Graco Modern Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer, Zurich

Graco Modern Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer, Zurich

Perfect for traveling, this mesh-sided Pack ‘n Play174; playard sets up in less than a minute. We’re sure that the Pack ‘n Play174; playard will quickly become one of you and your baby’s favorite Graco174; products. This Pack ‘n Play174; playard comes with a full-size bassinet , a great place for infants up to 15 lbs to nap peacefully and toy bar to amuse them. The folding feet and wheels make this Pack ‘n Play174; easy to carry as well as give it a more compact fold. A convenient travel bag is also included – just fold the Pack ‘n Play174; playard, stow it in the bag, and you and your little one are off to see the world. Click here to view the manual

Main features

  • Modern style frame blends flowing lines, ideal proportions and purposeful details to define quality and comfort
  • Posture plus changing table fits your life with uniquely convenient height and functionality
  • Enhanced electronic sounds and lights unit entertains and soothes
  • Wheels on one end for better mobility in the home
  • Baby basics organizer blends practical baby care with style and flair offering diaper stacker, refillable wipes container and storage compartments

Verified reviews


Beautiful Pack N Play, lots of features

I just got this today and I love it so far. This Pack N Play has so many cool things, Vibration, Music and lights, mobile, shade, Changing Table, bassinet. I can’t wait to put baby in it. I love the colors they are just right together. It was very easy to put together me and my 4yr old did it. Very stylish and seems to be very sturdy.

Helga Napavine, WA

Great Crib

We live in a small apartment and we use this pack and play as our babys crib. We have really been happy with this product. It is easy to move from room to room if needed. The top basinet is great for when the baby is younger. We used the changing table the first couple months of our babies life and it worked good. I would highly recommend this pack and play.

Tamra Thetford, VT



Ashley Hollis, NH

Just Okay

First off, this is so stylish. If you want something that doesn’t have a babyish pattern and can fit in any decor, this is it. I love the change table on this, too. Very easy to use. My biggest complaints are the canopy and the mattress. We’re using this as a bassinet right now and I hate that I can’t remove the canopy. Not this biggest deal in the world but we have no need to use it indoors and I would prefer that I could store it away. Second complaint, bassinet mattress. It doesn’t matter what type of sheet I put on it, the mattress curves and doesn’t lay flat. The only want I can get it semi-flat is to not put a sheet on it.This unit is really great looking but if I had to re-purchase it, I most likely wouldn’t. The curving mattress on the bassinet is something I really dislike and makes it somewhat uncomfortable for the baby to use, as well.

Lesa Ithaca, NE


the colors are just greatI love everything about the packnplayits soft changing table is more than I expected

Marilyn Leonard, TX

Zurich pack n play

Seems much roomier than expected & sturdyNice neutral colors except green is more of a bright limeEasy to set up, a little more challenging to break-down, but will get easier with practiceNeeded to air it out for a few days because of the plastic smellWe haven’t officially used it yet so thats why it only gets 4 stars, but I’m sure it’ll be 5 star worthy!

Lucinda Greycliff, MT


This is far superior to a bassinette which is nothing but a hooded basket which babies quickly outgrow. This, on the other hand will be multi-functional long after the newborn stage. It can also be used as a play area for outdoors.Others liked the sound machine, but that is a double edged sword. The nature sounds can be soothing, and in some cases can be loud for very cranky and/or sensitive baby. For the most part, it is an asset.With this, you get a changing table that you can add to the side and it works like a charm. It is also an added convenience. You also get a lot of storage space for clean up work when needed.

Kari Grand Portage, MN

Wish I could sleep in it.

This pack and play is great looking, awesome quality, and has everything you could possibly want for your baby. It even vibrates! I’m totally in love with it.

Celeste Lake Linden, MI

Love it!

I use it as a temporary bed for my newborn daughter, and it work great. I love all the features (light, music…). The pad was a little too thin for my taste, but I bought aDream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, Whiteand it is perfect. I would buy it again.

Dianna Mc Coy, TX

Love it!

We assembled this Pack n Play in half hr. and its big and very sturdy. I have it in “Bombay” and its beautiful! We bought a firm 2 inch mattress with it as the pad that comes with it is thin. Looks like it will last a long time. Very happy with the purchase!

Earnestine Boiling Springs, NC

new pac’n’play

ok so i just got this for our new baby. it whent togeather farly easly, if you ever had to put a play pen togeather befor its a snap. got a little confuzed thou with the changeing table, althou that may have had somethng to do with my toddler “helping” me. i havent put batterys in it yet to test the added features yet as i am not due for another month. my toddler “test drove” it for me and it holds togeather well(shes only 30 lbs)wish i could have gotten her to stay in one when she was younger lol. will up date revew when new baby comes..6-1-11 ok my new baby LOVES to sleep in this all of the attachments work11-5-11 ok still works GREAT for us have stowed the “bassenett” attachment an only use the changeing table for holding toys and diapers, as my bby is to big for it. going to stow that (changeing table) any day now02-11-14- has servived my kids very well, so well instead of “retiring” we are packing it to take with us on our next move(hey you nver know when bby sitting may happen)

Eugenia Keene Valley, NY

So many uses!

I spent an incredible amount of time choosing a pack and play. This is the one that I chose, and I have not been disappointed. The changing station is amazing! It has three pockets that hold all of the necessary items for the sometimes interesting events that happen there. The height is just right for us. The sides of the changing table are just tall enough for the baby to stay safe but not feel closed in. The bassinet feature is nice as well. Our little one has not slept there, but he has played there many times. Now that he can scooch (is this a word?) around, he likes being in there because the bottom moves just a little bit when he moves a lot. It is really fun to watch him make his way around that area. We haven’t packed it up yet since it has served as our downstairs changing area since he was born, but we are sure that it will travel well. This is a well-designed pack and play. Thanks, Graco!

Gabriela Auke Bay, AK

Great alternative to traditional bassinet

We’ve been using this pack and play since we brought our son home from the hospital and now he is 10 weeks old. We didn’t want to buy a traditional bassinet since it would only be used for a few months and then be useless. This was a great alternative. Once our son exceeds the bassinet portion, we can still use the pack and play as a play yard.Pros:-The sound machine that attaches to the side is great–the music and nature sounds are soothing. Our son likes the music and falls asleep easily when we use it.-The diaper changing station that attaches to the side has been a real life-saver, making late night diaper changes easy. The storage compartment easily holds lots of diapers and a box of wipes.Cons:-It does not fit through our door frames and must be broken down to move from room to room.-While the bassinet is very secure, it does tend to bow in the center a bit.

Sasha Tehachapi, CA


We adopted a child and had three days to get the house ready, so we loved the fact that we could have this overnighted to our home. We are using this as the primary bed for our little one until his furniture arrives and it is working really well. The all-in-one convenience of the changing table and bassinet are tremendous for those late night diaper changes. On the down side, the mattress does not want to lay flat in the bassinet and has 2 ridges where it was folded during shipping. The mattress also requires a bit of wrestling to put on a mattress pad/sheet. And, the wheels are just a shade wider than the unit making it impossible to move through a standard door opening without collapsing the unit, but this was relatively easy to do. I would have also liked for the mobile to be visible without the hood in use – it is hard to get the baby out of the crib without putting the hood down or the changing table up, and you don’t want to have to mess with the changing table one-handed with a baby in your arms; drop the hood before getting the baby out so not a big problem. Overall this has met our needs quite well and I do recommend it.

Alisha Pleasant Grove, AL

We’re Extremely Happy

We love the design, the color, the style, everything about this pnp. We purchased this exclusively instead of a crib and have no regrets. My 4 month old has since out grown the changing table but we still use the diaper compartment. She is still in the bassinet and she’s a big 16lb 4-month old baby. So it is sturdy and comfortble for her. When she gets a little older, we’ll let her sleep in the bottom section. I purchased a 3″ mattress pad for the bottom that fits perfectly and will be her bed until she can’t sleep in it anymore!

Doretha Bluford, IL

Love it

I love this pack ‘N Play. My son was born in June and we used it in our living room to change his diapers. He has now out grown the bassinet part, but it came in very handy up until he was 4 months old when he started to get little wiggly during diaper changes. We have used it 3 times so far for overnight visits and my son sleeps well in it. We don’t use the vibration or music part, but I could see where it would be useful for a baby that needs that to fall asleep. I can see being able to use this for everyone of my children.

Angel Bradshaw, NE


We found ourselves not using the changing area thing that attaches to it; however, the build of pack n play is very good. It’s been almost two years and works perfectly. One thing we love about it is its height. Our son, 20 months, still cannot climb out of it as he did with a cheap one we had to purchase from Walmart (and returned a few days later) during a recent trip.

Clarice Clarkson, NE

Pretty — and pretty good, with a few flaws

This is a great looking Pack ‘N Play, which is what drew me in to start with, then I read about all the features, and liked it even more and went ahead and registered for it. Now that our little guy is 6 weeks old, I’m ready to review.The appearance was true to the photos and pleasing. The colors are great. If you’re looking for a sheet to match, try anything “natural” or “ecru” — the hanging dogs that dangle from the bassinet top are that sort of color. Chocolate brown goes well too — Carter’s makes a great quilted one (Carters Velour Playard Fitted Sheet, Chocolate)!And now for the features –1) Changing table = awesome. So very convenient to have it right there. There are three pockets for storing necessary items on the side — a large wipes container fits well in the center, and diapers and creams/sprays/etc fit in the other two. I have not had any problems with the changing table becoming crooked or non-level, as others have commented — and it’s been our primary changing table, since we’re in the process of moving. The only downside to the changing table is that the cover/fabric portion is not meant to be removable for washing. It says to wipe it down with a damp cloth or the like. Now, the bottom of the changing table is truly waterproof, but the sides are not — they’re a very wettable nylon sort of fabric. So air-pees get them good and soaked, and it’s hard to remove stubborn diaper cream that may have been kicked there by an irritated baby or spilled there by an exhausted parent.2) “Soothing vibration” for the bassinet — very nice, but we’ve used it a LOT and it no longer works reliably. We can’t seem to find the loose connection, either. Jiggling the switch, the connection to the switch, or the unit itself has only inconsistent results. I haven’t had time to troubleshoot it fully, but it’s very frustrating when you’re really hoping for that soothing vibration to help the little one get back to sleep at 2AM, and it doesn’t work! EDITED TO ADD: The vibration can also be very loud when it does work. I think this is because the “mattress” has hard boards in it. We were able to quiet it down by placing a folded cloth between the vibrator and the mattress. I’m not sure I’d recommend this though, as adding extra thermal insulation over even a battery powered electric item may be a bad idea.3) Nature sounds and music — nice, but quite low volume. The music is really too low to hear well at all. There is one nature sound that sounds like ebbing and flowing waves — sort of — our LO likes this best, perhaps because the rhythmic nature of it reminds him of heartbeats in the womb.4) Lights on the sound/music unit — really too dim and poorly directed to be of much use. I thought they’d be great, but the one pointing inward never seems to illuminate more than a toe at best, so I usually end up using my phone or a closet light to really see the baby to check for movement/spitup/etc.5) The bassinet itself — super convenient to have the child up high like that, to minimize bending over. The canopy is cute, as are the dangling dogs, but they don’t do much beyond look cute really. The canopy doesn’t quite deploy as roundly as you might like, but it would still shade some sun if you needed it to. If you’ve never had a Pack ‘N Play (I know I hadn’t) — the bassinet “mattress” is an accordion-folding set of boards covered in slightly padded nylon. It sits on a sort-of hammock-like support that you drape and secure over the top of the crib-like unit, and extends the full length/width of the Pack ‘N Play. It can tend to lie less-than-flat if you put the baby sideways in the bassinet, rather than lengthwise, which is what my husband likes to do. This sort of nestles the baby in a very slight “V” shape of one of the accordion folds. One thing to note — the instructions state that the bassinet portion is only good for babies up to 15 pounds. Also, some people find that the bassinet “mattress” feels flimsy to them and they want to add a mattress — then instructions specifically warn you *not* to do this. I did, however, try to find one that would fit snugly in the bassinet or bottom of the crib just in case — I failed. Standard portacrib mattresses seem to be just slightly off, leaving enough of a gap that we, as first time paranoid parents, were not comfortable with.OVERALL — It’s a great Pack ‘N Play if a Pack ‘N Play is what you want/need. The changing table is super useful, even though the cover isn’t removable for washing. The music/lights are marginally useful at best because they’re very quiet/dim, but the nature sounds work fairly well. The soothing vibration may be great if your baby likes it, but our unit no longer performs reliably at 6 weeks and it can be very loud when it does work. Also note that as others have pointed out, this Pack ‘N Play does not fit through a standard doorway when fully open/set up. EDITED TO ADD: Note that if you’re going to travel with the bassinet attachment and the changing table, you probably won’t be able to pack it all into the sack it comes with — at least we can’t. The basic playard fits, but we need a full-size duffel bag to pack the bassinet and changing table separately.UPDATE: As much as I love this Pack ‘N Play, we’re extremely frustrated with the vibrating unit — it won’t work even remotely predictably now, and we really need it some nights! During said nights, I’m tempted to downgrade my review drastically, but that’s lack of sleep talking.

Christy College Point, NY

Pricey but worth it. Lots of features.

We still use the changing pad (up to 25 lbs) and no longer use the bassinet (had made it easier to lay down and pick up our baby girl), as our baby can now stand and climb out of it. But she can’t yet begin to scale over the playard. A bit tricky to open and close. Read the instructions very carefully. Worth every penny.

Casandra Gibson, TN

Pain in the neck to setup!

I really had my hopes up when it came time to setting this up and I have to tell you I was a little disappointed, here’s why:When I finished setting it up, its fine and does the job well, pretty sturdy. However, getting to that point is what was really frustrating. I had to really tug as hard as I could and broke into a sweat trying to get the rods on the sides to lock into place. Not sure what mechanism is used inside to get them to do so, but needs SERIOUS improvement. The quality of the fabric, netting, bag, and everything else is pretty good but the setting up part is just a pain in the a$$. I hope Graco addresses this and makes it easier without having to feel like you just went to the gym!

Jessica Kemblesville, PA