Graco Pack ‘N Play with Newborn Napper Elite, Vance

Graco Pack ‘N Play with Newborn Napper Elite, Vance

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Newborn Napper Elite – Vance Graco Pack ‘n Play with Newborn Napper Elite grows with your child as you place your newborn in the luxurious velour napper station, then as your infant rests in the comfortable wrapover bassinet, to your playful toddler safe in the full-size playard. The Pack ‘n Play with Newborn Napper Elite offers comfort and convenience with a changing table that holds a child up to 30 pounds and a deluxe storage hamper. Features: †Newborn Napper station’s beautifully styled fabrics are soft on your newborn’s skin–perfect to snuggle in. †Newborn Napper station with extra soft fleece fabric that is soft on your newborn’s skin. †The only playard designed to transition with your child as he grows from a newborn to infant to toddler. †Easily converts to a portable playard. †Deluxe storage hamper provides the perfect place to store baby’s clothes, toys, and diaper changing necessities. †MP3 player docking station lets you play baby’s favorite songs and sounds; it also controls the soothing vibration in the napper and bassinet. †Removable bassinet with luxurious fabrics provides a cozy haven for baby, at home and away. Product Dimensions: 33.25×28.5×40 Recommended Age: Recommended Weight (in pounds):

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Graco’s Pack ‘n Play with Newborn Napper Station Elite, in Vance, has beautifully styled, velour fabric which is soft on your newborn’s skin; it’s perfect to snuggle in
  • It’s the only playard designed to transition with your child as she grows from a newborn to infant to toddler
  • Canopy on the Graco Newborn Napper station shields baby from bright light
  • Deluxe storage hamper helps keep clothes, diapers and other necessities handy
  • New, larger changing table is safe for use with babies up to 30 lbs. and provides time saving-convenience so you don’t have to run to the nursery for diaper changes

Verified reviews


Great Product but Has problems

– great combo of bassinet, crib, and changing table. This is a great solution for those living in small spaces.- love the newborn napper. Although it is impossible to assemble and remove. If you attach it once (with difficulty), and plan on using it for long term use as I did, you will only have to take it off one more time. Then this is great for you. If you plan on attaching and detaching the newborn napper multiple times, look at a different product.- Awesome changing table. I still use it for my eight month old.- love the design. It’s gender neutral, and simple. Can use sheets and blankets to play up for baby girl or boy.- love that you can move it around on wheels.- the side compartment is USELESS. It is completely flimsy. Do not plan on storing anything in it, other than maybe a few diapers. I removed mine after the first couple days and have never reattached it.- Graco makes several other products that cost much less, but do not include the side compartment. I decided on this one because of the side compartment. Thus, if I could go back in time, I would buy a different, cheaper product, since the side compartment was completely useless.

Rosanna Oswego, NY

Kind of expensive for being a disappointment

We got a pack n play after reading reviews that it was the best possible in room bassinet option, because for the first few weeks of baby you can use the napper, and then when she’s older you can use the play yard. I figured we were saving money.I’m not too impressed with it. My baby was born almost 9 lbs, so she is going to grow out of the napper pretty quick (only for <15 lb babies). Also, she hates it. She hates sleeping in it because the incline is too horizontal. I was quite surprised, because most of the reviews I read said that their newborns loved it. But my newborn was 22 in long and 8 lbs 15 oz, so maybe her size is the differing factor? I think I would have liked to buy a cheaper bedside bassinet and then bought a basic play yard later, because at almost $200, I feel like this purchase was a little unnecessary.Also, the changing table is uneven. Every time I set her in it she rolls to one side. It’s really annoying, especially since this specific pack n play claimed to have fixed that problem. And, if you are tall like my husband and I (he’s 6’0″ and I’m 5’8″) the changing table is TOO LOW. And it’s extremely uncomfortable to bend at that angle.Also, the side pockets are too small to fit anything in. It doesn’t fit that many diapers or wipes, and if you over fill it, the sides just bend over and everything falls out. It’s not very sturdy. All around just bleh.Basiclaly, get a regular bassinet if that is your purpose in buying this product. I wish I would have.

Latanya Norman, IN

Love it!!

I think I tried to talk myself out of buying this about 20 times to save money by purchasing a less expensive pack n play. I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and splurge! So worth it. We keep this one in our living room and it is incredibly convenient. The only downfall I’ve found is that I have a big baby and he’s already outgrown the napper at 6 weeks. His legs scrunch up! But I’m sure most mom’s won’t have this issue. The side compartment does sag a little, but it doesn’t bother me. I love when company comes over and they tell me how cool it is and how “when I had babies, they didn’t have things like this!”. I never write reviews, but I had to say that if you’re a new mom trying to make a decision, go with this one. You won’t regret it!

Mari Carney, OK

Perfect modern alternative

This is the BEST CHOICE for new parents. I bought it as a giftThe napper is midway between the top and the bottom and really makes it easy to set baby down asleep- it saves your back from an otherwise long bend and is perfect for babies not old enough to sit up. And removed napper leaves a deep bed at the bottom which easily and safely will hold a baby up to at least 2 years old.The material is excellent and although first assembly takes awhile it really is easy to set up and pack upPerfect for home and travel and sturdy enough to last for yearsThe battery operated mp3 connection also has vibrate settings for the napper and the removable bassinetUnfortunately the description did not say "batteries not included"I also bought the graco urban lite stroller and car seat – vance as gift for same person – and having everything match is another plus!New parents these days usually have smaller homes and this is the perfect alternative to a crib, changing table and bassinet it maximizes smaller spaces and easily packs for travel across the street or across the country. Most airlines accept these as carry on luggage!The order was promptly processed and shipped very fastI definitely recommend this item

Diane Woodville, TX

works good

We have been using this pack n play for about a week in our bedroom for our newborn and the newborn sleeper is great. The changing table doesn’t work great for us as it is not level and baby rolls/slides to one side. It is also sort of low and not comfortable for us. The accessory pouch is nice but not very sturdy. We have not yet used the music attachment.

Amanda Barkhamsted, CT

Great, but don’t buy it for the storage

Pros:The changing table is sturdy unlike many other pack n playsThe newborn napper provides the option of a slight inclineCons:The changing table does not flip over the side as it would in most pack n plays. It remains over the baby/ bassinet. However, this makes it sturdier.The storage attachment is basically useless. The diaper holding section will do it’s job but the rest will not. It is not strong enough to function as shown in the picture.The newborn napper is not easily removed for washing. It is washable, but re- assembling it is not easy. There isn’t a cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Briana Reese, MI

Love it

I really love this pack and play. The wheels make it easy to roll all over the house. We wanted to have our son in the room with us but the regular style bassinet someone loaned us, he did not like. We wheeled this into our bedroom and he slept in the bassinet at night for over a month. Love the convenience of the changing table. We have now removed the bassinet but are still using the changing table- my son can lay on the mattress (even raised) and not touch the changing pad (yet). I also like the vibrating feature for the bassinet that is now attached to the mattress it soothes my son well.The few negatives are the side storage isn’t as sturdy as I would like. It is still nice that it is there though holding diapers, wipes and lotions. Another consideration is assembly. This would not be a good “pack” and take on vacation pack and play. I would recommend borrowing, second hand shopping, or buying a smaller more simple pack and play for that.

Rosetta South Egremont, MA

Much sturdier than Cuddle Cove Pack N Play

As a first time Grana, I am very particular to review and buy quallity products for our princess. After reading online reviews about the weak changing table on the Cuddle Cove, we chose this Napper Elite. The parents were over last evening, and they remarked about how sturdy the table was compared to their Cuddle Cove. Our baby only weighs seven pounds, and their Cuddle Cove changing station is already leaning downward when changing her diaper. We are very happy with the Napper Elite. Only wish that all of these came in cuter designs, but I’ll change it up with blankets, mobiles, etc.

Charmaine Riverside, MO

Happy G.G. (Great grandma)

This was given as a gift. The new expecting any day parents loved it & said it’s everything they wanted and more. I love that it will be able to be used for an entire year. Making me feel like they will get my monies worth. ;D Also purchased an extra mattress & sheet.Thanks for the guaranteed delivery, It was delivered as promised. Love, love dealing with Amazon. They always offer quality products that stores charge more for. Delivery is tracked with dependable UPS excellent service, Thanks so much Amazon & UPS!!!

Verna Cresskill, NJ

mac daddy of pack n plays

This pack n play has all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately for us, we probably didn’t need half of them. The Newborn Napper is a SIDS safety hazard according to Consumer Reports and the Baby Bargains book, so we never used that. We never used the music or vibrate feature. We did use the changing pad a few times, but it is kind of cumbersome to travel with and takes up a lot of car space. Loved the side organizer (one of the reasons why we bought it), but it just became one more thing to pack up.If you are wanting a pack n play to travel easily with, just know that the main piece (without the napper, changer, organizer, or rods to raise the mattress up) is fine. We started leaving all the other stuff at home once baby could roll over and was sleeping on the bottom level anyway. If you are using this as a second sleeping space/changing station on another level of your home, this is great. All in all, we got it as a gift, so I don’t have any regrets that we have such a nice one, but it is a LOT of stuff. Be prepared to scale down when you actually take it out of your home.

Aurora Caruthersville, MO

Great design, some unnecessary features

We got this primarily for the design and we couldn’t be happier with it. Gender neutral look, nice color tones. Our baby never liked the napper, so we used the bassinet from day one. The changer slants slightly so the baby kind of rolls toward you during a changing which isn’t that great. The side storage is good for the wipes and powder, etc, but we didn’t really need it since we always had the pack n play near a dresser where we could keep things. Also, we never used the vibration or ipod player since our phones play music and we can just play music straight from phones. If you want this for the design, get it. If you prefer a different design that doesn’t have these features, don’t worry that you’ll be missing anything getting the version with less features.

Alisha Sextonville, WI

God send for grandparents

We live in a mobile home and I take care of my granddaughter and needed something compact. This is great. Easy to put together. Sturdy for sure and the changer is perfect for me with a bad back. Love the music and light options. So much for your money. Cleans easily. As she grew out of the cuddlier I stored it under the mattress since it is still being used in the highest position. Worked out great for me.

Zelma Rio, IL

for the price I expected more use

My newborn doesn’t like sleeping on this nor the bassinet. The changer is a plus. Other than the changer I currently use this as storage for baby clothes. Storage compartment on side is small and cannot put much stuff on. Save your money, you can get another with better pricing. Hoping my baby will use this as he gets older.

Jennifer Cheswick, PA

Great playard!!…very nice!

Guao, is nice and practical playard. You can store it in their bag carry and to carry it to travel with your baby. It is easy to assembly, althought, is a bit difficult to understand the assembly on the manual, but does not matter, because if you are recursive, you found the way. We hope that with the baby it works good. Our baby does not been born yet, but we are already ready for wait for him. Later, I will do an updating about it, if we have any trouble, but so far, the packing and product are very good.Already mi son born, and we are happy with this playard. Is really nice!. I will recomend it this product always, oh yes!. The newborn napper station is very helpful, and the bassinet for change the clothes is very helpful also.

Velma Little Orleans, MD

Perfect for downstairs

We lived in a two story condo when we brought our baby home.This was absolutely perfect for downstairs. I would absolutely buy this again because it served us so well.

Rhonda Allport, PA

I love the Graco Pack N Play Elite!

This product would have gotten 5 stars if some parts of the storage section was well made and the napper station was detachable, but overall I love this pack N Play. The MP3 docking station, changing table and the stable diaper storage makes up for other mishaps.

Juliette Paint Lick, KY

Overall good quality with some flaws

This is a good product with some flaws. First of all I have to say it is used in our house as a second/downstairs bad/changing table for our baby son. I was debating for a long time between buying this more expensive version with the side pockets and the cheaper with a changing table as the only additional bonus. I regret spending additional money. The pockets are useful but are not very sturdy and currently all the diapers are falling off the shelves..very frustrating especially when you are changing your baby and when you are reaching for a diaper you find out they are all ‘nicely’ spilled all over the floor. Money not well spent

Karina Hurley, SD

Does the job well!

Out of the pack n plays I really wanted a side pocket item that could hold diapers and things. This is downstairs in our living room, so I don’t want to cart things back and forth. It’s also nice that if I want to take if off , I simply un-clip it. The napper was nice when my son was small, we actually still use the changer, he is nine months, but I think we are going to stop it since the weight limit is close to where he is. Overall it is great and so easy to pack up.

Sasha Mound, MN

Some set up but will do the job.

We like it- but the extras were a little unnecessary for us… The changing table became a sweater holder and she didn’t like the shape of the napper so I took that out. The organizer is awkward. She is only a month old but I will say she let us know she didn’t like the napper right away. So she is on the booster part next to our bed.The vibrator works a little too well, lol, if the napper is touching our bed it vibrates our bed too. She seems to like it so no issues. They were sturdy and seemed to be built well so no loss to their rating because she dosnt like the position of the napper and that I didn’t use the changer.-1 star due to the ‘pack and play’ is not so portable and some muscle needed to set up and tear down.

Cheri Manchester, IL

LOVE the look and works well

I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews, but I love this Pack N Play. The colors and style are so classy and will be great for my baby boy and even a future baby girl…if I have one :)I like the changing table and storage on the side. It works well for what we need. We just keep this in our room where the baby will sleep for the first few months until we move him to his crib in the nursery. The storage is nice for extra diapers, wipes, etc. We don’t use it as our main storage, just for a few things to make night changes easier.The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it’s a little tricky to put together and taking off the napper and changing station is cumbersome and annoying… but eventually we wont use those items and will just use the bassinet and bottom part so it’s not a big deal for us.

Harriet Berry, KY

Loved this

I used this when my daughter was a newborn and I am still using this pack and play. The newborn part is great and really comfortable for you and your baby. The changing station could be a little higher, and the diaper station is a bit flimsey, but I couldnt be happier with this. I will be using this for our second baby, I just dont want to put the dang thing together again!

Milagros Denmark, IA

Would have chosen another design

As with another reviewer who gave this product 3 stars… There are some design flaws, LOOK AT OTHER PACK AND PLAYS before making your purchase.WHY #1… If you have the changing table and the “napper” both installed at the same time you can’t use the main bassinet – the two items block access. They are NOT easily installed or removed. The changing table is great and is what we need the most, so the “napper” attachment is collecting dust.WHY #2… The side organizer was my main reason this was my choice. I was very disappointed by the organizer… lots of sagging. There is no solid support on the horizontal shelves. I am using for what I can, but as other reviewers have stated… not a lot can be stored.Other people have mentioned that with baby/child won’t sleep in it. From what I have read it is a very common issue with new babies. People are guessing it has to do with the size – too big for their comfort. Not sure if that it true or not, but we have found that our child will sleep in it after being rocked to sleep and held for 20-30 minutes after falling asleep (babies go into a deep sleep after that). Of course this is not easily done at 3 in the morning when you are exhausted. Additionally the “bassinet level” moves/swings and if baby moves while sleeping the movement is compounded and wakes baby.

Paige Morrisville, NY

Another great Graco product

I purchased this Pack ‘N Play hoping to make use of all the storage space, the changing table and the napper. I’m 8 months into its use and I’m still very happy with it.Pros:- Very easy to assemble. Take your time and follow the instructions. The only difficult portion was the Napper.- Works great as a portable crib, including using the bassinet level. It’s easy to stand up and take down with little effort. Just read the instructions and practice with it.- The changing pad locks right in and is solid. Mine never leaned like some of the reviews say. My daughter is now 8 months and we STILL use the changing table.- The napper and the bassinet can be attached to a vibrating piece. I used it often and never replaced the batteries. You can also connect to an MP3 player for lullabies or white noise. While there are no volume controls on the Graco pieces, you can adjust the volume on the MP3 player.Cons:- While the napper was great for my baby and she loved sleeping in it, it’s difficult to put together. Once it’s together, keep it connected until you no longer use it.- The storage piece attaches to the side with Velcro straps and plastic hangers. The storage piece doesn’t seem to hold up well after long-term use, but I also stored heavy wipes in there. I still use the storage space for diapers, burp towels, bibs and creams. Just keep out the heavy items. Everything still stays inside, so I’m able to live with it.

Emily Cos Cob, CT