Graco Seatbelt Locking Clip

Graco Seatbelt Locking Clip

A locking clip minimizes the movement of the plate part of the seat belt which clicks into the buckle. On some seat belts these “latch plates,” as they are commonly referred to, slide freely on the belt strap and so it is necessary to use a locking clip to get as snug a fit for your child car seat. All Graco child car seats with integrated harness systems come with a locking clip but it can be a good idea to buy an extra one or two for your other automobiles. Features and Benefits: For proper installation of car seats in vehicles with shoulder,lap belts that have a sliding latch plate Locking clip minimizes movement of sliding latch plate to assist in a snug fit for your car seat Recommended Use: Works with any car seat that includes an integrated harness system Specifications: Dimensions: 5.625″H x 3.75″W x 0.25″D Weight: 0.108 lbs.

Main features

  • It minimizes movement of sliding latch plate for a snug fitting car seat
  • Works with any car seat with an integrated harness system

Verified reviews


Make sure you need this!

I bought this for the car seat thinking I’d need it. Went over to the car seat clinic and they said that the car already had this feature built in. Meh. For as inexpensive as it was, I just gave it to them. So double check your car manual. If you hear the seat belt click when you feed it back in, you don’t need this. And go to a car seat clinic- they are awesome!

Kristie Red Wing, MN

Much needed!

We were desperate to buy this clip for our son’s carseat because it didn’t come with the second base that we purchased … and couldn’t find it anywhere in stores! I should’ve known to check amazon first, they have everything! It was very in-expensive and I am so thankful I found it. One of our vehicles is an older model, and this clip was a requirement to tighten the carseat base. It works great – gets the job done and I can drive easier knowing my son is properly locked in and secure. Thank goodness amazon sells this for a good price!

Martha Port Orchard, WA

Not as pictured!! Not Graco Brand

I bought this because it is advertised at the Graco brand. I was shipped another brand. This is false advertising! I think it will serve the purpose. I am not happy about being mislead! I could have ordered from other sellers at a lower price!

Monika Harleton, TX

not sure

I followed the instructions for this thing but I just couldn’t tell a difference with it on or off. I always used it on the car seat when the LATCH system wasn’t in an old car but I don’t know if it helped or not. I suppose I felt safer knowing that it was on the belt even though I didn’t notice a difference in tightness.

Mitzi Elmo, MT

Didn’t work very well

From crazzeto’s wife:We have a 1999 Corolla and the shoulder belts move too much too keep the carseat base from flipping over, so we ordered this clip. It keeps the belt from moving quite as much, but not enough for me to really feel safe with the carseat in it. We have decided to sell the car and get one more family-friendly. It’s worth mentioning, though, that corollas are known to have problems with moveable seatbelts causing carseat incompatability so if your car’s belts aren’t quite as loose as ours this clip may end up solving your problems even if it didnt’ solve ours.

Ellen Amberg, WI

Locking seatbelt for middle seats

This is used for manually adjustable seats mainly. Also used on places like planes. Bought it to replace the one I had lost. It holds the seatbelt position so it cannot loosen up or come undone, and your child (or whatever is in your carseat) will be safe.

Avis Dilliner, PA

Important accessory for some cars

I had never heard of these, but when my Safety 1st Complete Air 65 would NOT tighten up in my IL’s late 1990s Toyota RAV4, I started researching. This has made her RFing car seat much, much safer.It is very difficult to install. But the reason being, the instructions tell you to tighten the seat as much as you can, then unbuckle and add the locking clip. Trying to re-buckle really is tough, but it should be. Your seat is then securely fastened!Their seatbelt DID lock, but the locking was older and wearing – so it wasn’t as quick to lock. This is keeping her seat from sliding in the lap-belt. I would highly recommend it for anyone finding this problem in an older car!

Sharon Attica, MI


The product is as advertised. We used it for our baby car seat. It has worked fine. Additionally, the seller shipped the product very efficiently.

Winnie Lamar, MO

I’m so glad to found this

Four years later my old car seat was in perfect shape but this clip was missing. For my new baby girl the car seat belt on the infant seat was a nightmare and realized how much I needed this. I could never find it so I purchased this one and I’m so happy I did. The infant seat is now perfectly straight and I have no worries of it tilting to the sides.

Jeanne Moorhead, MN

As Advertised

This does the trick, however, check the back of your car seat. Our Evenflow Tribute Sport had one stored on the back that I never noticed. Now I have two!

Natalie Arlington, WI

perfect for our older van

Perfect for securing our forward facing car seat for our 20 month old in the front seat of our older Ford van (no air bag).

Gena Mc Donald, TN

Works well but can be a pain to install

We have used this when traveling and although it works well, it can take a few minutes to install correctly. So I have to remind myself to be patient!

Adeline Pettigrew, AR