Graco Silhouette Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer, Rittenhouse

Graco Silhouette Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet and Changer, Rittenhouse

The Graco Silhoutte Pack ‘n Play playard provides a retreat for little ones and a place to nap or play, at home and on the go. Sleek and stylish, this playard provides all of the essentials in one package. Airy mesh on all sides provides maximum ventilation Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage Warranty: One Year Graco manufacturer warranty against product defects

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Made in USA
  • Posture plus changing table fits your life with uniquely convenient height and functionality
  • Baby basics organizer blends practical baby care with style and flair offering diaper stacker, refillable wipes container and storage compartments
  • Deluxe electronic mobile entertains and soothes with two speed vibration, five classical songs, five soothing nature sounds
  • Full slumber dome canopy shades bassinet with a calm charming influence
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Squeeze latch adds graceful detailing to natural folding motion

Verified reviews


ANNOYANCE, pain in the bottom…

I did some extensive research on this item before I bought it. We have a preemie in NICU, and he was an early baby. We needed a quick solution for sleeping and changing Before we moved into our new home- and could set up a full nursery. When it arrived, I loved the color, and the pattern. Very gender Neutral. … We bought it because of the vibrating bassinet, and reviews said the changing table is a nice feature for tall people. HOWEVER, It WAS A PAIN TO PUT TOGETHER. THE changing table was difficult to attach to the play yard, and lots of bars, and parts to use, it would never be able to fit into the carry bag,IF we wanted to take it overnight some place, we would have to pack an extra bag just for the awkward changing table feature, and bassinet.It was so easy at first to put together…( the play yard ) I thought to myself, wow this is easy to put-together, then….Ha! NOPE I found it frustrating, and really hated this product by the time I was finished wrestling with the tray, and changing table. Now here is the kicker, the stupid oval mattress, that fits into the bassinet, was not included. WTH? So I contacted the company, by e-mail and hope they send it before we bring our little one home. So we shall see. If they do send it in a timely manner, with little hassle, I will add one star to this review. Save time, just buy the basic pack and play.

Margaret Vernon, UT

Graco Pack ‘N Play

This was purchased for a friend at a work baby shower. She loves this pack and play. It’s a great purchase for new moms.

Maxine Odenton, MD

Product does not fit into travel bag

I am a first time mom and I bought this playpen for travel. It is a great product if you rarely travel with it.Pro’s: Changing table folds away with the press of a button, had sounds and vibration, and is at an ideal height for my tall husband and myself to change our child. It is also large and sturdy enough I can see her using it until she is able to crawl.Cons: This product was not made to fit entirely into the travel bag. When I contacted Graco about this problem the phone system told me they were closed until normal business hours so I e-mailed. I was answered quickly and was told I would be sent a travel bag in the mail. I received the package Graco sent 2 business days later. Inside were 2 travel bags identical to the one that came with the product in the first place. The only reason the product dose not fit entirely into the travel bag is because of the bulky plastic changer tray and changer frame. I wish I would have know this, I would have saved my money and bought a more portable and more affordable model.

Tommie Erbacon, WV

beautiful design but could be better

i love the rittenhouse design and love pack n plays by graco, hence i didn’t mind paying more for the design. i agree with the other review that the three white bears are useless.. probably more for looks than functional. the changing table, space to store diapers/wipes/toys are nice touches. i wish graco would make or include a cover for the mat where the baby sleeps. since it’s not washable, i bought a pack n play cover in ivory to protect the mat… which took away from the design and defeated the purpose for paying more for the design.

Tamra Philip, SD

Very Cool

I love this playard! It has got way more bells and whistles than I ever use though. I’m a bit upset that the bottom cover can not be removed and washed, it gets dirty very easily and is light colored. I have to keep a play yard sheet and waterproof lap pads on it at all times to keep it free of stains. It goes through batteries pretty fast, too. Other than that I’m very pleased with it.

Marva Fort Payne, AL

Perfect Bassinet

I did a lot of research before purchasing a pack n play/bassinet. My older son slept in bed with us, and I really wanted to avoid that this time, yet I am more comfortable having my children in the room with me when they are infants. With my son, we borrowed a bassinet, which he outgrow quickly and never liked. I ultimately went with this one because of the design and extra features and I am glad I did. My daughter loves the vibration feature and nature sounds. I found the changing table very handy for the first few weeks with the constant changes. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I read some reviews that complained about the diaper stacker not holding up and the wipes drying out, but I have not had these issues. I always fill up the diaper stacker and refill the wipes holder. My daughter doesn’t have a nursery (we will give her our older son’s nursery and move him to another room when she is about 6 months), but this pack n play has everything that we’ve needed. I am also glad I chose it over a traditional bassinet, as my daughter is tall and she would likely have already outgrown a traditional bassinet, but we can keep her in the bassinet part of the pack n play until 6 months (she is almost 3 months and only 11 lbs). I also love how it looks in our room….it blends in well and looks more sophisticated than other pack n plays. The canopy feature has also come in handy and we’ve had no problems with it, as there is a TV mounted on the wall behind her pack n play and the canopy shades her from the light of the TV. We also sometimes throw a light receiving a blanket over the canopy to provide a little more darkness. Having such a function pack n play has made keeping our daughter in our room and not in our bed easy and convenient. I had no issues putting it together at all. It has made night-nursing very easy as with it pushed up against the bed, I am able to reach over and get my daughter out of it to nurse without even having to get out of bed. I also like that once we are down using the bassinet part, we can use it as a pack n play and playard.

Myrtle Hammond, NY

Great looking pack n play

This is a great pack n play. My husband and I used the changer like crazy when my daughter was really little. This is a big pack n play but great quality and great looking. Did not use the vibration, sound, bears etc. too much but would totally recommend.

Tisha Council Hill, OK


I bought this before my daughter was born to keep by our bed using the bassinet feature until she was about 6 weeks old. I cannot say enough how perfect this was. The changing table on top made my life easier for those middle of then night feedings / diaper changes. Everything I needed was all in one place. I will say the changing table does tilt a bit, making her roll slightly to one side when changing her diaper. I put a rolled up towel under the changing pad cover and that helped. Even though she is now in her own room (upstairs), we still keep this in our room (downstairs) for the changing table convenience. We will also use this when traveling as well. This is also by far the best looking pack and play I have ever seen. No tacky prints here! It looks decent in our room (as good as one of these can look anyway). I would HIGHLY reccomend this product!

Susanna Lynn Center, IL

Love This!

I bought this mainly because of the pattern and because I have had good experiences with Graco in the past. This did not disappoint. The pattern is so beautiful in person, however the overly cream colored metal on this drives me crazy (I think because it looks so much more darker than the cream/off white in the fabric).This is huge, but doesn’t take up much more space than smaller ones. I love the bassinet, it is attached firmly and is pretty sturdy. We never used the changing table part, but in the first month or so we kept it on there because the only way to use the caddy is to have the bassinet attached. I never had this issue with my older Gracos. The vibration is a nice touch on this one.

Mabel Mount Holly, NC

Instructions out of order…

This just arrived, our baby hasn’t yet, but I do have some comments on the instructions. If you plan to use the bassinet first, IGNORE the instructions to install the mattress! It snaps in four places and velcros in two so it’s kind of difficult only to turn the page and learn you use the same mattress/pad for the bassinet, so take it back out.So other than being a little complicated to assemble, I’m very happy with it so far. I did a lot of research and they only make a few models with the higher changing table. I’m 6′ and my husband is 6′ 7" so this was imperative. We plan to use it on our main floor mostly for diaper changes, naps, and then a controlled environment when our child is older and we need to let dogs out or are otherwise distracted. I also love that it is neutral and goes with our decor since it’s now a prominent fixture in our living room. Love that it holds diapers, wipes, and more.However, I don’t know why it’s called a Pack ‘n Play, this thing is HEAVY. I can’t imagine us loading it up to take ANYWHERE. I guess if we were going on vacation for a week but holy smokes.

Evangeline Inverness, MT


We purchased this before our 3rd child was born. We keep it in the living room and it’s a huge help. Love that there is storage for diapers, wipes… The only thing we are not a huge fan of is how shade/canopy stays up. Velcro straps make it easy for our older two children to mess with it. The teddy bears attach to the canopy with velcro too. It’s always a scavenger hunt to find them. Other than the velcro issues we LOVE IT!

Robert Alamosa, CO

well constructed but difficult directions

We received this as a gift off our Amazon registry. We have yet to baby test it as our little one is due very soon. We can speak to the quality of the product and assembly. My husband primarily put the pack and play together. for some reason we thought something called a pack and play was going to be a little easier to stow and go. Anyhow, we set up the unit with an infant/newborn in mind which meant assembling the bassinet unit, diaper changer and canopy. The directions were not very clear. There should be two sets of directions depending on which size/weight/age you are intending the pack and play for use. We personally found that the instructions cause you to do a lot of backtracking which meant disassembling and taking down parts due to skipped steps. Sadly as new/expecting parents having assembled several baby toys and furniture at this point, we found this bit of equipment the most frustrating of them all! Neither of us are sure the vibrating feature will be a big hit. It’s just a small unit that uses a battery to vibrate a pad…not a feature that I would call a selling point for this product. I do think that the quality of the parts is sturdy and will last a while as we hope.

Nancy Hobart, WA

Beautiful and Functional

This Pack ‘n Play is beautiful and has a lot of nice features. The canopy keeps the breeze from the a/c off baby, the changing table feature is handy, and I really like the sound and vibration options. It has a bassinet insert so that the mattress feels a little smaller (all that space can be scary for a new baby). I haven’t gotten to use it much because my daughter refuses to sleep anywhere but her swing or my arms. I don’t think this has anything to do with this product, just her particular preferences. I do think that once we get her used to sleeping in a crib we will be using this a lot for travel.Be forewarned that if you are using a movement monitor you cannot use the Pack ‘n Play’s vibration feature. For some reason it sets off the alarm.

Arline Hardesty, OK

Good pack n play

This is overall a very good pack n play. It is easy to put together and take apart. The design is very pretty. I like the changing table attachment and the extra storage for diapers and wipes, etc. My only complaint is that the changing table is slanted so baby rolls to the side during changes.

Katrina Ravena, NY

Love it! (Read the instructions!)

This thing is really easy to set up and take apart if you read the instructions first. My husband refused and it seriously took us an hour to put it together b/c things kept turning out to be backwards, etc. I finally got fed up, fetched the manual and we were done shortly after. Then when we went to roll it into our bedroom, it wouldn’t fit through the door! It was actually pretty funny and not a big deal since we knew how easy it was to set up. It wasn’t a problem for us that it wouldn’t fit through the door, because all of the bedrooms in our house were upstairs, but if we’d been on one floor, I would have wanted to be able to move this from room to room without breaking it down. The changing table is awesome, although I wish there was more storage room around that little diaper stacker. The sounds and lights are great but the battery dies quickly. I think we changed ours every few weeks. But I love that it detaches for easy transition to the crib or for a roadtrip or something.

Ladonna Laurel Bloomery, TN

Love Love

Bought a year ago for my son to use as full time napper and bed. Love love love love love love!!! I bought the black and white one that originally came out. The I can’t say enough good things about how adorable, easy, and functional it is! I have had so many compliments on it!!! Would buy again!!!!

Nora Donaldson, IN

Nice pack n play

I’ve only had this pack n play for about a week, but I love it so far. The colors are really nice (carlisle), very gender neutral. I absolutely love the changing table. Its sturdy, large enough to hold my 7 month old son (18 pounds 28 inches), and seems comfortable enough for him. It does not lean to one side with his weight, again seems very sturdy. I’ve seen other reviews mention that the wipes holder only holds a few wipes and they dry out. I have not had the drying out issue and I’d say it holds enough wipes for about a week which I think is plenty. The diaper stacker seems sturdy and is very convenient. It probably holds about a dozen diapers. The two mesh “cup holders” are great for extras, I use one for diaper rash ointment and I keep the other one for hand sanitizer, a pacifier, and a small toy, to keep my hands clean and the little man busy during messy clean ups. The changer is vinyl but I cover it with a waterproof flannel bassinet pad (Carter’s awesome!). Also, the changer can pivot out of the way and that can be operated with one hand which is great.At 7 months my son is sadly too big for the bassinet. I can’t comment on the bassinet, the canopy, or the vibrate feature. The night light with the music and nature sounds is nice. The canopy seems like a great idea for shielding a napping baby from the TV or any other light source in the room. I wish I had this since my little guy was a newborn it would of been so nice to have then. I plan to use it for the next baby.One big negative (which is why I took a star away) the pad for the bassinet or floor of the pack n play is pretty thin which was a disappointment for the cost of this pack n play. Its probably OK for occasional naps and play but I would not use it as a baby’s main sleeping area. This is too bad since I was hoping to use this as a bassinet in the bedroom for the next baby. I’ll either invest in different matress or get a real bassinet and keep this in the living room.Standard Graco pack n play sheets fit this… but its a tight fit (you want that for SIDS prevention though). Carter’s pack n play sheets do not fit. My son loves playing with his toys in here when mom needs to do something for 15 minutes. Overall a great buy and I’d recommend it. If Graco could make that pad a little thicker it would be perfect.

Twila Lacey Spring, VA

Love it!

We got this for a new granddaughter who we take care of every day. It has been wonderful and just the perfect combination of crib and changing table. It’s sturdy and we still use the changer for the now 1 1/2 year old even though her legs hang off! The bassinet was so nice and cozy when she was little that we were sad to have to stop when she got too big! We did buy a 2 inch thick mattress to use in the crib though as the thin one is just not adequate.

Judi Flushing, MI

Good useful pretty pack n play

This pack n play is great. It fits our decor perfectly. It was easy to assemble and it is very sturdy. It has a cute hood that we do not use much. The changing table folds out of the way which is nice. And the height of the changing table is perfect for me and my husband. The only reason I do not give it 5 star is because the diaper holder kept falling off. It is held on with tape so we ended up using super glue. And it is hard to put sheets on the mattress pad because the pad folds and tucks into the corners in a very awkward way.

Faith Netarts, OR

Good buy for the cost

Pros: Looks very classy, very convenient for in a room other than the nursery to have a bassinet, play area and changing table all in one, the quality is very goodCons: The vibrating is somewhat loud, the music and sound is extremely quiet and can barely hear it

Carolina Fenton, LA