are ok for the price I paid, but I would need some extra room for the cotton, butt paste, etc… that I use when I am changing diappers.

Mari Old Fields, WV

Great for the price

My wife and I were trying to avoid buying a changing table since we are moving across the country soon but we caved in and bought a cheap one. Its made in China or wherever they make cheap stuff but its looks nicer than the price would indicate. Not high quality furniture by any means but for the money it is excellent.

Denise Pioche, NV

Defective Product / Dangerous

Failed to assemble product as the top shelf (Part C) was 3/32nds of an inch longer on one side than the other and didn’t fit during the final assembly step. Resulting table would be too unstable to rest anything, let alone our baby, on it.While attempting to force the fit of the top shelf and applying modest pressure, a screw casing came out of a prefabricated horizontal rod holding the top shelf to a vertical one. I have had problems with assembling other Graco products and want to warn people to avoid this product and others from Graco. Separately, instructions are poor and items are not marked with labels (e.g. A / B / C / D).As a final insult we had to disassemble and store it for return shipping. What an aggravation and waste of time!

Matilda Satsuma, FL

Great table! Great value!

We bought this for our dining room because the baby’s room is upstairs and we didn’t want to have to go up and down the stairs every time she needed a change. It assembled in about twenty minutes (two of us were assembling). We didn’t use the foam that came with it as the changing pad because it was too thin but a regular changing pad for on top. My only complaint was that it was very dusty, but nothing a damp rag couldn’t take care of quickly and easily.

Germaine Lithonia, GA

We call it our “crash cart”

We bought this to use as a portable changing table complete with extra burp clothes, clothes, diapers, wipes, chucks, etc…. We keep it in the main part of the house and it has been a huge help… The early weeks are all about survival mode, this allowed us that extra piece of mind and made changing diapers quicker and easier than running to the back of the house. Plus with twins, sometimes you need two changing tables along with everything else….

Dora Elmer, MO

Graco Lauren Dressing Table, Walnut

Graco Lauren Dressing Table, Walnut is perfect for medium room.Pro:- Beautiful one- Stable- Easy to install- Weight is ok, not heavy or light.- Can store a lot stuff at the bottom.- Wheel lock is “sensitive”.Con:- The wood at head and tail is too high and too sharp.Bottom: it’s ok for the price. Thank you.

Kaitlyn Bristol, SD

Great changing table

This changing table is very functional & is great quality. I have the color espresso which exactly matches my espresso Emily II DaVinci crib. I have 2 of these. One in my baby’s rm & one in the living room so I can change diapers & have supplies both up & down stairs. I have fun colored storage tubs on the shelves which hold clothes , diapers, wipes etc.Once my baby is too big for this table I can still use this in their room for storage with additional storage on top now.Great quality, color, functionality & price. Easy to put together. I highly recommend this changing table.

Lesley Cannelton, IN

just ok – A little wobbly

Just ok. It wobbles a bit but it feels like it is still safe. I am pretty handy so is just a limitation of the quality for the price.

Chandra Montpelier, MS

Great purchase!

Excellent product, price and assembly. Looks great when assembled and finish looks expensive. Wheels create options for different rooms, but do not move unless desired.

Dona Lynchburg, SC

Rich espresso color, VERY easy to assemble

I ordered this table on Monday and received it Wednesday. There was no damage to the product and it was packaged very well. I am 9 months pregnant and put this together by myself in under 30 minutes. Very easy to follow directions and it came with all the pieces, so there were no leftover pieces that leave you wondering if you forgot something. Like other reviews said the changing pad is very thin, but it seems that most people put a different changing pad on it anyhow. This was my 3rd changing table I ordered because I needed it to match my Young America espresso crib and I was having a hard time finding the right shade of espresso. I went to Babies R Us to look at this table in person before ordering from Amazon and the color was a little bit more ‘cherry’ at the store. But when i spoke with the associate she said that the colors vary so much, its hard to say what color you will get exactly. I guess I was just lucky that I received a dark espresso one, which is exactly what I wanted. For the cheap price, I would highly recommend this product.

Margery Eden, NC

Very sturdy and plenty of space, without taking up a lot of space.

We bought this change table as we needed a second one for the ground floor. It takes very little effort to set it up and the table takes up very little space.It is very well built and well worth the money you will spend on it.

Rocio Aberdeen, WA

couldn’t live without this

when i was still pregnant, i thought i wouldn’t need a changing table. then my husband’s co-worker said it’s actually pretty essential, so i decided to get one. this is very easy to put together (after putting together a crib and a glider, this is easy job for my hubby). it look very nice, classy and sturdy. the changing pad fits perfectly (although it also comes with a very thin pad with a strap, i prefer the summer infant changing pad). we stock up the shelves with diapers, creams (a basket of them), disposable chux pad (to cover the changing pad), formula bottle, toys, tissue, bibs, burp cloth, pacifier boxes, etc. plenty of space. the surface of the changing table is long enough to have the baby and big box of wipe at the end. everything is centralized and as long as i keep the shelves well stock, everything is there when you need them.sometimes when my baby fuss, i put him onto the changing table and it could help calm him from time to time, not sure if it’s because the changing pad shape or maybe the height of the table??for me to work on the baby, changing table is the perfect height, i wouldn’t like to bend down on the bed to change diapers which hurts my back (that was the original plan if i don’t use a changing table, what was i thinking????)other than changing diaper, i also put the baby on the changing table when i need to clean the baby up a bit, like his mouth, face, nose, wipe down his feet. also great for when the baby has a spit up (happens quite often) and i need to change his outfit. also, my baby has very dry and sensitive skin. i need to put lotion on him all the time. and no lotion or cream works for him other than aquaphor (which is an ointment so it takes forever and ever to rub it into the skin). having the baby on the changing table to rub ointment on him is so much easier than doing it on other’s so useful for us that we ended up getting a second one and putting it on the first floor, since we don’t want to carry the baby back and forth between floors, it gets too annoying after a week.the only thing that concerns me is that now the baby loves to kick and his arms frail like crazy, he could accidentally bang his hands and heels to the size of the changing table, which is wood. i could imagine it’ll hurt a bit, but it actually hasn’t happen yet.

Shelly Kaumakani, HI

Sturdy enough

This is a totally fine changing table. i like all the space on the shelves below, and you can get little baskets to put there, and it will be easy to move around and disassemble. A good purchase.

Ada Springerville, AZ


We received the dressing table in good condition. It was easy and fast to assemble (a one person job with the enclosed allen wrench). I liked the natural look, and the table meets our expectations. The problem we encountered was that one of the safety belt straps was not pre-stamped with a hole. Rather than risk the integrity of the strap by creating our own hole, we contacted the manufacturer who promptly sent us a replacement strap. I was satisfied with purchase although the fix did take about a week to be received. Overall, pleased and recommended.

Paula Dublin, VA

So convenient and sturdy enough

This changing table is so convenient. I can take it to different rooms around the house. It’s light but sturdy enough. I only wish they cover at least the bottom side.

Louise Antler, ND

Great Changing Table

The week before baby was due, I decided to set up a second changing station in my house. I looked for an inexpensive changing table and thought that the reviews for this were too good to be true, but since the price was right, I bought it. It’s actually really great. I would have paid much more for it, and I have seen similar (and worse) tables for much more. The table is sturdy, looks good, and works well with simple baskets I picked up from Target. Now the second changing station is the one we use most often!

Luz Equinunk, PA

Good deal for its price

We’re happy with this changing table. It was easy to assemble and did not have any defects. We decided not to attach the wheels.There was a slight smell due to the paint but it went away after a few days. We let it ventilate in another room with a fan blowing at it 24 hours a day.It would have been nice if there were no Graco sign.Overall it is nice especially at this price point.

Beatriz Boone Grove, IN

very nice

this changing table is really nice and the price was right, still using it, love the natural color is very nice

Patrice Dyess, AR

Five Stars

We love our changing table! It’s a nice way to keep all the needed materials in one spot!

Lucinda Strang, OK


I’m 5’11”, so I’m very happy with this changing table since it’s at a good hieght for me. It’s sturdy, yet light enough I can move it around without straining anything. I don’t use the wheels since my floor is carpet. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. It only took my husband about 30 minutes to set it up. It does come with a thin pad, but I also have a summer infant changing pad that I use since my girl is such a little wiggle worm. I did have to put some padding where her head is since she kept hitting the rail. They should make bumpers for changing tables. 🙂 I have read some reviews about the shelves being too weak to support anything, but I have not had that problem. All in all, it is a great product for the price.

Billie Charlton Heights, WV

Easy to assemble and works well

This changing table fits standard changing pad and feels pretty sturdy. I took away 1 star because the wheels are very small and very cheap so rolling the changing table on wood or carpet is not that easy. Overall though the table feels sturdy and it was very easy to assemble.

Essie Saint Petersburg, FL