Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units

Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units

With Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor, you’ll enjoy a secure, clear, private connection with baby. View larger Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units Secure Digital Technology Graco’s Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units provides new parents with peace of mind, so that there is always a clear, private connection with baby. The advanced, secure digital technology means that you will enjoy optimal clarity, performance and privacy – you’ll hear and see your baby wherever you are around the home. Interference Free The Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units operates on the 900 MHz frequency, which means that you won’t have any interference from household electronics and phones. No matter if you’re using a microwave or home phone, your monitor will work with a clear signal. Room to Roam When baby’s napping, you have the freedom to move around the home, thanks to the 2000 foot range which allows for complete household coverage. Light Up Sometimes it’s not convenient to hear baby’s call, but thanks to the handy sound lights, you’re still able to see baby’s call. The sound lights intensify with baby’s sound, so that you’re always in sync with your little one. Two Parent Units It’s convenient to have two parent units – along with one nursery unit – so that both parents or caregivers can stay in touch with baby. Clip It The parent unit features a convenient belt clip, so that you can enjoy wear-it-with you convenience. That way, your hands are always free for other household duties or even to check in on baby in person. Charge Up Never get caught without power on your parent unit, thanks to the low battery alarm that alerts you that it’s time to charge up. Key Features: Two parent units and one nursery unit allow both parents to monitor baby Low battery alarm reminds you to charge the parent unit elt clip gives active parents wear-it-with-you convenience

Main features

  • This baby monitor features advanced, secure digital technology for optimal clarity, performance and privacy.
  • Exclusive sound lights alert you to baby’s call, even with volume turned off. Lights intensify with baby’s sound, so you’re always in sync with your little one.
  • Operates on the 900 MHz frequency, which means no interference from phones or microwaves. Extended 2000 feet range gives you plenty of room to roam.
  • Two parent units included.
  • Requires batteries.

Verified reviews


Excellent Product! (But see update–short life)

I’ve had three baby monitors over the year, and this is by far the best. I’ve been using it now for a week and I can’t believe how much I like it.First of all its sound is very clear. You can hear the sounds that the baby makes very clearly without any static whatsoever. In fact, it’s so quiet that sometimes I have to turn it up all the way to hear enough static to be check that it’s on! Yet when the baby makes noise, I can hear that clearly too. Even next to my bed at night, turned down to its lowest setting, there isn’t any static to keep me awake. I’m a light sleeper, and my old monitors both made noise, but this one doesn’t.The base monitor picks up baby’s sounds well. It doesn’t have to be right next to the baby. I have it across the room and it picks up the sound just fine. In fact, if I talk in my bedroom, two rooms down the hall from the baby, with my door and her door open, someone listening to the monitor can hear every word I say! (Found out that the hard way when my mother was visiting, LOL!)I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the parent set is rechargeable. What a great idea! As far as I’m concerned, ALL baby items should be rechargable, but it’s an especially nice touch in a baby monitor, which often has to be unplugged and moved around with a parent. I can take mine to the kitchen while I cook, to the garden while I’m workng, downstairs while I exercise, and then plug it back in in my bedroom at night to recharge it. Having only had it a week, I can’t vouch for the life of the rechargeable battery pack, but so far I love that feature.If you don’t have a monitor with lights on it and are deciding if you need one, I say YES! Sometimes the light will catch your attention more than the sound, especially at night. I’ve been woken out of my sleep several times by the light through my closed eyelids and not the sound. Of if baby is crying and you want to keep track of it but not LISTEN to it, you can tun on the volume and watch the lights. Or if you want to turn the volume down while watching TV or making a call, you can still monitor the baby’s sound by watching the lights jump. It’s a great feature. (Also good for the hearing challenged, like when grandma comes to visit.)Another feature I like on this monitor is the vibration mode. If I turn on the vibration mode, it buzzes very loudly and even wiggles on the counter so that I can see, hear, and feel it. If I had it attached to my belt or in my pocket, it would definitely be unmissable. Even from another room, the sound of the vibrator is loud enough to catch my attention, where sometimes just the sound of the baby isn’t. And if you were a heavy sleeper, this sound would probably awaken you at night. If not, put it under your pillow and you WILL feel it go off. But you can turn the vibraton off if you’re a light sleeper or want only the sound of the baby to alert you. You can even adjust how much sound you want the vibrator to alert you to (very quiet noises from the baby or only the loudest noises like crying or screaming).One more helpful feature is the recharge alert. If your parent unit battery is unplugged and gets low, it beeps to let you know to plug it back in. This is helpful so the monitor doesn’t go dead and meanwhile you think the baby is just slseping peacefully while she’s actually screaming. FYI, I’d say the run time w/o being plugged in is about 18 hours. If I unplug it in the morning and forget to plug it in before bed, it will start beeping during the night.My only complaints about this monitor are 1)Sometimes when I’m doing something that makes a lot of noise like playing music or running the dishwasher while I’m cooking, the sound on the monitor isn’t quiet loud enough to trump that noise and really jump out at me. I wish the sound were a bit louder on the loudest setting. But I use the vibration mode in those cases and that works pretty well. 2) There is a light that is always glowing (quite brightly) on the parent unit to show you the monitor is on even when the baby is silent. It’s so bright that I have to face it away from me at night and still put something in front of it or the light keeps me awake. They need to tone down that light significantly. It’s as bright as a nightlight. Maybe I’ll try a piece of tape over that light.Overall this monitor is also small, light, portable, attractive, sturdy, and easy to set up. It has good, clear sound and some nice, innovative features. I can’t say enough good things about the rechargable battery pack. I would highly recommend this product and prefer it over all my other baby monitors.**Update. This monitor only lasted about 9 months. Then it started having uncontrollable static. We had to throw it away because nothing we did would get rid of the constant LOUD fuzz and crackling. 🙁

Deidra Lenox, IA


I love this monitor! I especially love that it’s rechargeable! It is clear and small and you can travel quite a ways with it.

Beryl Marysville, CA

I would not repurchase this; no MUTE option

We have a video Summer Infant monitor with all the whistles and bells at home (which is great) but I needed an inexpensive unit for my parents house since she naps upstairs and its hard to hear her downstairs. I went with this one because I figured a Graco would be good and because it had a big range and the upstairs is pretty far away in a big house.In most respects, it’s cheap but fine. I don’t care about carrying it, vibrating it, or alarms for stuff, so I haven’t tried those things. I just want to know if she still napping or up.However, I absolutely hate 2 things about it, and would never buy it again. 1) It has no mute option. Sometimes my daughter has trouble going down for her nap, and I do NOT want to list to her scream for the first 5 minutes or so. Heck, there’s no need for the colored bar indicator if you can hear it anyway. While I may always want to hear her at night; I want a mute button for naps for sure. Plus, the sound options are only basically low, medium, high and low is still really loud. 2) The colored bar indicators are all green. On most of them, as the noise indicator lights go up, they go green, then yellow, then red. Across the room, all I can see is glowing green, and roughly whether it’s lowish or highish. I like to be able to quick glance from anywhere in the room and see the colored lights and be able to tell how much noise she’s making.Oh and the batteries are a major pain in this unit. I get that all baby unit are a pain because the battery components need to be screwed shut, but on top of the screws, this one still has to pried open and of course the Phillips you need for the screws won’t do the trick. I finally got it open with a fork. I think the instructions suggest a flat screwdriver tip, but I wasn’t hunting down another screwdriver, so the fork finally did the trick.I wish I’d just spent the $150 and gotten another good one, because I’m going to end up replacing it anyway.

Jerri Mauckport, IN

Still working great after 18 months!

We tried several baby monitors to see which would offer good reception in our 2 story home. We found that this baby monitor did the trick. It had the best reception and is sturdy (so it is less prone to breaking when you drop it). It has good sound sensitivity so we can hear our child well on it. We like it so much that after using it for the past 18 months with our first child we are ordering another one today!We also tried the Safety 1st True View Color Video Monitor but found we didnt really need a video view of our baby sleeping (and what were we suppose to do, constantly stare at the monitor?); also, the reception on the Safety 1st was quite a bit worse in our 2 story home (it would lose reception depending on which room you were in). Also, the monitor was more finicky when you dropped it (eventually the video monitor broke so we just used it for sound). Again, we much prefer the Graco for its simplicity and price!

Iva Cortlandt Manor, NY

Works great

I bought this for my lake house since I needed a cheaper alternative to the motorola one that I have at home and I wanted it to be able to work if I was outside working on the yard and my son was napping. I used it all summer and it always worked great. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple monitor that wont break the bank.

Maureen Gallion, AL

Ehh… it works… I guess

We bought this because we were going camping and wanted to sit by the fire while our little one slept in the camper. The battery only lasts about 15 minutes on the one you listin to, so we had to find a plug so we could keep it going. It doesn’t get very loud. If it weren’t for the vibrating and the red lights, you wouldn’t know your baby was crying. I had the volume up all the way and heard him through the wall yesterday rather than the baby monitor. I do like the vibration idea so you can know there is noise even if you are someplace noisy.

Mia Pilot Hill, CA

Good quality.

My only complaint about his monitor is the belt clip is almost useless. I am very active when my baby is sleeping so I depend on carrying the monitor around the house with me on my waist but it constantly pops off and crashes on the ground. (I don’t have a big stomach that would cause this to happen either 😉 I gave it 4 stars because after crashing to the floor many times it still works fine. I picked this monitor out because it has a farther range so I can work in the yard pretty far out and it still works.

Dixie Killawog, NY

A great price, a great product!

We read so many reviews before deciding on the Safety First High Def monitor; sadly it has been discontinued. I was in Target and saw the Graco Secure Coverage monitor, looked up the reviews and they were pretty good, so I got it and figured if it wasn’t what I needed I would simply return it. We’re very happy with the purchase. We live in a 3 br apt and the range is far enough to reach outside to our mailbox downstairs. We’ve had no issue with interference from our cell phones, wi-fi or neighboor’s devices. At first we were concerned that the monitor wasn’t loud enough to hear over the heater or air conditioner or dishwasher. It took a few nights to feel comfortable with the sound level. It has lights that indicate sound level as well as a vibration option in case you’re a sound sleeper. We find that the noises that are “serious” are heard/recognized with no trouble. I would recommend this product to anyone that has my similar needs. I feel the money was well spent.*Update-We’ve had this for almost 2 years and it has given us zero trouble! We would purchase this again. I have used the battery function on the kid’s end of the monitor to move it temporarily into our room for the new baby while our older one played in his room where the monitor is usually stationed. It was simple to unplug it and move it without moving the bookcase to get the adapter from the outlet.

Madeleine Sterling, OK

Great at first… not so great now.

I bought these awhile ago, but didn’t get around to using them until about three months ago. They were great at first, but in the past few months, they have taken quite a fall in terms of quality and clarity. They are constantly cutting out and there is a lot of feedback. I don’t know what is going on, but I am really disappointed in this item.

Camille Karns City, PA


Simple to use. It picks up sound well. I’m able to hear my humidifier in his room and his cry the moment he wakes up. 4 stars because you have to reset the parent side sometimes when you unplug and use the battery option.

Mona West Ossipee, NH

Just what I wanted

I use this in my house while babysitting my grandchild. It works just fine. It has a good range and I can hear very well. The vibration feature is an added plus. I have had not problems with it. I purchased it about a month ago.

Pam Rockland, ME

I passionately HATE this monitor

Maybe it’s the area we live in, way out in the country with semis and tractors and trucks with cb’s and walkie-talkies going by all the time, but this thing beeps constantly like it’s lost the connection. By the time I wake up and look at it, it’s connected again. If it loses the connection for a split second it’s beeping. It has woken me up many a night only to find out nothing’s wrong by the time I get to it (it’s directly below my pillow). Not only that, but if it’s slightly off on the charger, it won’t charge and then it starts beeping for low battery. Now, less than 2 years later, it won’t charge at all and we have to keep it constantly plugged in. I don’t understand why nothing lasts anymore and why companies build shoddy products that we have to replace all the time.It has interrupted my sleep for too long and I’m replacing this. Hopefully, I can find something that will work at least through the time my next baby is out of the crib!

Nita Jupiter, FL

Nice for the price

If you are like me and just want a basic monitor that will let you know when your baby is crying this is perfect. It works great, I can hear him even when he is just fussing a little and how it lights up and vibrates is just an added bonus. I would recommend to anyone who wants a nice basic monitor.

Candace Diller, NE

Love this.

Got one at Wal-Mart that had 2 parents units (for $68 or so?), then found this on Amazon and bought one for the grandparents home for when the babies are there..Battery life seems great (10+ hours of use) and everything is SO clear through these.Both bases and monitors use the same adapters, which is awesome. We had a power surge that ruined an adapter and found that as long as we keep the monitor charged when not in use we can just switch the adapter to the base unit when they are used. Saved us money in the long run.

Phoebe Nichols, NY


This baby monitor has stood the test of time. It has been dropped, and abused, and still works GREAT! Thank you.

Tonya Mercersburg, PA

Great basic monitor

This is a fantastic choice for a basic baby monitor. I live in the tropics, however, so this is my second unit within a two-year time period, as the humidity takes it’s toll on everything. Also, I live in a 1500 sq ft concrete-walled house so interception can be fuzzy from one end of the house to the other. That said, it still comes in just fine, despite the minor static here and there.What I do like is that it is simple to use, simple to set up, and the parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery that makes carrying it around very convenient. The volume is excellent on the parent unit, and the nursery unit is able to pick up any noise in the room without much trouble, even with a fan going.What I do not like are the lights on the parent unit. In the middle of the night, it acts like a nightlight on your bedside stand–it’s very bright and obnoxious. Additionally, if you plug it in to the wall adapter to charge, another green light flashes. A simple washcloth over the unit solves that problem, for the most part. However, I didn’t want the sound muffled at all, since I already have fans going in my room, so I took a black permanent marker to it!

Gay Spokane, MO

No feedback!

We had been using an older Graco, hand-me-down monitor thinking we didn’t need the latest and greatest model… boy were we wrong! The older model had a lot of feedback when placed near our cell phone or in the same outlet as our bedside lamp – go figure?! So after reading consumer reports and several Amazon reviews we decided to give this one a shot- it is fantastic!! Been using it for a week and it is crystal clear- love it and highly recommend it!

Lana Brewster, MA

Good product, if it worked all the time.

We’ve only been using this monitor for about three months but I feel like I know it pretty well. The sound is crystal clear, no static, just the sound of her fan! Many good features like the vibe that you can turn on and off. Yes, it’s obnoxious, but that’s what I know I need to be woken up. Then during her naps I can turn of the vibe. I like that it has lights, vibe, and sound. It also gives you a warning when it loses connection. We live in a small, one floor house but it loses connection QUITE frequently. There are many times we are woken by a beep and vibe only to find that it’s just the connection. But, like I said, I’m HAPPY to know that it’s not connected, I just wish it didn’t happen 15-20x a night. It’s very portable, can clip on end has a loop but the clip is pretty loose, you can’t do any work with it clipped on.Speaking of portability, I never really take it anywhere. The battery life isn’t the best so it’s hooked up a lot. I know many complain of this but I’m going to treat it like a cell phone battery and let it die every so often. Hopefully that will prolong the battery life.All in all, I’d buy this monitor again. BUT it IS the only monitor I’ve ever owned :-)UPDATEI’ve come to love this monitor. We’ve noticed how far we can get outside and I don’t have a lot of issues with it randomly going out anymore. It DOES get interference, no matter what it says. I have to keep my cell away from it and I have to move its location sometimes or it says red. I like that feature too that it beeps at you if its out for ten seconds. I would recommend this monitor.

Marietta Scotland, MD

Do not purchase

This is a waste of money and sleep. Move the baby close to you if it is an option. If you take the the reciever off the charger to walk around with it and it goes dead, it will stay dead. It will continuously beep at you with no receiving from the base. This is my 2nd unit in 5 months. I thought the first time it was just a fluke, no this is just a bad product. There are not many choices out there for long distance range. Don’t waste your time on this one.

Joanne Eckert, CO

Great monitor

I love the compact size of this monitor and the excellent sound quality. We don’t use it at night because our bedroom is right across the hall from the nursery, so we can hear our twins just fine without it. But I do use it when they take their naps and I am in the front of the house and it works great!!!! We have a one story home, so I’m not sure how it would work in a multi-level house. But for our family this is a fantastic monitor 🙂

Olivia New Berlin, IL

Love it so far!

I settled on this monitor after reading tons of reviews. We’ve been using it daily for 6 months so far and haven’t had any problems. I’ve never noticed any static in the background. I hope the rechargeable battery lasts for as long we we need it to but we haven’t had a problem with it yet. I would definitely recommend this monitor.

Ella South Carrollton, KY

Great product

Works very well. Audio is good. Easy to use, rechargeable batteries included. Covers a wide range. Recommend product as you will not regret it.

Kelly Williamston, NC

Portable and clear!

This is such a great monitor. It is crystal clear and I love the portability of it. I wanted a cordless capable system and took a chance on these. I’m glad I spent a little extra money and gave them a shot. I like to read as many reviews as possible before a purchase and baby monitors seem iffy. So far, so good on these little gems!

Ola Kent, AL

It broke within a year

This is the type of thing that you drop a lot to the floor because you carry it around with you while you are trying to get a million things done before the baby wakes up. This one lasted me about a year. It does the job perfectly but it doesn’t take a lot of hits and one day, after having dropped it quite a few times, it just died. Something inside it clearly became loose and my husband couldn’t get it open to try fixing it.

Lesa Englewood, KS