Graco Sarah Dressing Table, Cinnamon

Graco Sarah Dressing Table, Cinnamon

The Graco Sarah dressing table provides a safe and convenient place to change and dress baby with two generous shelves for supplies.

Main features

  • JPMA, ASTM and CPSC safety certified
  • Features easily accessible open design with abundant storage space
  • Changing area equipped with built in safety strap for added security
  • 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Coordinates with the matching Graco Sarah Classic and Ashleigh Classic cribs

Verified reviews


Fantastic Buy

Firstly, this changing table is well constructed, sturdy and easy to assemble. (hubby did it in 45mins) It’s much larger than I expected and the shelves are very tall and deep with plenty of room for all the diaper accessories, diapers and more, such as medical items, clothes baskets and bath tools. After I’m done using it for the baby I could see this as an impromptu book/toy shelf or even dresser using those cubes.The changing pad is pretty lame; it has no curve at all to keep baby from rolling out so I bought a different one and use the one included in the car as a travel pad. It does come with a seatbelt which is handy.The finish is nice and black and even though we don’t need the rolling feet they’re nice to have. A fantastic nursery addition!

Deborah Oakfield, NY

beautiful and affordable

I am very pleased with this changing table. It looks rich and classy in the nursery! I purchased the espresso color and it actually looks like a very dark cherry color, a beautiful stain! The Sarah changing table matches our Graco Stanton 4-in-1 convertible crib in espresso perfectly. The table was easy to put together (my 11 year old son and I put it together in about 30 minutes). I left the wheels off because I thought it would look better and be sturdier without them, and also left the safety strap off because I knew I wouldn’t use it. The height of the table is nice as well as the shelf size. My only criticism would be that the changing pad is a little thin, but it will serve its purpose. You could always buy a thicker one if you want. Also, the table is a tad wobbly if you wiggle it, but in no way do I think it is a danger. You don’t leave the baby unattended anyway. Overall, I think it looks beautiful and it is much nicer than you may expect for the price.

Verna Morriston, FL

Loose screws

For the price this is a nice item, However the holes on one side of the tables legs are counter sank too deep which makes them impossible to tighten the legs. these would leave a woble. I used some lock nuts as spacers to resolve this but this should not happen. It could be dangerous if left this way.

Briana Mesa, ID

Couldn’t beat it for the price

I chose this changing table because it was the cheapest one I could find that had no delivery charges.I didn’t want to invest much in a changing table, because we weren’t really sure we’d use it. My mom said she never used one for me. But for the price, we figured, why not?We’ve been using it with my son for almost 17 months.Is it a great piece of furniture? No. It’s pretty flimsy and not very sturdy. But it’s done the job for us and it looks nice in his room.It holds lots of supplies. He’s almost too long for it, but he’s a tall kid.I might convert it to a beverage cart when he outgrows it… I’m glad I hung onto those wheels it came with just in case.What do you expect for $50? We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth.

Melinda Lisbon, NH

Great price with great quality

Great quality with great price. Does not have strong smell of furniture. The color is very pretty. Though there is a paint off on the headboard,but it is good generally.

Kari Germantown, WI

its ok

I ordered this about a week and a half ago and finally got it late last night (seems Amazon usually doesn’t take that long to send stuff).When I took it out of the packaging I was happy to see how tall it was because I’m 5′ 10″ and my husband is 6′ 3″ so it will be nice to not bend over when changing the baby.However, there were some issues with the table straight from the box. The partical board shelves have quite a few chips in them. I had to decide which side looked the best when putting it together. Also, when it was painted, some of it ran, and now it doesn’t have a nice smooth finish.When I ordered this I noticed that a lot of reviews said it was wobbly…and it kind of is. It seems like it’s top heavy, then add a baby to it and that might make it worse.All in all….if you don’t look too close it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll keep it and use it because that’s easier that packing it all back up and sending it back.

Lucy Orlean, VA

Keeping it bc it’s too much of a hassle to return

A few of the pieces to this were damaged out of the box. The funny thing is that none of the damaged pieces were packaged toward the outside and they clearly couldn’t have happened during shipping. It had to be packaged already damaged. This really ticks me off. I would return it, but it is so much of a hassle. The damage doesn’t effect the structural integrity of it, so I will try to hide it with decorative ribbon or something. I would probably give it 5 stars if Graco hadn’t clearly packaged an already damaged item. The color is nice and it was pretty easy to assemble. We wanted something light to be able to move and use in different rooms in the downstairs of our house. This will do the job.

Carmen Bell City, MO

Nice for the price

No, this is not a $400 changing table from Pottery Barn. Yes, it is a tad bit wobbly, and mine came with a scratch on the bottom of one of the sides. I didn’t buy it because I wanted an expensive table. How long do you really use these things anyway? I figure I’ll use it until the baby is walking, and then I will change him/her on the floor. Once they are mobile they don’t necessarily want to be up on a changing table where they can’t do anything but lie there anyway. So I didn’t want to spend too much on something we’ll only use for a year. This table fits the bill. It’s very attractive (I got the cherry) and it matches the crib. I feel it’s sturdy enough for me since I plan to be standing right beside it the entire time my baby is on it. This took me about 40 minutes to unpack and assemble and was easy enough to do by myself. I’m 5’11 and my husband is 6’2 and we both feel this table is at a very convenient height for both of us.If you’re not obsessed with big, expensive, brand name baby furniture this might be the changer for you. If you are interested in a high-quality piece of furniture with a steeper price tag and are not interested in lowering your expectations, this table is probably not for you.Update:We have been using this table for 10 months and it has not fallen apart yet. It is a bit wobbly, requiring a tightening of the bolts every once in awhile, which helps. My 10-month-old is wiggle city and flips over and sits/stands up on this while we try to change/dress him (lots of fun, let me tell you) and it holds up. It holds a full-time stash of cloth diapers, a full-time stash of disposables, cloth wipes, and a basket full of supplies like swabs and creams. It’s plenty roomy. My son is 21 lbs. so we have 7 more lbs. to go before the weight limit is reached. Not sure we will make it that long, but it will definitely be around until then and would last through at least one more kid. Ditto the matching crib, bite marks and all. Overall I’m not sorry we purchased this although I was on the fence about getting a changing table (so worth it!) and buying a cheap one at that. This proved to be one of the wiser choices about baby gear.

Jacklyn Mt Zion, IL

Inexpensive and works well

I bought this changing table about seven ago. Construction is fairly sturdy. My little girl has used it heavily for the past six months and it has been up to the task, so far.

Sadie Windsor, NJ

Perfect for us

Product is good. But it came with some dents but I guess if they ship it from china to Arizona and delivered to NJ can cause it. The only disappointing thing was it’s color. It says it is cherry and matched with Stanton crib cherry color BUT NO the shades are different.

Fanny Krum, TX

We were on the fence about a changing table

We were on the fence about a changing table due to its limited utility and long term usefulness. But after deciding that a topper on our dresser would cost about the same as this changing table, we opted to buy this one. It isn’t anything special, but it does the job. Pretty sturdy with lots of storage room. I bought a couple of large/small baskets to place underneath to organize all baby changing things, diapers, spare sheets, hair bows, etc. It is the perfect height for myself (5’6" and my husband 6’1") and a back saver for all those changes for our 7 week old.

Jenna Fisty, KY

Great unit for very cheap

This was extremely easy to put together (I did it alone at 8 months preg) and is super sturdy. The shelves are perfect high for the large Costco size boxes of diapers. Highly recommend this changing table!

Rosemarie Ellenton, FL


Made of good wood. Has useful shelves. Pain to assemble. Baby changing is easier with it. If only they made them for old people.

Linda Brooten, MN