Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Roman

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Roman

The Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer provides the ideal spot for your little one to nap or play at home and on the go. Sleek and stylish, this play yard provides all of the essentials in one package, like a posture-plus changing table with an integrated organizer for wipes and diaper stacks. This Graco Pack ‘n Play offers a removable infant bassinet to provide a cozy sleeping spot for baby, quilted bumpers, a quilted mattress pad and a canopy with soft toys to help lull your little one to sleep. Its airy mesh allows for maximum ventilation, and it comes on wheels for your added convenience.\n\n

Main features

  • The first ever playard that has a reversible napper and changer all in one
  • Secure attachment allows for a safe and easy switch between playard with napper and playard with changer
  • The only playard designed to transition from newborn to infant to toddler
  • Newborn Napper station, with beautifully styled fabrics, cuddle baby
  • Changer features wipe clean fabrics that resist mess

Verified reviews


Almost perfect

As a mom of three children, I have had plenty of experience with playards over the past ten and a half years. This Graco Pack N Play with reversible napper/changer is nice, but I know Graco could make it better. The pack and play is not too much different from the current basic model they have. I have the very basic model that features the bassinet and useless toy arch, and this newer napper/changer model. There are a few differences between the models to make up for the $30 price difference.The basic model will get you folding feet/wheels which allow the playard to fold up into a bag that is roughly six inches more compact than the napper/changer model. It has the same size mattress, and ease of set up. The bassinet has poorer mattress support which will allow the mattress to sag and be uneven. This is because the metal cross supports that run across the bottom of the bassinet insert do not run the length of the playard. The seams of the corners of the playard are also visible from the inside.For a slightly higher price tag, the reversible napper/changer model will get you a more thoughtfully designed bassinet feature. The bassinet has metal tubing that runs the full length of the bottom of the bassinet providing better support for the mattress. Unfortunately my four month old daughter is above the bassinet weight limit, so I was unable to test how well the mattress held up with my baby sleeping in it. I can tell you that it was sturdier feeling when I pressed down on it with my hands. Per the owner’s manual for this playard, the changer/napper feature has a 15lb weight limit. Graco’s online product manual incorrectly states a different weight limit for the changer which is also quoted in another review. The changer/napper feature is nice, but I was surprised to see that it is surface wash only. Babies spit up and sometimes have leaky diapers. If an accident occurs while your baby is sleeping in the cozy napper, you’ll only be able to surface wash the material. Seasoned moms will tell you that sometimes surface washing just won’t cut it for some messes. Upon further reading of the owner’s manual, I found it odd that you cannot use the bassinet feature while the napper/changer is installed. Since removing the napper/changer is impossible without taking off the bassinet to release the napper/changer bracket, I find this highly impractical. It would have been nice if the changer could be used for a higher weight baby. Ten years ago Graco made an awesome folding changing table that held babies up to 25lbs that could easily be popped on and off the playard. Surely their engineers can find a better way to incorporate this feature so moms of babies heavier than 15 lbs can conveniently change their baby at the playard.One of the nicest touches on this playard when compared to the basic model are the corners that hold the playard mattress down. It’s a nice little added security in addition to the velcro straps that hold the mattress down to the bottom. This particular model also does not leave the seams at the corners exposed to the baby.Total set up time for this playard with the bassinet and napper/changer is about 20 minutes for a seasoned parent. I suspect it will take longer for first time parents who don’t already know how to set up the playard. Setting up just the playard alone without the bassinet and napper/changer can be done in about 3 minutes.Overall, this playard is very nice. I know I would have loved the changing pad feature when my daughter was a newborn. When compared to the basic model, this one is nicer, but the looming question is whether or not it’s worth spending an extra $30 or so for features that you’ll only get to use for about three or four months before your baby outgrows it.

Carmen Brimhall, NM

best pack and play

This is the second Pack ‘N Play I have gotten from Graco. It couldn’t be any easier to set up. Just pull it out of the box and push down to snap into place. The mattress fits and snaps snugly in the corners. The bassinet clips onto the top. The changer/napper also basically snaps on the top rails. The instruction booklet has step by step instructions if you need help. Having set one up before, I did not need it.My previous Pack N Play had the bassinet feature, so I put a changing pad down and had been using that as a changing station. Now with this version, they have added the changer/napper. You can use this feature until the baby is 3 months old or 15 lbs. It is very convenient! I keep this downstairs and set out diapers and wipes on the bassinet, or nearby. When the baby wakes, you can just flip the napper over and use the flatter side to change. The napper is cushioned and fleecey. The changer is lined with waterproof material. Be sure to get a sheet for the bottom mattress pad, because it can feel cold without one.It is also very easy to disassemble. Remove the mattress and pull up on the handle. You may have to fiddle with the rails to get them undone. The mattress pad wraps around the unit and velcros together. It fits nicely into the bag that comes with. The napper/changer does not fit into the bag, so you have to bring that along separately.I like the colors on this playard. They are gender neutral and look nice in any color room of the house. The wheels make it easy to move from room to room. I have no problems or complaints about this product.

Lucile Upperco, MD

One of my best purchases!

First, I just have to say – we love this thing. Yes, it’s probably a huge overreaction to a fairly simple product, but that’s pretty much what we love about it: it’s simple. When we were first shopping for baby things (this is our first child), it seemed so overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Basinets, playpens, play yards, cribs, etc. etc. So, we narrowed down what we actually needed: a place for the baby to sleep while he was still in our room that was either cheap or something that we could use for a long time. Et voila!A place for the baby to sleep: We used the napper as a basinet in our bedroom, which ended up being perfect; It’s rated up to 3 months and a certain weight/length, and right as our boy was meeting those restrictions, we/he was ready to be in the crib.Something we use for a long time: We took the napper off and now it’s just a handy pack n’ play! He’s just starting to scoot a little, so we’ve taken this to friends’ houses, outside, etc. – really anywhere that isn’t baby-proofed – and it’s perfect for hotel stays (not to be alarmist, but who knows where the pack n’ play/cribs in hotel rooms come from?!?).Isn’t too expensive: There are a lot of play yards out there that are basically a nursery, complete with a vibrating napper, and a 200 sq ft organizer (sorry for the hyperbole, but *seriously* some of them get ridiculous!)…. The baby already has/had a nursery, so I didn’t see the point of something that involved. I ended up taking some of the baskets I bought to organize the nursery drawers, and put them in the basinet to organize diapers, wipes, clothes, etc.A couple of very minor fyis:-The napper cover isn’t removable, so you can’t just toss it in the wash. I ended up putting a waterproof liner on top of it, which I’m pretty sure I would have done anyway.- The “basinet” that Graco refers to is different than the “napper.” The napper is the part that the baby cuddles into and reverses to the changing pad. The basinet is the feature that raises the bottom of the playpen – it’s a separate grid of poles that suspends the normal bottom of the play pen to a more reach-able level. We kept the floor in the basinet position so that the baskets of clothes, etc that I mentioned were easily accessible. At 8 months pregnant, this was fairly confusing.- The fabric on the floor of the play pen shows watermarks… pretty noticeably. But, when we are putting the baby in the actual playpen, rather than the napper, we always use a sheet anyway.Here’s the deal: I would have thought $100 was a reasonable amount to spend on something that we would use an insane amount for the first three months…. the bonus that now we have something that we can use pretty much indefinitely?? Amazing.Bottom line: this is one of the things that I am so glad that we decided to save some money on. It has every necessary feature (the changing table was seriously a stroke of genius), is very reasonably priced, and isn’t overly complicated.

Glenda Brashear, TX

Not a great napper/changer

The Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard is “relative easy” to put together. It is not easy enough that my Mother could figure it out, but I was able to. Although it is not too difficult to figure out how to put the playard together, it takes some time to do it. So this is not something I would be able to break down and take to Grandma’s house everyday.While I love the idea of the reversible napper and changer, I find that it does not work well. First, the height at which the change is so low, that I have to lean over a lot to change my dear son’s diaper. I am about 5’ 6″ and I found my back hurting after just a couple diaper changes. Second, when you flip over the changer/napper, the napper sits at a higher position than the changer. This makes no sense to me as you would want the changer higher to protect your back during diaper changes, and the napper to be lower just in case your baby wakes up learns to turn (and accidentally off the napper) for the first time when your not around.One feature I do like is that the bottom platform can be raised. This allows the baby, before he can stand, to lay/nap in the playard. Then when the baby is old enough to stand, you lower the platform to the bottom of the playard as a playpen.The three positions where you can put your baby, napper, raised platform, lower platform, allow this playard to be used from birth to toddler. However I just found that napper/changer didn’t really work for me. Currently my son naps using the raised platform and I can see him as a toddler in the lower platform.PROS:You can raise/lower platform to work with the age of the babyIt can be stored in a compact carrying caseCONS:The changer is too low to prevent back aches while changing a diaperIt takes some time to break down/put together the playard

Cora Braddock, PA

Not Mommy Friendly

Just got this as a present from my baby shower. Love the neutral color scheme. Was so excited that I got a GRACO, I decided to take it out that night and try practicing putting it together. My first reaction is that it is NOT mommy friendly. Putting the play yard up isn’t the issue, that was relatively easy (the baby belly just got in the way). After that is another story.Assembling the napper/changer took my sister and I awhile to get the support bars into the swivels. Then if you want to pack it up the napper/changer must come out. Taking it apart was a joke. The button releases for the support bars are so small, you need to use a pen or tool to push them in while someone else tries to pull them apart. This system is not meant for fast and easy set up and take down. I have banished the napper changer to the corner of the closet.The buttons to click and release the support bars require larger hands to disassemble. Again this took my sister and I to do. It comes with a carrying bag which in principle is nice. However it is only larger enough for the play yard itself. It was not meant to hold the mess bassinet or the changer/napper (another reason it is banished to the closet). I was able to fold the mess bassinet and its poles in with the play yard luckily. But it took some doing.All in all, this is not something I look forward to putting up and taking down while traveling.

Leticia Cosmos, MN

3 in 1 Genuis

This is one product that I can actually say deserves its 5 star rating. If you have a newborn or a baby at any age this is a must have item. There is a napper for your newborn, a bassinet for your infant and the playard for your infant/toddler.Set up of this playard was very easy, the instructions were clear but it still took about 20 minutes to get it set up. My baby is a month old and the reversible Napper/Changer is easy to use even with one hand holding the baby. The napper fabric is soft and cuddly and baby sleeps snuggled in. I have extra diapers and wipes in the bassinet under the changer/napper so I don’t have to run into another room to get them. It’s my changing station. The napper is for use only with infants under 3 months of age and unable to roll over and the changing table for babies under 25 lbs.The toy bar over the bassinet is cute but useless since it doesn’t really do anything. The bassinet is for babies under 15 lbs which means that you can start using the bassinet for your newborn as well if you’re not comfortable with the napper/changer.The fabric for this playard is also easy to wipe clean. The push button fold makes it pretty easy to fold up and put away and it comes with a convenient travel bag for when you decide to go to grandma’s house. The playard doesn’t take up too much space if you’re crunched for space as well. It’s not as fancy as the others with music and vibration but at this price you really can’t go wrong.I’d definitely recommend this not only for the features but also for the price.

Laura Rensselaerville, NY

Really Great Playard.

All in One Graco Playard. fast to arm and disarm. The napper Changer can be removed. come with a soft cover for little babies don’t need bought a mattress.Great Colors, Secure, Comfortable and very usable in your trips! maybe i’ll try to take a sleep there! 🙂

Angelina Epworth, GA

Great…but the changing part only works with bassinet!

I loved this for the first few months…then my son got too big for us to use with bassinet, so we took it out and lowered the play area to the bottom. That’s when we realized the changing part of the playard only works with the bassinet! If you don’t use the bassinet, you can’t install the changing part…and that’s one of the main reasons I have this (I hate getting down on my knees to change him – kills my legs!). So it looks like we’ll have to bring another old one we have into my office since this one no longer serves its purpose (thankfully we have more than we need of these things).

Mia Hallie, KY

I’d go without the Changer/Napper

I bought this so we could have our baby sleep in our room with us. I thought the Diaper changing station was amazing, but then it says you’re not supposed to place baby in the "crib" with the diaper changer/napper attached (which makes sense) and I didn’t really trust the napper for nighttime sleeping. I find it semi-difficult to take the diaper changer off but find it would be an extreme hassle to take it on and off. Over all I give this four stars because I love the pack n’ play but I would go for the cheaper one that is just the pack n’ play and doesn’t have the diaper changer/napper.

Loretta Page, ND

Beautiful Pack ‘N Play with nice added features

This is a very nice pack N play. It’s easy to put up and take down and I love the changing station and infant sleeper area included. Since I’m a grandmother this time I don’t need a stand alone changing table so this is perfect for us. I also like that the mattress can be placed higher up and on the bottom as the child gets older. I don’t feel like I’m breaking my back trying to get an infant a few feet to the bottom this way. My only problem and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that when the mattress is in the higher position the area under the changing area seems to be raised higher than the area where nothing is over it. I’ve double checked and it’s installed correctly but when you twist the changing pad over it rubs slightly on the mattress. This is definitely not a deal breaker, especially since it doesn’t extend to where I lay her down for a nap. Soon she will be too old to have the mattress up this high anyway and it won’t matter. Overall I love the look of this and the added changing table. It’s sturdy and easy to use and packs up nicely if you want to store it.

Mindy Bray, OK

This was a Godsend when my son was an infant.

WE used this changer/sleeper constantly when my son was in the first 5 months of life. This is where he slept during the day and where we changed him. It is easy to cleanup when you child has accidents on the changer. We are still using it when we go on trips with our one-year old. A very good product! I would highly recommend!

Kaye Darien, CT

Great pack n play

We didn’t use the napper / changer all that much, but overall this was an awesome baby purchase. We only used this in our room while baby was young and not yet in his crib. It is portable and we keep it on hand for trips where we would need a crib of sorts for our little guy.

Gladys Wickatunk, NJ

Pack ‘n Play is great Napper Changer not worth the extra money

I love the pack and play for camping and traveling. We paid for the additional napper changer and I regret it. Our three month old has already outgrown it and we end up changing him on the ground or counter top. Additionally, and this is a big one for me, the carrying case for the pack n’ play only fits the pack n’ play both the napper changer and bassinet attachment have the be completely disassembled to even attempt to fit into the carrier and they don’t really fit well at that point. Save your money and go for a straight up Pack N Play.

Maggie Pine Knot, KY

Great for infant into toddler

I love how sturdy this pack and play is for an infant. I would recomend reading the directions. It sure makes it easier to assemble. As we were putting together this playyard I felt more and more compfortable putting my newborn grandson in it. The safety is amazing. I would deffinitly recomend it. Plus I love buying from Amazon! Shipping is so fast. So I was able to get it here in time for my grandson. Enjoy!

Casey Benedict, MN

Easier set-up than Carter’s playard, no mattress stink

This Graco Pack ‘N Play has been a welcome replacement for our Carter’s Comfort ‘n Care Playard & Changer, which we purchased shortly after bringing our baby home from the hospital. Thankfully, we never had to use that playard as a travel crib, because the set-up and take-down were nearly impossible. This Graco model is much easier to collapse — there are four easy-to-press buttons, one on each side, that allow the top edges of the playard to collapse. Then it’s as simple as pulling up on the center post under the floor, and it’s ready to go in the bag.Another big improvement over the Carter’s playard is the quality of the mattress. While it would be nice if it were washable (as opposed to “surface-wipeable”) at least this mattress hasn’t started smelling like a combination of burning plastic and vomit, which is what happened to the Carter’s mattress after a few months (note: baby never burnt any plastic or vomited in the Carter’s playard — apparently that’s the smell their mattresses make as they offgas).Our little one is too big to get any use out of the napper / changer, but the playard is plenty sturdy to withstand her aggressive shaking of the walls, and I find the neutral color scheme goes very well with our natural-toned carpets and walls. Unlike everything else of hers that’s pink and floral, this playard will work as well for a boy (if she winds up getting a little brother) as it does for a girl.

Ivy Piqua, OH

Terribly Designed but Works Wonderfully

This thing is big and bulky. I don’t look forward to the day I have to pack it in the car or (shudder) travel on a plane with it. As an example, instead of making the floor of the pen sit on, you know, the actual floor, they incorporated a fake floor with supports. This adds weight and takes up space and in the end makes it less sturdy. The Bjorn crib is better designed in this respect, and would be a better choice if you intend to travel with this a lot.We don’t use it for travel. Instead it got setup once and left. We first used it in the bedroom, with the baby in the basinet. We also used the changing station (the basinet flips upside down with a button click to reveal a waterproof basinet designed for changing). We lay the diapers and stuff in the raised crib so they are accessible when the baby is in the basinet/changer. Then it got moved to the bathroom, so we had the baby sleeping closer than his crib/bedroom, but not right in our room. Once the baby moved to his own bedroom and crib, we moved this downstairs and now use it as a changing station.Down the road, we’ll use this for a playpen in the living room. If we travel, it will probably come as a travel crib.Ultimately, this is very handy (almost necessary) even if you have no intent on traveling with it. The basinet and changing station feature are very much worth it for a newborn, although useless if you child is more than a few months old (they won’t even fit).

Alana Warroad, MN

Love it

Sort of a desperation purchase because my husband and I thought we were going to snap our backs changing the baby’s diaper one more time on the living room furniture. It’s everything we needed. He naps well in it. It easily cleans. We’ll transport it next month to a wedding out of town. Easy assembly. We’ll see how lightweight it is when we pack it up and fly next month.

Anastasia Menno, SD

Great idea.

I have a regular playpen and this one is so much better. When baby is small your back will appreciate that you don’t have to bend over all the way down to lay down and pick up baby. It’s great to have it especially in a big house, when travelling a lot or have it instead of crib.The set up is easy and takes a bit more time than disassembling, no tools required. When packed in the travel bag there is a handle from the bottom of the pad, that makes carrying easy. The mini bassinet won’t fit there though.The hanging toys (starts) are very simple, but I saw different models with better mobiles. Also they have to be snapped securely especially when baby will start grabbing them (it is a 3 part arch).Main pad is soft and have a feeling of the memory mattress. I’d love to use some more cushion so baby won’t get a flat spot.The only minus is a very strong chemical scent, but it disappeared after a couple of days. So I would recommend assembling the playard before baby arrives and maybe wipe with damp cloth.

Sheryl Faucett, MO

Bassinet feature is good

I like the bassinet feature on this so I can have the baby with me when I’m in the living room and have him in his cradle in the bedroom. The one thing I don’t like about the bassinet feature is the fabric that seems to collect every piece of dust that flies through the air. There aren’t any sheets you can buy for this. I also wish the sheets for the pack n play were sold in stores. It seems they can only be ordered online.

Jerry Crown Point, IN

Love it.

The napper is very comfortable. My baby prefers to sleep here instead of in her bassinet. I love that it is portable.

Brittany Netcong, NJ

Light weight, easy to use, perfect for baby

We had our baby sleep in the room with us when she was born and this worked perfectly. When she started sleeping through the night we put her in her own room and crib and now use this as a safe place for her to play. It is very easy to assemble. We also brought this with us on trips and it was great!If I had to purchase this again I would probably purchase the one without the changer/napper attachment or I would get one with the changing attachment hooked to the outside of the play yard. I thought I would use the attachment but never did because I would have to attach it every time I needed to change my baby as I would not have her sleeping in the play yard bassinet with the changing table/napper attached (it wouldn’t be safe) and doing that in the middle of the night was just not an option for me. I tried her in the napper once and she seemed to get very hot as it does not breath as well as the regular bassinet part. Having a changing attachment on the outside would have been convenient for use on the road where we didn’t have our changing table but it is only meant for babies up to 15 pounds so it still would not have gotten much use.I definitely recommend this product but would suggest to buy the Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard without the Reversible napper as you will save yourself some money and still have a great product.

Agnes Caliente, CA

Terrible napper/changer, hard to set up

This is the worst pack n play. We sent it back immediately and got the baby trend one because we already had a baby trend one that worked well, and it is much better than this graco! The napper/changer slants to the front when its on the changing side, it barely sits above the pack and play mat so there’s no point in even having the changer so you don’t have to bend over. The napper side lays flat but you can’t use it to change because it has a very soft and not stain resistant material. I wouldn’t even feel safe putting my daughter in the napper to sleep though. It doesn’t seems sturdy at all.

Bonita Sedalia, KY


I originally hesitated buying this, I just had my third child and after a few kids you realize you need less and less baby gear. After debating it we decided it’d be a good investment because we have a 2 story home with all of the bedrooms upstairs- this has been wonderful! It arrived quickly, was easy to put together and it feels really sturdy. My baby will ONLY sleep in our arms or this sleeper/bassinet side of this playard and I’ve got other kids to care for so this has saved me! Also we use the top level to store his diapers/wipes/clothes that way I don’t have to run all around. Great product!

Mina Tupelo, MS

Pack ‘N Play

This is the first pack n’ play we’ve ever used, so I’ll admit we don’t have any experiece for comparison purposes.We like this one, though!-It’s definitely great for small space storage.-It’s easy to set up. It kind of reminds me of a pop-up tent.-It’s easy to wipe clean.-It’s easy to move around.-We’ve had it for a relatively short amount of time, but it’s proved sturdy so far. We’ve had a 10 month old and a 3 year old abusing it, and no problems so far.-It’s a little heavier than we were anticipating, but that’s not a HUGE deal to us.We have no complaints at the moment! 🙂

Summer Cadott, WI

Good & simple

I chose this because of the neutral/ non trendy colors. It’s one of the simpler designs without too many accessories. One thing I wish it had is a zipper on the bottom, so you have access to the unused space when the bassinette level is used.

Tracie Hutto, TX

Good pack n play.

Good quality pack-n-play. This is our LO’s bed since he was about 3 months old. So far we have mostly used the bassinet. The bassinet attachment is sturdy there are no gaps between the included mattress and the mesh sides. I did not buy an additional mattress, our baby has sleept through the night comfortably since he was 12 weeks old. I didn’t get much use out of the changing pad/infant sleeper, our boy is pretty big. It is easy to set up and transport, I pack it up with one side of the bassinet attached on each side. It packs up just fine with the bassinet, the bars, and sheet in the included bag. Giving it 4 stars because it would be nice if the changing pad/napper were easier to remove when using the bassinet. Great for camping with a little one! I would recommend it to others.

Rosetta Ohatchee, AL

No handle on travel bag??

Before I get to the rest of the review, I have to say it is amazing that Graco would make a "portable crib" that doesn’t even have a carrying strap or handle on the outside of the bag. That alone takes away at least a star and a half. Otherwise, the PNP is fine – one of the less expensive options for a travel crib out there. It took a while to get set up the first time, but after that it goes pretty quickly. It’s heavy, for sure. The napper/changer is great in theory, but I would never let my child sleep on the mattress with the napper/changer attached. The bottom of it grazes the top of the mattress, and I would worry about the kid rolling beneath it. Also, it seems difficult to find sheets that don’t cause the "mattress" to collapse.

Diann Hebo, OR

Okay for the price

We purchased this to use as a bassinet and changer during the daytime. The bassinet layer is nice (I’m not talking about the napper – we do not use that part at all) but the changer covers up half of it. I know this is obvious from the picture, but it’s really not easy to remove/reinstall the changer part 15+ times a day for each change. Therefore, you really only get a half sized bassinet, which means as soon as baby grows another inch, I will have to lay baby in the other direction and baby’s feet will be laying under the changer, which I won’t be doing. So it will turn into just a changing station pretty soon here, which is not ideal because it’s rather low for a changer and hurts my back to bend over constantly. It will work for travel I suppose, and later when we just use the playpen part of it and uninstall the bassinet/napper/changer completely. On the other hand, the pouches on the side are handy for storing supplies and diapers.

Cynthia Helotes, TX

Excellent Buy!

This was an excellent buy, small, compact and doesn’t break the bank. Baby girl sleeps 5 to 6 hours a night in the napper.

Angelique Racine, WI

Napper is angled

We ended up removing the reversible napper/changer because our baby didn’t like sleeping in the slightly angled napper (he only likes flat on his back or in his car seat). If I’d known that I would have bought a cheaper version but otherwise it serves it’s purpose.

Briana Alexander, KS