Graco Prenatal Listener

Graco Prenatal Listener

Graco’s Prenatal Listener allows you to hear and record your baby’s sounds. View larger Graco Prenatal Listener Hear & Record When you find out that you’re expecting, you can’t wait to meet your new baby (obviously!). With nine long months to wait, Graco’s Prenatal Listener allows you to hear, record and even e-mail the sounds your baby is making inside your womb. It’s fun to interact with your much-anticipated little one! Hug Your Bump A thoughtful design allows the Prenatal Listener to gently hug the natural curvature of your growing belly, so that it can fit snugly and offer terrific sound quality. Amplified Sound Graco’s Prenatal Listener is specially designed to amplify your baby’s heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and natural womb sounds, beginning late in your second trimester. Email Sweet Sounds This inventive product has a convenient e-mail feature, so that you’re able to share the sweet sounds of your baby in your womb with excited friends and family members. Earbuds You’ll love using the included earbuds so that you (and your partner) can easily listen to womb sounds. There is even a special cable included, so that you can easily record those sweet sounds. Guide to Connect You’ll find the included “prenatal experience guide” helpful, since it explains the sounds you’re hearing. It helps you differentiate the different noises, allowing you to connect with your yet-to-be-born baby. Key Features: Includes earbuds for listening to womb sounds, and a special cable for recording them Prenatal experience guide helps you understand the sounds you’re hearing, so you can better connect with your unborn baby Uses one 9 volt battery, not included

Main features

  • Listen to your unborn baby through this innovative prenatal heart listener designed to hear
  • Ergonomic design curves with mother’s belly and offers enhanced sound
  • Amplifies baby’s natural sounds, starting late in your second trimester.
  • Recording cable for sharing womb sounds with loved ones, and earbud headphones are included.
  • Requires one 9V battery, not included.
  • Listen to your unborn baby through this innovative prenatal heart listener designed to hear and record fetal heartbeat.
  • Ergonomic design curves with mother’s belly and offers enhanced sound.

Verified reviews



This is a COMPLETE waste of money. I’m at 31 weeks and cannot here my child’s heartbeat AT ALL. A few times we thought was that it, and no it was not. Not only does this device not work but also when you can actually hear some kind of noise, it gets interrupted by very loud static. The only thing decent was the price I thought until I realized I’m donating $25 to GRACO. I highly recommend you DO NOT BUY this product, it is a complete waste of money. It’s really disappointing when you are looking foward to sharing your baby’s heartbeat with everyone and all you hear is static. If I could give it 0 stars, I would’ve.

Jocelyn Helvetia, WV

Horrible waste of a penny

I would not buy this if I were u I bought it when I wAs 14 weeks pregnant and read that u have to be 23 weeks to hear anything so I waited here I am 27 weeks and I still can’t hear her heart beat there’s static if u go too loud you can barely hear your own heart beat it’s crap!!

Deanna Dennis, MS


I was so excited when this arrived. It says that you can hear the feral heart beat in the second trimester. I can’t hear anything but white noise and a clinking sound when my hand shifts. I’m in my third trimester. Today I decided to try to record my own heartbeat for the baby, and I realized that you can’t even hear an adult heartbeat reliably. I tried on myself and on my hubby, and heard mostly static. Maybe mine is defective, but this one at least was a huge waste of money, and I can’t return it now because I bought it at the beginning of the second trimester. I just kept thinking that it would work later.

Diann Shenandoah, IA

Did not work for us.

its really hard to know where the sound is from the womb or just static. Battery is not included and it needs 9V one that cost on top. I had to return mine unfortunately.

Brittany Call, TX

Waste of money and time!

Almost impossible to hear anything even late in the 3rd trimester. Lots of interference and sound from everything even your own fingers lightly holding it as still as humanly possibly while holding your breath! Static is annoying and when I became frustrated that I couldn’t "find" a good location to hear the baby’s heart beat I tried using it to listen to my own heart beat and it was barely audible! My husband can hear the baby’s heartbeat with his ear on my belly at this point and we still can’t hear it with the listener device. Total waste of time and money!

Jenny Creston, NE