Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect Stroller, Forecaster

Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect Stroller, Forecaster

The most versatile stroller With 12 riding options, from infant to youth, your kids will love getting out and about. The Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller accepts two Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seats, America’s No.1 selling infant car seats.

Main features

  • The Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Double Stroller features the Face Time rear seat, which allows baby to face mom for more interaction with baby
  • Front stroller seat holds child up to 50 lbs.
  • Rear stroller seat holds child up to 40 lbs., making it an ideal double stroller for twins
  • Toddler bench seat and standing platform hold child up to 50lbs.
  • Multi-position, reclining front seat for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


A great 2 seat stroller

Got this in the mail today, and have it set up… Happy early Christmas to me! Assembly was simple, besides the small pictures, but with a little reason, they make sense. NO TOOLS NEEDED. Everything snaps in. The color is great, maybe a shade lighter than the photo. I have to say, this stroller is half the size of a traditional stroller with two seats. I have a baby in a car seat and a two year old, so 1 of the 12 positions to have kids, I use the one in the photo for now, Ill update with the other positions later. The kids love it, the 2yr old loves to jump in by herself and strap in. The secureing straps for the kids are a little squese to get to, but never the less, you shouldn’t have to adjust them much. It still is like a traditional Graco where its a one handed fold. It folds up quiet NICE! Mostly all plastic pieces, the fabric feels nice and has a little cushion for the long trips. The carrier undernieth holds a diaper bag and a little more. My 3yr old car seat fits snugly in the back seat! Feel free to ask a question in the comments and Ill reply. Another great seat from Graco.The wife has found that the best option, for the little ones still in a car seat, to be in the front seat faceing back. She is a little on the short side and with the car seat in the back seat, it covers a little more area… Which makes me love this thing more, with 12 seating arragements, you cant go wrong, there is a position that works for everyone. If you want to watch over the kids, there is an arangement for it, or both forward to look. I had my daughter fall asleep the other day during a walk, and laying down her seat was easy and smooth. Packed it into the car and am supprised it fits, It sure does compact alot for its size.Update: Went for a walk and steered the stroller. I found (Being 6’2″) I have to fully extend my arms so I dont kick the bottom platform. Its not really a big deal, since it is very easy to turn, even holding one handed and walking along the side. I had to put it back together after my waife took off the holder in the back and front, they click in and come out easily!We have a single seat Graco, and I would have bought this thing sooner if it would have been available. For the price and convienence, Im thrilled!Good Luck

Shana Newberg, OR

Very nice stroller for our growing family!

I am 7.5 months pregnant and have a very petite 2 year old daughter. I was delighted when this came in the mail about 70% assembled, it only took me about 20 minutes to put it together with no need of tools of any kind — not even a shoe to whack something into place ;)Once together, my two year old wanted to sit in it ASAP! She is 24 pounds and fits with room to spare in both the top and bottom seats with canopies. The bottom seat has a tray with two cup holders and a shallow center area for snacks, this tray is fixed and doesn’t swing open so you have to top load your child; it would have been nice for this to have a hinge like our other Graco stroller. The top seat has a small tray with impressions to hold snacks, or the parent can use it if the top seat is used by a baby in an infant car seat. There is a slide out cup holder that can be used by the parent. It indicates not to put hot beverages in here since a tenacious child in the top seat could easily reach it — so while it is handy, use it at your own risk. The three cup holders are just shy of 4″ across; in the child’s tray the cup holders are 1.5″ deep and the one that slides out for the parent is almost 2″ deep. Just something to consider when choosing a cup to bring along.The 12 configurations are easy to shift from, but I wouldn’t want to attempt a serious rearrangement in a parking lot — so make sure it is how you want it before you head out. While it is heavy, around 35 pounds, it is one of the lighter and more compact two-seater strollers we looked at. The bottom basket is large and easiest to access when the top toddler seat is removed. When that seat is present it is a tight fit to get items in and out, especially if you have a toddler in the top seat and an infant car seat facing you in the bottom seat. I plan to use it in this configuration when our baby is born, so I wish the bottom big kid seat over the basket swung to the side or popped out — currently I can only find instructions to flip it up, which just blocks what little space there is to put things inside. I do like that the Graco car we will be using for our infant clicks into the bottom seat, the bottom hook latches under the front tray. I assume this is why the bottom tray is fixed with no hinge. Be aware that the car seat covers the tray and those cup holders are covered too.The harnesses are easy to use for adults but my child cannot undo then, she can undo the harness buckles on our Jeep stroller. I really like the extra crotch strap on the top toddler seat that also comes unsnapped and provides extra security for top riders. Good to know: this top seat does not recline, so if you are going to be out with two kids on different nap schedules, but the napper in the bottom seat which reclines almost flat.The colors of the Forecaster are a bit different than what I see online, the brown is more of a dark mushroom and the orange is more a darker rust than the orange I expected — overall it looks better in person than the photo online, think desert neutrals rather than fast food brown and orange. This is good for parents who have boys and/or girls and want a neutral palette.It is very easy to fold down and expand. You depress a button with your thumb on the handle and twist the grip to release the locking mechanism. You do not have to take anything off before folding which is super convenient. The brake is one simple peddle which is easier to use than our current Graco stroller, which hurts your foot if you are wearing sandals or open toe shoes — I could use this brake barefoot if I wanted to.I was looking at getting the Britax B-Ready stroller, but it is twice the cost, you have to purchase the extra seats and there is no standing platform option; if your kids are a couple of years apart you will want to consider that an older kid will eventually want to do more than sit. We figure that this Graco Ready2Grow stroller will last us much longer than the Britax B-ready.We have been fully satisfied with our single seater Graco Via4 Stroller. Overall I am over the moon with what a great help this new stroller will be once our little bun is done. Great flexibility and quality for the price. One star off for basket access issues and the non-swinging front seat tray, both items are not an issue with our current Graco stroller and I wish they had carried those design choices into this new stroller. But other than those two things, this is just what we were looking for. Parent and toddler approved!

Ora Essex, VT

Great stroller, a few shortcomings

We are expecting baby #4 in July & decided to get this stroller a bit early to make chasing after our 2 & 4 year-olds a bit easier during my pregnancy. It arrived yesterday & I put it together with some “help” from our 7 year-old in about 30 minutes. The directions could have been more descriptive, but it was pretty easy. We purchased the Oasis pattern & it looks really nice.Once I had it put together I played with it a bit, figuring out the different options & how to install our Snugride 35 infant seat. My observations so far are that though it looks complicated, it is easy to install the car seat in either position. I also appreciate that the upper seat will hold up to 40 pounds & is much more sturdily made & installed than I was expecting. It folds up nicely & locks by itself — no need for those stupid red things you have to secure most strollers with! The upper seat is a bit difficult to remove & install, so I’ve removed it for now & I’m sure once I figure out the best configuration (after the baby has arrived) it will remain either installed or stored for quite a while — not something I’ll keep in the trunk for quick changes.We’ve used it once so far to take my daughter to her class & through the school’s office. It navigated well through the standard doorways (as well as through my house when the kids were playing with it yesterday after it was assembled). It’s very easy to steer even with 80+ pounds of child weight loading it down (on sidewalks, carpet, & up slight inclines). They were in the stroller for about 20 minutes & were both comfortable. My 2 year-old (sitting in front) was mad when he had to get out & get back into the car. My 4 year-old already has figured out that he can drag his feet on the ground when sitting on the rear seat & run his feet over the wheels as well.PROS:-VERY LIGHTWEIGHT for a double stroller, only a few pounds more than our single Graco-Attractive (we got the Oasis)-Large Basket — jump seat even lifts out of the way so that it’s easier to access-12 Seating Options. I especially like that baby can be close & facing you. I can even fit 3 kids in a pinch (1 in front, 1 on the seat, 1 standing — I tried with my 2, 4, & 7 y/o & it works!)-Seats — upper seat holds up to 40 lbs; harnesses & seat recline are easy to adjust; well-padded & have removable headrests & strap covers.-Folds easily & though longer than I expected (lays the width of the trunk of my Suburban!), it’s more flat than my single Graco & leaves plenty of room. Smaller cars will probably need to put it on it’s side & at an angle.-STURDY!-Canopies though not large, are quite adequate & adjustable-Parent cupholder stores out of the way & then swings out when in use — out of the reach of little fingers & toes (Note: not a big deal, but parent tray is NOT accessible with carseat installed in upper seat.)-Easy to get through doors & easy to steer in general-Can be stored standing upCONS:-SEATS — much more shallow than the standard stroller depth (thinks small umbrella strolelr) & back of seats are short (a tall child probably won’t be comfortable sleeping in this); upper seat is difficult to remove & install.-WHEELS — should be more covered so that little feet can’t play with them; also should be able to roll in opposite direction when folded.**BRAKE — in the middle of the standing platform. This is really stupid & should have been the first thing they thought NOT to do. So far (1 short trip in it) my 4 year-old hasn’t realized it’s the brake yet, but I’m sure he will soon & won’t that be fun to stop suddenly on the whim or mis-step of a toddler or preschooler.Overall this is a very good stroller. It’s made to be compact, so the shallow/short seats are to be expected. It’s well-made, but with a really stupid design flaw (the brake placement) that you would think they would have caught right away & avoided. Otherwise the design is excellent. If it weren’t for that stupid brake, I’d give it 5 stars.

Elda Arkabutla, MS

NOT as good as I thought

I assembled it while I was 9 months pregnant (It was a gift). It took me a while, not too complicated, but it would have been better for it to be assembled and shipped whole. The pieces are all plasic, of which I am not a huge fan, but what can you do. However, my biggest concern was this: the first day I used it to take baby for a walk, on our way back, an entire wheel fell apart! We were lucky to be a few feet away from home! I was not happy…Still not pleased with the product–it’s been sitting there and I’m thinking of giving it away 🙁

Alyson Harlan, IA

My daughter has enjoyed this on walks

I have owned two Graco strollers and also a Kolcraft stroller I use around the house.I have been using this a few months now and was very happy with the colors. It is neutral and can be used for a boy or a girl. I thought it looked a lot brighter and vibrant outside of the box than the carton.Assembly was very easy! You will not need any tools with this. Everything snapped into place. My 21 month daughter has enjoyed using this when we go for walks in the park. I like it because it has the extra seat that you can use for upper storage if needed instead of the basket underneath. You can also remove the upper seat if you want for the Graco car seat or to have your child stand up and one sit. This stroller is one to keep around for years because you do not know if you will need it in the future. I have enjoyed taking it to the park for long walks. Granted the stroller is huge, but it is very easy to push and also easy to have one of my daughters playground friends get a ride instead of walking if needed.I think with it being a double seat you will expect it to be big but it is rather large. Think shopping cart size. With my daughter now being 21 months, she does not use a pacifier or place anything in her mouth so her sitting in the front seat I am not as concerned that I cannot see her as well being further away. I have enjoyed the adjustable reclining seat for my daughter. It is very easy to use. One of my strollers does not adjust so when we are walking and she falls asleep, I can just lay the seat back a little and she can sleep while I finish walking in the park. I love the sunshade. I had a Graco snugride car seat and the sunshade was terrible. The sunshades are made very well and are adjustable as well. You can even remove them if you would like. I personally like the cup holders up top for the adult and also for the child in the bottom. I do not find them cheap as someone as had stated. They have come in very handy.My only cons would be prepared of the size. If you do not have a lot of space or storage, this might be an issue for you. I am able to fold it down and place it in my Mazda 3 trunk but it does take up a lot of room. I would say 80% of the trunk. It does not fold all the way down but is very easy to fold. When not in the trunk of my car I am able to place it in my two care garage so storing it is not an issue for me. My other concerns are the wheels are not that well made. After using it at the park for months the wheels are showing a lot of wear. Size wise again I have used this for walks in the park or neighborhood walks. I could not image pushing this around a store with the size of it.I do love how it handles though! Being so big it turns so easily and comes in handy for the mom that leaves the house with everything but the kitchen sink which is me at times. My daughter seems very happy in it and I can see a lot of growth with this. Graco makes good products and this one impressed me!

Rebekah New Berlin, WI

Too wobbly

We purchased this stroller after meeting someone else with it. It looked like the perfect stroller for our 2yr old and 3 month old. We got it and put it together. As soon as the boys were in the stroller and we gave it a push, the front wheels wobbled to and fro. It wobbled so much, I couldn’t push my kids in it for fear of shaken baby syndrome. Yes, it wobbled that much. However, standing stationary it seemed like it was going to be very comfortable.I called customer service. There is nothing the consumer can do to remedy the wobble…it’s just the way it was designed. And they couldn’t send me any wheels because they were out of stock. (I wonder if that was a clue). They did send me a label to return the stroller for a refund. I’m waiting to see if I actually get a refund. They told me it could take 6-8 weeks after they receive the stroller. So for now, I am out almost $200 and still don’t have a stroller. I’m super disappointed.

Randi Eureka, NV

Great stroller, wish it had higher quality materials with same basic design

I agree with the reviews: the materials are cheaper and more lightweight, and the front seat is more shallow.But, this is an awesome stroller. It’s a few pounds heavier than our single Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe, so that’s amazing, and it folds to be almost the same size in the car…which is stupifying. However, the Quattro Tour Deluxe is like the Cadillac of strollers. Way to big and heavy, but awesome quality with everything. I wish some of that quality could be found with the stroller.Cons:I wish the tires were heavy duty rubber. They’re plastic, and its a rougher ride on asphalt around the neighborhood.I wish the buckles and snack try were heavier duty. I feel like I’m going to break them everytime I use them It seems like it would be a cheap fix.There is a place to grab the folded stroller under the front footrest but then you just figure out a place to grab it at the other end to load it in the car. Needs a handle or something.Comfy handleHuge storage space, but very difficult to access with infant carseat clicked in.Shallow front seat, but my daughter still loves it. She doesn’t seem to notice. Better than the seats in Target’s huge cart with those little seats meant for toddlers and preschoolers.Pros:Narrow and compact for a double, so its easy to maneuver around the stores. I used to bump into everything with the Quattro Tour Deluxe, so I would just leave it at home for walks and use the umbrella stroller out.So many options for seating. Easy to brake…also I wish the break was a little more heavy duty…feels like could break if accidentally forced. Juries still out on that one.Easy to fold, Easy to open….not locking latch needed. That was always a pain on the Quattro Deluxe.All the features of a single stroller and frame stroller in one.I would say in nutshell that the reason they had to cut corners on this is to make it a highly versitle low cost option for people with young children close together in age. It’s like a hybrid between a Double stroller and a frame stroller. I just wish they had done a few things to make it higher quality without adding weight…like the buckles.

Tonia Mc Lain, MS

I REALLY wanted to like it. Really.

I just took in a newborn foster child and in order to make this work with my 2 1/2 year old son I needed to get a double stroller. Knowing full well this might eventually happen I’d been searching online for several months now for that elusive “perfect double stroller”. My dilemna is that fostering is (usually)temporary so spending $600 did not make sense. Also, my son acts half-crazed in stores so confinement to a stroller is essential for the foreseeable future. I want him seated in a regular seat with as many harness points as I can get.I have a Graco Snugride carseat and prefer to keep it so the BabyTrend and Chicco models are out. The Graco Duo stroller became a contender but almost every one I saw used it had an odd slope to one or both seats – like the fiberboard (cardboard?) that makes up the seat had collapsed at some point. Not reassuring. Plus, I couldn’t find a new one anywhere to look at. The BRU near me has apparently stopped carrying it in stores.That left the R2G and I think a Combi model as the only double strollers that would work for me in my price range. But I wanted a tandem. That left the R2G. I’d read several times reviewers who thought the front seat was too shallow but I was hoping their children simply were overweight or had big rumps so off we went to check it out. They’re right. It really is a very shallow front seat. My son is 36.5 inches tall and 32 pounds. His feet naturally hung several inches below footrest and he immediately tried to slide down and put his feet on the floor. I gave it 3 stars because it was cute and looked compact and east to maneuver but the search continues…

Kellie Coral, MI


If you’re anything like me the words “some assembly required” sound like a death threat. Relax. No tools required. Just follow the pictures. Push the axle , wheels and trays until you hear a “snap”. Trust me, if anyone could mess it up I would have been the one. The stroller is very sturdy and well built so, of course, it’s a little heavy but if you’re used to schlepping a two year old around you’ll be able to handle it. I have the stroller set up for an infant seat and a two year old so it’s about 43 inches long without the front tray and bonnets. They snap off easily. If you don’t have an infant seat ,or you’re expecting twins ,you might want to consider the matching Graco snugride seat. I don’t think there is a guarantee of a universal fit for all seats. There is about 16 inches between the handles. The taupe, rust and very subtle print look very classy.The stroller is very easy to maneuver. The front duel wheels have a latch for use on grass, gravel or rough terrain. Just push the latch with your toes. My stroller came without shoulder pads and I don’t see any hair-grabbing velcro issue so maybe there has been a slight re-design. There is a large basket underneath. You might have a little trouble dragging out a large diaper bag when both kids are asleep but very handy for coats, snacks, toys etc.I sort of have my doubts about the one-handed-operation. Maybe if you’re a man or you have a strong grip. I have to use one hand to hold the release button and one hand to rotate the cuff. OK, I’ll admit I’m sort of a wimp. I don’t think this should be an issue. You really should have the stroller set up before you get the kids out of the car and you should have the kids safely stowed in their car seats before you fold the stroller to load it.Excellent price on the “forecaster” at Amazon at this time. I really couldn’t find anything negative about the stroller. I think you will love it!

Clara Mongaup Valley, NY

Nice option if you have two kids close in age. Big and bulky though!

I was looking for something to be able to take walks with my nephews (ages 2 and 3). This fit the bill perfectly, up until recently.The younger boy could fit in the front up until about 18 months, and the older one could fit in the back until 3. But he is very tall, and no longer fits in it.The stroller is very easy to maneuver, and has fluid movement. It is very plasticky, and definitely has a “cheap” feeling to it. But it’s not something you’ll need for 20 years – it will definitely last for several years.It was very straightforward to put together. The included instructions were quite helpful. It took about 30 minutes to get it up and running.Our Britax infant car seat fit, which was nice. Pushing 2 kids around wasn’t hard at all.However, this stroller is big and bulky. And heavy. Definitely may be too much for the grandparents to handle on a regular basis.It folds easily, but barely fit in the back of our Toyota RAV4. They could’ve done a better job engineering this stroller.It has plenty of room for storage on the bottom, though it gets a little tight when you are carrying around stuff for 2 kids.Overall, it serves its purpose and is priced right. But it’s big, heavy, and not built to last 20 years. Keep that in mind.

Georgia La Plata, MD

Returned since it was too large

Love the concept of this stroller and the price so we were excited to order it.I thought I did the measurements, and I know we’ve had other 2 child strollers in our car before, but this one simple did not fold down far enough to get into our full-size car (pontiac grand prix). Our fault for not double and triple checking the sizing. Wish it was smaller so it fit.

Freda San Quentin, CA

great versatility and easy to control

Love how easy this stroller is to push and steer. My 20 month old actually enjoys being in the seat and I can keep my 3 month old in my reach.

Tammie Camp Nelson, CA

Major Regret

Of all of the baby items that I have purchased over the last three years for my two sons, this is my biggest regret.Pros: It works with my Graco carseat that came with my original travel system. The pattern is nice.It has a nice amount of storage space underneath.Cons:It is huge and heavy and bulky. It only fits just so in my SUV trunk.It’s difficult to steer.Mine already makes a creaking sound and have only had it six months.If you want to take it somewhere like a store in the mall, it is so big it’s hard to manuever and around and doesn’t fit very well or at all in tight spots.It is difficult to access the storage underneath with the carrier and my other child in the stroller.I wish so much that I had gotten a different double stroller!

Brandi Ord, NE

One small flaw, but a great stroller.

With the arrival of baby number two, and baby number one no longer a baby but a hyperactive toddler, I needed something that would allow me to transport both easily. Graco, which is well and deservedly known as a good manufacturer, has brought out this excellent stroller than can accommodate both the baby and the toddler.It is the soul of ease to set up and use, the only problem is that the brake protrusion affects the smooth rolling operation of the stroller. The space underneath is large enough for most things you will need and overall it is one sturdy machine. The toddler easy stands on the back and it takes the weight without issue.

Deann Landingville, PA


I got this for my new granddaughter and my daughter-in-law loves it. Although she only has the one child, now, she can put the baby in once section and store the babies personal items in the other. The shades keep the sun from the baby’s eyes and the wheels make for a smooth ride.It was easy to assemble, put up and put down the stroller and put it in the car. The two front cup holders are ideal for an older child’s drink or bottle, provided they don’t continually throw it out of the stroller.I loved this stroller, just wished it came in pink.

Jimmie Blockton, IA

Good item for the task; heavy and large is to be expected

We have 3 yr old boy (35 lbs, 3ft tall) and 2 months old. I have a single seat Graco stroller so I can compare them as pretty much the same quality. I would recommend it if you don’t expect all features to be 100% perfect and don’t expect it to be light and small. You are asking for a tool that will hold two children, carry your drinks, their drinks, the diaper bag and potentially your purse, and be safe, reliable, sturdy, etc. You get a large heavy stroller.It folds and opens easy, but you have to fold down the shades to help it fold.I like the one large break pedal in the back (instead of two small levers on each side on my single stroller). The pedal is large, and easy to operate. It is located just under the rear footrest.Front seat: my 3 yr old does not seem to mind it, his legs do hang down, but I reminded him that he should try to put feet on the footrest.Parental tray: if you put baby car seat in the rear-facing spot, it covers most of the tray. I can still get to my things, but have to lift the car seat edge a tiny bit. The only thing it does not block is the cup holder which swings out for use.A small design problem: all cup holders are rather shallowVery easy to put things in and out of basket. And the rear seat cushion drops down to allow more access to basket.I read people complain about kicking their legs on the rear frame/footrest. I am 5 ft 2 inch lady with short hands. I had a long walk (3 miles) on the first day, and I would kick the foot rest few times at first, but just barely touching it with my shoes/toes. Once I adjusted my hand grip (stretch your arms just a bit) and walk – it was not a problem.

Rosemarie Cunningham, WA

Full of Awesome!

I got this stroller, because I have a 5 1/2 month old and a 4 year old nephew. I love taking them places together, but it can get hard. This stoller is amazing for that! It has 20 different positions and can carry any Graco carseat! It has every option that you could possibly think of. It is heavy, but all doubles are and they normally don’t have as many different seating (or standing) options. It rides very smoothly. Overall, I am extreamly happy and wish I thought to get something like this sooner! Now I can cart the kids off to many place without much hassle!

Cheri Mendon, MA

Nowhere to store back seat

I like this stroller, haven’t used it yet, still waiting for nb to arrive, but I can tell right away that I don’t like that there is no convenient way to carry the back seat when you take it off. It won’t fit in the net underneath, so you have to either leave it in the car or come up with a creative way to carry it.I think the stroller is going to work great with toddler and baby out for a day trip. Our 3 year old really likes the standing plat form and bench to sit on in the back. When carseat is in the back seat you can’t lay the front seat back, so toddler wouldn’t be able to lay down to sleep.Stroller is big, but it’s a double so… Not sure if it will fit in back of vehicle yet, haven’t tried. Storage underneath is adequate. Overall happy with our purchase.

Betsy Fayetteville, NC

Love it!!

Bought this for my 1 year old son and 1 month old daughter. I love it. Love that it can turn to different ways. I use it to take them to daycare every morning and it has never failed me. I wished it had another cover for the infant part at the back with the car-seat. It works fine. My son is now 2 years and fits in it still and so is my daughter who is 5 months old. Used my car-seat from a previous one seat graco stroller I had from before. Can’t go wrong with this product

Ella Cherry Creek, NY

Nice stroller

For the price, we are very pleased with this double stroller. It took me around 15 to 20 minutes minutes to assemble, but you don’t need any tools to put it together. From 1 to 5, where five is the most difficult, I would say it is level 3. It is important not to lose the manual as you will certainly need it in the future. There are twelve sitting configurations/combinations how you can use this stroller. We only need it for a six-month old and a one-year old. The younger one closer to me and facing me and the older one at the front.It is amazing how much you get from the stroller today compared a few years ago. I even have a cup holder for me (not a very good idea for Starbucks or any hot drinks though). The basket at the bottom has fairly good capacity.Maybe my kids are still very small but I found maneuvering and pushing this stroller quite easy. To fold the stroller, there is a slider tab on the main handle that you slide to unlock before you can twist the main handle to unfold or unfold the stroller. We go around the neighborhood and the wheels are very quiet. Overall, the quality is very decent, even the fabric seems to be sturdy enough. The break is easily accessible; all you need is one foot to engage and release the break.We only have the stroller for severals days, but one thing that we don’t like is the type of harness. Although it is secured, it has too many parts and a bit complicated. It takes long securing and removing the child, which can be annoying.Overall, this is a great value (around 150$ at the time of this review) for a very decent double stroller.

Fanny Moses Lake, WA

Versatile and agile double stroller despite its weight and bulk

The Graco Ready2Grow is a very versatile and affordable double stroller. I feel the need to point out the obvious downside: it’s bulky and heavy. So big that it takes up most of the available luggage space in our mid-sized SUV. But that’s kind of expected for a double stroller… on to the other good and bad points:The good+ Very affordable+ Assembly was pretty straightforward and didn’t take long.+ Lots of plastic and the quality does not feel great but based on my experience with strollers like this it’ll still last.+ It’s pretty agile and easy to maneuver and folds up quickly and easily.+ Many different options for 2 kids of all ages and sizes.+ Easily replaces rental buggies at the mall and the zoo!+ Lots of storage and food traysThe bad- Didn’t work well with our Chicco infant car seat but we outgrew it so quickly that I don’t care muchSo overall. I’m pleased!

Rosalinda Thornton, IA

Good stroller; room for improvement.

I bought this in 2012 to use for a 2-year-old and an infant. I like it, but probably wouldn’t buy it again.Pros: tons of different seating options, Graco car seat is very easy to "click" in, stroller folds up super fast and easily, standing platform is very sturdy, 2 canopies to shade both kiddos, child’s tray and parent’s tray are very useful, 5-point harnesses for front seat and jump seat, pattern is nice for girls or boys, storage basket is large.Cons: the brake is at a terrible position and I’m constantly kicking it, front seat is very shallow, fits into our mini-van…just barely, heavier than our last double stroller, jump seat is a bit difficult to get in and out of the stroller, stroller basket is difficult to access.Overall, it’s ok. We’ve used a regular Graco double stroller in the past and loved it. I wanted to try something different this time around, and wasn’t super impressed.Click here to see it at Amazon:Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller, OasisUpdate: June 2014We’ve now had this stroller for 1.5 years. It’s still in great shape but because of the above-listed cons I prefer using a single Graco stroller.

Arline Worcester, PA

for a mother with 2 toddlersi loveee this!its my second set of handsit stores so much****veryyy bulky when folded..i have a fusion and its a tight fit but i still love it!

Ramona Newcomerstown, OH