Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis

Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller, Metropolis

Accommodates both of your children with the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller. This double stroller is designed to connect with all Graco Classic Connect infant car seats. The Graco RoomFor2 is ideal for walking and running errands with two children, with front and rear seats that each hold a child up to 50 pounds. The front seat features a multi-position recline, which can be placed in a fully flat position for naptime. The rear bench seat, perfect for your older child, is padded for comfort. As a fun alternative, he or she can opt to stand on the sturdy platform. Also suitable for infants, this double tandem stroller is compatible with all Graco Classic Connect infant car seats. The car seat latches securely into place on top of the front seat. Graco offers a 1-handed fold that locks for quick storage. The swiveling front wheels feature built-in suspension for easy maneuverability and can be locked for greater stability when strolling over uneven terrain. The front seat features a convertible 3- to 5-point harness that adapts to your growing child. The rear seat offers a three-point harness for the padded bench. When standing on the platform, riding handles provide extra stability for your child will while strolling. The stroller includes a parent tray with two deep cup holders and extra storage space for keys, a wallet or phone. The front seat of the stand and ride stroller features a child’s tray ideal for bottles, cups, and snacks. The entire tray pivots fully, making it easy to lift your child in and out of the seat. The large storage basket is sturdy big enough to store essentials. For convenience, you can easily remove both seat cushions and machine-wash them in cold water on a delicate cycle. The stroller frame wipes down easily with soap and warm water.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Tandem baby stroller is ideal for families of twins or two young children
  • The tandem baby stroller for a young baby
  • Both seats accommodate up to 50 pounds for supreme flexibility
  • Leave the country behind with this sleek, urban fashion
  • Machine washable seats are easy to clean
  • Tandem baby stroller is ideal for families of twins or two young children. Multi-position front seat and rear bench seat with standing platform.
  • The tandem baby stroller for a young baby .The swiveling front wheels feature built-in suspension for easy maneuverability and can be locked for greater stability when strolling over uneven terrain.
  • Both seats accommodate up to 50 pounds for supreme flexibility. The rear seat offers a 3-point harness for the padded bench. When standing on the platform, riding handles provide extra stability for your child will while strolling.
  • Leave the country behind with this sleek, urban fashion. Metropolis offers a trendy and sporty look for your baby with metallic, textured fabrics.
  • Machine-washable seats are easy to clean.

Verified reviews


Great stroller!

I was torn between a few different sit and stand style strollers…. I have a 4 year old and a newborn on the way. While my son can walk he’s a wild child and the thought of both kids at a store scared me not to mention trips such as to the zoo. I thought this would be perfect.My sons verdict: He loves that he has a big boy seat and the baby has a baby seat. He seems comfortable and likes options.My verdict: I like that this has one of the highest weight limits (I believe it’s 50 pounds each seat) whereas most cap at 40.I also found it fairly simple to assemble. Mainly attach wheels, shade and trays. Wheels took me a while though. I believe this is user error though.Size….it folds small. It fit better than the travel system stroller in to my trunk (I have a Dodge Stratus so not a huge trunk). It is taller/thicker but not as long so it’s easier to fit in. You don’t have to keep wiggling it in/out like I did with our full size single stroller.Pushability: It has a nice smooth ride…it’s easy to push. It is long but it fits 2 kids so expected that. I really like pushing it overall though.Quality: I feel it’s a good quality, seems sturdy and well made.Basket: is nice and big. It’s hard to get stuff through middle because it’s between seats BUT the sides are elastic and you can get it in through that way. It’s a quality material too. My 4 year old proudly announced “I’m in here” and i looked and he was some how sitting in the basket part and it did not break/rip.Cons: We got a Graco Snugride car seat and it’s kind of a pita to get in. I thought it would just snap and go but you snap then have to wrap the seat belts from stroller around sides of car seat…this really is my fault for not looking up how it hooks up first. Once you figure it out it isn’t that bad either.With infant car seat it takes a little space away from back seat but not too much. My son didn’t seem to mind.overall we are very happy with purchase and it makes for a great stroller.

Angie Yellowstone National Park, WY

Just what I was needing!

Finally, I found a stroller with a weight limit that supports my almost 5 yr old! We are expecting our second in August, but our first will then be almost 5. Yes, she likes to walk like a big girl for a while when we’re out and about, but as little legs get tired, this stroller in my opinion shall be a lifesaver, because she can just hop on and let Mommy do all the work. I am seeing this being wonderful for trips to the mall. It only arrived today, and we’ve not yet used it, as like I said, the new bundle has not yet joined us, but assembly was a snap for me all by myself, and from the laps myself and my daughter took around the kitchen, it strolls very easy and is incredibly lightweight yet seems very sturdy and well built. I went through the attaching of our Graco Snugride, and it is very very easy. My only complaint, (and so long as my daughter is not complaining, I won’t) is that the infant car seat sticks out a bit where my daughter’s head shall be when she’s seated on the toddler bench…but as cushy as the snugride is, it may actually serve as a neck rest. lol All in all, for the price this stroller seems pretty awesome, and I’m a super picky Mommy when it comes to strollers, carseats etc. both for comfort and convenience. I think it will fold up small enough to fit within the back of our Impreza, but we’ve not yet tried it. *Crosses fingers*

Silvia Martell, CA

Pretty Good Double Stroller

This is a very convenient and fairly well made stroller for two kids (a baby and a toddler). It is easy to assemble, relatively sturdy, and fairly maneuverable. There is enough room for two kids, but the older one should not be older than about three years. It also comes with a lot of storage space, for all your kid handling needs. It collapses into a compact shape that can easily be stored and taken on trips. However, it still comes with a few shortcomings. The storage space under the seat is not very accessible. The cover for the front seat is stiff and not easily adjustable. When you collapse the stroller it collapses to the ground, instead into an upright position.Overall, I think that this is a pretty decent two-kid stroller that will fit most parents needs.

Vicki Castaic, CA

Finally a Double I Love! (Baby Trend car seat)

After going through a handful of other double strollers, all of which I hated for one reason or another, I finally found THE stroller for me! I have two kids, 3 1/2 and 19 months, with another on the way and have been using a single umbrella stroller that they fight over and I often end up carrying my youngest. Not great for a pregnant back! So I decided to find a new stroller and wanted a sit and stand type so I didn’t have to lift one of the kids into the back seat. The only hitch is I have a BabyTrend Flex Loc car seat and this stroller is listed as being ONLY for Graco car seats.So I tried a BT Sit n Stand – too long and awkward and just felt cheap. I found the Joovy Caboose would work with my seat too, but read a lot of mixed reviews and saw this Roomfor2 come up a few times. The reviews really won me over on this stroller and I decided if I couldn’t make my carrier work, I’d just use my old Snap ‘n Go for those few months when baby seems to always be sleeping in his car seat. I tried to do a trial at BRU, but they didn’t have this model and tried to sell me on the much bigger Ready2Grow. Way too huge for me and I really doubt it would’ve fit in my car’s trunk.Anyway, so I took a risk and ordered this one. Took about 20 minutes to put together with my 19-month-old’s “help” and he immediately wanted to sit in it and be pushed around. The recline goes back pretty far, partially interfering with the bench, but if it didn’t the stroller would need to be much longer so for the rare occasion we use the recline, the other kid will have to stand. No biggie, I’ll take the shorter length any day. Then, I pulled out my Baby Trend infant seat and even though it doesn’t come close to snapping in like the Graco seats should, it fits perfectly and even secures with the lap straps as instructed to do in the manual. I was thrilled! I even tipped it completely over for good measure and the seat stayed put. So although it isn’t “compatible”, you can definitely make it work and even without reclining the seat whatsoever. I think most of the features have been reviewed to death on here, but I will say that you can lock the swivel wheels in the front for uneven surfaces; probably not something I’ll use much but still a notable feature. My kids beg to ride in this and it’s pretty dang smooth and easy to push for a double. Did I mention it fits in my tiny/odd-shaped trunk vertically so I have half my trunk left for whatever! Perfect! Overall, I couldn’t be happier!!

Benita Jacksonville, TX

Love it!

Great stroller. We have owned 4 other strollers (single Graco, Duoglider, Contours, and a Combi side by side) and this is one of our favorites. We purchased this for our 17 month old and 3 1/2 yr old. They love it and my husband and I love the compact size and the cup holders. I debated about getting the Joovy or Baby Trend but we liked our previous Graco strollers and this one is lightweight, has an adult cup holder, great storage basket, and is inexpensive. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Jewell Hennessey, OK

A lifesaver

We bought a Graco travel system with our first baby, so we had a big, bulky stroller that was only good for one child. Now that we have a 2 year old and an infant, I had no way of taking them both out for a walk by myself. This thing has saved the day! It’s long but doesn’t feel bulky, has more metal parts than our travel system stroller so it seems more well-built, and it folds up more easily for storage. Our baby carrier snaps onto the tray just like with our travel system stroller, and now the 2 year old can sit (or stand) in the back by me. Her head seems to be a bit close to the foot of the baby carrier when everyone’s strapped in, but she doesn’t seem to mind. The removable canopy is a little jerky to adjust, but when you use it with the shade on your baby carrier, it works great. Those who say it’s useless must not have their carrier shade attached. Much more useful cupholders/general stuff tray than the travel system stroller, too.I don’t think the retail price is bad, but if you can get it on sale, this stroller is awesome.

Jordan Mcminnville, OR

It’s not small

We are expecting our first child in July, so the timing was perfect for us to try this stroller. It is considerably heavier (almost 10 lbs) than the stroller we were originally looking at, but that is to be expected since it is built to hold two children.My husband is a handy guy and was able to assemble the stroller fairly easily. There were a couple of points where he was a little confused but he was able to figure it out quickly.The stroller is very easy to open and close, once you get the feel for it you can perform this function with one hand. The features are very intuitive it is easy to turn and maneuver. It is, however, quite large even in the folded position. It takes a little work to get it in the almost non-existent trunk of my Mini Cooper.I would caution two things, and they not so much negatives as just something to keep in mind. The product images show the older child standing in the stroller facing the parent, where the manual clearly states that children should be facing forward when standing while holding onto the stroller frame to avoid falling. This position seems like it would be a little awkward, but I guess the child always has the option of sitting if they prefer. Also, the product description says that the stroller “Accepts all Graco infant car seats” but the manual states that only a Graco SnugRide, SnugRide 30, SnugRide 32, SnugRide 35 or Infant SafeSeat car seat is compatible. Granted, this is the vast, vast majority of infant car seats sold by Graco, but it is not all inclusive. It may perhaps go without saying, but also no Graco Convertible car seats will work with this stroller.

Rowena Finley, TN


I love this stroller! It’s about the same size as a single travel system stroller but it holds 2 kids! It swivels very nicely and I’m able to push it with only one hand which is nice when I’m trying to get to an appt and finish a cup of coffee. I routinely use this stroller even when I just have my infant with me because it’s not too big. My 3 year old likes to sit in it too. My only complaint is that the car seat sticks out a bit so my 3 year old has to lean forward more than he should to sit in the sit and stand area. He doesn’t seem to mind at all though.

Roslyn Ashby, NE

Gerat buy

This was a great buy. The price was good and it works for me.However there are a few draw backs.- When my 3yr old sits at the back her feet are somehow depressing the brakes. A bit of a humbug.- I also tend to hit my feet in the back step when walking them.- The canopy is ridiculous.But outside of that it works for me!

Lisa Mc Clellandtown, PA

Light weight, easy to open, easy to maneuver.

This stroller is very light-weight, easier to maneuver than a lot of the single strollers, and very easy to open. My only complaint would be that when I place the baby carrier in the front, some of it sticks out and looks like it would be uncomfortable for the child sitting on the bench part of the stroller (it’s right on their head level) however, my 3 year old has not complained about it at all. It is difficult to get stuff in to the mesh basket, baby bag definitely does not fit in there, but I have used it to carry a few small bags during mall trips. I use the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect infant car seat, and you do not need any additional attachments for it.

Tracy Newton Center, MA

Great stroller, but a few things I’d change

I upgraded from my Graco Duo Glider stroller to this one and it’s SOOOO much better! It’s easy to maneuver! It also folds much flatter, lighter, and smaller, so it fits in my car much more easily! It’s relatively easy to put together (the pin you have to put in to hold the back wheels in are a bit tricky, but nothing that takes more than 10 mins!). My 3 year old LOVES to sit in the back and it does have a strap on the bench, so you can still secure the larger child in. The front seat has the full shoulder strap for smaller babies and with the tray attached, you can still put a car seat on top for newborns. The handle is nicely wrapped in foam and the cup holders on the handle are deep and don’t get in the way of the kid sitting on the back bench seat.There are a few things that made me give it 4 instead of 5 stars. First, the basket underneath is not very big and it’s difficult to get to-I put some bags in there while I was shopping and then had a tough time getting them back out b/c the only way to put things in or out is between the bench seat and the back of the front seat. The sun shade on the front seat is also annoying-it’s VERY rigid, difficult to adjust and when it’s closed, it gets in the way of the kid sitting on the bench seat. Finally, the latch to hold the stroller closed is plastic and you have to snap it on the bolt that sticks out on the side-it’s tough to snap it down (so that the stroller stays nicely folded flat) unless you lay the stroller on the ground and put some weight on it to force it closed.

Marilyn Strasburg, IL

Compact, seems durable….

I am impressed by the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride stroller, especially considering the moderate price point. The stroller only took a few minutes to unpack and assemble. It feels sturdy, and I like that the seat covers are easily removable and washable. The parent console is a nice feature, and the cup holders are deeper than average. The basket is large, although it is not possible to fit a large diaper bag in it because of the configuration. But, it is easy to fit in a small diaper bag, and numerous other small objects like blankets, toys, etc.The stroller folds and unfolds fairly easily, and is not as heavy as I expected it to be. It steers as well as the Graco single stroller that I have used in the past. If you have two children that need to ride in a stroller, I highly recommend this stroller.

Elinor Eaton, NY

Great stroller for 2!

I recently ordered and received this stroller form Amazon.I didn’t test it in the real world with 2 kids yet, but I wanted to share my first impression about this stroller. I will update this review based on the “field” use soon.Little background: I like Graco products overall. I’ve been using Metrolite Graco stroller for over 3 years now and still happy with it. No problem what so ever! I never own another double stroller – only tested few in the store or chat with some friends who have other brand double strollers, and hated all available sit and stand models… all looked huge!It took me 15 minutes to put this stroller together out of the box. The hardest part was to insert pins in the wheels. Other than that all directions were clear and easy to follow.First impression – it’s HUGE!!! [Remember I mentioned I never had double stroller before?]The underneath basket looks large enough for diaper back. It’s possible to access it from the side, but I don’t think it will be easy to fully use it from the side only – just to get something from the bag or drop something in the basket.It feels very nice to push it. Very smooth stroller (at home and at the paved sidewalk outside). It has very nice and deep 2 cup holders and another place to store keys or cell phone at parent’s tray. Child’s tray is nice too. It’s a little higher compare to Metrolite stroller level wise, so I think it might be uncomfortable to use for the younger children.What I absolutely love about this stroller is the way it folds! It’s truly a one hand fold (keep in mind it lays flat on the ground after you fold it). It doesn’t stand by itself, but I don’t really care about it. It’s heavier compare to Metrolite (of course and there is nothing wrong with this), but when it’s folded, it takes nearly the same space as Metrolite! Amazing! I have never though double stroller could be folded to THAT size!I took a picture comparing this stroller with Metrolite, so I am adding them to Amazon.What I don’t like about this stroller so far is the front seat. I think it’s more for toddlers than for infants. It doesn’t look comfortable for some reason and as I already mentioned before, the tray is at a relatively high lever. After reading other reviews I was worried about flat position of the front seat – I was under impression it will not be flat enough for a baby to sleep comfortably there when reclined. I was wrong. Even though it’s not completely flat, it’s very similar to the seat Metrolite has. When it’s fully reclined, older child will not be able to seat on back seat.As for the seat for the older child – it has little padding and the belt. There is a nice size step for the child. I love to be able to walk without hitting this step!Overall I am very impressed with the initial quality and the stroller itself for the money I spend. I will update my review after a real “test drive” aka Disney trip with 2 kids :)UPDATE: After using this stroller for one of our Disney trips I have something else to add to my review…First, let me tell you I had two 3 year olds with me and they were happy to have a stroller!It was a little hard to push the stroller with two little ones (30 lbs each). Also, I had a feeling the stroller always tried to roll to the right, so I kind of had to push it towards left side.The bascket underneath is great – very roomy and easy to access from a side. The only problem is that it cannot hold anything more or less heavy. We had 4 bottles of water (0.5L) and the bascket was pretty much to the ground. I also had to watch nothing will fell out from the side.I love that parents tray as well as child’s tray both have deep cup holders.Even though I have nothing to compare this stroller to I still happy with my purchase. Renting double stroller at the Disney for 3 days cost the same as to buy this one from Amazon!

Dorothy Jackson Center, PA

Good for part of a stroller army (doesn’t fit all needs)

I bought this tandem shortly after my daughter was born when I discovered she wouldn’t be safe sitting next to my son in a side-by-side stroller (we had a combi and he liked to hit/smoosh her). We’ve had it for 3 years. I have the version pictured in the product description, with the large plastic pieces on the sides. I like this stroller, but I just replaced it for a double jogger (for reasons listed below). Here’s the good and bad things I’ve noticed about this stroller:Cons:-The biggest con for me is that the front seat leans back too far over the back seat. The kid sitting in the back constantly has the front seat jabbing them in the back. This causes fighting and makes neither of my kids (DS5 and DD3) want to sit back there. Also, there’s no way my son could sit in the back if I had the seat reclined for my daughter to nap. Two sleepy kids would be out of luck.-This thing can be a serious load to push and can be hard to turn. That’s pretty standard for a tandem stroller, and from what I’ve heard this one is better than others on the market. I’ve pushed it loaded with both kids (about 80lbs) and all our gear around the zoo all day and been ok, but it might be difficult for others.-The basket underneath is a bit hard to access. The only way to get to it is from the side. You have to have two free hands to do it, otherwise you’ll be crouched down there sweating forever.-The sun shade only covers the front of the stroller. The kid in the back needs sunglasses and extra spf, no way around it. It also moves very easily, allowing my kids to adjust it (translation:whack each other) on their own.Now the good:-The parent tray on this stroller rocks. The cupholders are nice and deep. I think I’ve only ever spilled one drink while using this stroller. There’s also a spot in between the cupholders for your phone, keys, napkins, a sippy cup..whatever.-While the basket underneath is hard to get to, it holds a lot. I can fit three or four bags under there.-I don’t know what the listed weight limit is, but I’ve actually had three kids at a time smash onto this stroller (at the zoo) and I was still able to push it (with considerable effort).-The snack tray on the front holds snacks/drinks and the cup holders are deep enough that they don’t fall out.-This stroller folds up and unfolds easily. When folded it is about the size of a single travel system stroller. It fits in the trunk of my VW passat with room to spare.Just a few more notes. There is no cupholder for the backseat of this stroller, so I bought a BRICA deluxe snack pod stroller drink and snack holder and attached it to the back of the stroller on the side. It works awesome.I tried buying a joovy too rear seat and attaching it to this stroller, but it didn’t fit. Graco should consider making a similar product.We are preparing for a trip to Disney, and that is what prompted me to purchase a double (side by side) jogging stroller (I got the BabyTrend expedition double) to replace this one. The sun shade and uncomfortable back seat plus hefty pushing requirement ruled this stroller out.If I had it to do over, instead of buying the combi double stroller and this stroller and now the double jogger, I would have just purchased a city mini GT double. Even though it’s pricey, it would have been cheaper than these three strollers and would have served all of my needs and my kids would still fit in it.I like this stroller, it worked ok for us, but it doesn’t make me 100% happy.

Christian Chinook, MT

Not practical

The idea of this stroller is great; however, when the infant carrier is snapped in, it leaves very little room for my 2.5 yr. old daughter to sit comfortably on the bench. I could see how it would be of much better use when the baby is able to sit up in the front seat of the stroller without needing the car seat carrier. Also, there is no where practical to put a diaper bag. The pouch under the stroller is virtually inaccessible. It does drive well and is very easy to fold up and store.

Brandi Osyka, MS

travel friendly

We took this on a cross country train ride. Folded up small, which was great. I do wish the carseat fit in the stand section so when the toddler is tired they both could sleep. We ended up putting the toddler in the infant seat to sleep and wrapping the baby to me while we toured Chicago!

Tamra Coppell, TX

Amazing stroller!!!

This is my second sit and stand type stroller. The first one I had was a Baby Trend. I bought both strollers new. The Graco is nicer by far. If you are trying to decide between the Baby Trend sit ‘n stand and Graco’s room for 2 stand and ride, then buy the Graco. The quality is far superior. The Graco holds two fifty pound kids. Yes, it is heavier than the Baby Trend, but the quality is so worth it. It folds up nicely and weighs much less than my tandem double stroller. Thank you Graco!!

Imogene Harrington Park, NJ

Nice Stroller

I like this stroller, it serves the purpose of getting my kids from A to B. This is actually my secondary stroller because I have a massive double jogger and I wanted something lightweight and smaller that we could use if needed. Overall, I think it is made well and it’s worth the money. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that when I have the carseat in the front my older daughter can’t sit back on the sit and stand portion because the carseat is hitting her in the back of the head. If she sits on the edge of the "bench" it is fine but I always feel bad because she can’t sit all the way back.

Mari Madrid, NY

Great value, convenient, easy to travel with and fantastic customer service!

I wish someone had told me sooner about this stroller with the birth of our second child – we initially registered and acquired a much bulkier Chicco double stroller that was just a huge pain to get in/out of the car and even more difficult to move around because of its length. We ended up selling that one and buying this one, which was much more affordable and actually quite sturdy considering how many times we’ve already used it. The front seat reclines a bit (but keep in mind when reclined there is no space for the child in the back to sit – I suppose you can’t have everything and it is a fair trade off to have a more compact stroller). It is very easy to get my younger 14 month old daughter into the seat (just push a button on the tray on one side and lift and it clicks back in place when baby is strapped in). And my son who is 3 years old likes to sit in the back seat and occasionally stand on it when he doesn’t feel like sitting. This is especially useful since he goes through moods where he wants to sit and sometimes he just doesn’t want to be strapped in and wants to walk around. The stroller itself is very easy to turn/maneuver. The canopy on the front is not so huge but it does the job, and you can easily move it forwards/backwards to cover your child appropriately. The cup holders are a good size, they hold most standard soft drinks and cups unlike some other strollers that have impossibly small ones that only hold small water bottles. There is also a center console to put your phone in. Opening/closing the stroller is a snap and very easy to fold. Another plus is that it is not impossibly heavy to get in/out of your car. There are brakes on the back wheels that occasionally my son plays with but it’s not a huge problem. Customer service is also great, we had an issue with the opening/closing mechanism of our stroller and they immediately resolved the problem and were very kind on the phone. Overall when I think about how much was spent on our first double stroller, I kind of feel sick knowing how much better this one is, and at half the price.

Rosetta Mayflower, AR

Good stroller..but..

It’s rather heavy, but does serve it purpose with 2 kids. What I didn’t like was you can’t recline the front seat if there’s a child sitting on the back and I wish there would have been a canopy for the back bench also.

Maribel Washington, VT

Terrible Design for Toddler

When the car seat is locked in place, my 2.5 year old’s head has to be tilted way forward when sitting on the bench seat in order to make room for it. Even when the car seat isn’t in, the front seat’s highest position is still leaning so far back that it bonks my toddler in the head. A baby in the car seat would be kicking the toddler in the head, an older baby in the stroller seat would be cracking heads with the toddler constantly. How does anyone else deal with this very glaring spatial issue?If they just made this a little bit longer, it would make more sense. As is, I don’t see how anyone can properly use it so the toddler is comfortably sitting on the bench seat. I hoped that the bench seat could be scooted back to accommodate a growing toddler, but it’s locked into place.I’m now realizing there are few if any pictures from the side showing a young toddler sitting on the bench with the car seat in the front seat. Probably because they don’t want to show you just how cramped and awkward it is for the toddler!Now we want to return it and can’t get the stroller to come apart completely, so we’ll have a hard time getting it back into the box it arrived in. Definitely regret buying a stroller online without being able to test drive it in a store first. Live and learn.

Eve Swan River, MN

Good stroller but could have been designed better

I would really like to rate this higher but our older child is not comfortable in the rear location. With the front seat area in full recline he pretty much has to stand up or the front seat shade hits him in the back. The storage is also rather small and it’s hard to get anything in or out (it holds our mail on the way back from the mailbox but not much more). That said, we purchased this because it would accept our Snugride 35 and it does a great job of that. Hopefully our older son will adapt to the slightly uncomfortable confines of the second seat.

Gina Soso, MS

Wow! So light and small

My husband says I hoard strollers. Truth is, it took me too many tries to find one that works for me. I loves my graco duoglide, but it was time for something smaller since my kids were getting bigger. (15 mo and 3 years) The older one wants to walk most of the time, but gets tired so still needs a seat. I love how light this is. It folds down as small (if not smaller and lighter) then my metrolite-which I also love!) So here are a few pros and cons from someone who has been through ALOT of strollers:Pro:LightweightEasy to maneuverFits easily through doors and most aisles at storesParent tray holds everything I needBoth seats are easy to get into and out ofFront snack tray opens easily- allowing front rider to get in and out by themselves!Easy to foldFolds smaller than most double strollersCons:The storage bag is hard to get to (like others have said)- but doable*I also hang my diaper bag on the handle instead of putting it in the storage bag. My oldest just ducks under to get in*While the sun shade is adequate, I do not like the fact that there is no where for it to go when folded.Like others, the front seat is slightly reclined even at the most upright. I haven’t had a problem with it, but others might.good luck

Cortney Turner, OR

LOVE This Stroller!

My 3.5 year old has outgrown the double stroller he and his younger sister shared. It was a Graco DuoGlider and while a bit bulky it did the job well, but it became increasingly more difficult for him to get into and out of. Before that we had a single Jeep stroller and before that we owned a single Evenflo stroller. This combines all the best features from all of them and is really a delight to use.Pros:- The seats are weighted to hold 50 pounds each. That’s the largest rated amount I was able to find in a sit and stand type stroller. It should be able to last for quite a while if I needed it to.- It’s easy to get in and out of for both the back and front seat.- Large basket for several jackets, water bottles and other similar items.- It’s one hand collapsible with a latch on the side.- Both seats have belts, though I don’t use it on my 3.5 year old. He’s pretty good about staying put and enjoying the ride.- Lightweight at 29 pounds, compared to a double. Comparatively my son weighs 30 pounds, so it’s the same as lifting him.- When it’s folded up, it’s smaller than the size of the single stroller we had. No problem fitting it into the trunk.- Here’s the best part, it’s incredibly easy to maneuver. With both kids in it and even things in the basket below, it still manages to turn on a dime.Cons:- When the front seat is laid down, my son has to stand as there’s no more room for him to sit.- Sunshade is a little stiff to adjust than my last Graco stroller, but I’m hoping that it just needs to be broken in a little.- With my son sitting on the back, it’s hard to lean it back and bump it up to go up stairs or over curbs.- I wish the latch was automatic locking, but it’s manual, so when you collapse it down you have to be sure to attach the latch before picking it up.Overall, this is still the best stroller I’ve ever owned! I would have bought this stroller as the only stroller to ever own had it been around when my first was born. I highly recommend it!

Latonya Southbridge, MA

Great Stroller

This stroller met all of our needs. We purchased it for a trip to San Francisco and it was great for our 3 year old and 11 mo old. Our 3 year alternated between sitting and standing and our 11 mo old sat contently in the front. We did opt to click in the car seat when the baby was asleep a couple of times. It is easy to open/close and fits perfectly in both our SUV and Sedan. I would recommend this stroller — great for the price as well!

Debbie Weston, OH

Good product, but not perfect

This has been great. I bought it because we had a graco Snugride car seat. We are still using it one year later without the car seat. My only complaint is that it’s hard for the second kid to sit when the car seat is snapped in. The car seat is longer than the space provided so there wasn’t enough room for my daughter to sit comfortably when the car seat was snapped in. She had to stand. Now that we aren’t using the car seat, it’s great. My only other complaint is that it’s a bit heavy and bulky; I guess that’s to be expected with a double stroller though. Overall, it’s a good product and with the money.

Rhoda Davenport, CA

Cleverly designed and solidly built

The stroller is super sturdy yet folds up very easily and tidily. The design is very clever and if you have a baby and a 2-4 year old you will get the most out of it. It is probably the most compact 2 child stroller you will find. It looks great and it is very well-designed. I have no complaints whatsoever and recommend it heartily.

Keisha Thousand Oaks, CA


I love this. It holds my Graco snugride (for my two month old) and allows my 2 year old to ride comfortably. You have to access the basket from the sides (or small opening between two seats, but it’s not practical), which isn’t a big deal. My older daughter loves this. She enjoys the freedom.

Lola Leon, IA

Love This Stroller

Amazing stroller! My 3 year old loves her "standing stroller" as she calls it. The ONLY downfall is that she has to lean forward when my son’s carseat is in the front seat. She doesn’t seem to mind it though. It fits perfectly in the trunk of my Toyota Camry. Easy to fold, just wish the shade wasn’t so awkward.

Kathleen Farber, MO

Love Love Love!!!

I have a 3 yr old and 10 mo old. Initially, I had a single Maclaren stroller and didn’t like it (FYI I had the Techno XLR). When I had my second, I was given a stroller frame and that was the only stroller I was using for about 8 months because it was easy to just take the infant car seat out of the car and snap it into the stroller frame and go. A friend had given me a Baby Trend Double Stroller but my 3 yr old who’s tall for her age looked cramped in it, my then 6 mo looked like she was slouching out of her seat most of the time, and it maneuvered horribly. Plus, trying to load the monster stroller into the trunk of my 4 door sedan resulted in horrible language spewing out of my mouth every single time. The Sit N Stand was my answer!The Good:-Infant car seat can be clicked into place in the front seat. I already have a Graco infant car seat so it was very convenient. No waking up sleeping baby!-5 point harness. The shoulder harness is looped through the side harness then clicked into place in the center. Now, this is my opinion, but why I like this particular 5 point harness is that with one click, all the parts of the harness falls away and you can just grab your baby instead of first getting their arm out of the each harness THEN pulling them out.-It also maneuvers amazingly, considering it’s a stroller and a half. I can even get away using one hand to move it.-Good size storage area. Like others have mentioned, its hard to get to from the back, but you can easily pull the mesh fabric down from the side to get things in and out of the storage bin-Folds down pretty easily. Fits the trunk of my Acura TL with no problem.The Sort of Bad:-crappy canopy. Come on, Graco. Why would you make half a canopy? Seriously, either give us a decent size canopy or just don’t provide one at all. Also the canopy doesn’t adjust all the way forward. I have to do some serious creative maneuvering to keep the sunlight out of my baby’s face.-The lock mechanism for when stroller is folded down. After I fold down the stroller, I have to push down on the stroller to get it slim enough so I can click the plastic piece into place to lock it (so it doesn’t open on you while you’re trying to get it into the trunk). When I want to open the stroller, i have to do the same. Folding/unfolding the stroller is easy. locking/unlocking it is not. its annoying I just dont bother sometimes.If you have a baby and a toddler, but don’t want a bulky double stroller, this is a great alternative. It will give your toddler an option to sit if they want but wont confine them to a seat. The recline is good enough in the front seat so your baby can sleep. No real complaints so far after a month of usage except to ask myself why I didn’t purchase this earlier.

Rosalia Pocahontas, MS