Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Totbloc with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard Totbloc with Carry Bag, Bugs Quilt

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc Playard – Bugs Quilt The Graco Pack ‘n Play TotBloc Portable Playard has an extra-large play space that creates a safe area that your little one will love. It’s 36 x 36 inches, so it can really grow with your child. Plus, it’s loaded with convenience features for parents including a no-fuss set-up that allows you to make it baby-ready in less than a minute! This durable, portable play yard is terrific because its weighs less than 25 lbs. With the convenient carry bag, this travel playard is ready to go anywhere, anytime. Features: Simple to fold Easy to clean Manufacturer Recommended Weight/Height Limits: Up to 35 inches, unable to climb out Product Dimensions: Weight: 25 pounds 38 x 38 x 30.50 inches

Main features

  • Large and roomy 38 by 38 inch square play space for little one to play
  • Sets up and folds in less than a minute for use anywhere and everywhere
  • Durable frame weighs less than 25 pounds and airy mesh on all sides provide maximum ventilation
  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • Easy to clean

Verified reviews


Contains PVC and Fire Retardants!!!!

As soon as I opened the box, I could tell by the VOC’s that this playard was treated with chemicals. I called Graco to confirm that it is indeed treated with fire retardants. In addition, some of the characters on the side panels contain vinyl…like the entire face of the sun is PVC. Why would you let your child play, let alone sleep in this toxic chemical stew. I called Joovy about their Room2 Playard. It’s the same size but quite a bit more expensive. The representative told me it was not treated with fire retardants. Definitely worth it to pay the extra $, knowing my children won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Alejandra West Sayville, NY

My 5 mth old had bleeding toes

Be very careful using this play pen. My baby loves playing without shoes or socks on. He was plaing in the play pen wiggling his legs against the walls of the play pen. Apparently the walls in the play pen are made from a very rough netting and scrubbed the skin off my babies toes. At first I couldn’t understand why he had blood on his toes but then we noticed blood lines on the white netting. From now on he is only allowed to play inside when his shoes are on.

Lacy Sparkill, NY

. . . it is the true pack n play

I read all the reviews on the pack and plays and found that the reviews on this one were all great. I do not have a child but I watch my nephew very frequently (every other weekend). I wanted something that could be both a place to sleep and a place to play. With its bright colors and toys built in my nephews face turned to smiles. He is so comfortable that when he is done playing and tired he will put his head down to sleep. He loves the rattle butterfly and the crinkle butterfly. He plays with the toys on the pack n play more then the toys in the pack in play. Set up was a breeze. Before buying this pack n play we borrowed my brothers. What a pain to put together and take apart. Sometimes all the sides did not lock and you had to start all over. And take down, you prayed before you start that all the pieces snap apart and it will take you less then 20 minutes. With this pack n play it takes a minute, parts snap and unsnap quickly it is the true pack n play. The bag is a little cheaply made then other bags I’ve seen but fits perfectly. The padding on the bottom of the pack n play is thicker then others I have seen. It is larger then other pack n plays so you will have a hard time finding bedding and sheets that fit it properly.

Sherrie Wattsburg, PA

Bright Colors and Interactive Toys Make the Difference

Graco Tot Block with Bugs is a pack and play that features figures of bugs on each of the sides for added fun. Kids enjoy playing with the bugs and each offers something slightly different. The bee has its two wings extended inside of the playpen and the wings make a rattling noise when moved. The butterfly’s wings are also extended inside the playpen and they offer the sound of paper being crinkled. The ladybug has a squeak toy inside its body to create its own unique sound and the sun has a mirror for a child’s enjoyment. Each offers its own type of stimulation and since they are built in, they are always there. There is no need to worry that the toys will be lost.Besides the toys, the other reason kid’s love the Graco Tot Block with Bugs is for its bright colors. Most playpens are dark blue or dark green in color and offer nothing that is visually appealing. This pack and play, however, offers combinations of bright yellow, green, red, and blue. Babies seem more entranced with this playpen than with the plain colored playpens. They like looking at the bright colors and playing with the interactive, built- in toys on the sides of the playpen.Like other pack and plays, Graco Tot Block folds up for easy storage. You need to remove the pad from the inside before you fold the unit because the pad acts as a cover for the rest of the playpen. Once you have the playpen folded, it slips inside of the pad using Velcro straps to secure it in place. Once the pad has been wrapped, the entire unit then slips into a plastic bag with a zipper to keep it shut. This is simple enough, but I have noticed that this pack and play weighs a little more than others and it is also a little more awkward to remove and set up. It helps to have a second person to open it up and prepare it for use. But this is only a minor inconvenience because it can still be set up with little effort.With all of the stimulation offered with this playpen, there is one possible disadvantage: It could keep your child from falling asleep. If your goal for buying this playpen is strictly to have a place for your youngster to play, then the added stimulation will be an asset. But if you want to place your child in the playpen for a quick nap, you might have some difficulty due to the attention- grabbing colors and interactive toys. These toys cannot be removed from the walls of the playpen so they could definitely create a distraction that could prevent some kids from falling asleep.Graco recommends this playpen for smaller kids up to approximately two years of age. If your child is older, then you should not use this playpen because he/she might be able to climb out. Most kids age two or under, however, will be small enough to use this playpen. Also, even though there is no defined limit for the number of kids who can play inside this device, I think it should be limited to two. Any more than two and the kids will begin to get frustrated with the constant bumping into each other.Overall, this is a very good pack and play from Graco and it ranks among my child’s favorite playpens. The colors and interactive, built in toys make it a favorite among all kids and while it does weigh a little more than other pack and plays and does require more effort to unpack and set up, it still makes a good choice for parents of small children. The interactive toys can’t get lost and the unit’s bright colors make it appealing to children and adults alike.

Patty Pitcairn, PA

Weight limits not on website but only in the packaging!

We were quite excited to find this product – thought it was like the type of playpen from 20 years ago to use for a child. There was no weight limit and the only height limit on the website was when the child was big enough to climb out – from both Amazon and from Graco, so it was perfect for our larger baby.Lots of disappointment when the package was opened and we discovered that is has the same limits (in the owner’s manual) as the regular pack-n-play. Between when I ordered in and when it was delivered, the words PACK ‘N PLAY were actually added to the title of it.Luckily, Amazon seems to be pretty good about taking it back, but we are quite disappointed.

Ramona Lunenburg, VA

It is huge!

We had to return this item because it was so big when opened. There simply isn’t enough space in an NYC apartment to fit such a large pack and play.Otherwise, it is a nice play yard with appealing colors that our daughter seemed to like.

Noreen Hambleton, WV

Decent Baby Containment Unit

If I ever have to contain a potential bio-hazard, this is what I use. Quick to set up and easy to put away or take with you, this little baby has enough room to give your baby some play space in the middle of the most hazardous locations.

Pearlie Bloomingdale, NJ

I love it, baby tolerates it.

I think this playpen is great; it’s spacious, sturdy, and colorful. My 10 month old thinks it’s a prison. She will tolerate it for about 10-15 minutes at a time, which is fine because it buys me some time where I don’t have to worry about her safety. I first introduced her to the playpen when she was about 7 months old. I think she found all of the characters at the bottom to be frightening, but she was fine after I put the sheet on. I’d hoped she’d grow to spend more time in the playpen, but tolerates it less and less as she becomes more mobile.

Marjorie Schaefferstown, PA

Good for play, Not for sleep

This is a great for play. I really like the built-in toys and bright colors.However, I bought it for our vacation as a place to play and sleep. Unfortunately, the pad is somewhat uncomfortable and the sheets (must be purchased from company other than Graco) cause the pad to be a little lumpy. My daughter would also wake up and want to play with the toys in the middle of the night and then had a hard time going back to sleep.Although I love the size of it, it is quite awkward to move around when open since it is heavy and large.Still worthy of 4 stars since it does what is says it will do. I am happy with it.

Delia Vesuvius, VA

I’ve ordered two of these

As the mother of six grown children, I realize the importance of a playpen when babies start to explore their environment…we can’t watch them every moment. I am now a grandmother who babysits for my daughter. I ordered this to use at my own home, and have had such a good experience with it that I ordered a second one for her to use at her house. The color is vibrant for lots of visual stimulation. The playpen is also a good size. Take it from this grandmother that this is definitely the best. 5 stars*****

Jackie Oakland, MI

Yes! What everyone else said!

Completely amazing play pen. Eazy to pack up and great for playing! We love the toys on the sides and the cool colors. It is a great size too.The only improvement I could even imagine would be more padding on the pad.

Josie Isle Au Haut, ME

Great great great!

Good size (36 x 36), durable, sturdy. Colorful and the little bugs on the mesh wall are a great interactive addition; that’s a plus plus for me and the over riding reason why we got this specific playpen.

Kelsey Renick, WV

Perfectly Great!

How FUN and AWESOME!!! Got this for my grandson and still can’t get over how bright and playful this is. Even I want to get in it and play! The built in activities on the side are the best. The squeaker is a bit hard to press and sure you will have to do for baby…but the other toys are super! It was so so so simple to put up!!! Love the bigger size, while not being overwhelming…those smaller play yards just are too small to be used when you need them most…

Rosanna Altamont, MO

Very Pleased With This Product

I am so happy with this play yard. When I put my four month old down inside it he looked around then looked up at me and smiled, I kid you not. The only complaint I have is that the description here on Amazon says that the play yard is 38×38. However when the box arrived it indicated that it is only 36X36, still plenty of space though. I only paid $49.00 because I have the Amazon credit card and get reward certificates to use towards products, so between that and the free shipping I got a GREAT BUY for a GREAT PRODUCT. Thank you Amazon and Graco!

Blanche Kinsman, IL

Great Pack ‘n Play

I bought it for my 4 month old son and he loves it. I had doubts regarding the big size but it has turned out the best of this because I feel I have him free but secure at the same time. Colors and decoration are fun and keeps my baby busy and happy.

Paulette Camden, WV

Very nice playpen

I bought one for my God child who is 6mths old and she loves it. I couldn’t be happier;

Maritza Round O, SC

I Love This Playpen

I bought this playpen to use at my house when I babysit the grandkids. My 10 mo old grandson seems to like to play in it. It will keep him entertained for about 30 mins, which is enough to get dinner started or take care of his older brother. It’s really colorful and large and I like the toys on the netting. He sleeps well in it too. Just a great playpen.

Gena Gregory, AR


I came across this pack n play in Amazon after searching everywhere for a Pack N Play that would last my baby for at least the first year.Everything I saw at Babies R Us was too small, so I decided to take a chance on this one. I was extremely pleased when I received it.It came already assembled, looks beautiful and is big and very durable. Can’t beat that.I hightly recommend it.

Karen Cannon Ball, ND

Great playard, colorful, baby loves it

I did some research before buying this playard and I am very happy i did. It is the most colorful out there, easy to assemble and travel with. My baby is very particular, but she loves this playard. It may to be obvious at first, but each of the walls has a bug with some functions. for instance, the butterfly has wings that have foil inside to make squishing sound when you touch the,m. The other bug, when squeezed, makes a sound, the third one, has rattles in its wings, and finally, the sun is a mirror (not a great one though). Given its price and the fact that it is being discontinued, I highly recommend getting one before they are off the market.

Krystal Willow, NY

Great playpen!

I finally had to break down and replace my 9yr old playpen (that has been used by 4 children). I was happy to find that Graco made a square playpen, not only the smaller rectangular Pack N Play. It arrived today and my daughter loves the bugs and the soft playmat. I’m happy that it folds up for travel and storage. Amazon had the best price as well.

Tabitha Mishawaka, IN

Grandbaby approved

I give this a 5 start plus.My 6 month old Grandbaby was put in this playpen yesterday for his first time. It was obvious he really liked it by the big smiles and how his mind was preoccupied with the play items on the sides and bottom. It was a difficult first baby shots day and he was hurting on both legs. The graphics and sides toys kept him more focused on fun & he was able to get some temporary relief. I know as he feels better he is going to enjoy his new & safe play space even more.Thank you Amazon for this colorful playpen choice at the lowest price and your excellent service. I’ll positively be back.

Rosanne Hamill, SD

Cute and functional

I had a rectangular GRACO before, with all the bells and whistles, which I returned because the changing table couldn’t hold the baby’s weight. I bought this one and I am very happy. Baby is safe, has a lot of room to rollover and she loves to look at th bugs. It is just harder to find sheets but you can find them here at amazon. Easy to set up. I just wish it had wheels to move around the house.

Hattie Martinsville, IN

Bright and secure!

I have a standard Graco pack and play that does not have much room. I bought this pack in play several months ago because of the bright colors. I love how much room it has compared to the standard size pack and plays.Like the other pack and plays this is easy to fold up and store against the wall. I hav to do so every night since I live in a smaller house and have a cat that might like to jump in it while we are sleeping and make it his new nap spot.The colors are vibrant and have kept my now 13 month old interested and intrigued. She loves to play with the butterfly wings and hit the squeaky toy. It is a generous size without taking up too much room on the floor. I like that there is more space for kids and their toys. She has fallen asleep in it many times.Not recommended but I have sat in it with her and it is very sturdy, It is very level. I have had this for about 9 months now and it still looks like new. I think for the size it is highly recommended. I trust the Graco name too.

Maureen Lynden, WA

huge but baby doesn’t like it

I have this playpen for about a month now but is still never used by my 6 month old baby. He cries whenever I put him in. I like it because it is huge and cute. What I do not like is that it lacks cushion. It is hard, not soft that I’m afraid when my baby rolls over, e would hurt himself. I am waiting for my baby to grow up a little more, may be he’ll like it when he is already able to stand. I hope he would.

Eliza Athens, OH

Big & Bright

I love this nice, big playpen. Lots of room to practice/learn crawling. Lots of things to look at: primary colors and geometric shapes and things on the side to play with. Mat wipes clean and doesn’t absorb fluids (pee, drool, drinks; you just wipe them up, don’t need to wait for mat to dry or anything). It’s very sturdy and easy to put together AND the latches latch very easily. I think it’s rated up to 30lbs (or when the child can climb out, of course).Potential drawbacks:-Takes up lots of floor space (worth it to me for the extra crawling room).-It has built in noise-making toys on walls: a crinkle wing butterfly & a rattle bumblebee. Neither are very loud, but still, they aren’t detachable & might bother some people. It also has a louder squeaky toy built into the ladybug on one side but I don’t think a child could squeak it on their own; in fact my preschooler knows how and isn’t strong enough to compress it enough to produce a squeak. It has to be squeezed from both sides–so maybe if the ladybug was up against a wall the child could press the ladybug into the wall and squeak it, but that’s easily solved by putting the ladybug facing out.-Mirror is up too high to be seen by a baby until the child can sit up on their own.-Once it’s assembled it’s not simple to move. Apart from the four corner feet, there are four support feet (for a total of 8 feet) and no wheels on any of them. (But many of the wheeled playpens are so difficult to navigate that you don’t move them much either.)-It’s surprising how MUCH it stands out in a regular room–so big and so brightly colorful, it is not going to blend in to most adult decor AT ALL. I think it also comes in black, though. The black one may not have the noise-making built-ins, I’m not sure.None of the potential drawbacks bothered me much, but they were a bit of a surprise. I’m still very happy–it’s easy to assemble and is one of the bigger portable playpens available. As a bonus it comes in a large box AKA “toy” for other youngsters. ;-)UPDATE: We’ve been using it for 6 months now and LOVE IT! We have an always moving one year old baby. The high walls keep him from climbing out, the extra supporting legs handle it when he jumps, falls or flops down with all his might. The built in toys on the walls are still in great shape (I’m still the only one who can make the ladybug squeak). It is just so nice to have a play pen big enough for him to actually PLAY in.

Edith Watertown, NY

Best pack n’ play!

I love this pack n’ play. I bought my son the pack n’ play in rise n’ shine with a bassinet. What a waste. This is the best pack n’ play. My mom bought one for her house and after I saw how much my son liked it I immediately went out and bought one for myself. He loves the stuff on the sides and stares at the bright colors. Also, it is a lot bigger than most of the other pack n’ plays and will come in really handy for holding toys when my son gets a little older. I definitely recommend this.

Fannie Marcus, IA

so glad I found it!

I’m a grandma and this is the shape of playpen that was in use when my children were babies except that they were a bit larger (about 42″ square play area vs the current 36″ square play area). I find this shape to be less confining than the usual playpens now available that are basically the same thing as putting the baby in a bed.Playpens weren’t this cute back then, but every bit as handy. It is not only a perfectly safe and controlled area in which babies can learn to play and quietly make sense of their world, but it provides great peace of mind for parents and grandparents to be able to put the baby down in a safe place while talking on the phone or doing something that does not allow for hands-on and undivided supervision. This unit is well built, stable, portable, and easy to fold (once you get the hang of it, it’s not exactly intuitive).How could it be better? I would like the padding to be a little bit thicker, I would like the play area to be a little bit larger (so two babies could play there comfortably, like in the “old” days), and I would like a removable and washable cover to the pad instead of having to make my own.But, this review is based on it being the best that is available now and it living up fully to the product description.

Francesca Powderly, KY

Easy to set up and use

I ordered this for our 4 month old son and when it arrived I opened it up myself and didnt read the directions at first I got frustrated since I couldnt get it together then read them and voila it took me and a freind about 3 minutes to set it up! Our son is past the stage where he will stay put in a floor bouncy chair so he loves the freedom of lying in this stretching out,and kicking. We loved it so much we ordered one for my mother in law so she can have in her house when he comes to visit. He also takes naps in it, we are hoping to travel with a smaller version of this pack and play soon…will let you know how that works out.

Michelle Temple, GA

Baby’s Best Playard!

I recently bought this for my 8 month old daughter after researching a lot of playpens online and talking to several of my mommy friends. This exceeded my expectations for a travel crib.This is the perfect balance between being spacious enough for an active tot without taking up your entire living room. I like that it is self contained (i.e. has a base that sits above the floor) and that it has some built-in toys. It also is very easy to fold and unfold. We bought a Graco Travel Lite portacrib for my daughter when she was three months old for traveling with and while it was great when we could use it as a bassinet, as soon as we put her down in the crib section she HATED it (tough “mattress”, very small – but exceptionally light <20 lbs).We usually stay somewhere that has a crib, but if we took a car trip I would definitely bring this with both for sleeping and playing.I agree with the other reviewers that I wish this came with a sheet (or that Graco even made a sheet for this). That being said, it only took me about 10 minutes to make a fitted sheet for this on my sewing machine (it looks something like a large European pillow case).

Isabelle Justin, TX

Just what I wanted!

I researched what I wanted in the way of a fun playpen for when my grandchildren visit. This is the one I chose, easy up and easy down and easy to put away, plus being fun for them is an added bonus. Thanks!

Annabelle Carlton, AL