Graco Pack ‘N Play Element with Stages, Oasis

Graco Pack ‘N Play Element with Stages, Oasis

Our Pack ‘N Play Element playard puts all the essentials into a go-anywhere, do-anything package, which makes traveling with your little one easier than ever. This sleekly-designed playard has airy mesh sides for maximum ventilation, and a removable, full-size bassinet.

Main features

  • Metal, Plastic
  • Sleek frame design with airy mesh on all sides to provide maximum ventilation, Removable, full-size bassinet provides the perfect spot for baby to catch a nap, at home and away, Quilted mattress pad provides a comfortable nap space for your little one’s sweet dreams, Signature Graco push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free, Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews



This pack and play is perfect for what we need it for. Our baby is four months old and almost 16 pounds. We wanted her to sleep in our room still. We are using the second phase setting and she seems to like it. The mattress is hard so we put a more padded sheet over it.

Sheena Sanford, NC

Good, but could be even better

This is a solid pack n play done in relatively tasteful colors. We like the “stages” aspect and look forward to seeing our baby grow into it. The biggest drawback is the lack of storage space for changing table necessities. It’s great to have the changing table on it and that’s one of the reasons we picked this model, but there’s nowhere to keep diapers/wipes/bags (other than either in the changing table, which means less room for the baby, or in the crib portion, which isn’t safe). Fine if you position your pack n play next to a table or shelves, less so if it’s in the middle of a room. Some of the other Graco models have “storage cubbies” for this purpose, but they look a bit small to be useful – maybe there’s something we could buy to add on, but we shouldn’t have to. Also, the mobile is worthless. There are only 3 little stars (not exactly an interesting thing when viewed from below by baby) and two of them are the same pattern, you can’t wind it up to run for very long, and the mechanism for holding it onto the crib doesn’t lock on well so it easily tilts forwards or backwards.

Myrna New Roads, LA

Fine Pack ‘N Play, but extra "stage" not worth the money

I bought this because I thought the stage 2 bassinet setting would be useful — a safer lower setting for my no-longer-newborn baby, but not as low to the ground as the bottom setting, and therefore easier on my back. So I was disappointed to realize that stage 2 is really only a few inches above the bottom setting. And it’s pretty much the same height off the floor as the bottom level on other playards with longer legs.This is a perfectly good Pack ‘N Play, and I really like the colors, but the stage 2 setting is not enough to justify the extra expense over a more basic model with the regular bassinet.

Kathrine State Park, SC

Metropolis color – does not have adjustable bassinet

I knew from reading other reviews that the Metropolis color doesn’t have the adjustable bassinet. I bought it anyway since I wanted a design that is neutral without any patterns. I don’t understand why Graco can’t make this with adjustable bassinet??? Other than that, it was a breeze to set up.

Ora Fort Harrison, MT

Meets our needs

My granddaughter was too old for the bassinet in the highest position when I purchased this, but we are using it in the second position and she seems comfortable in it. She loves the mobile, which is really ugly plastic, with three little fabric star shapes. It would be easy enough to change out the shapes with new ones, and I plan to make a few so she doesn’t get bored.I bought the Graco because I wanted to take it down between visits and understood it to be quite portable, but it is not easy to fold up and put away, at least for this Grannie, so if you are looking for a supremely portable bed/play yard and haven’t a lot of physical strength, keep looking.We did not experience the off-gassing some others reported. I almost did not pick this one because of those reports, as I am very sensitive to plastic offgassing. I was prepared to return it, but none of us have experienced a whiff.The changing unit definitely leans, and the baby rolls with the lean. We prop her in with a rolled blanket on that side while we’re changing her. Graco needs to provide more support on that side.Several people have mentioned getting an additional mattress pad to improve sleeping comfort. I expected to do that as well, if their concerns about comfort bore out–which they did–but Graco’s safety instructions specifically tell us not to, without explaining why. It’s too bad, because a thin sheet over the plastic and tubing is not at all comfortable for the child. I put a softer blanket under the fitted sheet, but only because I am always next to the crib while the baby is sleeping and can discover immediately if she is in danger of getting the sheet loose and pulling the blankets over her head.For these reasons, I would not buy the Graco again, nor would I recommend it for someone who needs to put the baby down in one room and work in another. Nor would I recommend it for sleeping overnight, unless you follow their safety instructions to a T, which means no additional warmth or support under the baby.

Erma Dodgeville, MI

it’s perfectly functional and stylishy neutral

it’s nice, it is. I don’t like this version of bassinet. 2 metal rods that click into the inner edge – it feels very wobbly. I have a more expensive one that the bssinet feels more sturdy – oh and the mattress pad thing it comes with? – horrible! it wants to fold up rather than lay flat. it’s def. not as nice as the other one we got. (this one is at nana’s & pop pop’s).the changing table is totally NOT worth it. I used the newborn napper WAAAYY more than the changer with the one at home. Wish it came with a newborn napper instead. the built in arch is nice but the stars are just barely Velcro-ed on. my 5 month old totally ripped 1 off.the sound thing? we use white noise (dr harvey karp)… serious white noise – this thing is nothing compared to what we use.

Kaitlin Bloomington, ID

Functional and attractive

This pack and play has been a lifesaver. The changing portion and bassinet flip easily once you get used to them and the changing side wipes down clean. The negatives are that the height can cause some back pain no matter how tall (my husband’s over six feet tall) or short (I’m only 5’3″) you are and that the bassinet portion cannot be removed to be washed. It was easy to put together and i live that it comes with a travel bag as well. Other than the height and lack of ability to clean, it’s a great item.

Bertha Goldsboro, TX

Nice pack n play

I’m very happy with this purchase. I really wanted the multi-level option and this is the only one that has this option that I could find. Assembly wasn’t too bad. The print is nice too, great for boy or girl.

Dayna Leonard, ND

Wonderful for baby!

I really like the bassinet and changing station on this pack n play. My son enjoys looking up at the mobile and sleeps comfortably in it every afternoon for naps. This is great for travel, or just to have on another floor of your house to lay baby down. This is a great quality product.

Queen Hershey, PA


I recommended this purchase to my daughter, and she absolutely loves it. Superior in every way AND in a very difficult to find color combination. I’m a hero!

Alma Goodson, MO

Very sturdy changing table

This worked very well for us with our newborn as a changing table and also a crib for naps during the day.

Kenya Geddes, SD

Changing Table Tilts Downward

If you are looking for a Pack N Play with a stable changing table I would not recommend this product. It tilts downward ever so slightly that makes it a bit unsteady. There are other options out there with better changing table attachments.The rest of the Pack N Play features have worked great for us.

Julia Okahumpka, FL

great idea

I got this for a shower present for a busy mom to be…the box is compact, but a little heavy…I am excited to see the baby in it

Shelia Diamond City, AR

Pleased with this product.

As we planned for the arrival of our first child, we knew we wanted him to sleep in our bedroom for the first several months. We didn’t want to spend extra money on something like a bassinet or cradle that only had one purpose, and (as we’re a military family) we didn’t want a lot of extra baby gear to lug around with us every time we move. We decided on this Pack and Play for its multi-functionality, reasonable price, and good reviews.It’s cute and not an awful eyesore in our bedroom, easy to take down and set up, not too bulky when it’s folded up, and generally pretty sturdy. I say “generally pretty sturdy” because the changing station is a little flimsy and I’ve never felt comfortable changing my son in it, even when he was a teensy little newborn (he’s 7 weeks now and about 12 pounds). We either take him to his room to change, or lay down a pad and change him on our bed. And, as he approaches the weight limit (15 pounds) for the the elevated base position, I find myself wishing that was a little sturdier as well. It’s a fairly insignificant gripe, but I’m already dreading lowering the base position because it’ll mean that putting him down for naps and nighttime will be harder to do without waking him up in the process. The little mobile is a little pointless, as well. Cute, but pointless.Overall, it’s worked out about like we expected it to, and we’re happy with our decision to buy it instead of a dedicated bassinet or cradle. If I were to purchase another one, I wouldn’t buy one with the changing station. I’ve toyed with the idea of just getting rid of the changing station part so we don’t have to hold onto it and move with it, but I plan on selling it when we’re done having kiddos and I want to have all the parts in case someone else will find it useful.

Christi Eastlake, OH


This is a great Pack N Play with no extra frills. The changing table is nice and large and very convenient. I do wish this had some storage for diapers, etc. We ended up buying a diaper caddy to hook on the side to hold everything though. Other than that we are very happy with this!

Maude Manassa, CO

wish the mobile lasted longer

bought this pack and play to stay at Grandma’s house for all her grandkids and to supplement our more basic pack and play when we come with the twins (at 8 months old they wake each other up if they sleep in the same one) – very nice but I do with the mobile (you have to wind it up like a music box) lasted a bit longer

Mamie Harrison, TN

Great Purchase

This is a very sleek and sharp looking pack n play. We love it and our kids sleep great in it. It’s easy to set up and take down. We use it all the time when we travel for take a day trip where our kids need to nap. The changing table is nice to have in our downstairs area for diaper changes in a baby’s first few months. It’s also great to use as a bassinet in your bedroom for the first 3 or 4 months. This is a must have for anyone with babies and toddlers.

Jacqueline Litchfield, CA

Great pack n play

I purchased this as an extra but also for my daughter to use at home. Its a great color and really easy to set up. Great design and functionally sturdy!

Minerva Alpena, MI

Love this! Wish I had it for my first baby years ago

I love the 2 stage bassinet feature. Love the changing table. The mobile could have been more interesting to look at though. No complaints yet!

Fran Amazonia, MO


Perfect, the same as the picture. I love it, really easy and really very nice. Buy them, excellent price and quality

Nell Malone, WI

A glorified changing table

For us the baby didn’t like to sleep in it however he may not have a choice when we take it on vacation this summer. For now it serves as a great catch all for his blankets and toys. It is nice that you can use it as a bassinet or as a play pen with the two different levels. It is easy to put together and pull down. It is difficult to get all the pieces back into the bag. I love the black color with the blue. It is really classy. The changing table portion tilts to the center of the pack ‘n play so the baby always rolled to one side. however I love using it as a changing table because I could reach everything quickly.

Nadia North Brookfield, NY

Love this pack n play!

Love that there’s 2 possible levels before I have to reach all the way to the bottom!! Great quality from Graco as always. Sturdy. Seems gender neutral enough, we have a son. We have some things he won’t be able to use just yet like activity gym and bigger sized clothes and they are being stored in the play pen’s floor since he is still on the top level. Dream on Me mattress fits this pack n play..American Baby Company sheets fit that mattress.My husband and I assembled it in a few minutes :)Music for mobile is on the louder side so I wouldn’t recommend using it as a lullaby to bed idea. It’s also flimsy and doesn’t sit tight, starts leaning down towards baby.Diaper deck not steady, connects to side of playpen with 2 peg bars and immediately went slanted when I wanted to change my 7 lb 11 oz newborns diaper.

Maryanne Harper Woods, MI

Great Pack n’ Play

We had a Graco Pack n’ Play for my daughter, and when my son was born I made the mistake of buying an Evenflo for purely aesthetic reasons (but it was so cute!). Big mistake. The Evenflo felt flimsy and shaky compared to the Graco I was used to…so I immediately returned it and purchased this. I love it, and it was actually the same price! It’s very easy to assemble and collapse by myself. I would never get another brand of Pack n’ Play…don’t mess with a good thing!

Deidre Tennyson, TX

pretty good but a couple of flaws…

We ordered one of these for grandma’s house and then ordered another for our living room. Fairly easy assembly (I did it myself just a few days after giving birth) except for the changing table, which took me a couple tries to get right. The diagram wasn’t nearly clear enough, and once the pieces are snapped together it’s very difficult to take them apart again.Grandma discovered that she can roll the playpen through a standard size doorway (as long as there are no tight corners to contend with). The major criticism we have is that the changing table tilts toward the playpen since it is only supported at two corners. They could have easily fixed this by providing wide clips, like the one used for suspending the mobile.The mobile has a very shrill, loud speaker that barely lasts 30 seconds when fully wound. The baby hates the sound of it, so I usually just turn on the radio. I like that the mobile can be pushed out of the way easily since it rotates from the edge of the playpen fully 360 degrees.I ordered the organic cotton fitted play yard sheet from American Baby Company and a waterproof fitted sheet – they fit perfectly and provide a softer, non-plasticy surface for baby.We haven’t traveled or disassembled this playpen yet, so I can’t speak to the ease of doing so, but Graco supposedly manufactures the easiest playpens to assemble and reassemble. This one has 2 wheels on one edge and a bag for storing the folded playpen.

Bridgett Armuchee, GA


This crib is very easy to assemble, stable and comfortable. The baby loves the cradle and mobility. He sleeps like an angel.

Angel Osawatomie, KS

Great multi-use product, though a bit larger than expected

We found this pack and play to be very flexible and really like that we can use it as our child grows. It appears that most models don’t have the two-level bassinet that this one has. For the space we have it is a bit larger than expected, so it doesn’t easily wheel in and out of rooms as we had hoped it would, but it is still not too much trouble to break-down and set up again. The music box mobile doesn’t stay on very long after a full wind-up but that’s a minor disappointment. Overall we are very happy with it’s quality, ease of use, and functionality.

Jodie North Salem, NY

Graco doesn’t disappoint

Once again another Graco baby product that does pretty much what it says it’s going to! Had this for a couple of weeks and just got around to putting it together today and my 3 week old Princess is sleeping quite happily in it.My only disappointment is that it was pretty hard to put together – the instructions particularly pertaining to the poles were not very clear so there was a little bit of trial and error but I worked it out and my baby is happy.One quick note to Amazon – please don’t state that this item is frequently bought together with the American Baby mini crib mattress pad as that item doesn’t fit this pack and play in any way shape or form. I got caught with that and now have a useless mattress pad. On that note however I will say that Graco have improved their Pack and Play’s since my last purchase of one some 6 years ago as the bassinet/base is very nicely padded so you don’t really need to buy an extra pad for it.Well done Graco!

Myrna Chinook, WA


Wanted something for when my grandchild visits and this is perfect .. Not too big and it does not take up a lot of room. Nice color too

Ora Sand Creek, WI