Graco Lovin’ Hug Open Top Swing in Clara

Graco Lovin’ Hug Open Top Swing in Clara

Your baby will be lovin’ life in this cushy swing, designed to mimic a mother’s arms. Its curved seat frame recreates the secure, comforted feeling of being held, for those times Baby needs an extra hug. A premium, deeply padded seat cover adds to the cuddle, and now holds babies from 5.5 to 30 lbs. The fun, plush toy mobile stimulates her vision, while 10 classical songs and nature sounds soothe and amuse her. Six speeds let you choose the pace that best suits her mood, and four seat reclines and an infant head support assure she’s sitting comfortably. Our innovative open top design and Easy Entry Tray simplify getting Baby in and out, and auto-shut off conserves battery life so her Lovin’ Hug Infant Swing is ready whenever she needs it.

Main features

  • Curved seat design mimics the way Mom cradles Baby and one-hand, four-position recline lets you easily adjust Baby’s seating position and view
  • 10 classical melodies and nature sounds soothe and amuse Baby and fun mobile with plush toys for visual stimulation
  • 5-point harness helps keep Baby securely seated while soft, removable infant support and premium cushioned seat pad cuddle your baby for more comfort
  • Easy Entry Tray opens with one hand to easily get Baby in and out
  • Six speeds let you choose the pace that suits Baby’s mood and 30-minute timer with three settings automatically shuts off to conserve battery life

Verified reviews


What is the point of a mechanical swing if it doesn’t keep swinging?

I really liked this swing at first: it’s compact, it has a nice pattern, plugs in to save on costly batteries, and we just loved the little elephants (we have the Capri style). But it doesn’t swing! We turn it on, and the motor makes an obnoxious grinding sound. Then, we push it to get it going, and it just slows down and stops for no reason. What is the point of a mechanical swing if it doesn’t keep swinging? We try all 6 settings, and it still stops. The thing also squeaks and sounds rickety, too. Also, the mobile isn’t mechanical at all and relies on physics to turn when the swing is going. And, the sounds are just awful too: the nature sounds don’t sound like anything that occurs in nature, more like noisy static; the classical music is blaring and annoying; and the heartbeat sounds like soundtrack drumbeats to the most cliche Civil War battle scene you can imagine. We’re thoroughly disappointed. We got the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny today and it is beautiful. I highly recommend it. But do NOT buy these Graco swings.

Alexandra Parkersburg, IL

I can’t complain…

As a father, I’d never thought I’d be one to review a baby swing. My wife spent a great deal of time researching and determining this was the swing for our new baby daughter. I had the wonderful task of putting it together.While I’ve read countless times about people complaining about Graco’s instructions, I don’t know how they could get them any better. I did have a hard time putting together some of the pieces, and even found myself putting parts in the wrong spots. Still, despite it all, I don’t know how I would’ve changed the descriptions. Graco offers both photos and text on each step.The swing, itself, is a good baby swing. My daughter needs to get used to it still, but, when she does stand swinging in it she does seem to like it. It offers several different “white noise” sounds she can listen, as well as some music selections. There are also different swinging speeds the swing offers.Again, for a baby swing, I don’t have any complaints. It does the job it was made for well. Price isn’t bad either, especially when Amazon ships it to you for free.

Alison Rew, PA

Great swing

This swing has been wonderful. We’ve used it since the first day my baby came home from the hospital. The infant padding is a little bit of a pain to figure out, but it removes easily and is not necessary. This reclines enough to fit a newborn. I like that it goes up to 30 pounds because I can still put her in it to catch a shower. She’s a year now and maybe 23 pounds now, so she would have outgrown any other swing. The extra 8 pound weight limit will get you a lot more use because toddler’s weights level off in that area. It contains her really well and keeps her happy!The swinging does slow down as the child gets to about 20 pounds, but is still enough to keep baby happy. The music is nice. I think in a year of using this swing daily, we’ve gone through two sets of batteries. This is a good swing for the money.

Valarie Hurst, IL

Broke after 3 months!!!

This swing has been nothing but trouble since we bought it. For the past 3 months, it would stop working, and then start again when we messed with it enough (which usually involved mashing the buttons, rattling it and calling it names). Now, it’s completely dead. Tech support kept telling us there’s this “safety feature” that will disable the swing when the legs aren’t positioned right, but it quits working even when we haven’t moved it. My husband took it apart and found the sensor had gone dead.Apart from the fact that these things break so much, the music on it sounds about like some cheap midi you would hear on an old Super Nintendo, and the “nature sounds” sound like various types of radio static. Utter and complete crap. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Fisher Price and Bright Starts are the way to go for quality. Everything I’ve used of Graco I have been unhappy with. The changing table on the matching Graco bassinet we got broke off (when the baby was just 9 lbs!) The hood on the carseat came apart… And it had a safety recall on it… Complete rubbish.

Aida Pittston, PA

has its pros and cons…like everything else

My main issue with this swing is that I think that the mechanism that makes it swing is rather loud considering babies sleep in it! I get around it by turning it on while my son sleeps in my arms and then laying him down in it. If I turn it on after putting him down sometimes the noise will cause him to stir or worse, wake up! I also turn the music on low to mask the sound some. It offers a classical mix or nature sounds.That being said, I probably would purchase this swing again because I like how deep the seat is. It’s like a secure little bowl…I never strap him in and have no worries about him falling out. I took out the little headrest thing-a-ma-jig…it was always sliding down and in the way, and I didn’t bother putting the tray on…too hard to get a sleeping baby in and out with the tray. Obviously, I use this primarily for naptime. I may put the tray on and start using the straps soon…he’s close to sitting up (any day now!)…but then again, I may not. All in all, I like it.

Lara Falmouth, ME

Poorly Made

I borrowed this swing from a friend when I had my twins. Within 6 weeks the controls shorted out. Once you turned it on, you could not turn it off unless you removed the batteries. So I bought the same swing (I wanted to return a working swing to her). I used it for about 6 weeks & it did the same thing. Since it was new I called Graco & they sent me a replacement motor. Just a few weeks later I had to call Graco again because, yet again, it shorted out. They have sent me another replacement motor & I am going to put it together & return it to my friend because I HATE this swing. The reason it got 2 stars is because Graco has been fabulous. The swing would get 0 stars from me, but the customer service would get 5. My Fisher Price swing is still working great after 4 years & it has survived toddlers! If I had to buy another, I would get a Fisher Price swing.

Leta Cedarbluff, MS

Deep seat good and bad

I like the deep seat because I feel it creates a cozier atmosphere…however, I do feel that because it has no support under it my baby just kind of slumps down in it. His chin always rests directly on his chest which I know is a suffocation risk (I put a folded cloth diaper or blanket under his back to prevent this). If it had a slightly more rigid back, then he wouldn’t slump so much and then I could give this swing a much higher rating because everything else about the swing (aside from the boring/colorless mobile) is great.

Pansy Paris, MO

Good swing

I love it, and my baby girl seems like it too. Sometimes she falls asleep in it.

Aline Murrysville, PA


I have 8 children ranging from 24yrs -4 weeks. I have had the old hand crank swings right down the line. I am so happy with this product. It has everything I have ever wished for in a swing. I love that it plugs in the laying position is great for a young baby the mobile does not get in the way. Also the swing was not hard to put together according to my husband. I would buy this item again.

Rosa Griffithsville, WV

Best swing I have used!

This is by far the best full size swing I have ever used. I have even had a few friends borrow it. They were were apprehensive to spend so much money if their baby didn’t like it and they all raved about it after trying it.

Nicole Boynton Beach, FL

3 Months Use, No Problems

Had this for 3 months now, my baby lives in it she loves it so much. The transitional headrests are great too so your baby can go from newborn to infancy sitting in here. We haven’t installed the tray until she needs it but I imagine it’ll be very handy. Overall, great.One complaint and why I gave it 4 stars is the noisy motor. So annoying when I put it on low and baby’s sleeping to hear it creek back and forth. Don’t like that at all…

Faith Flemington, NJ

Baby hated it at first, but loves it now!

I bought this swing from a store (and paid more). My baby was about 3 weeks old and she hated it. She was still in that stage where she wanted to fill snug and this swing was too big for her. When she was around 3-4 months, we are able to start putting her in the swing without her screaming her head off. Now at 15 months, (26lbs…almost out of it) she easily falls asleep in it.Pros: Easy to use, batteries last awhile, deep seat, can open tray with one hand.Cons: Was a hassle to put together (too many pieces), the mobile doesn’t turn unless you physically turn it yourself (uselessto me), the music/sounds get old, doesn’t fold up to make it easily mobile.

Sonja Annapolis Junction, MD