Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet Changer with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, Winslet

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet Changer with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, Winslet

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat – Winslet You want to keep your newborn comfy and relaxed. Graco’s Pack n’ Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat features a soft, cozy little nest to help you do just that. This rocker includes fabrics that are soft on your newborn’s skin, gentle vibration to calm & soothe your little one and carrying handles that allow you to move your little one from room to room. Diaper changes are easier too with the convenient changing table and baby basics organizer with three cubbies for all of baby’s necessities. Product Dimensions: 33.25×28.5×40 Recommended Age: Recommended Weight (in pounds):

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Graco’s Pack ‘n Play play yard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat, in Winslet, features a removable vibrating rocking seat that helps you bring baby with you
  • Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat includes carrying handles to help easily move baby
  • Playpen designed to grow with your little one from newborn to infant to toddler
  • The baby rocking seat has luxurious styled, soft fabrics to cuddle baby
  • Gentle vibration in both rocking seat and playard bassinet helps calm your baby

Verified reviews


This is a wonderfully innovative multipurpose, portable playpen that you’ll love!

This Graco Pack `N Play is definitely a playpen that is made in Grandma heaven. The last playpen I had in the house I gave away because it was really clunky and difficult to transport. Heavy in the playpen department doesn’t always equate to quality, especially if a lighter one can be just as useful. The other playpen had none of the marvelous features this one has. This one should definitely be on everyone’s baby registry as it is one that will accommodate babies from the newborn to the toddler under 50 pounds.When you have a newborn or infant, this Graco Pack `N Play makes it easy to interact with your baby because at just a tad over 40″ (102 centimeters), most people will find it quite accommodating. You can talk and play with your baby while he or she is on the changer, in the vibrating rocking seat, or in the bassinet. Once the baby reaches the age of three months or can roll over, I’d recommend putting the rocking seat aside. The Pack `N Play seems to work from top to bottom as your infant moves from being a newborn to a toddler. And, this playpen appears to be durable enough to last through several babies.The assembly is not rocket science, but it’s preferable to have two people the first time. After the first couple of times assembling and disassembling, the whole thing is a snap. The portability is a real plus, but one at each Grandma’s house is nice. There was this little discussion about who gets baby, so the best thing was to have not one, but two playpens. You won’t be hearing that “it’s my grandbaby too” exchange. Back to what this playpen is all about and a few specs:++ The changer has soft, quilted material that won’t chaff the baby’s skin when you are changing. On the side is a “baby basics organizer” that will hold a couple of diapers, wipes, and a onesie. It won’t hold a lot, but most likely you won’t need much.++ The Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat has handles so you can easily move it to the floor for more interactive play or to take it to another room. It has a nice canopy that will keep the baby from being distracted or from light coming down into the eyes.++ The Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat material is removable and machine washable.++ The vibrating seat on the Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat will comfort most babies. It’s gentle and a lovable vibration.++ The Electronics module has both songs and sounds, enough to entrance babies. I especially like the nature sounds. It reminds me of some of the pads out now that incorporate sounds that babies find quite soothing and enjoyable.++ The carrying bag makes it quite portable and easy to slip into the trunk of a car or into the closet to await the next baby visit to Grandma’s house.++ The bassinet is removable so a toddler can use the playpen or the newborn or infant can have a nice nap. It’s not a wise idea to put two children in this playpen as I don’t believe it is large enough or stable enough for that.++ Specs:Weight: 32.56 pounds (14.77 kg)Over Height: 33.23″ (84.4 centimeters)Width: 28.5″ (72.39 centimeters)Depth: 40″ (102 centimeters)There are a lot of great things about the Graco Pack `N Play, simply too many to list. Of course this playpen isn’t for everyone and the purchaser will have to decide whether or not it fits their needs. As I claimed, it is a playpen that is Grandma heaven, but is most definitely one that many might want to put on their baby registry as it is not an inexpensive item. The portability is one especially nice feature for parents and it can be used for the newborn to the toddler. It’s got everything you’d want from the ability to interact with a baby to a place to change one. This playpen definitely is thumbs up and five stars.

Gloria Accoville, WV

AWESOME baby set newborn to toddler playpen, changing table adaptor, bassinette adaptor & separate Cuddle Cove Rocking seat.

I love my new Graco 4 in one set. You will need D battery for vibe unit and 3 AA batteries for the electronics module. You get playpen, playpen mattress, playpen storage bag, bassinet adaptor, changing table adaptor, and separate stand alone Cuddle Cove rocking motion seat (seat uses the same vibe unit and that you use on bassinet), separate changing organizer unit, vibe unit and electronics unit, and all the tubes to put together. It is a big snap together project. No screws needed. Mine came by UPS in box 32″ Tall 13″ Thick 15 “Wide. NEVER LEAVE BABY UNATTENDED.1. Playpen :Playpen for children unable to climb out, under 35″ tall. Playpen come with separate mattress and storage bag. Playpen has wheels on left end only for easy mobility. It is stationary when set up and measures Overall Height: 33.25″ Width: 28.5″Depth: 40″. Love that the corners have fabric stiffeners to tuck the mattress edges under. Helps keep the bigger kids from getting their hands underneath the mattress.Space saver – Playpen folds up then you put mattress pad around and use Velcro tabs on end of pad to hold and place in included duffle bag that is 30″ long and 10″ wide and 10″ tall. Storage bag is great but wish it has a carry handle.Playpen : Always remove any sand before storage as sand will damage the lock. Clean with household soap and warm water/drip dry. NO BLEACH, machine wash carry bag in lukewarm water.2. Bassinet adaptor: for 15 pounds or less . attaches to sides of playpen. to make bassinet area. It is a separate net lining you attach to top sides of playpen that hangs down 10”. You install tubes provided in ends, and you attach the vibrating unit on the bottom. It must be fastened tight and centered on the webbing strap to work properly. A cord goes from vibrating unit to the electronics mod. The module sits on edge of playpen. Then put mattress from playpen on to the top of unit. The baby is about 9 inches from top of playpen for easy access. Stop using when baby reaches 15 pounds or if he or she can push up on hands and knees.3. Changing table adaptor : weight limit for changing table is 25 pounds. It is fabric with cushioned, quilted rim. You slide tubes through edges and the attach legs and place legs in the holes on top of the right end of the playpen. *Must move electronic unit to the other end of the side of playpen away from changing table. Easy to remove just push in button on bottom of leg while pulling up on the corner . Do same for other side.4. Cuddle Cove rocking Seat: for use for under 3 months or 15 pounds, Or less. Many parts to snap together and a place to attach the vibe unit and the electronic module. The Cuddle Cove rocking seat is removable by using the handles on each end. Comes with a soft machine-washable fabric and a canopy to attach to shield baby from bright light. Machine wash rocking seat separately in cold water, Delicate cycle. No bleach. Drip dry.Always use belts and adjust to child as needed. Child’s movement can slide seat Never leave baby unattended. Always use securely attached to bassinette (not on side with changing table ) or on floor. Never on counter or elevated surface. Never place on soft surfaces like bad or couch, and never use seat in playpen. Stop using if your baby can roll over to prevent him flipping this and hurting himself.5. Organizer : a separate plastic unit with three cubbies to store baby essentials, like diapers and wipes. You just snap on end of playpen before you put on the changing table.6.Vibe unit and electronics unit: The electronics module plays five classical songs and five soothing nature sounds. It has a small look light that lets you keep an eye on your baby. The module is used to control vibration for the bassinet, and it also provides the motion on the seat when attached.I expect this to last a long time and go through many kids. Our old Graco playpen lasted 15 years.IF LOOKING FOR ONE WITH A SEPARATE BASSINETGraco Day 2 Night Sleep System, ArdmoreCHECK MY REVIEW Enchanted In Dixie “Enchanted”;=0&sortBy;=bySubmissionDateDescending#RRLXWQKR1TF7J

Meredith Ashmore, IL

Almost Perfect!

Here is an update to my original review (below): 2 more things to consider about this Pack ‘N Play… First, while the rocking seat seemed like a good idea and, in fact, was helpful for moving our sleeping newborn from room to room, she quickly grew out of it and now we’re left with a seat we’re not sure what to do with. If you have space to store extra things like this, then it’s a non-issue for you, but for us, we now realize that we didn’t really need it. Second, see the blue part that circles the changing table? It’s fabric and if your baby manages to pee (or otherwise) on it, it’s difficult to clean — spot clean only. Why wouldn’t they have made this wipeable, just like the changer’s surface? Bottom line: we’re still happy with this product, but in retrospect, we could have spent less money on a more basic model that would have been absolutely fine.My husband and I live in a small, 1-bedroom Manhattan apartment, so we had to be smart about what baby furniture and accessories we bought. After countless hours of research, we settled on this product because it’s essentially four products in one: a removable vibrating rocking seat, changer, bassinet, and the playard itself, which we plan to use as a crib (we purchased a Pack ‘N Play mattress separately). Other Graco playards have a “newborn napper” but we wanted an infant seat that was portable and could easily be moved between the bedroom and living room. As far as quality, it can’t be compared to a crib, but as far as playards go, it’s a solid item and we like the way it looks. I agree with other reviewers that Graco surely could have provided legs for the other side of the changer in order to make it more stable and durable (other brands have done this), which is why I give this item 4 stars instead of 5. I put the playard together myself in about an hour (I’m a first-time mom), but once you see how it sets up/tears down, it becomes very easy. Overall, we’re very satisfied and this product meets our needs.

Terry Corwith, IA

I wouldn’t pay for the “upgrades” if I could do it over

This is a very nice looking playard with very nice/quality fabrics. If I were only using this as a playard, I would rate it higher, but I paid for the upgrades and they just didn’t deliver.The DIAPER CHANGER is a joke. It is only supported on one side, so once you put your newborn in it, your baby will roll down to the unsupported side. Not safe and makes diaper changes impossible. We stopped using it day two.The DIAPER CADDY is a fitting sidekick for the diaper changer in that it is also a joke. I have no idea what you could put in there that would actually be useful as they compartments are tiny and shallow. We never used ths and found the caddy was just in the way.The BASSINET is very soft and we did use this. The canopy that comes with it just snaps on. This means you can’t fold it back out of the way. We stopped using this day one because it is just a nuisance. My baby loved the vibration on the bassinet, so that was a plus, but it has no auto-off, so if you forget to turn it off you are replacing the D batteries every couple of days. It also shows two vibration settings, but we could not really tell the difference between the two… it was all or nothing. The bassinet is removable and we used it outside of the playard a few times. It’s a nice feature to have overall.The PLAYARD itself is a typical Graco playard. I did not purchase a higher-end one because of the added features this offered (regret that now). There are playards that are much easier to set up and take down and that take up less space once folded. I wish I would have purchased one of those instead, but this playard is probably a good fit for most families (as long as you don’t plan on traveling with it very often).

Staci Nuevo, CA

This is pretty great

This pack and play is very versatile. My baby used the napper as his bassinett for his first couple of months in my bedroom. He loved the naper and still takes naps in it occassionally. There is a vibration button with high and low and the cover is washable. We do go through a lot of batteries, size D for the vibration. The changing table is also a very handy feature, although we have had problems with the changing table not being level. This pack n play is bigger than the standard pack n plays. I also found the music and light a great asset, when my baby was by my bed I could use the night light when I got up at night and the music and nature sounds were very soothing to him.

Toni Rand, CO

Very useful mixed review

This plug and play is great for our new born, but the best is the baby seat that attaches to the play yard,My new born sleeps for hours on it. The bassinet level is very hard you wold need a mattress that fits and it’s soft (there are some on amazon that are not soft at all check reviews fist before purchasing)I haven’t use the changing pad, and I think more storage may be very useful. Assembly is not quite easy takes time and the buttons are very hard to push to get to fold it.

Anita Goodland, IN

Easy to install – satisfied

I just received and installed the thing. We haven’t used that yet as the baby is not here yet but the product looks strong and easy to install. Its worth the value as compared to the price in stores like babiesrus etc. Moreover there was a price reduction on the item after i had made the purchase (within next two days). The customer care rep immediately refunded me the money when I notified.

Charlotte Lebam, WA

Love it!

I absolutely love the design, and reviews of this product. I am 6 months pregnant and while I have not yet used it to be able to speak to its capabilities, just from the design and function of the product, this one blows its competitors out of the water. Not to mention, it is a great pattern and can be used for a boy or girl! Worth the little extra $$ to buy this cute print 🙂

Lynn Hardburly, KY


I wanted this one to get us through the first 8 weeks. The cuddle cove rocker is perfect for toting baby from room to room when you are trying to get stuff done. And the changing table is great b/c you don’t have to leave the room for those many changes that come in the first few months. I really wish the storage was bigger on the side. Other Pack ‘N Plays had nicer storage, but I bought a little caddy that I keep next to it. Still giving it 5 stars. I’m sure it will work just as well when the baby gets bigger and uses it as a play yard type set up.

Raquel Gilbertville, MA

Nearly perfect

There really isn’t much this set doesn’t have. You can read other reviews for the specs. The various items, options, features, and functions are wonderful. It’s very clear a ton of thought, research, and understanding went into this product’s design. The rocking seat, changing table, and bassinet quickly become obsolete, but that’s just picking nits since they are relatively fine products.Two vastly underrepresented features are the storage & portability. I couldn’t be happier with how easy it is to pack up this playpen and go. The entire play area folds in on itself into a small rectangular shape. All rods and nets fit perfectly within the same frame. The bassinet pad folds perfectly into a rectangular shape that encompasses the entire playpen. The entire thing slides perfectly into the carrying bag. Make no mistake; this is not one of those designs where “perfect fit” is synonymous with “requires the same strength necessary to pull a stubborn mule through a doorway.” It’s snug, but easy to insert because there is a zipper that fits to perfect.So, how do you carry this entire thing? Well lookie there, what does the outside of the bassinet pad have? A sturdy, fabric handle? How does that help…’int. Oh, yes, they did. The carrying bag has a perfect hold for the handle to pop through just to the end of where the zipper finishes. Then the entire thing fits in a snug rectangle that can be stowed away into the dark recesses of a closet or under a bed. Design perfection.I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the safety and ingenious SafeLatch Technology, something of which I’m reminded every time I put the playpen up or take it down. The SafeLatch requires the proper sequence for it to work, and the locking system is rigid enough to withstand significant pressure. To undo it’s as simple as pushing a sturdy button. Even if some sort of Hercules toddler were able to push the button hard enough (unlikely), the playpen folds in on itself from the bottom. It’s like standing on a book and trying to read page 50. Not gonna happen.Virtually zero complaints here. Great product.

Marva Waynesboro, GA

Easy to Assemble

Haven’t use this for the baby yet as I am due next week. but I love this! I was able to assemble it myself being my husband is currently deployed. It is so cute, and very neutral.

Cleo Bonham, TX

Sturdy, easy

This is easy to assemble (took me about 45 minutes) and very sturdy. The rocking seat has a neat vibration feature that my nephew found very soothing. Out of all the sound options, he liked the nature sounds the best. It’s pretty *and* functional, which seems hard to find in baby products.My favorite part about this pack n’ play is that it’s simple to switch out the accessories and not insanely heavy to lug around.

Phoebe Simsbury, CT

Good pack n play

I love this pack n play. Its really cute, sturdy and durable. The little cuddle cove is awesome and the changing table is plenty big and has a nice area on the side for diapers and accessories. The instructions to set it up were completely backwards and complicated though. It told you how to put the pack n play together, and then it told you how to put the cuddle cove, changer, music etc. together, but you had to take things apart in order to do the second part…they should have switched that around so you didnt have to take things apart that it told you to put together. We put it together in our living room and when I went to put it in the baby’s room, it wouldnt fit through the door! That was definately frustrating that they would make it just a smidge too wide to fit through a doorway, so again I had to somewhat disassemble it to get it through the doorway. Overall it is a great pack n play, and high quality. Satisfied customer.I have had this pack n play for 8 months now. The changing station is useless. I could never use it-they should have used stroner material so that it wouldn’t bend to one side when you put your baby on it, and no my baby was not big at all..6lbs. So its not a good quality changing table at all. I did use the music maker and the night light it had on it. She slept at our bedside for 5-6 months and I never had to change the batteries. When I had to assemble and dissasemble the pack n play I would put the center down first and then try to assemble the sides last…do not do that! It is impossible and very frustrating. My hausband finally figured it out to assemble the sides first and then the center last, and it is a breeze to put together! When you disassemble pull center out first then take down sides. I dont know why I ever though to do it the other way. I am very happy with this pack n play still! I must warn though that if you are looking for a light-weight pack n play this one is not for you. It is also quite bulky too, when you “pack” up the pack n play the mat does not fit in the bag which i think is a pretty dumb design, but that doesn’t bug me too much anymore considering i lost the bloody bag. Go figure!

Mandy Alcalde, NM

LOVE IT 100%

perfect beyond words pack n play!!! We looked through 100s of pack n plays online and at stores, and finally decided on this one.. I love EVERYTHING about this pack n play!! The infant napper/rocker seat is an absolute god send!! The vibrations put babies RIGHT to sleep 😀 and the convience of the changing table add on is amazing!! My only complaint would be that for some reason ours did not include assembly instructions… If I had been a single mom.. I would have needed to call in the help of a experienced man-builder lol but in general… Everything goes together quite easily and is super fast to break down and pack back up! I am giving it 5 stars because Im sure it was a factory fault that we didn’t get the instructions and does not depreciate the value of such an awesome pack n play!

Bethany Beachwood, OH


My friend was/is happy w/ the pack n play. It wasn’t for me, it was a gift. Great product! Great experience at

Jeannie Moclips, WA


I love the colors, and having a playpen around with a baby is very convenient. However, the changing station, is not very sturdy. My son is almost 3 months old now, but since before he was 2 months old the changing station began to dip a little when placing him in it. He only weighed 10 pounds at the time when he started weighing it down. My guess is that I won’t be able to use it at all in the next month or so because of the issue.It has a light which was fantastic for the first few weeks when he roomed in with us. Not having to turn on my bright bedroom light at night saved me some time because he didn’t fully wake up.I haven’t really used the newborn napper, but it looks comfy.

Jessie Columbia, KY

Great play yard!

We have the winslet and it is just as the picture looks, beautiful! I have no complaints about this play yard, our daughter loves it, it looks great, it has the the things you need. Will be using for our next children and would recommend to everyone!

Gwendolyn Ovid, CO

This is a Godsend

Portable bassinet= extra 3-4 hours parents get to nap while child is in there.Changing station= no poop all over the bed.Pack n Play= solid bassinet for baby to sleep at night. It’s easy to assemble, we carry it whenever we travel but we don’t bring the changing station as that’s not foldable. Overall, it’s great when you have a small place and want to delay buying a huge crib.

Bobbi Hamilton, IA

easily put together

I bought this for my daughter who will be born on Jan 1st 2014. I set it up easily with little frustration. Lol. I bought because of the cradle that’s removable. That part I like a lot. So we can take her to the dining room, living room or wherever we want while she sleeps. And the fact it sits atop so we can see her from the bed while we try and sleeps makes it great. The vibration system is extremely loud. But I doubt I’ll use that anyway. It needs to have a more secure and tighter tie down. We haven’t used it yet, but when we do I’ll ad more. These types of cradle, bassinet, cribs are expensive for people on a budget. This one was the best priced and ratted on our budget. So I hope it works out well….. If the vibration unit was quieter when installed I would’ve.given 5 stars.

Kim Montpelier, MS

Ready to use

I love this pack ‘n play! It is very well constructed and I consider the changer and rocker bonuses. We haven’t used it yet – but we look forward to enjoying its features

Odessa Catawba, NC

Used everyday for 7 months

A true testament to how much we liked this! We knew we would be moving overseas so we opted to not buy a traditional crib, but use this until we were settled. I loved every part of it, and would buy this exact same one over and over!Changing station- we used this for the first 2 months while he was sleeping in the rocking seat at night. It was so awesome to have everything right there all together.Cuddle Cove Seat- LOVED this for so many reasons. 1) The vibration could be used on it and that instantly soothed our son. He slept in this seat for every nap and night until he was about 2 months. 2) It can be removed! Genius. We didn’t have to buy ANOTHER piece of baby equipment because this was already there. I could just pop it out and take it wherever I needed to go. We even took it on a few road trips when he was really small.Bassinet- again, the vibration connected to it so it was awesome. He slept in this until we caught him pulling up on the side, then it was down to the lower part he went!Overall I would highly recommend this pack n play to anyone! Ours had so much use- every nap/nighttime for 7 months, multiple plane trips/road trips, and countless set ups/tear downs and still looks great!

Mary Elrama, PA

great for in home use only

Nice pack and play if you don’t need to move it or take it apart very often. It’s heavy and kind of a pain trying to get all the pieces to fit in the bag. It has worked for us because we haven’t had to move it a lot. Would recommend as a leave in your home item but if you do a lot of traveling, you may want to go smaller, lighter and less pieces.

Josefina Morris Run, PA

Good and bad

The playpen is definitely good quality (compared to others out there). However, the two top parts, the rocker and changer, are not suitable for children after 14 pounds. My child is already 15 pounds, doesn’t fit in the rocker, and pushes the changer too far down; I had to remove it. All in all, a good product.

Jamie Tabor, SD

Havyn’s bed

Love it love it , the colors are pretty ! Went together real easy . Love the three pieces , you can leave them on or take each one off ! Thank you again

Jasmin Linville, VA

I love

I love. Worth it for the price, comes with everything a baby needs, it is worth, I highly recommend it.

Reyna Franktown, VA

Many uses

We really like the bassinet it has although the awning over it doesn’t stay very well. We have the bassinet next to our bed on the floor and our little one sleeps very well in it. We don’t use the changing table in it so I won’t comment on that portion. The play pen portion seems sturdy. WARNING: READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PUTTING TOGETHER!! I read the first portion of the instructions and began putting it together not realizing I would have to take it all apart to use it for a newborn. It is difficult to snap the mat into place when using it as a play pen. Other than that, it will be greatly used!

Pamela Collinsville, VA


I really liked the damask design on this pack n play which is primarily why I bought it. I also liked the changing seat for the downstairs level of our home. The little cuddle cove seat is cute, but we didn’t get much use out of it since we have a swing and moses basket and held our newborn most of the time. The changing seat also didn’t see much use because it seems to not hold weight as well after baby hits about 12-13 lbs. It seemed to sag and I didn’t feel safe changing her in it from then on. It should really have more than just two posts to secure it and make it more sturdy. The changing accessories also are not very easy to travel with as they don’t fit well into the folded up pack n play. Overall, I like this design and would purchase it again if I could choose over again.

Ladonna Tower, MI

Everything I need

This really does do it all. Great product and looks nice too. Very easy to assemble. This product is black and cream, not black and white as it looks in some pictures.

Keisha Hackensack, NJ

Exactly what we needed and were looking for!

We love this!!

Brittney Henderson, MN

Used this as a crib

I love that it’s lightweight and so compact. I used it as a crib for my baby, not because of money, just because I prefer it to the conventional wood crib. I’ll buy a toddler IKEA bed when outgrows this. You can just buy the basic pack-n-play and skip the extras like the napper and diaper changing station. You have to take them out to use the pack-n-play anyway.

Beverly Macedonia, IA