Graco Pack ‘n Play Sheet Navy

Graco Pack ‘n Play Sheet Navy

Delight baby with sweet dreams–anytime, anywhere. Graco’s Pack ‘N Play sheet turns ordinary travel cribs into posh accommodations. Deep fitted pockets keep this solid navy sheet in place. Ultrasoft and machine washable for easy care, this 27-by-39-inch cotton/polyester blend sheet fits most portable crib and travel yard mattresses. Give your infant that special touch of home when on the go.

Main features

  • Pack N Play Sheet Light Blue
  • 27″x 39″ sheet fits most portable playards

Verified reviews


They’re okay

We have a Baby Trend playyard, and these sheets fit perfectly. I only use the sheets when we’re traveling and my son uses the playyard to sleep in, and I haven’t had any problem with the sheets coming off during sleep (and he’s pretty active at night!).I will agree that these sheets are lint magnets. Also, they’re not the softest sheet in the world, but that does make them a bit more durable. However, since we just use them at night, I would have liked a bit softer sheet. The sheet is also quite thin.The best thing is to not have high expectations for this sheet.

Viola Kilmichael, MS

Okay sheets

I also almost didn’t buy these sheets because of the reviews on this site, but I couldn’t find another brand either, so I picked up two of these in navy.The sheets are a bit on the thin side (they are the thinnest sheets we own for him), but since our son has been sleeping in the bassinet in our room since day one, they are the only sheets he’s ever slept on. They are okay sheets that are holding up very well, even through numerous washings. Oh, and they aren’t elasticized, but it is so tricky to get them on the bassinet, I have no worries that they will come up (we haven’t used the play yard feature yet).By the way, we’ve been using them all through a hot Colorado summer; if this were winter I would definitly be looking for something softer and cozier.

Debbie Minden, TX

Poor qualtiy

Bought a hundred dollar pack and play and this was my ONLY option for a sheet. Can’t they make the cheap one and a higher end sheet for those who don’t mind spending money for better quality??Also, keep in mind your wash loads. I bought this in navy and then realized that everything else I have for baby is pastels. Sheet has to be washed seperately from rest of baby’s laundry. Would be better to choose a lighter color that could go into the same load as the rest of the baby’s laundry.

Francisca Almelund, MN

Better options out there

I had two of these sheets for my first child because that’s all I could find at the time. Other reviewers are right on about the quality. VERY thin and not very soft either. You can see the pattern right through them.Now that we’re expecting our second child any day and she’ll be sleeping in the play yard for a long bit, I wanted to see what else was out there.I found the following brands at BRU, bought one of each and tried them on the bed. Here’s what I found:Nojo: Terrycloth-like fabric. Soft but still a bit thin. They are elasticized though, which is easier to put on and stays on better. There were three colors available at the store (dark blue, light blue, white). Price $9.99Graco quilted sheet: Very plush, though the fabric is synthetic feeling (I didn’t check, but I’d guess poly blend). Most comfortable of any that I tried. Will probably use it under a more natural feeling sheet. Elasticized and stayed on well. Was only available in a dark blue. Most expensive at $14.99Carter portable crib sheet: Knit fabric. On the thin side, but soft. Stayed on well, was elasticized and came in at least 4 colors (green, white, blue, yellow). Price $7.99Koala portable crib sheet: Listed thread count of 220 and it felt like a very decent quality. Elasticized, available in a variety of colors (pink, white, blue, green, etc) and one of the cheaper ones out there at $6.99Overall, I was VERY pleased with the options out there. Highly suggest NOT buying these, but going with an elasticized sheet. Both the Carters and Koala sheets are cheaper and are better quality.The Pack ‘n Play fitted sheets will only be used as under sheets from now on!

Ivy West Burke, VT

Not Very Soft or Well-Fitted

We have the Saratoga P&P and I’ve been very disappointed with the sheet we bought. It’s been so bad that we haven’t used it yet. The material is very rough and the sheet doesn’t fit well when the mattress is in the bassinet position.

Lucia Robertsdale, AL

Just a sheet, but OH, so important!

I couldn’t fathom why the pack’n’play layette bed needed a sheet. The spittle and drool just wipes off, right? Not as easily as you might hope, and these sheets are just the thing to make it easier. They fit perfectly, match fine, and keep muck off the mat. Way to go, Graco – you’ve done it again!

Rosella Wynnewood, PA

Terrible sheets–don’t waste your money

These sheets are incredibly thin and cheap. The elastic isn’t good, and the fabric is just not soft. We’ve bought several other brands, all of which were better than this stuff.

Alexandria Pesotum, IL

User Error?

We couldn’t get the sheet on right. It kept lifting the corners of the floor mat. They weren’t soft like the others either. We never used them… You can find ours at Goodwill. Waste of money.

Bette Connersville, IN

Very handy for a clean play pen

I love these. They are very easey to put on and take off. They wash in the washing machine, and dry in the dryer. They are small and don’t take up much space to store when waiting to be used.I have four of these in three different colors. It’s a bit much though. It’s only necessary to have two. Ones in the wash, and ones on the pack and play. They also fit well over the quilted pack and play sheet.

Leigh Queensbury, NY

don’t bother

I bought this sheet because I believed everything should be "form fitting" if my son was to be in it – to prevent possible suffocation, choking….This sheet was so rough I could not lay my baby on it. After washing 3-4 times with loads of fabric softener – no difference.I used it once and it’s been in the closet ever since.I ended up putting a thin blanket in the packnplay and tucking it into the sides instead. It was soft, and when my child was sleeping he didn’t pull it out.If and when I use the pack and play as a playpen, I may pull the sheet out and try again. For the basinett – don’t bother.

Simone La Junta, CO

We Own These Sheet and We LOVE them!

We own these sheets and they are great specially for my nephew..they seem “thin” but actually they are not to thin…i washed them many times from baby puke…these sheets has saved our travel yard from the evil smell of vomit! and i put a light weight blanket under him (on top of the sheet.) when he was a newborn/1month old…these sheets kept our play yard very clean!! and we love them and will buy more when baby #2 comes! we also have the yellow one and this green one..they both get used daily and washed daily (if puke happens) and we love the easy on and easy off!

Leta Midland, MI


While it looks like it would be a great color, it’s poorly made (thread count must be super low) and when it comes out of the drier, it has “balls” collected over it which also makes the sheet not-so-soft. Go for the white! I have a couple of white pack ‘n play sheets and they are holding up much better!!

Alfreda Java Center, NY

A necessity

If you are purchasing or have a pack-n-play, these extra sheets are a necessity. Baby will spit up, drop the bottle, lose the sippy cup in the playard, and extras are much more convenient than attempting to immediately wipe down the sheet.These sheets fit well, wash well, and aren’t overly padded so as to be unsafe. All in all, a reasonably priced, high quality necessity.

Louise Antelope, MT

Just Too Thin

I bought one just to try to keep the pad a little bit more comfortable, but it is so thin. At nine dollars I thought it would be better.

Beryl Osseo, MI


I bought this item (in a different color) two years ago for my son.It is NOT waterproof- but what SHEET is?! I recommend purchasing a 27″ size BRU Especially for Baby Brand waterproof pad to go under the sheet (Just like you would buy a waterproof cover for your crib mattress!). The sheet will hold the pad in place and fit perfectly over top both the pad and mattress.This sheet is durable and launders easily.I was so pleased with this product, I would purchase it again! In fact, I did! I am expecting TWINS, so I purchased another sheet in this color and also TWO of the smaller size for my two Graco Travel Lite Cribs/PNP’s.Good job, Graco for coming up with yet another GREAT product!

Elisha Adrian, OH

Great sheet!

I really like this sheet. It matches the colors of my pack ‘n’ play really well. I have a kolcraft and it fits perfect. It has been spit up on about a million times and has been washed about a million more. It hasn’t faded at all and is very durable. I would definitely recommend this sheet!

Lizzie Sumner, IA

Nothing spectacular but nice backup

I got this sheet for my son’s Colby Pack n Play as a spare for when his original aheet requires washing. There’s not much to say about a sheet. To me, a sheet’s a sheet. The price could have been a bit better but the color is nicer and doesn’t show stains as much as some lighter colored sheets do. I would recommend this over white, yellow, certain blues and pinks. For the purpose I got this for I have no qualms. We haven’t had any bleeds and the sheet isn’t stiff or scratchy. I would never use this long term but for short term use this is convenient. I’m glad I got it and I have no complaints but there is only so much raving you ca do about a piece of fabric so I say, buy it as a backup. You will need it, especially for preemies, newborns and teething babies/toddlers because they can go through several sets of bedcloths a day.

Dona Talking Rock, GA

It’s green!

I bought this sheet for a Graco brand pack and play…the sheet is fitted, just not in the traditional sense (there’s no elastic) just kind of pockets sewn in the corners. It stays on OK though. Just one thing threw me, I thought the color “tea” would be tan or some variation of a light brown, but it is definitely green.

Lorna Batavia, IA

This Sheet Does Its Job

I bought this sheet for my Baby Trend playyard. The sheet fits well and I’ve had no problems with washing it. I do, however, put a bassinett pad (one of the big lap pads) under the sheet to help with keeping the "mattress" dry. It’s not the softest sheet ever made, but that’s not what I was expecting. After all, my son plays on it.

Kitty Flint Hill, VA

Great for Graco

We have the Graco Clarion Pack N Play and this sheet fits perfectly. Can’t understand why there are so many negative reviews about the fit and wear of this sheet. It fits our model perfectly and has withstood many washings well. It is thin, but we haven’t found that to be a problem.

Clare Walnut Grove, MN

Don’t Waste $$ on these

I regret not following the advice of the majority of reviewers on this one. These really are terrible sheets. I have the Graco Cubby Parade Pack N Play and figured the sheets would be good since they’re manufactured by the same company. Boy was I wrong. They don’t fit the pad very well regardless if it’s laying flat for the playpen or if it’s set up for the bassinet. Since the bassinet is 3/4 the pad folds up and the sheet doesn’t stay put very well at all. They are also cheaply made. Thin isn’t even the word. It’s upsetting that my Babies r Us only carries this brand. I’m going to return the rest for a store credit and try to find a suitable replacement elsewhere. As for now I am currently using my bassinet w/o a sheet. The pad wipes down well and if i’m going to have my daughter in there for a long time I use a waterproof pad under her. Since she’s always wrapped in a blanket she doesn’t mind going w/o the sheet.

Jeannette Sheridan, WY

Do the job, but could be improved

You do need some kind of sheet if your baby will be sleeping on the plastic, and these are all I’ve ever found. They do the job, but aren’t as good as they could be. They don’t fit great, which doesn’t make any sense since they are designed for the pack n play. They’re also pretty stiff even after washing.

Sue Ubly, MI

Not good sheets

These sheets are not good at all. I am a big fan of Graco products, but not these! They are thin, and not soft at all. I ended up making my own sheets…all you have to do is get a piece of flannel and hem it and make the corners, they don’t need elastic since the mattress has bending points in it. Plus, a lot cheaper!

Katelyn Blue Grass, IA

Does the job

O.k., yes it is thin, it is not the softest out there, but it does the job. To add comfort I have a waterproof pad under it which I think is a must in playards anyways because it is not easy to clean the matress pad they come with.I have had no problems with bleeding, and I wash it very often and it has held up fine.

Flossie Slocomb, AL

Great for all Playards

We have the Travelin Tot Safari Playard and even though this sheet is made for Graco Pack n Plays, it’s perfect for my son’s playard also. I couldn’t imagine putting him in the bassinet part without a sheet… I’m glad Graco came up with such a great product. It’s best to have a few on hand for spit up’s or leaky diaper’s…

Hattie Janesville, WI