Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet, Vance

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet, Vance

DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery! Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet – Vance Two babies mean double the cuddles – and double the need for comfort. The Graco Pack ‘n Play with Twin Bassinets is a roomy playard that makes a perfect spot for your new babies to rest with its cozy, quilted twin bassinets and light-shielding canopies. Sweet dreams! This thoughtfully designed Pack ‘n Play Portable playard with Twins Bassinet was created with you and your new additions in mind. It offers your twins unsurpassed comfort while providing you with unparalleled convenience and style. Removable, quilted mattress pad and bumpers help both your babies nap sweetly and soundly at home or away. When you and your little ones feel like visiting Grandma, the innovative squeeze latch and convenient carrying bag make traveling a snap. Product Dimensions: 34x46x35 Recommended Age: Recommended Weight (in pounds): Made in the USA

Main features

  • Metal, Plastic
  • Imported
  • The Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twin Bassinet, in Vance, is a roomy playard with 2 cozy quilted bassinets for twins
  • Removable bassinet is perfect for napping
  • Quilted mattress pad creates a comfortable nap space
  • Double bassinet slumber dome canopies shield babies from bright light

Verified reviews


Don’t plan on your babies actually sleeping in this!

The pack n play itself is very nice, extra roomy, and works very well as a travel play pen for twins the first year. The bassinets, however, are ridiculous. We used them for about two weeks before realizing our boys couldn’t stand them and they were a BIG part of the reason for our especially sleepless nights at first. The bassinets are not quality like Graco’s other pack n plays with bassinets because unlike the others, these bassinets share a floor. Yes, the floorboard of the pack n play raises to become the mattress for both bassinets. And with very little support. Others have said it, and I have to reiterate, the babies roll to the middle. I recommend something else entirely. The pack n play works as a playyard for travelin, but for sleeping, find another solution. We eventually set up a crib and put two bouncers in it and the babies slept in those, side by side, for the first 4 months. Do what works, but I doubt it will be this.

Eve Meriden, NH

Bassinets are not good!

We were very disappointed to find out that the bassinet part is not very sturdy, and the weight of (2) 5 lb babies made it sink in the middle, thus making the babies roll into the middle up against the divider. It is only supported by two rods that are only slightly bigger around than the average sharpie marker. Also, the bassinets do not fold up and go into the storage sleeve, so if you want to travel with this, you have to lug around the bassinet part separately, and it does not fold up nicely to go into a bag or something. Also, you cannot raise up the bottom without having the bassinet part installed.

Dee Shedd, OR


I was so excited to get this pack and play for my twins, but was hugely let down. I was under the impression that this product had two removable bassinets for the babies. However, this is not true. There are no actual removable bassinets with this product. The part that looks like a bassinet is put together like a tent and covering for the baby, but the two coverings are attached to each other. It was also a huge pain to put the bassinet/coverings together. After realizing this disappointment, I thought that at least the babies could lay on the raised flat surface like on the other pack n plays… wrong again. The raised part, that is also the bottom of the “bassinet” cannot be used without the coverings of the bassinet. So in my opinion, this expensive pack n play has even less to offer than the more basic ones. Before you buy it, look at the pictures carefully, you will see the top and bottom of the bassinet are not connected. If I’m traveling with my twins, this completely defeats the purpose. If one is crying a lot one night, I cannot simply take a bassinet out and move the baby. Whoever designed this product does not have babies!

Jillian Griffin, IN

It caves in towards the center and babies roll over

I wish I would have read the reviews before buying this product. What they say about the center being weak is true. I have twins and they where born of 3 and 5 lbs and the bassinet started loosing its form. I can’t imagine with heavier babies :/ I don’t recommend this product at all, it’s potentially dangerous and you’ll be worrying all night.On the other hand the GRACO people were very nice and tried to solve the problem, they sent me all the bassinet part for free, but unfortunately, it’s the same part, and I didn’t need a replacement of the part that presented the danger, I needed a solution and they don’t get that they have to make a complete change in the design.I ended up throwing it away (the bassinet part) and it’s only good as a play yard. If I knew that was the use I was going to give it, I would have bought a cheaper one.

Germaine Salt Lick, KY

Bassinets Disappointed, But Playard is Great

Like other reviewers have noted, the board caved in the center when using the bassinets (enough so that my twins rolled to the center). We thought it was too dangerous to use the bassinet portion and ended up buying two separate bassinets. That said, we didn’t return the item because having an extra large playard has been great (and will continue to be great), so I recommend the product only as a playard.

Michael Hemlock, NY

Bigger than I thought, but great for my twins.

I was surprised that at how big this turned out to be once it was set up. It did not fit next to my bed, as I had hoped it would and it will not go through doorways without being folded down. So, we lose a star here for the inconvenience of that.However, our twins came surprisingly early and we did not have cribs yet at all. We used this when we got home and, two weeks later, they are sleeping comfortably in the bassinets. They are 6.5 pounds and 4.5 pounds and I haven’t noticed them rolling into the center or the bassinet collapsing in any way. I wonder if the other reviewers have theirs set up properly. They must not have the side pieces clipped down to the edges. It’s really very sturdy. If I notice this being a problem as they grow, I’ll come back and update this review. For now, they are doing so well that we plan to leave them in the bassinets until they get bigger. Then we will graduate them to their cribs.

Tara Glenbrook, NV


Other than the longer than expected setup time of this product, this has been a great product for us as parents of twins. I would go by The weight limit for the bassinets as they won’t hold too much weight.

Katina Marietta, OH

A must for twins!!! Great Bassinet and Fab travel crib!!!

I have the Kensington version, so its the brown color. They play pen portion sets up fast and easy. The bassinet takes a bit more time. When my twins first came home they weighed 5 and 5.5lbs each so they cuddled together on one side. As they got older and one became a “traveler” in her sleep, moving all over the bassinet, we put one on each side. Some reviews complained that the bassinet can slump inward in the center. This did not happen to us until our kids reached 13 lbs each. (Max weight is 15lbs per baby ) My husband simply slid a thin piece of wood under the bottom of the bassinet and problem solved! Babies now weigh 16 and 17 lbs, so we are using just the play pen part now. It has been an excellent travel crib. It has done us right on camping trips to the desert, and to the beaches of Hawaii. Love this pack n play! My only complaint is that when folding this up and putting it into the travel case, the bassinet part will not fit, only the play pen fits in the case.

Elena Mill River, MA

Love it

I love this the other reviews say the babies sink in the middle mine dont and they sleep pretty good in this. The only problem I have with it is that its soo huge so make sure you make lots of room for it and if you plan on getting sheets for it playpen sheets do not fit youll have to use crib sheets.

Jocelyn Bouse, AZ

love this bassinet

My husband and I received this bassinet as a gift from his parents since we are having twin girls. We wanted to have something in our bedroom for the first couple of months since I know there will be lots of late night feedings and what not. At first the size of it is intimidating but again what do you expect, it is built for two babies. After having it already set up in our bedroom it doesn’t seem as large anymore. My husband had a really easy time setting it up. It was to heavy for me to lift right now. Once the twins will be sleeping in their cribs, we will be moving it out to the living room. I like how it has wheels for easy moving and it collapses down easily enough. I am very pleased with the playard and can’t wait to begin using it. I would say if you are having twins, this is a must! It also arrived in about 5 days and I live overseas. I was very impressed.

Tina Wray, CO


Sturdy, good size, well-made, and (apparently) comfortable for twin babies to sleep in. This bassinet has come in very, very handy –my life would be a lot harder without it. This is highly recommended.

Vonda Madison Heights, VA

Great pack ‘n play for twins!!!!

When my twins were discharged from the NICU after being in the hospital for 3 weeks I wanted them close to me during the night. We kept this in our room for the first two months they were home. It is a beautiful pack ‘n play and is perfect for a boy or a girl (we have one of each :). The double bassinets are perfect for twins. The pack ‘n play is a good size and I love the wheels on it (perfect for moving it from room to room). It also packs up nicely and comes with a carring case. I don’t know what I would have done with out this!

Jeanne Aberdeen, KY

Great for my twins

I purchased this when I pregnant with twins and have limited space. I found it to be great (a pain to put together) buy and was really large and spacious I didn’t have a problem with them dipping in the middle( make sure the rod is all the way in) it only lasted until they were 4 months because my daughter was a roller and tried to pull up on the sides but the play yard works fine wish there was a little more padding. It came in a timely matter and I loved the color. I would recommend to someone with little space. They still sleep just fine in it.

Leah Paterson, WA

Great for newborn twins

We used this for our twin newborns until about 3 months.. it worked great!Now that they are 7 months old and teething we often put one baby in this pack n play in our bedroom overnight so whichever baby wakes up in the middle of the night won’t wake the other twin (normally they’re in their own cribs in the same room). Upon doing this, we found it can’t be very comfortable because the bottom is a bit thin and there is a bar underneath their back. The bassinets were probably much more comfortable because they didn’t have this bar there. I put quilts on the bottom for the time being, but think I may cut an old mattress topper to use instead, just to be more like a mattress.Love that is it oversized- both twins had tummy time in this for a while until they started rolling (about 4 months old).A down side is that with twins, we are now looking at getting another regular size pack n play for travel because they won’t both sleep in it at 7 months old.. almost wish we had 2 regular sized ones to begin with.. another down side is that the need specific sheets, which aren’t cheap when you have newborns spitting up and having blowouts on them.. we just used a mattress pad (the flat ones, not the fitted kind) then put blankets under the bassinet parts.. changed the blankets when needed and it worked SO much better than a sheet would have. We changed the individual sides by doing this and avoided spending lots of money.Overall, VERY useful for the first few months – but thereafter is seems a bit big and useless unless you travel a lot.

Christina Chocowinity, NC

Have used since birth, now 4+months old

This has been a fantastic find for our little ones whom we wanted to sleep in our room (lower SIDS rate for twins that sleep in their own space in parent’s bedroom is one of the reasons we opted for this.) As of a few days ago, we’ve finally had to move our boy to a separate sleeping vessel, but prior to that they spent every night in the bassinet. We had to move our boy for 2 reasons: 1) he’s getting a little hefty for this bassinet 2.) he’s started night ninja moves that with the shared floor of the bassinet, wakes his sister. Our little girl happily still sleeps in it, though I’m not sure for how long as her length may start being a factor.I can not comment as to the playpen aspect of it yet as we haven’t used it. The floor of the bassinet is the same as the floor to playpen and we haven’t haven’t had sagging problems others have mentioned, but that may be because the bassinets evenly spaces out the babies. For reference our little ones are 13lbs and 16+lbs. Even if we run into problems later, I would still say this was totally worth it instead of having a huge bulky crib in our bedroom. (That would have to be disassembled to get through the door!)The rating is 4 stars instead of 5 because the part that the babies lie on can be a bit wonky for a new parent. It has to fold up for travel, and as such each side has 2 vertical folds in it that is less than ideal. Babies may tend to slightly favor an area because of these little folds, and my guess is that can cause the dreaded flat head problem if it’s constantly in the same position (rather them naturally moving their head where no folds would cause favoritism. Upon examination, I believe that the design could be corrected, but it wasn’t a big deal for our particular situation. We did have a period where we placed towels under PART of the bassinet floor, but that was to help give it a slight incline that is sometime needed for twins. This is not a defect of the product, but may have helped with the folds.

Luann Ina, IL

Don’t Bother with the Twin Pack ‘N Play – Get Two Single Ones

The design of this Pack ‘N Play is nice, although if I had it to do over again, I would probably just purchase two single Pack ‘N Plays for my twins. The separated sleeping bassinet looks cute, and works fine, but in reality, your twins don’t need a divider – by the time they are strong enough to roll around the bassinet, they will likely be too heavy to be sleeping in it. I’ve also heard/seen from friends with twins that the babies sleep just fine right next to each other – just like they put them in the hospital. Plus, having two Pack ‘N Plays can be a big plus later on – you may want to have your babies sleeping in separate rooms, or locate them at different places during the day (like one in a bedroom while napping and the other in the living room with you while they are awake). And, when you travel with them, you will need two sleeping areas once they get too big to share one, which isn’t long. I also had a devil of a time trying to find the sheet that goes with this – and I only had one option.Functionally, this is a well-built portable crib, that is easy to set up and take down, and is just as compact as a single P’nP (excluding the bassinet).We still use the twin Pack ‘N Play as a traveling crib for one of our babies, but I would probably have been better off buying two smaller ones.

Maribel House Springs, MO

A must for twins!

I almost put this on my Amazon baby registry but didn’t because a friend was going to let me borrow her regular Pack ‘N Play when my twins were born. I never got around to getting it from her, and my husband and I brought our twins home with nowhere to put them on our main level (their room is upstairs). The idea of dragging them up and down the stairs all day sounded horrible, so we literally ordered this the day we came home from the hospital and paid for rush delivery. It was completely worth the price! The twins are 6 weeks old now, and I can’t imagine not having this. It’s really sturdy and the twins sleep just fine in it between meals. We haven’t had to pack it up to take anywhere yet, but I’m sure we’ll be using it for a really long time.

Karina West Milton, OH

Love. Still using almost two years later.

I purchased this pack n’play for my twin girls but didn’t purchase through Amazon. I bought it on walmart online.I needed bassinets for my girls but knew I would eventually need a pack n’ play so opted for a Pack n Play with bassinets. Graco was the only one that I found that offered a double bassinet.I have been using this PnP since I brought my girls home form the hospital and still use today 20 months later. The bassinets were perfect to use while the girls slept in our room and use the PnP outside when they were older.This PnP is larger than most and has a higher weight limit. The bassinets are quite roomy. My girls were preemies weighing 4lbs and 5lbs and were able to share a single bassinet for a month before seperating. Then they slept another 3-4 months before needing to move them to a shared crib. Not because of the weight limit though, they were moving around a lot and they would jiggle the whole bassinet and disturb one another. Aside from that the bassinets were quite sturdy.I did wish on a couple of occassions that the bassinets were ‘removeable’. To use the PnP you have to uninstall the bassinets. So no ‘Best of both worlds’. Also, the bottom of the bassinet is a single floor board with the bassinet separators installed on top. There is no fear of coming loose but I did find that it was a pain to change the sheets because you have to remove them to do it. To combat this with babies who had serious reflux I just added bedding in layers in each bassinet so I only had to change the top layers the majority of the time.I didn’t keep the bassinets near a window so did not use the canopies too often. I kept them retracted most times. When I did use them I would lay a blanket over them to shield them when I had the lights on.One end has wheels so it’s very easy to move. The only issue I had was I couldn’t wheel from one room to another like I intended because it would not fit through the doorway.Simple enough to put together. Or should I say just as annoying as any other PnP. No worse than any other so no big deal. The bottom floor board goes in and comes out with ease. It’s heavy so no fear of the girls lifting it up.All sides are mesh so great airflow and visibility. But no shading when used outdoors in full sun.Like I said before this PnP is much bigger than others so take the footprint into consideration if you are short on space. My girls can still both sleep in it at 20mo old. They do toss and turn over each other a bit but still room enough for them to sleep toegther.Overall, I really like this PnP and the bassinets. Absolutley worth the purchase and would most definitely recommend to a friend.

Coleen Potosi, MO