Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet in Rise and Shine

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet in Rise and Shine

Perfect for traveling, this mesh-sided Pack ‘N Play Playard sets up in less than a minute. We’re sure that the Pack ‘N Play Playard will quickly become one of you and your baby’s favorite Graco products. This Pack ‘N Play Playard comes with a full-size bassinet, a great place for infants up to 15 lbs to nap peacefully and toy bar to amuse them. The folding feet and wheels make this Pack ‘N Play Playard easy to carry as well as give it a more compact fold. A convenient travel bag is also included – just fold the Pack ‘N Play Playard, stow it in the bag, and you and your little one are off to see the world. Features: Full-size removable bassinet for naptime anytime Folding feet for more compact fold Toybar with removable soft toys provides entertainment Push-button fold makes folding easy Wheels for better mobility in the home Mesh on four sides improves ventilation Easy to store and transport in handy carry bag If unit gets sandy, carefully remove sand from all surfaces before packing into bag. Sand may damage top rail lock. Clean with household soap and warm water. Drip dry. NO BLEACH. Machine wash carry bag in lukewarm water. Recommended Use: For use by children unable to climb out, less than 35″ tall. Bassinet for use by children less than 15 lbs. Dimensions: 39.9″L x 28.3″W x 9″H Weight: 21.1 lbs.

Main features

  • Playard with bassinet sets up in less than 1 minute
  • Full-size bassinet allows infants up to 15 pounds to nap at any time
  • Mesh on all 4 sides improves ventilation
  • Includes convenient travel bag
  • Holds children up to 35 inches tall and 30 pounds

Verified reviews


good product

My husband and I purchased this PnP to use in our bedroom till our baby is old enough to sleep in his room. I researched alot of different PnP and I found that all the ones that had all the extra accessories like changing table or napper all had issues or complaints. I settled with getting a simpler version and so far Im very happy. It took us less then 10 min to set up the whole thing. Its very sturdy amd really cute. After adding a fitted quilted blanket sheet on it it seems very comfortable.

Mable Nachusa, IL


We aren’t positive if we want our baby to sleep with us for the first little while, which is why we got this pack n play with the built in bassinet. We don’t need a full changing table or any of the other bells and whistles the more expensive pack n plays come with, so this was just what we needed. It’s small enough to fit through our doors and easy to move around as it has two wheels on one side of the unit. It was super easy to set up. I am 9 months pregnant and I assembled it all by myself. It is great, and I’m so happy with our purchase. The price is sweet too! This will get plenty of use after our baby is big enough to play IN it too!**update 8 months later**Our baby slept in this bassinet for the first 4 months of her life. She loved it and so did we. It was great having her so close by and the bassinet isn’t so huge that it takes up a ton of room. Also easy to set up and put away. Love this product and will be using it again with our next one!

Holly Springfield, WI

Quick and Easy!

We ordered the Graco Pack ‘N Play for our baby grandson to use as a bed while he was visiting. It’s so easy to set up and fold back up for storage. Comes with a bag to store everything until the next time. The mattress folds and has Velcro straps for wrapping around the main walls portion, making its own storage container. Netting is very strong, well padded metal folding parts. You cannot manipulate the buttons for folding the sides unless you have the floor of the set pulled up in the center, so baby cannot accidentally get the metal frame unlocked. Very sturdy and compact. No complaints at all. It arrived undamaged in its original packing. Quick delivery.

Annabelle South Grafton, MA

Can’t count the # of pinched fingers I’ve gotten

[…]I don’t know how many times my fingers have gotten caught in the pack `n play when I am trying to break it down and unlock the sides. I thought this thing was suppose to be for convenience not butchering your fingers?! How many of you have gotten ouchies from a pack `n play ? I’m just glad little fingers are not strong enough to unlock the sides and get their fingers caught!

Faith Niagara University, NY

Minor quality issues

I too was very surprised by the ease of assembly and its well thought-out design, buttons, and straps. After just assembling it for the second time though, I noticed some stress lines (lighter color) on one of the long side clips used to hold up the bassinet attachment. I also had trouble getting the toy bar to clip over the bassinet clip (as per the product photo) but maybe I’ll try again. The Noah’s Ark motif is cute but I hadn’t noticed until I read the other reviews because (a) the print is upside down on the short sides of the pack n play, and (b) the sheets etc. cover up the base of the pack n play. Lastly, the baseboard bows slightly when placed in the bassinet with say a mattress and tight fitting sheets… it’d be nice if the stiffener was attached to the baseboard instead of the bassinet. I think this is a wonderful product though and only mention these points as room for improvement.

Althea Beaufort, NC

Very Practical

I’m a first time mom, so before my daughter was born, I buy a bassinet, but babies grows so fast, and start roll over, that in 1 month it no longer fit.I buy this, and I think that is great!Low Price, practical ( you can leave anywhere) and very comfortable!!!I LOVE IT!!!

Odessa Strasburg, CO

Not so great.

I do not like the Graco Pack ‘N Play. My Mom borrowed two for our visit so that I didn’t have to bring mine, (two so that there would be one upstairs and one downstairs)and I do not like them at all. The bottom isn’t very solid and the sides squeak and creak! I’m short so I can’t bend over the side without leaning on it a little bit, and my son is a light sleeper, so every time I try to lay him down I have to be VERY careful not to hit the side or it creaks and wakes him up. It’s decent, I guess. Does the job, keeps my son contained. But could be better. I have theEddie Bauer Vanderbilt Complete Care Play Yardat home and the bottom is more solid and the sides do not creak.

Maribel Pennville, IN

Just okay

We purchased this pack and play to have at my parent’s house. We have another Graco pack and play at home that is very similar ~ so I thought this one would be equally useful. I’m most disappointed that the insert that allows the baby to placed higher in the pack and play sags. Our daughter is barely 16 pounds and I’m fairly certain that the insert is rated for at least that weight. The other pack and play that we have does not sag at all. Next time we visit we’ll be moving the insert to the bottom of the pack and play, but really it shouldn’t sag. It is completely functional otherwise ~ which is why I gave it 3 stars and not 1.

Kendra Winnfield, LA

Sturdy, simple, competitively priced, portable..

This was the bassinet that I chose after reading many many many many MANY reviews on all kinds of bassinets and their pros and cons and whatnot.. and the price, simplicity, and the positive reviews appealed to me so I purchased it.Well first of all it was a nice gender neutral color and the design and pictures on it were absolutely adorable and not offensive at all.and the set up was quick and easy and folding up for storage was do-able. I set it up in the room with even a canopy hanging over it to create the new baby atmosphere and also to protect my coming baby from flying insects and stuff..I speak in past tense because a few months later while getting my car transported it was stolen out of my trunk.Well I ended up never using it from the beginning. It pretty much held diapers and other stuff I wanted for immediate access since it was propped right up next to my bed.. and it was GREAT for that. I hung handwashed baby clothes on it and put laundry in it. It was quite usefull indeed and easy to move around when I wanted to vacuum underneath it.What I didn’t like about it was that the mattress pad was thin and not well cushioned and it was concave in the middle-which probably can’t be helped. (Now I imagine most bassinets whether the pricier ones or cheaper ones are all like that.) I couldn’t imagine my baby being comfortable going from the warm softness of mommy’s womb to laying in a cheaply padded, concave surface- not to mention the elongated head would be forced to turn sideways because of the lack of cushioning. and in the winter time it would be impossible for the baby to stay warm since this thin pad will not retain heat. I know that pediatricians recommend a firm surface because of the SIDS scare, but a baby will have a hard time getting adjusted to that so embrace yourself for many nights of a wailing baby. Well my baby is 10 months now and from the moment of birth to this day she had slept next to me in my bed and not only have I never experienced loss of sleep, she never once had a crying fit in the middle of the night except a few quiet whimpers to let me know she was hungry.Well overall I think this would be a good temporary bed if you are not sure about getting a big expensive wooden crib. You won’t find out if your baby will sleep fine by herself or not till after the baby’s born so I would try this out before spending the big bucks. Also it’s a good place to keep your baby in when you need to confine her for a short time.

Lacy Newton, NH

PERFECT = Graco Pack ‘n Play with Bassinet in Lively Dots

We bought this PnP after previously purchasing a more expensive model with all the bells and whistles by another company. We quickly learned we didn’t need all the bells and whistles and it didn’t set up or dismantle nearly as easily as the Graco models do. When one of the sides became permanently locked and one of the bars on the changing table broke, we knew it was time to shop around.A friend had loaned us a fancier Graco model and I was able to set it up by myself in about 8-10 minutes (including all of the accessory pieces). So we decided to go with this model b/c of it’s simplicity and I thought the pattern was super cute. As soon as it arrived I took it out of the box and began setting it up and was done in 4 minutes!We travel frequently and I can almost set this up in my sleep. It is super simple to use, the mattress fits very snugly into the frame, and our baby sleeps as comfortably in this as she does her own crib at home. I highly recommend this PnP!

Lakeisha Cossayuna, NY

No support in the middle

I was excited when I receive this product. I have had this product and been using it 2.5mths now and very disappointed. The bassinet sunk in the middle with the weight of the baby. My daughter was born at 5lbs 11oz and is now at 10lbs, so it is not a heavy baby. She sleeps in it only at night and no other time. The bassinet has for parts that lay cross section of playyard and the middle two has sunken. It looks very uncomfortable watching my daughter sleep in it as her head then straddles the groove which is flat to the one which is sunken. It is unfortunate that this product was not engineered to consider the support required for the middle. I will post a picture of this as soon as I can.

Jennifer Grand River, IA

Needs changing area

This is a good buy except you dont have anywhere to store pampers and things like the other ones. Its pretty basic. It took me a long time stand it up, because I couldn’t get the center part to pop down. Just goole it, trust me I think anybody who has and will encounter this thing… has had or will have the same problem with it, and you will need help..two people. Once you figure it out its like ohhhhh okay… Great buy though, my son sleeps good in it, and I have even caught my 5 year old sitting in it with some toys on the top part, so it will definatly not collapse on your baby even if he is a chunker…You have to pop that center part to secure it though, but the instructions tell you that.So good luck and congrats!

Marta Tatums, OK

Does it’s purpose

I registered for this and received it as a gift because I thought I just needed a playard with a bassinet. It’s great and easy to put together and take apart. It’ll be great for travel and it’s pretty compact when folded up. I just wished I registered for a pack ‘n play with a changer now though!!! No fault to Graco, but I wished they had it available as an accessory or add on. 🙁 Just know what you want before you buy it! They have so many different pack ‘n plays in all sorts of designs and colors!

Carolyn Westmoreland, TN

Good product for the price!!

My baby just turned 2 months so I have not used mine for long…He still sleeps in the bassinet.This (the playard) would serve as his bed for as long as he agrees to stay in it.Now the pros.- Affordable- Easy to assemble or take down (done in minutes!)- Portable even when assembled.. (can be lugged from room to room. This would help his minder keep better tabs on him while he is down for naps during the day while i am at work)- Nice neutral colors..Cons:– I personally feel the mattress pad is a joke!! after just a week, it was sagging in the middle. My baby isn’t particularly big. He weighs about 13.5 pounds.. I had to get a mattress for it as it was also quite hard in addition…. was scared his back would become curved as it became increasingly difficult for him to spend time in it due to obvious discomfort.- I live in a tropical country so while this would be a pro for others, its a con for me! The mesh sides make it difficult to use a regular mosquito net. I have to drape the playard all the way down which makes it difficult to get to especially at night… he still wakes up about 4x for feedings.. you see why this is a drag for me… i guess it would get better as he gets older…but then he won’t need this again as he would have transitioned to a proper crib or bed in his own room!All in all, good product, great price!!!

Concepcion Middle Bass, OH

Do bother with the extras!

I bought a more expensive version ($100) of this with the changing attachment, vibration, music and the little mobile. Turns out that all the extras do not fold into the portable box.So if you are planning on using this primarily for travel, don’t waste $$ on the extras. This one works just fine when I take my son to my parent’s house for the weekend. Wish someone would have told me!

Beatrice Saint James, MD

PERFECT! We love it.

We bought this to corral our daughter who is just about 6 months old. We used to let her sleep on a bed, but after she started rolling so much that wasn’t a safe idea anymore, so we started putting her on the floor…but then she would roll into stuff. In this Pack ‘N Play, she can roll to her heart’s content, and I don’t have to worry about her falling or getting stuck anywhere strange; worst case scenario, she ends up cuddled up to some mesh. That’s great.The first thing I noticed about this Pack ‘N Play is that it is extremely easy to set up. It only took a couple minutes. And, it’s obviously made to be popped up and put away and popped up and put away, so you don’t have to be all that committed when you set it up. Unlike a crib that requires special tools and someone to hold the pieces in place while you fasten them, this Pack ‘N Play could probably be set up one-handed. It is also easy to move around once you have it set up, because there are wheels on one side, so you can just lift the other side and roll the playard.The second thing I noticed is that it had a strong chemical odor. We’ve had it set up for several days now, and it is already much better.I wondered whether the bassinet version would be too high up for my daughter–would it only be for brand new babies? Nope! It’s just right for her, so that was good.We bought a mattress to go inside; the green pad on this is eh, well, it works, but it isn’t something I’d want to hang out on for very long. It was kind of tough to know which mattress would fit, because Amazon seems to have a lot of options available, and some of them have descriptions that are not really clear. We boughtDream On Me 3″ Foam Graco Pack ‘n Play Mattressand it fits perfectly. The sheet that we bought wasCarters Easy Fit Jersey Portable Crib Fitted Sheet. So, if you’re confused by Amazon’s suggestions, and by various product descriptions and reviews, you can go with those and I think you’ll be quite happy with them.If you’re considering this Pack ‘N Play, I highly recommend it. We are very happy with it.

Celeste West Oneonta, NY

Good buy!

We’re very pleased with this purchase. I was able to get it for $60 on amazon, $10 cheaper than store, plus with amazon prime got free shipping, which it would cost me $10 in gas, at least, to drive to the store to get it so it was a good buy. Easy to put up and take down. A regular size crib wont fit in the room, and a mini one is too expensive, so we use this as her crib, it fits perfectly. The colors and toy bar fit the baby decor, it a giraffe and two green leaves. The lil pad does not sit/stay as flat as it seems it should but I’ve found it not to make any difference when baby is laying on it. Also plan on using it as a play pen when baby gets a bit bigger. Next I have to find a fitted sheet to fit it. Granimals playyard fitted sheets dont, fyi 🙂

Tracy Chatham, PA


I was looking for another playard/bassinett for baby boy when I stay over at my mom’s house and this is perfect. It’s very inexpensive and affordable. The playard was more than easy to set up and easy to take down plus it’s sturdy and mobile! It’s way better than I expected especially for the price.

Carissa Cambridge City, IN


Graco es una super marca, ofrece durabilidad, practicidad, por eso lo escogí.Además de ofrecer modelos muy bonitos, ofrece portabilidad.

Marie Iron Belt, WI



Maricela Waldorf, MN

Good deal compared to other playards.

It seems like it might not be the most substantial playard, but it was a good deal. I like the color and seems to be decent quality, plus it’s pretty easy to take over to the friends or Grandparents and everything.

Eddie Keuka Park, NY

Perfect for my Daycare needs.

I highly recommend. I bought only one the other day, wanted to see if it was what I wanted before buying 3 and reqreting now, thinking the price was a black week deal (but Amazon did not make that clear). I need two more so silly me paid more than $8 for the next order, guess that’s my fault but Amazon should of warned that is was a temporary price drop. Feeling a little tricked here. LIVE AND LEARN.

Nellie Reagan, TX

Hard on the back

It’s getting more and more difficult to lift my baby in and out as he gets heavier! I presume that’s the nature of all cribs/pack ‘n plays, but I sure would prefer something I don’t have to bend over so much over. Other than that, the pack ‘n play works just fine. Folds easy and it’s really nice that it has the wheels. We’re in tight quarters, so it’s nice to be able to move it around easily to get to other stuff.

Ava Coopers Plains, NY

nice playard

I wanted something simple and easy. That’s what I got! I was able to put it together on my own simple simple. It did have a strong "factory" smell the first day or so but it quickly went away. I believe leaving it open for awhile to air out helped a lot. My son is not born yet so I don’t know if he will love it or not but so far I do! I used these with my other kids and they loved them too so I cant see why he wouldn’t

Annette Paonia, CO

Good Product

Good product for the price. The only thing I would add is you may want to invest in a better mattress as the existing mattress is too hard for an infant. Other than that, it is a great product.

Lynda Lowber, PA

Great for traveling.

We got this for a cross country move. It is very lightweight. And a breeze to setup. We used it whenever we visited family and as the outside pack in play. It is very easy to maneuver around. Now that our little one has outgrown it, it has been given to my aunt for when my cousins visit with their little one. This is one sturdy little pack in play, highly recommended.

Sonja Lynchburg, TN

Great basic Pack n Play

I got this for when we travel and for my daycare kiddo. It’s worked great for us, easy to set up and take down, great neutral colors for a boy or girl. I like that it has the bassinet attachment so that when w have another baby I can use it as the bassinet in my room the first few weeks. It’s basic, but since we have a crib we didn’t need all the bells and whistles. We’d recommend it!

Sierra Sprague River, OR


This is a great pack n play. Easy to set up and take down for traveling. It’s very well made and nice colors.

Tiffany Northwood, OH

Very pleased

We bought this for grandma’s house. My daughter sleeps it in when she’s there, and it’s been great. I think we’ll use it for a long time.

Nannie Comstock, MI

This On the Go model is the best Graco PackNPlay

Comments from Grandparents: This PackNPlay is excellent to use with small and older infants. The unisex design and colors make sense for use anywhere. Folds down and can be transported in a relatively small box, fairly amazing. The bottom surface is fairly hard for a baby to sleep on comfortably and we purchased a Dream on Me 3 inch foam mattress from amazon, which fits it perfectly. I would not attempt to put a baby to sleep in this without the 3 inch high mattress. (about $30.00,) but the bottom surface is OK for use as a playpen. At a cost of about $85.00, it was a good buy. We purchased a different Graco PackNPlay with the bassinet and changing holder attachments on top for $200.00, which was a waste of money because by the time our grandaughter was 2 months old, the changing holder was noticeably tilted, not level, (very poor design and little support.) Her little head was tilting to the side when placed in it, could not have been comfortable. I like this reviewed On the Go model better, as a 1-3 month baby could have slept in the top of this On the Go Playard safely just as well as in the bassinet (deluxe model) with the changing holder, and diapers could be changed on the floor, couch, bed, or a more sturdy changing table. It was not worth the extra $100.00 plus for the deluxe model with the changing holder and bassinet. Get this model, the On the Go, much better choice for the money. Then, get the 3 inch foam mattress with the savings so the baby can sleep comfortably.

Janine Oak Hall, VA