Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units

Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units

With Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor, you’ll enjoy a secure, clear, private connection with baby. View larger Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units Secure Digital Technology Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units provides new parents with peace of mind, so that there is always a clear, private connection with baby. The advanced, secure digital technology means that you will enjoy optimal clarity, performance and privacy – you’ll hear and see your baby wherever you are around the home. Interference Free The Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units operates on the 900 MHz frequency, which means that you won’t have any interference from household electronics and phones. No matter if you’re using a microwave or home phone, your monitor will work with a clear signal. Room to Roam When baby’s napping, you have the freedom to move around the home, thanks to the 2000 foot range which allows for complete household coverage. Light Up Sometimes it’s not convenient to hear baby’s call, but thanks to the handy sound lights, you’re still able to see baby’s call. The sound lights intensify with baby’s sound, so that you’re always in sync with your little one. Two Parent Units It’s convenient to have two parent units – along with one nursery unit – so that both parents or caregivers can stay in touch with baby. Clip It The parent unit features a convenient belt clip, so that you can enjoy wear-it-with you convenience. That way, your hands are always free for other household duties or even to check in on baby in person. Charge Up Never get caught without power on your parent unit, thanks to the low battery alarm that alerts you that it’s time to charge up. Key Features: Two parent units and one nursery unit allow both parents to monitor baby Low battery alarm reminds you to charge the parent unit elt clip gives active parents wear-it-with-you convenience

Main features

  • This baby monitor features advanced, secure digital technology for optimal clarity, performance and privacy.
  • Exclusive sound lights alert you to baby’s call, even with volume turned off. Lights intensify with baby’s sound, so you’re always in sync with your little one.
  • Operates on the 900 MHz frequency, which means no interference from phones or microwaves. Extended 2000 feet range gives you plenty of room to roam.
  • Two parent units included.
  • Requires batteries.

Verified reviews


We love this monitor!

So this being our first baby we had no idea on what to get! We went out and bought a Fisher Price basic monitor figuring that they were all the same. After months of static and frequent battery changes we decided to put some money towards a better model. We love this Graco monitor! We have had it for about a month and have had no problems with static at all- not even when placed next to a cell phone or computer 🙂 I love that it is rechargeable (be it that it is new and it holds its charge for about 8 hours now so I cannot review its longevity). It is small and fits in my pocket/ has this great vibration mechanism/ has 2 parent units. Now what I have noticed is that it picks up very little background noise which is maybe what the other reviewers had issues with. It def picks up any noises the baby makes though! And the vibe goes off for that added security if you happen not to hear your child. I highly recommend this monitor!

Bertha Larchwood, IA

We’ve loved this monitor

We have had this monitor for almost a year. It gets used several times a day, with the parent unit being used both inside and outside the house. We have had NO problems with battery life. Even with two cell phones, cordless phones, wireless internet, ANOTHER baby monitor, and countless electronic devices throughout our house, we have experienced zero interference with the reception of this monitor. Additionally, nothing from any of my neighbors has interfered with the monitor’s reception, either. I’ve walked with the unit around my yard, to the distance of about 50-75 yards, and have still had reception. Start to finish, this has been a great product for us.

Joanna Webb, MS

Didn’t last 3 months…

We bought this for our newest and one of the monitors quit working w/in the first 90 days of use. We lost the second monitor when she was about 8 months old. Pick another model and/or brand if you want something that is going to see you through at least the first year of having your little one.

Lea Lowell, MA

Great monitor

This monitor works great. It has a long range and is so clear I swear you could hear a pin drop. Love the two units. Battery life is awesome, we would have it unplugged for night(s) without charging it. We decided to go with this instead of a video monitor because we though we would constantly be watching our daughter. So glad we did because this monitor is great and much more cost efficient.

Aline Twain Harte, CA

Can’t hear a thing!!!

This monitor is a piece of junk. My place is only 1200 sq ft. I can’t hear anything over this monitor from anywhere in my house, even the next room, unless I have it plastered to my ear and then I can just barely make out sounds. WORTHLESS piece of junk!!! What a WASTE of $50!

Rosemarie Gardner, LA

Works fine

I have been using these for a week or so and hav’t had any problems. Our neighbors have the same one and no interference. the vibration works great. It picks up on the smallest noise my baby makes.

Maude Silver Lake, NY

We like it

It has good range for our 2 bed room apartment. And all he components are rechargeable with one adapter which is good if you can’t find one of the three.

Eliza Shasta, CA

Not trustworthy

If I wrote this review a few weeks ago I would have said that it is a great monitor but we hit 4 months and both parental units are malfunctioning. They will work for a minute and then they wont. Even plugged directly into the wall, with and without the battery, they don’t function well. Not acceptable. No peace of mind with this, which is what a monitor should give you. Now I am back on the market trying to find one that works.

Rosalia Salcha, AK

Terrible battery life

We’ve used this monitor for a year now. The low battery signal starts to go off after about 4 hours of use. It did this the very first time that we used it and is only getting worse. This means that you are woken up by it if you try to use the monitor overnight. The only solution to the issue is to keep the “overnight” monitor charging while you sleep. I tried to just let the monitor completely die and after a few hours of beeping I gave up and just charged the stupid thing. It will also beep if it looses the signal. Which is good but I don’t know how not to make this happen. Will buy a new monitor for our next child.

Hollie Shinnston, WV


These work great. We have an old two story home built in the 1940’s. I plug it in upstairs and it works downstairs. No problems, no interference. My only complaint would be that they aren’t the loudest. We had an older Graco that was louder… but hey, they work without static!! They also have a neat vibrate feature. I use that if I’m outside. I just stick it in my pocket and don’t need to worry about hearing it because I can feel it.

Shauna Livonia, MI

Looked around and this gets a great range for the price and quality

This is what we needed a simple monitor that does the job in a larger house without breaking the bank. I have other things to do that with. We do not get static. This is our second one due to our 10 yr playing with our old one and breaking it no fault of the monitor. Looked around and this gets a great range for the price and quality.

Kathi Tennant, IA

Love them!

I bought this set to replace the same exact ones just an older version b/c on the older ones we were getting lots of interference. This digital set is absolutely amazing. And the rechargeable battery is surely a plus.

Cheryl Mc Cool, MS