Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Smart Stations, Sapphire

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Smart Stations, Sapphire

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Smart Stations – Sapphire The Graco Pack ‘n Play Smart Stations is playard convenience at its best, allowing you to keep baby clean and comfy anywhere in your home. The unique portable changing station and the portable travel bed can be used in and out of the playard, so you can keep baby close, comfy and clean no matter what room you’re in. The roomy storage will help keep you organized, while the songs, sounds and bassinet vibration will keep baby soothed and relaxed. With so many convenience features, the Graco Pack ‘n Play Smart Stations is the ultimate in care for your baby. Features: Portable changing station can be used in or out of the playard, for easy diaper changes in any room Integrated changer storage can hold diapers, wipes and other essentials, so you have what you need at your fingertips Portable travel bed gives baby a nap spot in any room, so you can keep baby close around the house Roomy storage organizer with a removable hamper keeps clothes and diapers organized Music and nature sounds keep baby content, while two-speed vibration soothes and relaxes Manufacturer Recommended Weight/Height Limits: Bassinet: Up to 15 pounds Changer: Up to 30 pounds Playard: Up to 35 inches, unable to climb out Product Dimensions: 35 x 46 x 34 inches

Main features

  • Fabric, Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Portable changing station can be used in or out of the playard, for easy diaper changes in any room
  • Integrated changer storage can hold diapers, wipes and other essentials, so you have what you need at your fingertips
  • Portable travel bed gives baby a nap spot in any room, so you can keep baby close around the house
  • Roomy storage organizer with a removable hamper keeps clothes and diapers organized
  • Music and nature sounds keep baby content, while two-speed vibration soothes and relaxes

Verified reviews


It’s okay, not ideal

This is my 3rd playard in 8 years, and my least favorite; all Graco brands.What I don’t like about this product:-The changer. It doesn’t fold up when not in use. Yes, it actually comes off, but what is the purpose of this? Where am I going to store it when the baby is in the playard? It is just awkward for my baby to be in the bottom of the playard with the changer attached because it takes up 1/2 of the top of the playard.-The storage for diapers/wipes/baby necessities next to the changer. It’s nice to have a place for these items, however, the diaper storage bins stick out too far for side diaper changes. With the changer attached to the playard, you have to change your baby with his/her legs pointing toward you. Again, it’s awkward. Also, there is a specific storage for wipes. I have refillable wipes and the package is too large to fit into this compartment. I tried to put travel size wipes into the container, but the flip top lid would have to be removed. Therefore, I found the wipes compartment to be useless.-There is approximately a 1 inch gap between the mat and the side of the playard when the playard is fully assembled and the mat is at the bottom. (I’m not sure if this is a safety issue, but it raises a red flag with me. I don’t feel as if there should be any type of a gap. In my opinion, the mat should fit into the playard snugly.)I am ambivalent about the travel bed. At first, I thought it was a really great option for traveling, but my now 16 pound, 8 month old baby is too big for it. I’m not sure I would move it around the house with me while my child slept in it as a newborn. Neither of my two boys slept soundly to the point if I moved them they wouldn’t wake-up. Furthermore, I wouldn’t use it next to the bed on the floor as a bassinet, especially during those first months of middle-of-the-night grogginess. And, it’s too big to put into the bed as a co-sleeper.I think this item is fairly functional as a playard without the diaper changer attached. I wish it had wheels on one side for easy moving. I like the stylish pattern and colors. Also, I feel as if the mobile is an afterthought and not really functional. It falls off easily. The stars are attached with velcro and easy to pull off; it was fun entertainment for my 8 month old for a few moments, but I don’t think it is something that would keep a newborns gaze or interest.I wish the travel bed would fold out at the mid-point of the playard for babies that are larger, but cannot sit and pull themselves up.Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this playard again. There are more functional playards available. (You can view the two playards that I prefer at this time in the comments section. Typically, I do not like to compare products in my reviews because new products are always coming onto the market, therefore my opinions of “better products” can always change.)

Blanche Alpine, NY

Better than the pack n play I paid for

I own an (expensive) pack n play – which I have previously reviewed. We actually still use the play yard and changing station, although my son has outgrown the bassinet portion. My original pack n play is kept at my parents’ house and I set this one up in our office upstairs. I actually like this one much better than the one I paid for. It takes up less space (the one we have tends to flare out on the top), the changing station seems to be higher and sturdier than my previous one, there’s a storage section for stuff – which my other one did NOT have, and I like the removable bassinet this one had (which was the only thing I liked about my previous one). All in all – when the next baby comes, this is the one I am going to use….. much better investment than my old one.

Jenny Bunn, NC

Sturdy playard, beautiful colors

This is a very nice and practical playard/changing station. It sturdy, it weighs almost 40 pounds in the box. The colors are really pretty and very true to what my computer screen shows – the sapphire is sharp and classy.The playard itself has standard dimensions: ~40"H x 52"W x 32"L. It is not difficult to assemble – no tools are required except to install batteries in electronic devices. The instructions are easy to follow.I really like the portable changer. It is sturdy and can be set anywhere else around the house. I can easily put it on top of a chest of drawers and it won’t wiggle. Dimensions on the changer are: ~ 6"H x 22"W x 29"L.A very good feature is the travel bed since it stands on its own (not commonly found in other playards) It is on the small side though (9.5”H x 23"W x 27"L) and the padding on the bottom is a bit thin.There is more information on the description of the product so I will just add:- Bassinet max weight: 15 lbs.- Changer max weight: 30 lbs- Playard: children under 35” tall and 30 lbs max.Nice item from Graco. Please read other reviews and description of item before considering purchasing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to help.

Ruthie Egegik, AK

It has multiple uses

Features and Pros:1) Sapphire color of the playard is very attractive.The frame looks stylish and sophisticated. Ii is easy to assemble.2) It has a changing station where my baby’s diapers can be changed with ease. It can be used for babies below 30 lbs.3) The storage organizer is huge and can accommodate lots of diapers, wipes and change clothes.4) There is also a removable hamper to collect baby’s clothes for the washing later. There are extra compartments for more changes of clothes, wipes and diapers.5) Portable travel bed becomes compact so that you can carry it anywhere on the go.It also comes with a convenient carry bag for packing it.7) It has airy mesh on all sides and gives good ventilation to my baby, keeping him comfortable.8) There are music and nature sounds to calm and soothe the baby and make him fall asleep. There is a built-in timer, which sets the sounds and lights for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, so that one does not need to drain out the batteries when not in use.9) Overhead toy bar with brightly colored detachable toys keeps my baby entertained.11) The "look light" is very dim and lets one watch the baby while he is asleep without disturbing him.r12) It would eventually convert into a playard when my little one starts crawling. It can be used till the baby reaches 35 inches or is unable to climb out.

Bridgett Westville, SC

Good playard but the raised nap section for infants is not that large

We also own the Graco Pack N Play Cuddle Cove playard and essentially they both work the same way in that they both are collapsible and transportable. They both have a diaper changer attachment and a separate sleeper/rocker which can be moved anywhere away from the Pack N Play. On the Cuddle Cove, it is a rocking bassinet/seat and on this Playard Smart Station it is more of a napping box. However, the big difference between the 2 playards which may sound confusing but essentially there is a raised netting for infants to smaller toddlers. This raised netting raises the level of the sleeping area to make it easier to get the baby in and out without having to bend all the way over to reach into the bottom of the playard. So this is where there is a difference between the 2 playards. Our son is 6 months old now and he does not fit in the napping station which is kind of like a box that fits into a pre-formed space in the raised netting. This is problematic because he is long for his age and no longer fits in the napping basket. And since this playard’s raised netting has some pre-formed pockets the raised netting is not flat across the whole playard so he can’t sleep on the raised netting. However, on the Cuddle Cove playard, the raised netting is totally flat with no preformed pockets so he can sleep flat in that playard on the higher level. I know this is probably confusing but basically now our son when he naps in this Smart Station playard needs to sleep on the bottom part of the playard since he has already outgrown the built in napping station. Overall though, you can’t go wrong with either playards, I just prefer the other Cuddle Cove with the rocking bassinet and the flat raised netting!

Kathleen Birds Landing, CA

Many flaws, expensive, doesn’t pack easily

We have both the regular Pack and Play and this one. For the money, this is not worth it.PROS: The changing table is very handy and has a diaper station. The changing table can be set on the floor and has an easy release. Good looking, good quality finish, looks and feels sturdy.CONS: It takes a LOT of work to figure out the assembly. Instructions are not clear or complete. The "travel bed" is just the infant bed which lifts out. It is difficult to lift out because it has no handles! The infant travel bed has mesh on two ends and through the mesh you can see bare wood. So if that gets dirty, how does it get cleaned off? Seems unsanitary to have unwashable parts. For this to Pack and GO it requires a lot of disassembly, nothing like the original, simply Pack and Play. Not worth taking down and putting up.My advice – stick with the regular Pack and Play. It’s a great bed, easy to assemble, easy to pack, clean and sturdy. This is a waste of good money.

Danielle Bode, IA

Lots of features, very well made

It’s been a couple of decades since I last bought a portable playpen. It was a Graco and well made for the time, but wow have things changed! This playard offers a lot of bells and whistles, although they may not all be useful.Pros:
• Very well made
• Cleans easily
• Folds into a manageable size
• Feels safe and comfortable
• Attached cubbies make it easy to store necessitiesCons:
• Heavy
• Baby quickly outgrows accessory travel bedMy grandbaby needs a safe and comfortable place to sleep or lay down when he’s here, but I don’t have room for a whole nursery. The Graco Pack n Play is portable, so I can store it in the closet and pull it out when I need it. It sets up very quickly, and it’s strong and sturdy. It offers nice features and is a lot more advanced than the old systems.The fabric cleans very easily with a damp cloth. The fabric also feels very durable, yet it’s still soft to touch. The mesh sides are strong, but they let us see the baby very easily from any angle. The included light helps, as well.The unit is very sturdy and durable. I feel like the baby is safe inside, and it appears very comfortable for him. His fingers can’t get pinched, and it doesn’t rock or seem unstable. That’s a big improvement over the old portable playpens.I like the storage cubbies, especially for a unit that will not be sitting out all the time. It’s helpful to have them when they are needed, without the need for other parts laying around.It’s not lightweight, so I would probably have a hard time with it if I needed to pack it up in the back of the car very often. However, it folds up into a manageable size so it will fit into a closet or the trunk just fine. I wish it had wheels that would make it easier to transport.The portable changing station is very nice when placed on top of the unit, so I don’t have to put him on the floor or bend over. That’s a nice feature that older styles didn’t offer. The travel bed has a relatively short life, because it can’t hold a baby larger than 15 pounds. They reach that size in a blink of an eye!Overall, I think this is a wonderful portable playpen. My grandbaby will have a secure and comfortable place to sleep, and it will also be perfect for him to play in when I can’t let him roam later. Some of the features are handy, but some (like the travel bed) seem unnecessary. I’m thrilled to have this, it will make our lives a lot easier and a little nicer for baby, too.

Henrietta Morral, OH