Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller, Metropolis

Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller, Metropolis

Ideal for growing families, the Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller offers 12 different riding options for two children from infant to youth, and accepts up to two Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seats for complete versatility. The rear seat allows you to stroll with your infant facing you, while a multi-position front seat reclines for baby’s comfort. Older children will enjoy the options of having a front seat view, sitting on the rear toddler bench seat, or standing on the platform. Throughout the ride, 3- and 5-point safety harnesses keep your children safe and secure. The 1-hand fold with an automatic lock, large storage basket, and snack trays offer convenience, while the front swivel wheels allow for easy maneuverability. This easy-to-push stroller features wheels built-in suspension, which lock for extra stability over bumpy terrain. The stroller is packed with convenient features like the removable child’s tray that holds 2 cups or bottles and snacks. Adults have a tray of their own complete with a pivoting cup holder. The large storage basket underneath is ideal for holding purses, groceries, and diaper bags. It is easily accessed through the sides or by lifting the toddler bench seat. For convenience, you can easily remove both seat cushions and machine-wash them in cold water on a delicate cycle. The stroller frame wipes down easily with soap and warm water.

Main features

  • With 12 riding options and the ability to accept two Graco Classic Connect infant car seats
  • Front seat, bench seat and standing platform each hold child up to 50 pounds, rear seat holds up to 40 pounds
  • 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton construction
  • Removable child’s tray holds 2 cups/ bottles and snacks. Adults have a tray with a cup holder
  • With 12 riding options and the ability to accept two Graco Classic Connect infant car seats, you’ll love this flexible stroller with a removable face-time rear seat for more interaction with baby. The 1-hand fold with an automatic lock, large storage basket, and snack trays offer convenience, while the front swivel wheels allow for easy maneuverability.
  • Front seat, bench seat and standing platform each hold child up to 50 pounds, rear seat holds up to 40 pounds. 3- and 5-point safety harnesses keep your children safe and secure.
  • 80% polyester and 20% cotton construction. For convenience, you can easily remove both seat cushions and machine-wash them in cold water on a delicate cycle. The stroller frame wipes down easily with soap and warm water.
  • Removable child’s tray holds 2 cups/ bottles and snacks. Adults have a tray with a cup holder. The large storage basket underneath is ideal for holding purses, groceries, and diaper bags.

Verified reviews


best option for children close in age, a few drawbacks though ***update***

ok. i have a 2 and a half year old and a 6 month old. i have a BOB duallie for the beach, parks, and walks, but have been looking at double strollers for stores. when i saw this one i knew it was the best option for now and in a year.assembly is ok, not difficult but not super easy. after i assembled it, it really seemed like they could have done it for us and just packed it in a bigger box. but, nothing is that easy. the only part i struggled with was the standing platform, you have to snap it on upside down and pull it through. it was just is like 95% plastic pieces. i’m guessing they will be durable enough, but the wheels, the seats, the platform all snap on to other plastic pieces. i just hope it lasts for the other children we will be having in the next few years.**update** ok first chicco carseat do NOT fit in facing you. but you can slide it in sideways. the baby can see you if they turn their head. and it sat deep enough, that i felt comfortable for a quick trip in to the store.right now my older son rides up front and my baby sit in the “bucket seat”. both love their position. my older child gets to see everything and my baby seems comfortable staring at me. if he wants he can see other people to the side or behind me. he also is more willing to sit in the bucket seat for longer than he ever sat in our chicco carseat travel system. i just think he has more is very difficut to get to the basket with a child in the front seat and the bucket seat attached. so i figured out that i need to put everything in the basket first and then the kids in. it is easier to keep everything loose in the basket, rather than trying to get into a bag when both kids are in.overall…PROSassembly simpledrives nicely, can even steer using one hand if neededfolds easilyconfortable seatseasy to adjustoverall…CONSvery, very long when folded [we have a new explorer and it has to go in diagonal, no way it would fit in a small trunk]many, many plastic pieces [will it affect durablity?]strong chemical smell when taken out of box [it does go away, i’m assuming all the plastic]ok and for my biggest CON. they have a 5 point harness on front seat and bucket. however, the shoulder straps easily detach from the lap belt, allowing the shoulder pads to fall off when folding. i have almost lost them several times, had i not looked down. if this didn’t happen i would probably give this stroller 5 stars.***i have switched to using it for the baby up front and my almost 3 year old sitting or standing. both love their new option, my 9 month old is content to sit and watch, and my older can hop on to stand or sit.the shoulder pad issue is just obnoxious, that i took both off and have resolved to it taking a tad longer to attach all 4 disconnected parts to the crotch strap.

Savannah Antioch, CA

Length of FOLDED stroller: measurements. *update*

I have looked through a few reviews and while many people said “it’s long when folded”, I didn’t see one that actually said HOW long. I took my tape measure to Target and it is approximately 51″ when folded. It (barely) fits in the back of my Highlander but that is why I measured it first and that was the only possible drawback I had to it.PROS:**I find the stroller to be pretty light (considering it’s a DOUBLE STROLLER).**It folds MUCH more easily than our first nightmare Graco single stroller, which was abandoned in the parking lot of a local children’s museum when my husband finally got so frustrated with the opening and closing mechanism and couldn’t fold it to get it into the SUV (he didn’t use it much by himself so he didn’t know all the silly little tricks I had up my sleeve to close it up).**I didn’t find the brake to be problematic at all. I am 5’1 and my husband is 6′, and neither of us even got close to kicking the brake pedal and stopping the stroller mid-stride unless we did some silly gazelle-like running through the store.**I LOVE that the front snack tray opens up – on either side! – so that toddler can just climb right into the stroller himself instead of me picking him up and putting him in it.CONS:**Update: I took my toddler to Target to see how he fits and rides in this stroller. I had seen a couple of other reviews saying that the front seat is too shallow for a child over 18 months or so.. Totally correct!! I have NO idea why Graco made this seat so shallow, and couldn’t even have angled it down just an inch or two so that it’s more like a bucket seat and less like he’s going to slide right out of the stroller! Even the crotch part of the 5-point harness is installed so far back in the seat, it’s like 5″ of room for the kid’s body. The seat is just OK for him right now, but I can’t imagine it being comfortable much longer. I’m not spending $200 on something that will last us less than 6 months. If you have the money to waste, knock yourself out, but we buy things to last!This issue was a dealbreaker. We’ll have to find another stroller.

Selina Braithwaite, LA

almost perfect

This stroller is very hard to find in store around here. They keep selling out and are selling the floor models! But we finally found one to test. The concept is great. Love that baby faces you in the back, converts to sit&stand;, big basket underneath, not too heavy (all the double strollers are heavy and this was about the same), folded up easily & quickly, when folded can stand up on it’s own. But there are some flaws that are making us hesitant to purchase it. I will update this if we purchase it.
• The back seat facing the parent does not recline. I felt like it was kind of upright for an infant. Plus when they are smaller they tend to fall asleep and I’d want to recline it. If it reclined then this would probably be the perfect stroller!
• Does not fit our infant carrier. Make sure you check if yours will fit. We have a Baby Trend and there’s no way to get it to fit in the back and up front it “might” work but I dont think it’s secure enough. We put a Graco one in it and it seemed to take up a lot of space so the kid up front might bump his head. Have to make sure the front seat is up all the way.
• Seats seemed uncomfortable–not much padding, seat back was not very high. But I’ve found a lot of double strollers are like this.
• Recline of front seat was good but since the back of the seats are not tall your little one’s head might be above the seat.
• The parent tray is in the way if you are using the sit & stand option. I saw others write about this online and my toddler daughter bumped her head on it right away. She was sitting and tried to stand up and bumped her head and then came the tears. I think it is removable, if it is a problem, but I kinda like having the tray for my phone & keys. Or maybe they could have made it of a more flexible material so it wouldn’t have hard edges.

Whitney Closter, NJ

Best choice for us, great price

We have a 2.5 yo and a 4 month old so have been using this for the past 4 months. I love that my toddler sits facing forward so he can see what is coming (especially at the zoo). He likes his snack tray (he puts a toy car in it) and I like that the tray can be opened easily from either side or taken off. Our infant was in his bucket car seat (grace snugride 32) but is now usually in the little upper rear facing seat. Love that he faces me. This stoller has one of the shortest lengths for front /back configurations making it much more maneuverable. We have pushed it aroound our block, in stores and through New York City. The various arrangements make it perfect for two growing boys. I seriously considered the city mini double stroller which is side by side. It is more maneuverable (hence 4 stars for this stroller). However, the seat was already very snug for my 2 yo with a jacket on. We wouldn’t be able to use it for long – maybe 6 months. He is about average size – not huge. I think I would have chosen that one for twins though since both would outgrow it at the same time. This is a much better choice for us because with the sit and stand I envision us using it for a few more years. Plus, I put the $200 we saved went in the college fund. It collapses quite easily, but is a bit large when collapsed. Not an issue in our SUV. Overall, I think this is the best stroller out there for families with a toddler and infant. Our boys will be able to use it as they continue to grow. I really would give it 4.5 stars. It would go to 5 if the wheels were softer (like very mini versions of the bob’s wheels/shock absorbers). All in all we are very happy with the purchase.

Nikki Hoven, SD

Great Stroller

We love this stroller. Our girls are 15 months apart. Having two strollers wasn’t an option. The side by side strollers take up so room in the car. We have a van and the space in the back isn’t huge but the stroller fits. I love all the different position options this stroller has. Our girls can grow with it. I also like the color. I hate flashy strollers. I love the look of it and the super smooth ride.

Bridgette Science Hill, KY

Good Tandem

I like the stroller. It is easy to maneuver on the sidewalks and through busy areas. It is easy to get on and off elevators (albeit very long). Our 17 month old DS sits in the front and seems to have enough room. The seat is not deep, but we measured the seats of most other tandems…they are all the same. I like that there are snack trays for the front and back seat. My one concern (at this point) is that our Graco 35 car seat is a bit too big for use of the safety straps. I haven’t had any problems, but wish the straps were long enough to fit as suggested in the directions.It fits in the back of our Expedition, but with very little room to spare!! Look at the measurements if you need to put this stroller in your trunk. It also fits (just) in the back of our mid-sized sedan (however, nothing else fits with it).It is not as heavy as I was led to believe by the other reviews. I mean, you know that it’s going to be heavier than the single strollers!!GREAT storage space underneath and fairly easy to get to…even with both kids in the stroller.I will update in a few months after we’ve had more time!!After almost three months…I still love this stroller. I am disappointed that I can’t find a rain cover that fits, but that’s not the stroller. I use this multiple times daily and lift it in and out of the cars. Wish the front seat was deeper…but as I said earlier…thats all of the tandems. be careful of toddlers feet in the wheels!! my son loves to slide down and drag his feet…you can aboid this by using the strap super tight…i prefer to give him some wiggle room. Still gets a “4”!!

Elena Cohoctah, MI

Too big – returned it for RoomFor2

I wanted to compare this to a RoomFor2 stroller. I have a 26 month old and a baby that will be born in the next couple of weeks. This one has a couple advantages:- The car seat with the younger child is closet to the parent because they are in the rear seat. Which means the older kid gets to sit in front looking out, which is more fun for them.- You have the ability to use carseats. This is a GREAT option for twins.- When not using a carseat, both seats are “comfy seats” – rather than 1 comfy seat and one bench seat. Great for kids that are very close in age.- For the size and features, I thought this stroller was very easy to push around and maneuver.However, for my specific needs, I did not like this stroller. I have an active toddler and soon will have a newborn. This is why I decided on the RoomFor2:- I have a 2012 Honda CRV. Starting with the 2012 CRVs, they have A LOT of cargo area. This stroller barely fits in my cargo area. It took me a few tries to figure out a way to get it to fit. Definitely no room for stroller + groceries. This thing is HUGE! I was shocked.- This stroller also is HEAVY. It definitely seemed to weigh more than my bigger-than-average 30lb 2 year old, and a lot more awkward to pick up than her too.- My toddler cannot get in/out of this stroller by herself. It would be extremely dangerous for her to climb in and out. This is not a problem on the RoomFor2.- Did I mention size?So – for my needs – 2 stars. If I had twins or babies very close in age – or ran a daycare with two kids under 2 – this would be at least 3 stars. Maybe 4, depending on whether similar models from other brands were just as big.Bottom line is if you have a toddler and a newborn, the RoomFor2 is a better opton.

Estella Warsaw, NC

beast of a stroller

Definitely a monster stroller but it’s great! I have a 4 month old still in a carset and a 21month old. It’s perfect because I can still have baby #2 in her Carseat and kid #1 in a seat on the stroller and when he is older I can either convert the back seat to a shelf seat or he can stand, it’s just perfect. Like I said it’s a monster and it hardly fits in the cargo space of my Mazda cx7 but it’s awesome so I make it work.

Dona Comerio, PR

Huge! Heavy! Bulky!

It is a nice idea, but the seats are very flimsy and look ill constructed.but the worse point is the when you close it, it is so big that wont fit in most cars….And it is so heavy and huge that most people will need help to hold it up to put in the car…When it is set and the children are sitting in it, it gets very heavy and feels like you are taking off a bob sled in the winter olimpics

Jeannette Athol, KY

Love this!

I can fit both of my kids in this easily. I love that my daughter’s car seat (Graco) can snap right in and that there are visors for both. The only thing I dislike about it is that the cup holder on the front seat when you lift it up, it is really close to my son’s face. My other single Graco stroller has it angled out so it never comes close, so I guess I just have to get used to it. I really love the heavy duty wheels and how easily it pushes.

Rosanne Live Oak, FL


WOW! I have 7 children & this is my 7th stroller. It is the best stroller I have ever had. So many seating options. Steers beautifully smooth. Easy to fold. Very sturdy. Love it!

Sharlene Springboro, PA

Good Buy

This is a good stroller. It has worked well for us over the past year. My biggest complaint is that the second child can’t really sit while the car seat is snapped in. It is too long and takes up too much of the space where the second child is supposed to sit. So, when the car seat was snapped in my older daughter had to stand. Not a huge deal, but definitely a flaw in the design. It is also pretty big and heavy so it might take up too much room in smaller cars. We have an SUV with a good amount of trunk space so it’s not a problem, but if you drive a smaller car just beware that it will take up a lot of your trunk space. We have had it for a year and a half and still use it all the time. I am planning on buying a Chicco car seat when our third baby arrives and I’ll be interested to see if it will fit securely in the stroller. If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know!

Corina Plainview, TX


I bought this because it was cheaper than other strollers and it went with my Graco car seat. If you really plan on putting 2 kids in here get ready for a work out. It was the worst experience going out with this with my toddler and newborn both in it, When I came to places like raised curbs or high curbs I could barely lift the thing an inch and had to take my toddler out before moving it again. I am not rich and now I have no choice but to use this because I cant afford to spend money on another one!

Mallory Keene, NH

Great but…

It is great if you have 2 small kids. Worked perfect, it was just too darn big. Wish it was able to fold up a bit smaller, but it couldn’t. Second, we live in Germany, and these tires are not brick road friendly. Tires didn’t break, but the other strollers with actual inflated wheels are so much smoother and quieter. Used it for about a year, and had to sell it because unlike the States, Europe is more of a compact-stroller kind of world.

Milagros Oakford, IN

It’s Huge!

I love that both my kids will be able to sit in this stroller, but because I have a two month old unable to balance her head I am a little hesitant to put her where she is suppose to sit. However, this stroller is way huge when it’s folded up, but overall I like that I don’t have to buy two strollers (even though I do have one previously from when my eldest daughter was born). Can’t wait to try it out.

Shari Center Line, MI

It’s a great double stroller!

I love my new stroller. I love being able to see my baby face to face while he is on it. It fold and unfolds really easy. It isn’t very heavy considering it’s a double stroller. One thing I don’t like about it is the cup holder, I had to purchase a new water bottle for myself because the cup holder in this stroller is so small. My Contigo brand water bottle didn’t fit so I went with Camelbak Eddy which is thin enough to fit.

Opal Frazeysburg, OH