Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet, Morgan

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet, Morgan

Our Pack ‘n Play playard provides everything you need to create a comfortable, caring environment for your baby. Entertaining toys amuse your little one. The removable bassinet provides a comfy space for baby to nap, at home or away and the changer offers convenience for quick diaper changes. The push-button fold is perfect for travel and in-home use.

Main features

  • Removable, full-size bassinet provides the perfect spot for baby to catch a nap, at home or away
  • Changing table for time-saving convenience so you don’t have to run to the nursery for diaper changes
  • Diaper stacker keeps plenty of diapers and wipes handy, so you’re always ready for baby’s many diaper changes
  • Mobile with soft toys to help keep your little one amused and engaged
  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage

Verified reviews



This pack n’ play is perfect, comes with the bassinet and changing table. It is all you need. Breaks down super, super easy and quick, folds into a lightweight, compact rectangle with a carry handle. How much more could you want? It is solid and made well, will last through more than one child… I would choose this over the big, bulky ones any day, you want it to be light and easy to travel with, not taking up half your living room and barely fitting into the trunk of your car.

Evangelina Waverly, FL

Great item!

We’ve used this pack n play for over a year now and so far it’s held up. It’s traveled and been thrown around in the back of our car. My son sleeps very well in it when we’re traveling. I’ve seen other pack n plays that look more plush, but this has been great for the value.

Jill White Deer, PA

I would shop a bit more…

In the exhausting frenzy of buying baby stuff, sifting through reviews, shopping for price and receiving advice whether requested or not, this is one purchase I wish I took a little more time with.It folds up super easy and packs up well. I like that you can have the sleeping level higher for smaller babies. The assembly was as easy as can be expected. Like all of these types of items it’s all about going slow and not jumping ahead in steps. The construction seems fine and I expect it to hold up for a long time.I like a lot of things about this item, but there is one flaw that is a daily irritant that is not present on other models I have seen in the stores since getting this one. The changing table is not level when the baby is placed on it. The design has it cantilevered out over the main surface, but it sags and slants considerably with any weight. This means the baby rolls inward. I tried several ways to address this and have found the easiest solution is rolling a hand towel up and putting it between the corner of the changing table and the top bar on the play yard. This works fine, but it falls out frequently and is only necessary due to a bad design. Others I have seen have the changing table supported much better.It is not a safety hazard, the build quality is sound, the ease of breaking it down is probably as good as any, but this one design flaw is enough of a disappointment I would not buy this model again. I can’t recommend it unless you are not planning to use the changing table.

Marsha Essie, KY

easy to use and super cute!

This is really cute and so easy to use took me literally 5 minutes to assemble the whole thing! Great product and I love that the pad seems a little thinker than the last play pen I had. Diaper caddy holds about 25 diapers and the huggies wipes case I have fits perfectly! So well made, I will be recomending this to all my friends!

Cora Bremo Bluff, VA

Poor In Quality Compared to Older Pack N Play

We received this Pack N Play in the morgan pattern as a gift. It’s a great gender neutral pattern and doesn’t scream baby when we set it up in the living room. But, we have two Pack N Plays in our house…this one…and an older Graco we received handed down from a family member. I’m sad to say the older one is SO much better. The newer one is easier to set up, but the sacrifice in quality is not worth it. The bassinet feature bowed beneath the weight of our son before he was a month old (he was premie and only 4 lbs at birth so I know it wasn’t his weight.) The changing table is supported on only two sides (instead of 4 like the older model) and our son rolls to the side when we change him, frustrating both the parents and the baby. We kept the older Pack N Play at our house and we shipped the newer one to Grandma’s to only be used for an occasional visit. The last time we stayed at grandma’s we didn’t even use the changing table and opted to change on the floor since it was less frustrating. This is not the same product as the older model.

Kitty Middle River, MN


We have been using this since my son came home from the hospital, almost as a co-sleeper. He seems to like it, and I like that it has more uses than a bassinet. We haven’t used the changing table, it has become more like a storage unit, but my fat cat sleeps on it sometimes and it hasn’t sloped. =)

Jordan Franklin, TN

Once it’s up, great

This is great once assembled. However, afterwards, it is impossible to pack back up. We ditched everything but the actual crib part and sheet on top. The mobils, extra top layer, and bassinet, gone. I don’t even know where we put it since we could not store it back in the bag. I think it is great to start, but I would not expect to keep the other stuff, likely you will lose it…

Lynda La Verkin, UT

Great purchase

Bought this on recommendation of a friend and so glad I did, pros – sturdy, heavy duty, and looks great, also very roomy for baby; cons- wider than the average stroller so not great for mall /tight city environments, and on the heavier side. Opening, closing, attaching baby seat are easy. Would highly recommend this to anyone

Tina Baldwin, NY

There are much better models- bassinet description confusing

I registered for this based on the description on Amazon which matches the description on the Gracco website, but is deceptive. The description is that there is a bassinet and from the picture I assumed that the diaper changer was the basinett. Instead the bassinet describes the extra level in the playyard that is wide open and not very cushioned, not really comparable to the bassinets that most newborns like to sleep in. Some models include a “napper” or vibrating seat that is closer to what I would describe as a bassinett and what I was expecting when I registered for this product. As others have said the changing table attachment (that I thought was a bassinet from the picture) does not support even a small baby. I used it when my son was 10 pounds and he just rolls to the edge making it difficult to change his diaper. There are better models to choose from at better prices. I wish I would have returned it, but I was too wrapped up having a newborn and this was his primary place to sleep since it would fit in my bedroom. I am not fond of the mobile and I don’t think it grabs a child’s attention much, and I find it a pain to assemble and reassemble all the pieces for packing and playing.

Roberta Milladore, WI

Very functional, but has it’s flaws

I like this pack&play – it folds and unfolds super fast, is convenient to carry, the mattress pad seems to be pretty comfy for the baby. We’re travelling pretty often to our parents in NY, and the baby sleeps wonderfully in it. Unfortunately, it has flaws, like other reviewers mentioned already: the changing pad is pretty much useless. It slants inward, and the baby rolls to the side. Make changing in it absolutely uncomfortable. When I have this pack&play at home (I keep it in a living room to have my baby near me, when I’m busy) I use it just to put all the toys, and burp towels and what not on it and when we travel, I don’t take it with me at all. Much easier to change baby’s diaper on the table or a bed. The mobile is also pretty much useless – it doesn’t have power source, so it just hangs there. And it doesn’t attach securely enough, so it also kinda slants inward, just like a changing pad. Other than that this pack&play is very useful. I probably would be more disappointed if I bought it myself, but I got it as a baby shower gift, so I can’t really complain! If I’ll be getting another one, I would make sure to check out how stable is the changing pad and look for a battery operated mobile.

Alisha Ringgold, GA

love it

Great quality, great price. Graco is a wonderful brand – I have really liked all the products I have bought in that brand so far. This is a great pack n play and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere for close to this price. Thanks Amazon!

Jesse Swepsonville, NC