Graco Sarah Classic Convertible Crib, White

Graco Sarah Classic Convertible Crib, White

The traditional sleigh design of the graco Sarah 4 in 1 convertible crib makes it a popular choice for baby’s nursery, especially with safety minded parents. This sturdy crib features stationary side rails for a safe sleeping environment for baby with a mattress platform that adjusts to three different heights depending on the age of your baby. This lovely crib easily changes into a toddler bed, daybed and full size headboard.

Main features

  • JPMA, ASTM and CPSC safety certified
  • Crib converts to a toddler bed (no guard rail needed for conversion), daybed and full size headboard (bed frame and mattress not included)
  • Three position mattress height adjustment
  • Stationary sides
  • Five year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Verified reviews


You get what you pay for

I bought this crib after it was recommended by the book Baby Bargains. I thought, “Why buy a $1000 set of nursery furniture when we’ll only use them for a few years?”My daughter is now 11 months old, and I just ordered a solid wood crib from Pottery Barn. This Graco crib is flimsy, which didn’t bother me when she couldn’t pull up and just lay there, but now when I hear the “ga-dunk, ga-dunk, ga-dunk” of her standing up and shaking the side of the crib, I get nervous. The drop-side was recalled and requires a special kit to make it fixed. In a single day, my daughter has chewed the finish off in one place; it looks like a squirrel got to it.I wish I had saved my $150 (which was the price at the time) and just bought the more expensive crib to begin with. It’s not a bargain if it won’t last through all of the children we hope to have.

Estella Hamersville, OH

I wanted to love it.

Upon opening the box and pulling out the first piece I was immediately disappointed. The edge had splintered while being cut in the manufacturing process. Instead of fix it or discard the piece they simply painted over the splinters (I found this issue on other pieces as well and have posted photos in the product image gallery).I then noticed where every slat meets the top and bottom rail there is a staple mark that has been filled in with wood putty that is a different color than the finish.Lastly, there is an inconsistency to the finish, which in some places is lighter at joints and crevasses.I am overall disappointed with the quality and don’t feel safe putting my baby in this crib.

Rosario Nichols, SC

Beautiful and Functional

Easy installation, very sturdy, feels safe, and really stunning. Very high end style, without the high end price tag. We also purchased the matching dressing table and it works great too!!Update: 11/24/10 It is STILL beautiful and functional. We haven’t even scratched the stain! I am still in love with it, and it’s matching “dressing table”. So happy we made this purchase.

Myra Unionville, OH

Don’t buy this crib!

After reading other peoples reviews on this crib I decided to go ahead and buy it anyways. In my mind there were way more good reviews then bad, so i figured most bad reviews were people being picky about things. I told myself I could live with a scratch or 2 no problem. So we received the crib and opened the box. First piece had 3 scratches and 2 dents in the wood. OK I can deal. Then the second piece we checked was just as bad. Then the 3rd and so on. So back to Amazon it went! BTW they have great customer service and there were no problems on sending it back. They even paid for the return shipping. Rather than return this crib and get a replacement sent, we decided to go to buy buy baby and buy one there. Who knows how many try’s it would have taken before we got a crib that was ok enough. I hope Graco realizes this keeps occurring and decides to do something about it. In the end don’t waist your time and energy on this crib. Buy something else!

Georgia Alicia, AR

no me gusto

el producto llego a mi casa bastante rayado no parece que fuese producto del traslado, la cantidad de rayones que tiene es impresionte, creo que el vendedor debe preocuparse mucho mas por la apariencia del producto que ofrece

Suzanne Minster, OH

very pleased

For the price you cant beat this crib. It has lasted 18 months and we are now converting it to the toddler bed. We expect it to keep going for quite some time….Would highly recommend!

Violet Pilot Hill, CA

After one year is still perfect

Yes the wood is soft but all economy cribs are. It is still very sturdy, having a toddler who wakes up and jumps around in it, we know. There are little scratches on it and we have had no problems with it. I don’t see any reason to buy one 3-4 times more. This seems perfect.

Leanne Boxholm, IA

All you really need

I wanted a crib that was sturdy enough yet reasonably priced. This one was so inexpensive that I thought it might look and feel cheap when it arrived. I figured I’d take a chance, and I’m glad I did. I am very picky about things being perfect, and I have no problems with the way this looks or feels. It’s not rickety at all, but very stable. It’s lightweight enough to be easily moved but it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. I can tell that the wood will probably be easy to scratch, so I will have to buy some teething rails for the sides. We put it together in an hour and had no problems with assembly. It looks great with the matching changing table. You definitely need two people to assemble it, unlike the table which I was able to do by myself. The cherry color is very pretty and my husband and I don’t have any worries that it will be safe enough for the baby when the time comes.

Fern Sharon Springs, NY

Great Crib for the Money

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy brand-name crib or huge sleigh-style monstrosity and so gambled on the Graco Sarah (in white) after reading good reviews here and in the Baby Bargains book. We have been using this for 5 months now with a firm Colgate Classica II mattress and are very happy with it. The wood is smooth and the crib appears to be quite solid. I have since bought a second one (espresso color) for a vacation home as I didn’t want to risk buying a second hand crib and mattress. It is now being tested a bit more as my daughter is moving around and kicking at the sides and putting her legs (in a sleep sack) through the rails. I’ll update my review if it ever starts failing. I would highly recommend this crib.

Ellen Tire Hill, PA

Gorgeous crib!

This crib is absolutely gorgeous! My husband put it together very easily and it seems to be made very well. The cinnamon color isn’t too reddish or orange. It’s just perfect!

Tommie New Waverly, TX

For the price, this is excellent!

Very nervous about ordering my daughters crib on-line, very very nervous. But after checking out the local shops and looking at almost every crib here on Amazon I felt a bit more confident and ordered this one.Wow.So far both the grandparents have commented on how pretty it is. It’s solid once assembled. It’s nice looking, meets all the new safety standards, no drop side so no worries and it has an adjustable height on the mattress to make up for the change in safety standards regarding drop sides.We got the cherry finish and my wife was worried, but it’s a classic victorian cherry so you’re getting a dark red stain, very nice.Standard mattress fits nicely inside, no gaps, and the mattress support is a steel frame with steel mesh and springs.So why the 4 stars?Well, because it’s a typical self assembly, allen wrench, thumb blister kit. I swear it’s been a week and the side of my thumb still hurts from tightening all of the screws.I still don’t understand to this day why they stopped using Phillips screws for these kits and it really wouldn’t be so bad accept for the fact that my daughter learned how to pull herself up about 5 minutes after we finished the crib and put her in it. We had built it at the top height so we could get her out easier. We thought it’d save us some back pain and it would be fine since she couldn’t stand up without help. Well OF COURSE she stood up right after that, that’s what kids do…. sigh. So I had to unscrew the most difficult screws in the bed and re-screw them in new slots using that annoyingly thin little allen wrench.But that’s really my only gripe. The packaging was fine, no damage to the crib, lots of Styrofoam, cardboard supports and separators. I’m a big guy so I could actually lift the package myself, though it does say “Team Lift” on the side and if I wasn’t 6’5″ I couldn’t have carried it alone, to long and awkward. But the weight was very manageable, not like most solid hardwood cribs that weigh a ton.For the price I really couldn’t be happier with this purchase. And knowing that it converts into a day bed and then a head and foot board when she’s ready just makes it feel like that much more of a bargain. If you’re worried about the side coming off prematurely, don’t, it’s bolted on just like the other sides. To convert it to a day bed you have to remove the bolts.We’ll see how well it withstands the test of time. I’ll write an update if anything happens.So here’s a tip for anyone who hasn’t done many of these “DIY furniture” kits. Once you’ve got it put together, go back through every screw from the beginning and try tightening them again. Lots of screws will loosen as you tighten others. Read the warning for the mattress height, If your child can pull themselves up on their own, the mattress goes at the lowest setting, trust me, you don’t want to have to re-set this thing anytime soon, the mattress screws are painted ends so they kind of glue in, very difficult to get them back out.

Diane Centrahoma, OK


I really love this crib. It was fairly easy to put together. Though someone to assist you would be ideal. It’s sturdy and I am confident leaving my baby in it to sleep.

Susanne Longboat Key, FL

Nice Crib for a Great Price

I got this crib on sale and had a gift card, so it only cost me $35!! If you are looking for super fancy, this is not your crib. It is very sturdy and will perform great, I’m sure. My husband and I put it together quite easily. I’m happy with the quality for the price.

Lisa Gothenburg, NE

Good crib, good value

We bought this crib in cherry and have been pleased so far. It looks good. The finish was fine. Is it the best looking, sturdiest crib out there, no. Would it looks nice in almost any setting, yes. Also the mattress and the bumpers all fit fine. We also appreciated that you get the model number and the manufactured date. Should there ever be a recall you know exactly when the crib was built.I would hesitate to give a time to assemble since everyone is different, people take breaks. My wife and I were discussing things and generally hanging out while building the crib so it took a bit. I will say that assembly was straight forward. The provided wrench and a screwdriver are the only tools you would need. Would adjusting the heights be a bit of a job, yes. So if it can work for you, I would suggest going with the lowest height from the start. Overall a good value for a good not great crib.

Ofelia Fairbanks, IN

Graco Sarah

I spent a long time researching cribs (as I do with most “big purchase” items), and this crib is phenomenal for the money! I put it together, 9 months pregnant, with my 10 year old daughter. It went together flawlessly, we had no missing or extra parts, and everything went as it should. I’ve put together quite a bit of furniture, and the ease of this assembly was great! We didn’t have a hard time at all with the instructions, and all in all, are VERY happy with this purchase. The crib is VERY sturdy, and the color looks rich and expensive. Would buy again, every time – highly recommend!

Lori Tower City, PA


We received the dressing table in acceptable condition. The box arrived open from Fed Ex. Fortunately, all the parts were still there. The crib looks beautiful, but there were some cosmetic marks on the wood (shipping damage? or due to poor package cushioning?). My husband did not want to exchange, but if it had been my choice alone, I would have. My husband wanted to assemble this piece himself, but he quickly found he needed a second person to hold the sides while he assembled. However, it was easy and did not take long to assemble (a two person job with the enclosed allen wrench). Overall, pleased and recommended (although not highly).

Madge La Belle, MO

What a great product!

I could not be happier with my purchase. I was able to assemble the crib, by myself, within a half hour. The instructions are clear, parts are well-designed, and the only tool needed is the Hex key wrench (L-shaped) that comes included in the package. And, the price is very reasonable (compared to some of the laughable MSRPs of other crib-makers out there). Assembled, the product is very sturdy and I’m sure I will be able to appreciate the product’s ability to convert as my baby grows up. I will upload a picture in the next couple of days; my baby is almost two months old now and still has an incredible amount of unused space to grow into.I would highly recommend this crib to every expectant parent!*As a side note: I had assembled the crib in our living room. After it was completed, it seemed so big that it would not fit through the doorway. I was worried that I would have to disassemble it and reassemble it in the nursery. It did fit, but just barely (we had about an inch and a half of room on each side). I really do not think that it was an accident that the crib fits through a standard doorway; I give Graco credit for having enough foresight to design the dimensions of the crib for this exact situation (or if you wanted to move the crib from one room to another). What a great product!

Mia Ordway, CO

Love the crib!

This is our 2nd purchase of this exact crib. Since it’s convertible, our older child is still using hers. We liked it so much we got the same thing for our new little boy. The assembly isn’t the easiest, but if you pay attention to the directions you can get through it. It’s quality wood, the color is great, and it has proven to be very safe.

Ida Shannon, IL

Great, attractive crib!

First off, delivery was fast – I think we only waited two days. My husband assembled this crib with some minimal help from me a few days ago in about half an hour and said it was the easiest DIY thing he’s ever put together. The instructions were spot-on and all the parts were labeled and packaged and thus easy to find. The crib itself seems to be excellent quality – it looks stunning, and even though there were a few paint scratches on some of the parts, they’re definitely nowhere visible once we put it all together.The cherry finish is gorgeous and definitely makes this crib look more expensive than it actually was. It’s sturdy too, and I’ll have no worries putting my newborn in it. We purchased a standard firm crib mattress with it -Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress- and it fits excellently. There is no room on the sides that my son could stick his hands in, yet the mattress is very easy to put in and remove (important for those accidents).Will probably purchase another one of these for the next family addition, few products are so easy to handle.

Luann Rockland, ME

Love this Crib 🙂

This crib is super pretty, sturdy and the price is great.There were a few dings/chips but nothing drastic or noticeable.

Teresa Blakely, GA

Love the shape but not seeing screw holes…

Super adorable and peace of mind of having the graco name back it up. Not a heavy piece of furniture, this will not become a family heirloom and feels flimsier than my sons graco Lauren crib. But I love the shape. Only downside is that you can see where it screws together. It is visibly obvious how this crib is put together. Not the most attractive feature but will do its job safely.

Lilian Dennard, AR

Great crib!

We used it from the day we brought home my newborn until he was about 3 years old.I love that it has three heights, and I didn’t have to bend very far to pick my baby up from his crib. I remember I installed it with help the first time (I was about 7 months pregnant at the time); then we moved and I disassembled and assembled the crib by myself.We used it as a crib for about a year, then as a toddler bed for about 2 years (removed one side).

Aida Sundance, WY

Nice for the price but a few cheap embellishments would have helped

First off all new cribs on the market no matter the price have to pass a certain standard to be on the market. Therefore, the safety of this crib is not in question. The hardware is very thick and sturdy and so I’m not worried about my baby’s health using it. My aim in buying a crib was to get something that was cute and cheap since cribs can be so outrageous. This is one of the cheapest out there and yet attractive.You have to install large bolts all throughout the crib when you assemble it. You can’t tell in the pictures but all the bolts are visible once assembled. I would think that little plastic inserts or something would have been easily inserted to cover the bolts. Maybe this causes a safety hazard and that’s why they are excluded, but the showing bolts give the crib a less than finished look. Is it worth paying an extra $50-100 to have a more expensive crib that has such finishing touches? Absolutely not.Other than the showing bolts the crib looks great and is a good deal!

Elise Fayetteville, AR

Cheap = poor quality

Ours had wood defects, more than you expect in a new product, and a big crack that we hope does not keep open (seems to be patched from manufacturer, is not visible after assembled).Assembly was easy, and didn’t require more than 30 mins. It looks good from a couple of steps back, if you get close, and look at details, you will notice the defects on the wood. After what we paid, we know why others cost $200+. Not bad if you can live with it. After all, kids just use it for a year or two at maximum.Conclusion, does the work, and looks good if you put it against low quality product.

Elisabeth Coles Point, VA

Nice crib for the price.

I’m no expert when it comes to baby cribs, but after searching Amazon high and low, reading the reviews and making my decision to buy the Graco Sarah Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib (Cherry), I have to say that I’m satisfied with the purchase. While it’s not perfect (the tops of the sides seemed to fit together oddly and I had a screw strip the wood partially in one place), once it’s assembled it’s quite sturdy and looks like it cost a good bit more than what I paid for it (thanks Amazon). Assembly took me around 40 minutes and was straightforward and simple. While I put most of it together alone, I will say that there are a couple of steps that are greatly simplified if you have a helping hand.The crib looks nice as well and is almost surprisingly sturdy once it’s put together. Unlike some here, none of the wood was scratched and the springs were in perfect condition. The height of the bed might be an issue for some, but it’s perfect for my 7 month old daughter and putting her in and taking her out is simple for both my wife (5’6″) and myself (5’11”). As far as functionality goes, it does the job.Ultimately, if you’re on a budget and looking for a decent crib, you can do worse than the Graco Sarah Classic 4 in 1 crib. It’s a quality product, and if it doesn’t get messed up in shipping (which seems to have happened to some; the box of mine was opening in one place, so I guess I got lucky), you’ll be pleased with it.

Dena Johnsonville, NY

All around solid crib

I ordered this crib from Amazon when they had it on sale for a super low price. We couldn’t afford to pass it up. I was a little worried that the quality would be bad since it was such a great deal but I was not disappointed. It was easy to assemble. My husband put both the crib and the matching dressing table together in less than 30 minutes. The crib is beautiful and sturdy. My only complaint is the warning/safety stickers that are stuck on there. Most are in inconspicuous places but there are a couple that are obvious and need to be removed. They’re pretty difficult to get off without scratching the wood. Other than that I have no complaints. I’m sure this crib will last us a long time.For those who want to know, we purchased the Serta Perfect Night mattress, which fits perfectly in this crib.

Kathryn Cascadia, OR

Great crib for a great price!

We had this crib on our baby registry and my in-laws bought it for us. For the price and what you get it can’t be beat. The color is nice and it is fairly easy to put together. I put it together by myself when I was about 7 months pregnant. It would have been easier with two people but doable with one. I will agree with other reviews that the allen wrench they supply is less than adequate. We have our own set and I used those.The wood is pine so there may be some dents in it from shipping. But I feel for the price you pay it is definitely worth it. Odds are you child will probably do a number to it as well.

Rochelle Big Bar, CA

Great crib

Love this cribAwsome price for a great product. The color is beautiful and it’s super sturdy.Very easy to assemble.

Myrna Leetonia, OH

Beautiful crib for little money

No major issues with this crib thus far. The wood stain is a beautiful color and I didn’t have any chips/defects on mine. One of the bolts was stripped right out of the box, but that was easy to replace. Other than that little SNAFU, the crib was easy to put together and is very sturdy. The mattress fits in very snug and I haven’t had any issues with mattress movement/shifting like other reviews have mentioned on various sites. I highly recommend this set!

Annmarie Hay, WA