Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Newborn Napper, Classic Pooh

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Newborn Napper, Classic Pooh

This Graco Pack n Play play yard provides the ideal spot for your little one to nap or play, at home and on the go! With its sleek and stylish design, this play yard provides everything you’ll need in one set. The Graco Pack n Play play yard includes a newborn napper station, which is perfect for your little one to snuggle up in and a changing table to make diaper changing easier for you and for baby. Plus, it has an adorable, classic Winnie the Pooh exterior, so it’s not just functional, but it also looks nice. Canopy on Newborn Napper station shields baby from bright light to ensure him a peaceful slumber Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage

Main features

  • Cotton, Polyester
  • The only playard designed to transition from newborn to infant to toddler
  • Newborn Napper station with extra soft fleece fabric
  • Diaper changing table for time-saving convenience
  • Removable, full-size bassinet is perfect for napping; Electronics unit uses 3 “AA”; Vibration unit uses 1 “D”
  • Signature Graco push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free

Verified reviews


Great for travel

This thing is a complete pain in the butt to assemble, but once together it is a breeze to break-down and set back up. My husband is an engineer, so he loves putting things together. I can sadly say, this one took him 4 tries and about an hour total (good entertainment, though)!Now that is it together, we use it every time we travel. The changing table and bassinet are not as portable, so we only travel with the flat bed.As far as improvements go, it would be nice if the flat bed had more padding, we had to buy an extra portable mattress because we thought it was too hard and it would be helpful if the carrying bag had a shoulder strap on it.

Arline Kewaunee, WI

Cool, but unnecessary features

We received the “Hamilton” fabric version of this Pack n Play for a baby shower gift. While I was initially very excited about the newborn napper and the changing table, I quickly decided they weren’t worth it. The changing table sagged/leaned quite a bit and we didn’t use it for very long because I was concerned he would roll out. The napper was never used in the pack n play and instead was used in his cradle to cushion him at night. The unit also came with a sound, light, and vibration piece that was a hassle to set up so it was only used a handful of times. I did and still do use the diaper holder that snaps onto the side. Now, at 9 months, the pack n play is in our living room to keep my son contained while I am cooking or cleaning and it is used as his crib when we travel. It is easy to put together and take down making it a great travel companion. The pack n play itself is wonderful which is why I gave the product 4 stars, but ultimately, the extra items are not worth the extra money.

Adriana Venice, FL

Very cute and functional with some flaws

I love Classic Pooh so I got this pack n play primarily because of its design. How can anyone resist seeing their baby in a bassinet with little ears on the pillow? I use the pack n play for the living room during the daytime for my daughter’s naps and for diaper changes. Just as other reviewers stated, the changing table is not steady and she started rolling towards the side the first time we put her on it and she was under 7 lbs at birth! I solved this by putting an empty diaper box underneath it for support but Graco could have just added another support bar on the other side of the changing table and it would have held up just fine. Also, as other reviewers have pointed out, the music and other sounds are very low and can barely be heard no matter how high I turn up the volume. I don’t use it all for my daughter but the vibrating feature has come in very handy. My daughter is a month old and she continues to use the napper but I can see her growing it out of it very soon. My husband said the pack n play was a little bit of a pain to assemble so I’m not looking forward to disassembling it for an upcoming trip to the grandparents. Also, I wish I had given a little more thought to the practical features I would be looking for in a pack n play as I wish I had chosen one that had more side storage space rather than just the hanging diaper bag. I ended up buying a crib caddy separately and hanging it off the side to hold things like nail clippers, nasal aspirators, lotions, etc… I currently use the bassinet portion underneath the changing table as storage space for extra diapers, wipes and such but once my daughter grows out of the napper, I will have to find somewhere else to hold these. Living in the city in a 1 bedroom apartment, it’s not so easy to find additional storage space so it would have been much more useful to have had it built into the pack n play. I also recently purchased a mobile to attach over the napper so my daughter had something to look at while she laid there. While this pack ‘n play has been useful, I should have given the practical features more thought as the extras I ended up purchasing could have been found in another version.

Roseann Monument, KS

Couldn’t have survived first month without this!

I love this pack ‘n play! The napper is perfect for a newborn to sleep at night. They want to be cuddled and this holds them perfectly. I didn’t buy a bassinet, but use this in our room instead and with the changing pad, you don’t even have to leave your room for middle of the night wake-ups. It folds easy and is very easy to get back in the bag for taking with you to use on the go (though not easy to pack the changer or napper, but I’m okay with that). I also love that it has the two heights for sleeping in the actual playard. And its Classic Pooh, but very neutral, so doesn’t stand out from any decor. I would definitely recommend.

Luz Allouez, MI

Not bad but not great

The whole concept is great and works for us. I like how it’s a napper, changer, portable crib and play pen. I’m all about multiple-use items. I do not regret this purchase, however…My biggest gripe about this pack n play is the changing station. It slopes to the side right off the bat. My baby was 6lbs. 5oz. (6th percentile) and the changer has never been level with her in it. There’s no way to rig it either since it’s soft. If you put blankets underneath it to try to level it out, it’s lumpy and you lose the little “storage space” underneath. Also, I’m 5’1″ and it kills my back to bend over that many times a day. I wish it were higher.The napper works just fine for us. I did notice it started to slump but it doesn’t touch anything underneath and my baby sleeps fine in it. However, the canopy for the napper SUCKS! It falls off all the time, I wish it would lock into place and fold up and down like a car seat.Battery life is fine for us and we’re nearly 6 weeks into using this.

Melanie Dodge, TX

Love it, but…

I love this playard. Setup was quite simple as long as you read the instructions first.The newborn napper is great and my baby sleeps so well in it. That and the ears are just about the most adorable thing ever, but then again I’m biased toward things with ears. The music player is a little unnecessary in my opinion, but I do like the vibration option, though I don’t want to become too dependent on it. :)I don’t seem to have the sliding problem that some people seem to be having with the changing station, it is quite sturdy and my baby does not roll at all.The only negative thing about it is that its just a smidge too wide to fit through doors, so I have to pseudo dismantle it every time i want to move it to a different room. Other than that slight drawback I feel like it’s a great product, but the inconvenience of having to collapse it in order to move it drops it down a star.

Trisha Cut Off, LA


We love this item. It was just what we needed. It’s aesthetically pleasing (which I think most aren’t) and has everything you need. When our son was a newborn he LOVED his little bed. It was the perfect size and he took right to it straight out of the hospital. So happy we bought this!

Allyson Mereta, TX

my newborn loves it!

I received this pack n play as a gift at my shower, and couldn’t be happier! Our little guy didn’t like the bassinet we had purchased for in our bedroom, but he loves sleeping in the napper on this! He enjoys the white noise that it plays, and the little hood keeps the sun from bothering him from the nearby window. The changing table is also awesome, and the diaper and wipes holder on the side is very handy.

Janice Green Mountain, NC

Perfect for a newborn and I’m sure much longer!

We put this Pack N’ Play in our master bedroom next to our bed for our newborn son, so that he could be closer to us during the night without having to sleep in our bed (too scary for me!). From the moment we brought our son home from the hospital, he’s slept in the adorable napper side and absolutely loves it. There’s so many features about this Pack N’ Play that are just simply great. The napper lining (with the adorable pooh bear headrest) is pretty easy to take off and throw in the washing machine. (My son had quite a few leaky pee-pee diapers.) The little motorized part that vibrates, plays music and lights up is great, too. We sometimes use the vibrating part as sort of a “snooze” button in the morning, when he just starts fussing and might be able to go back to sleep on his own. It works GREAT! He loves the vibrations and it helps to soothe him for sure. I highly recommend this product and honestly don’t know how I would survive without it!

Jade Unity, OR

The extra features aren’t worth the extra price..

I have to echo everyone else’s reviews about the directions; they are horrible. But, the average person can figure it out without too much frustration. As for the features, our 1 month old is almost 11 lbs, but the changing table is adequate. However, the design certainly doesn’t seem sturdy enough to support a baby that weighs much more. I can see how a baby would ‘roll’ inward without something supporting the bottom of the changing station. The infant sleeper is decent, but overall, the price doesn’t justify the extras.

Eve Du Bois, NE

Good for a Newborn

She sleeps in the napper all the time. Changing table tilts with the weight of the baby. It makes her roll to one side. Also, it is annoying to change the batteries on the vibrator. You have to take the napper off the pack n play and this takes time and is not easy. However the napper was worth the extra cost. You need to unscrew two screws to replace batteries in music player. It is not that loud.

Lakeisha Petroleum, WV

Fantastic so far

I think something like this is essential if you are far away from a crib but you still want the baby safe & close to you. This one has the vibrator/music/nitelite gadget which helps the baby sleep in the napper. It has a changing pad on the other side to take care of you baby’s other business. I assume as the baby grows, you can take out the napper and keep the changing pad (which easily snaps in & out) on the side so that the baby can play in a crib like environment so that you can do other things. I think this thing is very helpful and I am happy with the price & my purchase.

Germaine Rosendale, WI