Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat Rane

Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat Rane

Graco’s My Ride 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat grows with your child, so it’s like having two seats in one. View larger The modern Rane fashion is gender-neutral and goes with anything. View larger This convertible car seat is packed with safety features and is Safe Seat Engineered. View larger Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, in Rane Convertible Car Seat Graco’s My Ride 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat helps keep your growing child safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)—one of the most respected resources in child safety—recommends your little one ride rear-facing up to 2 years of age. In support of the AAP recommendation, the My Ride 65 DLX keeps your baby riding in the rear-facing convertible car seat from a tiny 5 lbs. all the way up to 40 lbs., and as long as baby’s head is at least 1” below the top of the car seat. Then, when your child is ready, it converts to a forward-facing toddler convertible car seat for children up to 65 lbs. and 46 inches tall, secured in a 5-point harness. It’s like having two seats in one! Great Safety Features The My Ride 65 DLX is designed to help keep your precious growing little one safe. This seat has been engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed standards, including: U.S. Compliance Standard FMVSS 213 Side Impact Tested for Occupant Retention by the harness system New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) – peak Crash Force approximately 2x Car Seat Standard Extreme Car Interior Temperatures to ensure material integrity under extreme temperature conditions It also features EPS energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management. Kid-Approved Storage Dual, integrated cup holders are just right for holding your child’s sippie cups or water bottles. The integrated cup holder and storage (for small games and toys) are added features that bigger kids really appreciate. Easy Clean Up Parents love how easy the My Ride 65 DLX convertible car seat is to clean! When you’re ready to freshen your baby’s seat cushion, simply wash it in your washing machine with gentle detergent. All of the metal and plastic parts of the seat may be cleaned simply with mild soap and water, and the buckle can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Rane-y Days For a go-with-anything fashion that’s appropriate for boys and girls, the Rane pattern is just right. Classic grass green, solid black and a textured black and white pattern create a gender-neutral style that moms love. Your child will ride comfortably, thanks the two integrated cup holders and storage for your child’s favorite things. View larger Key Features Steel reinforced frame for durability Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed US safety standards Side-impact tested for occupant retention by the harness system Dual cup holders Age / Weight Recommendations Rear-facing usage: 5 – 40 lbs., top of baby’s head must be at least 1” below the car seat shell Forward-facing usage: 20 – 65 lbs., up to 45” tall

Main features

  • Convertible seat grows with your child; transforms from a rear-facing infant car seat to forward-facing baby car seat.
  • For a go-with-anything fashion that’s appropriate for boys and girls, the Rane pattern is just right. Classic grass green, solid black and a textured black and white pattern create a gender-neutral style.
  • The side-impact tested convertible car seat with extended usage holds baby rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 65 pounds.
  • Latch equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation. Machine-washable cover and cushion.
  • Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed US safety standards, with peak Crash Force approximately 2x car seat standard for extreme temperatures.

Verified reviews


Overall, a great seat

We bought this carseat from our local Target about a year ago, and overall, we’ve been very pleased with its performance. We have installed it in a 2011 Honda Accord and a 2013 Kia Sorento, and it’s worked well in both vehicles. I love that it’s well-padded, and it seems super comfortable for our 17 month-old daughter. Compared to our “spare” carseat (a Cosco Scenera), it’s a Cadillac! The seat cover is easy to wash, and I love the two cup-holders. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is because it is HUGE and a little difficult to get a nice, tight install using the LATCH system. It wasn’t until we watched a quick, 30-second video on YouTube that we found the solution: pull the LATCH belt towards the inside of the seat instead of pulling straight up. We were pulling the belt up towards us, which wasn’t getting it as tight as it needed to be for a rock-solid, rear-facing installation. Now, the carseat doesn’t budge at all! I’m so glad we found that video, otherwise, we were contemplating turning her forward. We love this seat! You will not regret buying it.

Christie Cleghorn, IA

Big, but a great seat for the price

We already had a Britax Boulevard CS 70 and needed a second seat for our other car. Not wanting to spend big bucks on another Britax, we did our research and chose the My Ride 65 LX. We’ve had it for several weeks now and I have to say, I like it better than our Britax! Why? The design is so much better for our squirrelly toddler. In the Britax, the trigger and strap at the bottom of the seat that you access to tighten and loosen the chest straps is easily within reach of our son, since it’s placed just below where the knees hit. He can just reach down and grab the trigger, and then lean forward to loosen his straps. In the My Ride, the trigger and strap are placed much lower down, making it impossible to reach (and since he can’t see it, he doesn’t even try). Also, the fabric on the Britax isn’t one continuous piece – my kid likes to pull the sides out while he’s riding in it, so that they’re sticking out on both sides and the molded plastic underneath is exposed. He can’t do that in the My Ride. I also love that there are cup holders on both sides (Britax doesn’t have any). My son seems perfectly comfortable in the seat, too. It’s definitely larger than many other convertible seats, which is why this is a 4-star review instead of 5 stars, but we’re very happy with it and would recommend it to others.A note on size: We have the seat installed forward-facing in an older Saab sedan. I’m doubtful that it would fit in the car as a rear-facing seat while allowing the necessary space gap to the back of the front seat.

Helene Haines, OR

Buyer Be Warned…

We began to use this when my daughter turned 11 months, so after 5 months of use, I thought I’d write. This seat is in my husband’s car, while I have the Safety 1st Air Protect in mine (slightly smaller and lighter-we bought it as our secondary seat for when we need to take on flights).While the My Ride 65 has advantages-it is bigger, cushier and tilts back further (rear-facing) that the Air Protect, it has the HUGE disadvantage of being extremely difficult to tighten the straps. After hearing my husband complain for weeks, I decided to see why his feathers were so ruffled and discovered that I could barely tighten the straps at all (he is much stronger than I am, but I’m no weakling). After he taught me his tricks (pull the straps from the back, then tug out the slack down at her feet), I was still unable to get the necessary slack out. This may end when we turn it forward-facing and can have more room and leverage, but she’ll be two at that point. If we were to get in an accident at this stage, she’d have too much room in the straps and would slam against the plastic chest restraint. After having used the Air Protect (straps are a breeze to tighten), I was shocked at how loosely my daughter is tightened into her seat when in my husband’s car. Also, the straps constantly get twisted and are very hard to straighten. It takes us twice as long to get our daughter fastened into my husband’s car. We are both incredibly frustrated and, could we return the My Ride, we would.

Janis Cutten, CA

Ok as a second seat option.

Let me start by saying that I am a carseat freak. We needed a second seat for my husbands car for our 3 yr old and decided (after finding this on sale for a VERY good price else wear) that this was worth a shot. The install is “ok” I mean I am used to installing our britax seats and they are so user friendly I forgot how difficult it can be to install other seats… Ultimately I did get a pretty good install after quite a while, sweating and fighting back a few curse words;) I do like that the seat has cupholders, and so does my little sweetie (she says “ooooo one for a drink and one for a snack”)What I don’t like… lack of padding, again maybe I’m just spoiled but the only padding to this seat is the seat cover. I cannot imagine this being comfy for long hauls. Good thing that this is only for daddy’s car and my kids are only in there a few times a year tops. Also the color (we got the light one) and material type make this a dirt MAGNET. Like I said the install is rougher than I’d like it to be BUT we did get a good install so it IS possible. I would not want to move it back and forth though that’s for sure. The harness has to be rethreaded to adjust the height, I love my boulevards, no rethread is worth the money to me.What I do like… The higher rear facing and 5 pt front facing limits. It’s nice to know that if ppl are in the market for a seat on a limited budget they can still transport their kids safely rather than cutting corners to save money. It’s not super heavy, so if we did have to move it, or travel with it it’s not gonna kill you. Although it is wide so I don’t think i would attempt to use it to fly.Ultimately I’d say if you need a second seat, or you find a great deal on this seat go for it. Otherwise I’d go for a britax marathon or boulevard. Frankly they are totally worth it if you are going to be using them everyday:)

Eva Shady Grove, FL

Terrific for our toddler – great on road trips!

This car seat arrived just in time for us to take a 5-6 hour road trip with our toddler. She LOVES the seat and her ability to put her sippy cup and snacks in the cup holders (and so do we!). This seat required me to read the instructions closely, but now I’m a pro. When another style of this car seat arrived, installing it only took about 10 minutes including adjusting the straps whereas installing this seat took me a good hour because of my learning curve. If I had the option to go back in time, I would have purchased this seat for her as a newborn and had it so she could grow into it…but I didn’t know about convertible seats as this is my first child and it just never came up with friends. If you have the opportunity to buy this seat – DO IT! It’s great, comfortable, and won’t overheat your child like some car seats can. Plus, it’s so easy to clean! Once I got past learning how to use it and maneuver the installation, I’m impressed with this seat. A+!!!

Christie Kaleva, MI

Fits just barely in my Mazda 3

My son has been using this for about a month now. I transitioned him to it from his infant carrier when he was 7 months old. I am using this car seat in my 2011 Mazda 3 and it is almost too big for it. People say that if you have room for the infant car seat you will have room for a convertible but it feels like this car seat actually takes up more room. I had to move the seats to actually get this to fit properly and it still lightly touches both the driver side and passenger side seat when being in the middle seat in the back. I am 5’6″ by the way too, but I am able to sit comfortably in the front seat with the car seat being in the middle seat in the back.Installing isn’t really that hard with this car seat, especially if you are doing latch. But one thing I do recommend is fitting your baby in the car seat and adjusting the harness to your child before actually installing it into your car. I went ahead and just installed it in my car without doing that, with the LATCH system, and then when I went to put my child in the car seat I realized the the harness was too low halfway down his back in the lowest slots. So I had to remove the entire car seat to re adjust the harness. Using the LATCH system, I have the hardest time with the push button that keeps the belt tightened. I could not get the LATCH loosen enough to unlatch it! The push button would not loosen the belt! I was not strong enough and had to have someone come help me. After it was loosened though, it was a piece of cake to unlatch, flip over the car seat and adjust the harnesses to the next slots.Also, to get the most optimal tightening of the car seat, I opened up the fabric next to the cup holder on the car seat. Then, I grabbed the tail end of the LATCH belt and pulled it through the fabric and up next to the cup holder and pulled it at the angle of the other half of the LATCH belt. I also had myself positioned so my knee was placed in the middle of the car seat facing towards the front of the car and pulling the tail of the belt up. Kind of how the instructions say to do on the base of an infant car seat. Then when I was done I just placed the fabric back in its place around the cup holder and my seat was firmly in place. I didn’t have to use any noodles or towels for it to be level enough as well.To loosen and tighten the harness, there is this little flap in the front of the car seat. And in rear facing it does push up against the seat of the car. But it is high enough that I can get my hand in without removing the carseat and tighten or loosen the harnesses. To loosen, you just grab both sides of the harness while at the same time putting you fingers inside the flap in the front of the carseat and pushing the metal rod up. Then to tighten you just pull on the belt that is hanging out of the flap in the front.The top clip on the harness is easy to open and close. The first time it was hard to open, but after that I have gotten the hang of it. And, when the clip is at armpit height, my son has a hard time playing with it.Initially, I kept going back and forth between this one and the britax marathon. The britax being much more expensive I was very hesitant. I went on forums asking which one would be better for my Mazda 3 and I was told the MyRide would better fit my car. I went to a target where they had both the britax and the MyRide side my side on display and felt both of them. They both seem to feel the same amount of cushiness. I do like the the britax has velcro on the side so that it holds the harnesses out of the way so your baby doesn’t sit on them, but I feel like I can add that myself to the Myride and that was the only addition that the britax had the the MyRide didn’t and for the big jump in price difference I could make that change to the myride for like $1 on my own. But the buckles being in the way of my baby when I am putting him in his car seat does bother me a lot. I do like the cup holders, right now with him being so young I just place his toys in it and he grabs them out of it.I don’t have any trouble getting my son in and out of the car seat. His head doesn’t bump the top of the car when I am getting him out. There is plenty of clearance to get him out. He doesn’t seem to mind getting in and out of the carseat and he has barely cried in it since we been using it. He use to hate his infant car seat. So far my only complaint would be it is hard to unlatch it in the LATCH system, I can’t do it myself and that bothers me. But the car seat is very comfy it seems for him.

Marion Vandemere, NC


the locking harness has been recalled. We received a new one and it still sticks. Not safe for baby, buy a different brand

Monika Oelwein, IA

Better than the Marathon

I bought this and the Britax Marathon for my very tall 8 mo old son. We LOVE this car seat. It fits in to my small car well with enough room for the passenger in front. It also has two cup holders (that we use to store his toys). Its also much easier for us to get him in and out of and for him to take naps. I wish we would have bought two of these!

Jannie Fort Scott, KS

We had to buy another!

We already had this carseat in another color…and had to buy one for our 2nd car. We love the built-in cup holders and the seat reclines enough (forward facing) so that we don’t have to worry about his neck when he falls asleep during trips. It is a bit bulky, but we would definitely recommend it!!

Isabelle Bristol, IL

Very comfortable

My child loves his car seat and we feel comfortable knowing he is safe in it. Easy to adjust the harnasses. Cup holders are in good reaching room. Fits well in my SUV, but in my Ford Focus it is difficult if behind the drivers seat or passenger seat…doesn’t allow for much room.

Addie Roseboro, NC

Excellent reliable and sturdy car seat

This is an excellent car seat, study and versatile. The main feature, in my opinion, is that it can be used both facing backwards and facing forward. This is a huge advantage as it extends its lifetime. We are planning to abide by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and seat our baby facing backwards until she is two years old.Installation is fairly easy and it can be done using the LATCH system or by using regular seat belts. We actually took it to our vacation in Florida and I had no problems installing it in two different rental cars. It was sturdy enough to survive two 3-hr flights with no special packaging.

Leann Morton, NY

Chest buckle extremely easy for child to open

I agree with another poster about this issue, I can’t believe it hasn’t been more of a problem … yet. We have two of these seats and our daughter can unbuckle BOTH of the chest buckles easily. We purchased both of them from a different store but I wanted to warn people who might be researching seats. This is an unsafe seat! Even if the chest IS buckled, the ease if it unbuckling makes me wonder if it would STAY buckled if we were in an accident. We’ve already had to change out the seat clip buckle because of the recall on those. I’ve complained to Graco but have heard nothing back yet. This is unacceptable.BUY SOMETHING ELSE and check the quality of the buckles when you do buy!

Vera Victory Mills, NY

Great carseat for the price!

I bought this carseat for my grandchildren. It is wonderful as it fits newborns thru older children. It is also convertible and that is a huge plus. The LX seems to have more cushioning and the adjustable head pad. It leans slightly, so children fall asleep easy, especially in the rear facing position. Works well for my granddaughter who is 2 and grandson who is 9 months. Easy to install and has balance gauge to ensure it is in the correct position. Straps are sturdy. We love it!

Elsie Concho, OK


usually in my wife’s 2013 camry nice but also fits my 06 corolla well when i need to take the kid somewhere. it is big when rear facing which is how we use it (rear till 2) this will do rear fface to 40 lb so you should be good there for most kids unless yours is several standard deviations off normal size. cup holders come in handy as places to put toys and sippy cups

Kristin Outlook, MT

Looks nice, more difficult to use than the Britax Boulevard 70

We bought this for the grandparents’ car, and have the Britax Boulevard 70 for our car. We like the look of this one, it has a good price, good safety ratings, and a high weight limit making it a pretty good deal compared to the alternatives. It is noticeably harder to use than our Boulevard, the upper and lower closures are actually quite difficult to release. It cannot be adjusted while installed. It is much more difficult to install than the Boulevard. It does have cup holders which might be handy for trips, although I haven’t really used them much yet.

Amelia Clyde, OH

It is the most difficult car seat

We have a hard time installing this car seat in our CRV. The safety belt in the car seat is so hard to take apart.

Bridgett Ashland, PA

Great car seat

We love this car seat. It was easy to install (once the car seat tech showed me how I had messed it up 😉 and the babies seem to be comfortable riding in it. It is a little large and required some seat adjustments in our Honda Pilot to get the appropriate clearance between the baby seat and the driver/passenger seats so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with a smaller vehicle. I can’t imagine it fitting in our Prius though we haven’t tried it.

Nina Silver Plume, CO

great car seat

My boy moved out of his infant seat at 6 months because he was so tall, this car seat is fantastic. I did lots of research before I ordered this seat, I ordered it because it got great safety reviews and it looks comfy for him to ride in. very easy to install and he’s got plenty of room to grow. he still fits very well in the rear facing position and he sleeps very comfortable with the neck pillow.It looks very bulky and wide, but it really doesn’t take up more room than an infant seat, it just looks like it does.very satisfied.

Tami Wakefield, MI

Perfect for us

This seat kept my baby happy on several long trips. The material is soft and comfortable. Doesn’t seem to make her sweat more than normal. She loves the cups. I usually stick toys in them for her to fish out. We have a Chevy Silverado and this seat fits in the back seat just fine. If you have a smaller vehicle, I would check the dimensions before buying. As for installation, I had my dad do it and then checked a few sources online to make sure everything was as it should be. There is a trick to belts and getting them to anchor the seat properly. If you have trouble, call around and find a fire dept that offers car sear help. It’s a great seat for the money. Baby is happy with our selection.

Ida Sarver, PA

Wonderful Car Seat at a Fantastic Price!!!

This car seat is fantasticly comfy! My son usually fights being in the car seat to no avail, but in this he sits back and relaxes! I love that it reclines as well, which is a feature you do not see on the cheaper models (like the Cosco that we bought for the sitter and his poor little head slumps forward in it). My husband was fascinated by the butt cushion….. lolInstalling it was relatively simple (as I stood off to the side and watched my husband do it). I have every confidence that my son will be comfy and most of all SAFE in this car seat!!

Shelia Georgetown, MA

Nice car seat!

Like this car seat because my son looks very safe in it! It is a little bulky for those with small car.

Tamera Ellsworth, OH

Decent car seat – affordable!

I had to buy 2 car seats and I wound up buying TWO of this model but in different patterns for my husband’s car (nissan altima) and my Toyota Highlander. I found these easy to install. My husband had to pull the strap as I could not get it 100% tight but once that was done fine. Easy to get him in and out of and I love the front strap so I can adjust the harness itself. I found also the clasp to be SO much easier than the infant snug ride we had him in. He’s almost 9 months and plenty of room and he seems really happy and more comfortable in it. We also store a toy in the cup holder in each car so he has something to play with in each car. Would buy again.

Reyna Dry Creek, LA

Graco My Ride

I bought this for my daughter to use in her car for my grandson. I actually like this one better than the one I bought for us to use. My grandson loves it and it has a built in cupholder for convenience. It doesn’t seem so bulky to me.

Kimberlee La Belle, PA

Perfect option for 17-month old

My little gal is 17 months but pretty small for her age, so she JUST outgrew her infant car seat. We wanted to get something super-safe that would work rear-facing for a while yet, but that we could turn around to be front-facing in 6 months or so. We had the Chico Keyfit 30 for her infant seat. This car seat is GREAT. My one concern had been whether it would fit in our car (we have a Hyundai Elantra) without the passenger seat being pulled up too far. No problem. It was pretty easy to install (the LATCH system is good). I did need to put a small rolled up towel under one side to get it level, and it isn’t nearly as ‘tight’ as the Chico Keyfit 30 was once you latched that onto the base, but it seems plenty sturdy and safe.

Alisha La Feria, TX

Bought for all three babies!

This seat is sturdy and seems quite comfy for our children. It is raised enough for our one year old to see out – though it does still tilt back a bit when it faces forward. It hugs even my 4 month old so I feel that he is safe when I moved him out of his carrier and into this seat. They are VERY BULKY seats – two fit in the car (our back seat is tight in our Buick Lacrosse) but there is NO room for anyone to use the third seat.

Amalia Philippi, WV

Nice but big!

This is a great car seat. I am using it for my 4 month old in rear facing mode. Baby goes sooo comfortable! And her head is always firmly protected and not bouncing around everytime I brake or steer. Only downfall is that the chair is enormous, bigger than my toddler’s car seat. It is also very pretty and easy to use/adjust. Would definitely recommend it.

Marcy Bairdford, PA


My baby is 9 month old, and he loves it. He sits so comfortable. It also looks nice. Pennies worth !!!

Denice Herndon, WV

Great for the price!

Bought one of these on here opened box CHEAP… can’t beat the quality for the price, that’s for sure. I’d gladly pay full price for it, even!

Geneva Minnie, KY


Didn’t buy off Amazon, but from a local store.I definitely thought this thing was going to weigh a whole lot more, I mean, just look at it! Just from the picture I thought I’d need some help installing it. But no. It’s pretty light-weight for as big as it is, and very easy to install. If you don’t have the book for it, there’s stickers on the side that tell you what you do just in case. The cup holders are coming in handy now that my son has a good sippy cup routine going. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to reach them, but he can. And he can finally see out the windows! Oh man, I know he’s loving that part. Overall a very nice carseat, great design, easy to install, light-weight for the size. Just very pleased with the product in general.

Graciela Florien, LA

A Little Wide

I still give it five stars. This car seats has held up through one cross-Atlantic flight and one cross-country flight. they are super easy to use and install compared to three other car seats (one convertible, two infant) that I’ve had.It’s fairly easy to take apart to wash, but you cannot remove the cup holders for cleaning – bummer.

Della Hollister, CA