Graco Portland Combo Dresser, White

Graco Portland Combo Dresser, White

1715437 Finish: White Features: -Sturdy modular design.-Allows for easy access for all nursery necessities.-Completes nursery by pairing with Graco Crib.-3 Spacious drawers as well as an adjustable shelf behind the door.-Hidden European door hinges, European metal drawer glides as well as a locking mechanism to prevent the drawers from pulling all way out.-Bottom of the cases pieces have dust covers to prevent dust from entering into drawers and onto personal belongings.-Compatible hardware.-Easy clean surfaces.-Graco name plate positioned on inside of top drawer.-Easy to assemble. Construction: -Constructed of veneered composites and solid wood. Specifications: -Coordinates beautifully with the matching Portland 5 drawer. Warranty: -1 Year warranty.

Main features

  • Three spacious drawers as well as an adjustable shelf behind the door
  • Unit features hidden European door hinges, European metal drawer glides as well as a locking mechanism to prevent the drawers from pulling all the way out
  • The bottom of the cases pieces have dust covers to prevent dust from entering into your drawers and onto your personal belongings
  • Constructed of veneered composites and solid wood
  • One-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Verified reviews


Its ok but not great

The product is ok. It was fairly easy to assemble. The finish seems to mark easily. The item we received was slightly damaged. A piece of trim, normally stapled on, had come off. We were able to nail and glue the part back into place without there being an obvious repair. Since the damage was minor and we did not discover it until the product was nearly assembled we did not bother to return it.I purchased this product because I had bought the matching crib. The finish is nearly identical to that of the crib and the set looks good in the nursery.UPDATE- a few months after we starting using the dresser the handles started to pull off and have to be glued on. The drawers will not slide well if pulled slightly crooked. Also beware of dragging the dresser along light colored carpet as it will mark the carpet. Its still a functional dresser but I wouldn’t buy it again unless there was a very good sale. Otherwise spend the money on something of higher quality.

Callie Knoxville, AL

Believe the poor/low Reviews Many are True!

We bought this dresser to go with the Carter’s Convertible Crib 4-in-1 with Shelf (Cherry) here are a few things people should DEFINITELY know before even CONSIDERING buying this dresser at all.- COLOR & LOOK: The Cherry is a lot more of reddish cherry than I thought it would be, I should have gotten the Espresso (to match the crib which has a much darker cherry stain). Not a big deal, just something I noticed. I really like/d the look of this dresser (which is why I chose it). This dresser is a similar style to the dresser we bought at a large brick-and-mortar chain, but about $325 cheaper which is also why I was motivated to buy it despite the reviews … however I realize now this is definitely a “you get what you pay for” situation.- DELIVERY & ITEMS: It was delivered quickly (thank goodness for Amazon Prime) and in great condition, the box was packed well and the pieces were in great shape … for the most part. While my husband was putting it together he ran into an issue: the middle piece (D), to our Combo Dresser labeled as left (but in the book labeled as Middle Panel) had the holes drilled in the wrong place (the holes were about an inch off from the front and back frame). This lead to the back frame and front frame not fitting at all (which are the first pieces that need to be put together in order for the dresser to be constructed). According to the assembly instructions the holes on piece D where the X cam locks are located, should line up with the W Use Rods and they didn’t. (I included a photo).- CUSTOMER SERVICE: I immediately sent an e-mail via the Customer Service info in the manual to LaJobi Inc.,. They were very prompt via e-mail and even on the phone, but unfortunately the miss drilled piece would not and could not be sent to us because this line of drawers has been DISCONTINUED! The lady I spoke to was very apologetic, but that didn’t change my situation. This is when my husband and I had to be creative and do what another reviewer had to do: re-drill holes!- ASSEMBLY: So, overall this was a nightmare. It took forever to put together (because many of the parts and holes are not lined up well). Another reviewer talked about how it took her family a while to put it together because of re-drilling holes and the holes not lining up well, I should have paid attention to that. Because the baby is due soon and we couldn’t get a new part even if we wanted, we just had to make it work. My husband is very disappointed by this product.I read other reviews mentioning the locking screws breaking through the wood when turned, even gently, and that happened to us with the drawers. My husband was so annoyed he initially only finished one drawer because it was such a hassle!- FUNCTIONALITY: Our second baby is due in less than a week so there is no chance we’re going to return it, we’ll just make due, but I read other reviews on here that mentioned a few things I should have paid closer attention to including- the fact that the the drawers will not slide well if pulled slightly crooked. They are not smooth at all and pretty much come off their tracks if you don’t pull them straight out holding both knobs. ugh!- OVERALL QUALITY: This dresser being over $250 doesn’t seem like a good value based on the quality of the craftsman ship and all the trouble we had to go through to just put it together.I say all of this to say, my husband is pretty ticked off and I’m annoyed that this wasn’t easier. I wish I had headed the warnings by previous reviewers instead of taking a chance on something with a baby due so soon. We will not be buying another Graco brand piece of furniture anytime soon.

Nola Pleasant Grove, AL

Great buy!

We just bought this dresser for our new baby’s nursery. I am really happy that I found the $145 deal on it here. The reviews were not so good, so i was almost not going to buy it. However, most furniture pieces have terrible reviews.. so i just decided to go for it. Glad I did. The dresser arrived in 2-days, thanks to Amazon Prime. The box was in good condition. It is a huge and heavy box!! 122lbs. Last night i got the pieces out of the box and looked them over. There was one piece that was cracked. It was the front frame piece which had a chunk cracked off the top corner. At first it looked like the piece was missing and I’d have to mail it back. Luckily we found the cracked off piece in the box and it was from the bottom corner, which isnt easily seen. After looking over the rest of the pieces, everything else was in top shape and the packaging was very well done. The part that was cracked off was next to the outer box. The instructions were in a little box that also had the hardware in it. All the hardware was labelled and the instructions were thorough and easy to understand. After i got all the pieces out i looked at the instructions to identify everything. Only one piece is labelled, but the pictures in the instructions make it easy to tell what is what. Today my husband and I put it together. I did the drawers, which are pretty sturdy.. and would have been better had I not forgot to screw in the support piece that goes under each drawer bottom. Ooops! I put the support in backwards 2/3 drawers so i could only fix one. They seem sturdy enough without it anyway. The quality of the wood is great all around. The only pieces that are cheap are the drawer bottoms and back piece,those are dense fiber board. It does the job fine and looks great though. None of the screws are visible which is great. They are all discretely placed so the end product looks fantastic. After reading the directions a few times it was very clear how to put it together. My husband used his electric handheld drill with a allen wrench bit on it, which made it go together very quickly. All the pieces fit together without any problems. The color is a nice bright white.. which is great! Other reviews complained that it is a short dresser. It is 29.5 inches tall. It looks like a nice normal dresser height to me. It is also a child’s dresser, which makes sense for their height. I plan to put a changing pad on top and it will be a perfect height for me, i’m 5’3. We were able to easily glue on the cracked piece as we put the frame together. If i get down on all fours and look I’ll see the crack line.. by the way, the cracked piece was about 2 inches long. I put some touch up paint on the seam which now it would be hard to notice. It wasnt a big deal and i’m so happy that i saved lots of money buying this dresser. I also like the design. The dresser is raised up on four blocky looking feet, which add character. It even comes with a kit to attach it to the wall, to prevent a child from getting hurt climbing it. Haven’t done that yet, not til we decide where it is going for sure. There is also a removable shelf inside the cabinet. There are 3 height settings for it. The cabinet closes fine.. i just have to pull up slightly on it so it touches the magnet and stays closed. Bottom line, the other reviews almost scared me off, but i’m glad i got it and i hope you’ll consider it because it really is a good one. Oh and there is a warranty on it and easy to find report sheet for damaged parts, phone numbers, and fax numbers. Glad I didnt have to use it!!

Chandra Springville, UT

Love it

I like the color of this product. This product was not hard to put together. This really goes nicely with the grace cribs.

Sybil Stafford, TX

Not worth the headache!

Purchased this for daughter’s nursey. Loved the look. Slightly annoying to put it together (holes didn’t line up well on one side) but what really sent us over the edge is the damaged parts. The door was cracked on this (cribGraco Charleston Non-Drop Classic Crib, Whitehad damage as well). When door was replaced, the magnet device stopped working. Graco will send parts but it takes forever and a day, plus you need to be very specific or they will send you the wrong part (although they requested a picture of the damaged piece). Drawers also stick a bit due to the nature of the constuction. My poor baby will have beautiful functioning furniture someday!

Jillian Lancaster, KS

Cute, but not easy to use

We purchased this dresser to match the Graco Stanton crib (which we love). However, this dresser was a bit of a disappointment. Most of my furniture is from Ikea, so, I am used to putting together furniture. I am also used to owning cheap furniture. This piece fell short of my expectation, even after I factored in the price.CONS- Cheap magnet on the door. The magnet won’t hold the side door closed. Consequently, this side door is always ajar. Not safe for toddlers!- The drawers do not open and close with ease. You have to open carefully or with both hands in order to get the drawer to open evenly.PROS- Price- Matches the Graco Stanton crib well- Color of the wood is niceDue to the functionality, I would not buy this piece again. I am giving it three stars instead of two because the appearance of this piece exceeds what you would usually get for the price. If I had to do it again, I would just purchase from Ikea.

Jane Middle Brook, MO