Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator, 1 Count

Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator, 1 Count

The NasalClear Battery Operated Baby Nasal Aspirator helps your little one feel better soon. View larger Graco NasalClear Battery Operated Baby Nasal Aspirator Say Goodbye to Stuffy As a parent, when your child isn’t feeling their best, you want to do anything and everything you can to make him feel better. Graco’s Nasal Clear Baby Nasal Aspirator helps to safely and easily clear your baby’s stuffy nose, putting him on a path to easier breathing. When baby feels better, you’ll rest easier too! Easy Clean Up Graco made this infant nasal aspirator extra-easy to clean. The nasal tip and collection cup are dishwasher safe, so when you need to clean it, just pop the pieces in the dishwasher. Your baby aspirator will emerge clean and sterilized and ready to help baby feel better soon. Clearly Readable Since your little one can’t always express how he’s feeling, this baby nasal aspirator has a clear plastic collection cup. This way, you’ll be able to effectively gauge and evaluate baby’s congestion level. After all, more information is always better when it comes to your precious child’s health! Battery Powered Aspirator The Graco Nasal Clear Baby Nasal Aspirator is powered by 2 AA batteries. Since it’s battery powered, you can control the suction – either maintaining or releasing it, according to baby’s needs. Happy Tunes No one likes feeling congested, including baby! Distract him with NasalClear’s built-in 12 kid’s tunes. Any distraction is a welcome one, and you’ll be helping to get your child right on the way to feeling 100%. Key Features Plays 12 different children’s tunes to help distract baby Uses 2 AA batteries, not included

Main features

  • 12 different children’s tunes while in use, help divert your child and comfort her while clearing her nasal passages
  • Battery operation lets you control the suction you maintain the suction or release it as needed
  • Soft, flexible silicone tips make it gentle and comfortable to use even on a newborn baby
  • Silicone tip for different nostril shapes and different types of congestion
  • Clear plastic collection cup helps you evaluate your baby’s level of congestion

Verified reviews


Lots of “bells & whistles”, but does it work? Nope.

I purchased the Graco battery-operated nasal aspirator from Walgreens because my daughter needed something right away and I had not received my NoseFrida Snotsucker in the mail yet. So, I was able to try out both systems and do a comparison.Day One: Daughter’s “snot” was plentiful but very thin, almost the consistency of saliva. Used the Graco battery-operated aspirator. It worked OK at removing her “snot”. I liked the fact that it can be operated with one hand and it plays music to distract the baby. The tip is also very soft and does not irritate the nose. She did not fight me suctioning her at all.Day Two: Daughter’s “snot” is much thicker today. Tried the Graco aspirator first. No luck. Found that it only works to remove the thin, watery mucus. It DOES NOT remove anything much thicker than saliva. I then tried out the NoseFrida Snotsucker (available on The NoseFrida was MUCH more effective at getting out the thicker snot but is difficult to use without another person. It requires two hands to operate, so you need someone to hold the baby still while you suck. You must use it correctly – as another reviewer mentioned start off with just your mouth muscles and make several quick, sharp sucks, then long vacuum-like sucks with your lungs. It really does work well.Summary: The Graco has more “bells and whistles” but when it comes down to effectiveness, it misses the mark. I would not re-purchase. No matter ho “cool” something is, if it does not do the job it was intended to do, then it is worthless.Although a bit more difficult to use, the NoseFrida REALLY WORKS. The fact that it requires two people is the only con. One person could operate it if the child was older and able to hold still, but with a squirmy infant, it requires two sets of hands. If you want a simple product that will get the job done, purchase the NoseFrida Snotsucker.

Sylvia Brownsville, CA

What the Fuss? Boogie Buster

Leighton is currently experiencing her second cold, which means that her nose has been runny for five of the last six weeks. It is oh-so-very annoying.I stuck that saline spray thingy in Lei’s nose once and pulled the trigger – NO GOOD! I’m surprised we’re still on speaking terms. Her eyes got wide as saucers and she started screaming, gagging and choking. That was a ridiculous exercise – tantamount to baby waterboarding. If the CIA is banned in engaging from the activity, you probably shouldn’t try it on your kid.After three weeks of constant nose wiping, restless sleep and chasing my little girl around with a blue boogie sucking bulb that didn’t actually relieve her of the aforementioned inconveniences, Ryan found the Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator at Walgreens. THIS THING IS AWESOME!When I say thing I am referring to a battery-powered snot-sucker. It’s gentle, has two different-sized tips to ensure a good seal, plays music and is quite easy to clean. Plus, Leighton really doesn’t mind at all – probably because it’s kind of silly and she knows it makes her feel better.I believe Ryan paid $27 for this fabulous little gadget at Walgreens in Lincoln Park, but I saw it on […] for $19.99, and they offer free shipping and coupons for nearly every shopping experience. Plus, they ship fast and returns are free.No matter how you slice it, I would pay $50 to replace my Graco Boogie Buster if I had to. I would pay far more if there was only one left on the planet and mine was lost or broken. I just can’t bear to live without it anymore. MOMS TO BE: Don’t forget to add this handy item to your registries!Jen FreemanOwner/WriterThe Daily Fuss

Chris Wheelock, TX

Can’t live without it

Pros: I am buying my second one now. I have a special needs two year old who is always drippy and can’t blow her nose. Even when she doesn’t look drippy, I use this before feeding her and it pulls out tons of stuff and really helps her eat and sleep. It is MUCH less torture than the manual ones, much faster, and the music really helps distract her.Cons: I am buying my second one now. It’s a battery hog and I never know when it’s going to break for good.Tip: If you think it’s not working, first check that the little black rubber ring is perfectly in place, then try changing the batteries.Overall – If your kid gets sick a lot it is totally worth the money even if it only works for 6 months. Costs less than a co-pay or drugs.

Maribel New Middletown, IN

Doesnt have much suction

I heard that my son might prefer this over the little suction bulbs to clean his nose… but this doesnt do anything! The suction is too weak and it can not get deep enough into his nose. I went back to using the bulb that the hospital gave me

Ida Ripley, NY

not worth the money

We purchased this instead of the one you suck on. but really it was just a waste of money. ours only came with one tip instead of two and it really didn’t work that well. I would recommend just the bulb or the one you suck on. don’t waste your money on this product

Sherri Reevesville, SC


I wasn’t sure at first if this would be worth the money, but let me tell you: IT IS. I was used to the screaming struggle to clear my son’s nose with the dreaded bulb syringe. When I first used this on him, he gave me a puzzled look, and then laughed. I was amazed. I promptly threw away the awful bulb, and haven’t looked back. The songs it plays actually are a good distraction, although I haven’t needed to “distract” him, because it’s not unpleasant to suction his nose anymore!

Manuela Warnock, OH

Not Great…

The first time I used this it seemed to be a dream come true. The next day, I tried to use it and the suction wouldn’t work anymore, no matter what I did. I returned it to walmart as defective but I’ve read similar reviews so I think that the product design is flawed. I’d recommend babycomfynose instead. (…)

Glenda Jewett, NY

Better than the bulbs

My DD screams terribly when I use the blue bulb aspirators on her. The poor thing is just miserable. After mixed reviews I got this electric one from Graco and have been pleasantly surprised. I use it every day and she tolerates it pretty well. She’s not thrilled with it but she doesn’t scream nearly as bad as she did with the bulbs. If the mucus is too thick it does take a while to get it to come out or close enough to the nostril that I can finish it myself with a tissue. The suction seems to be enough though to get the job done. I do use the bulb occasionally still when there is mucus very far up in her nose as this electric aspirator won’t reach far enough for the suction to go super far up her nose. Overall I’d recommend getting it though if your little one really hates the bulb kind.

Hattie Wedron, IL

disappointed even after reading reviews

I bought two kinds. One being this battery powered one. It didnt work for my daughter with clear, loose snot and it didnt work for us when she had "heavier" snot and "thicker" either. We tried several times without anything. I am still so sad. It is not like you can sell this again. It was up her nose. 🙁 oh well. You live and learn.

Elvira Troutville, VA

Get the boogies out

Theres nothing bad to say about this. I bought this after reading about mold growth in the plastic nasal aspirators, sure enough, i cut open the one we had and there was mold, disgusting! So i bought this electric one and it works great, Its much more gentle (my baby moves around A LOT when I try to clean her nose so thats a plus, the tip is rubber and its removable so you can wash it. I love seeing the boogies in the clear boogie catcher because I know my baby is being relieved. It’s a little bit loud, but my baby isn’t scared of it. Requires 2 AA batteries that are not included. When using this, be sure to use saline drops as it helps in getting the boogies out. I use the little noses saline drops and the combination is awesome. Would recommend to anyone with small children,

Elisa Texarkana, AR

We have 3! One at each house!!

I give this boogie sucker 5 stars!!! It’s awesome!! This was referred by a mom of 4. I have been using this on my daughter for 2 years. It’s the best thing ever. A little gross when you see all the snots collecting in the attached cup but at least your baby/toddler can breathe?!?! Easy to use. Easy to clean. Works wonders!! We have 3!!! One at home, one at Gramma’s and one at another house we visit often. I just had to go to the ER with my daughter & brought the boogie sucker w/ and the staff there was so impressed!!!! Much better then the one that you have to put in your mouth – Gross!! Plus this plays music 😉 My daughter looks forward to me getting her boogies with no screams no tears no fights!! Would purchase for a baby shower gift!!

Bobbie Black Creek, WI

Worked ok, but not for long.

Item worked about as well as the bulb syringe, but didn’t make my baby nearly as angry. Unfortunately, my baby’s cold lasted longer than this little gadget did. Would not recommend and definitely wouldn’t buy again.

Isabella Reliance, WY

The worst Nasal aspirator

this nasal aspirator is a waste of money, doesnt work for us.Like another reviewer said, I wish I could give this 0 stars.For me the best nasal aspirator is the most simple, a pigeon manual aspirator.If you want an advice, dont waste your money on this! Is a very weak aspirator…

Erma Fortville, IN

I buy one of these for every baby shower I attend

Yes, the blue aspirator you get at the hospital works fine but it’s time consuming and difficult for newbies to use. This one works every time and it works fast. No more struggling to hold your baby for an extended period of time while you clean the aspirator between tries. My little one still hates when I do it but it is definitely a quicker process now. I really like the clear container because you can see when you’ve gotten the pesky booger out and can stop without further upsetting your baby. Parts are easy to clean with warm soapy water. I also saw a photo on line of one of the hospital aspirators cut in half after being used (I’m not sure for how long) and it was full of mold and bacteria inside. I can see how this would happen because they are difficult to rinse and almost impossible to dry adequately. With the Graco one I can easily clean all the parts that come in contact with bacteria filled mucus. Overall, great buy and I would recommend this to ALL new parents!

Estela Mallie, KY

Awesome product

I love this product! My son hated the manual aspirators they gave us at the hospital. This machine is awesome to get out everything they have in their little noses. It does make a loud noise when you use it so I worry that might scare infants (we started using it when he was 6mo old) but it does have a button you can click for music to play and make it less scary. The only thing I don’t like is that it has a clear catch cup and it’s pretty gross to see all the nasty stuff you pull out of their nose but hey at least you know your getting it all out and helping them breath. As a first time mom I loved this product and I highly recommend it.

Jerry Bridgeport, MI

Baby still cries

I like this because you can see what comes out of baby’s nose. It has music that plays but you cannot hear it if the baby is crying. I like the continuous sucking of this one better than the ones you get from the hospital that leaves boogers all over baby’s face. It is pretty good, but I wonder if there are better Nasal Aspirators for babies out there.

Marina Milesburg, PA

Tried on my toddler but he hates it

Toddler doesn’t like the loud sound of it being on much less anything going up his nose. I tried it near a doctor appt when he got his shots and when I was trying to brush his teeth so I stopped using it. He now plays with it for the music button, but haven’t tried it with a cold again yet. I will probably try again when he is older.It did work well in picking up the nasal drainage but I think he has to have his mouth closed for it to work. Nice container to see the drainage. Was fairly easy to clean up.

Elnora Unionville, MO

Very poor suction…bulb syringe was more effective

I really wanted this to work…my toddler HATES our bulb syringe aspirater with a passion. However, this aspirator removed no snot at all. The suction was so low I could barely feel it. If the suction was higher I can see how easy it would be…just hold it up to the child’s nose and suck. It would be faster and less tramatic than the evil blue snotsucker monster. I don’t know if we got a defective item, but it didn’t help at all. I am returning it.

Ericka Bowdon, GA

must be cleaned out!!

Serves the purpose…but make sure you clean it out religiously! I learned the hard way that this aspirator needs to be cleaned after every use. Even if you can not see the snot in the chamber. It will start to stink…badly. I had to toss ours because the smell & cleaning it out was nauseating to say the least.

Florine Rixford, PA


This is a really nifty device, easy to clean and does its job. Way better then what they give you at the hospital and it optionally plays music if you want it too.

Rae Roxboro, NC

Essential for my newborn

This purchase may seem like a luxury, but for me, it has been 100% worth the price. Even when she was in the hospital, my newborn daughter’s nose presented a problem for the nurses because their bulb aspirators weren’t effective. She has tiny nostrils, smaller than most babies, and most tools just don’t do a good job clearing out her nose. My poor hubby ran to Babies ‘R Us so many times in the first few days at home, trying to find something that would relieve her from her congestion. Finally, we decided to give this a try, even though it seemed like a lot of money for a baby gadget.I would spent even more than what this cost if I had to – it’s that good. I also bought the replacement tips on the recommendation of other Amazon buyers who said the pack contained smaller tips, which was a great idea. I found the perfect size tip, and when I combine this tool with saline drops, it works like magic. My daughter actually enjoys having her nose suctioned now. She likes the songs it plays and the vibration when it is in her nostril. Instead of flailing and screaming bloody murder like she used to with the bulb aspirator, she actually lies still and is cooperative.I would recommend this to anyone, especially if your little one is especially susceptible to nasal congestion or has small nostrils. It’s a lifesaver.

Tamra San Gregorio, CA

Works like a charm

I totally recommend getting this versus the regular manual hospital ones. This works like a charm and does the job without having to work at it. It cleans up super easy with a little hot water and soap.Perfect for any new baby!

Zelda Grover, WY

Finally an aspirator that works!!!

My newborn hates the aspirator we got at the hospital, and we have tried almost all the bulb aspirators out there with no luck. She screams her head off anytime the thing would come near her nose. Forget about actually getting anything out of there, you can get close but her crying sucks it back up in her nose. She is constantly stuffed up and we have to clean our her nose daily or else she wheezes when trying to eat and will not sleep. This thing works wonders! It has a constant suction which is enough to actually pull the snot completely out of her nose before she breathes it back in. The tip is about the same size as other bulb aspirators but for some reason she doesn’t mind this one. She will try to knock it away but she won’t scream at it. The music doesn’t help at all, in fact I think it annoys her, but I really don’t need the music feature anyway. Cleaning this is very easy as well. Love this product, wish I would have found it weeks ago!

Dona Lily, KY

Good, Wish It “Sucked” More

I like this and it does get the boogies out, but I wish the vacuum was a little bit stronger. The only one we can get anything out with is the smaller, slender tip. The bigger tip has almost no suction coming through it. I like this better than the bulb though! I also love it plays loud music to distract the baby.

Dora Pleasant Lake, IN

Great when it works!

This is a great product when it’s actually working! It worked for a couple of weeks until I thought the batteries were already dead. I replaced the batteries and it started right back up. When I went to use it on my son I got nothing. I found that I had to take the batteries out and then put them back in every time I wanted to turn it on. Sadly I am sending this back and sticking with the gross and smelly bulb because it works every time.

Amanda Bayside, TX

It works okay, my kid still hates it.

It does suck up mucous, but my baby still absolutely hates having it done. Even the distracting “music” didn’t phase her. It works well if I can hold her down long enough to do it. Still glad I bought it though.

Clare Hatley, WI

dont waste your money

I really wanted this to work! I bought Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator and that REALLY works, but the mouth suction grosses me out. I was very happy when I found this graco electric aspirator, but after we tried it on our baby, we realized that it is junk. The suction just isn’t strong enough to grab anything at all! It is a total waste of money.

Rosalia Lukeville, AZ

Get the ones that don’t require batteries!

I was so disappointed with this product, especially because it is by Graco, same with the Graco ear thermometer. It doesn’t even fit in my baby’s ear. Anyhow, the nasal aspirator worked great one or two times, literally. The third time I had already put saline drops in my baby’s nose and the product stopped working. After awhile it works again, then doesn’t work, and it was really frustrating. Now it doesnt even work, after two days! I ended up ordering the baby comfy nose and the nosefreda and they work way better!

Annabelle Natalbany, LA

So much in so little time

We just picked up one of these for our 15 month old with a runny and congested nose. He fights aspirators so using a manual version gave him a few bloody noses due all his squirming and having to pull out and re-squeeze. We’ve used it once so far (the music failed to calm him) and it vacuumed out so much in so little time (without having to re-insert for every squeeze). He can breathe now!

Gwen Piscataway, NJ

Eh, It’s ok

I ordered this before my son was born because everyone raved about how awesome it was, and the first time I tried to use this on my infant, the noise from it scared the hell out of him! I really only had to use this when he had a cold and had a really runny nose, and he would cry when he saw it because it startled him pretty good and the vibration on his nose was strange. The tip was really too large to fit in his nostril until he was about 6 or 7 months old, and by then I had a great system with the bulb sucker and boogie wipes.The thing I do really like is that you can wash, sterilize and dry the pieces and take it apart to clean.the bulb aspirators can get mold growth in them if you’re not careful. So if you get one as a gift, they’re pretty cool, but they are not a must have for baby!

Allie Nolanville, TX