Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster, Lambert

Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster, Lambert

A 2-in-1 high chair design is a smart choice. The Graco SimpleSwitch Portable High Chair, in Lambert, grows with your baby from highchair to booster. The baby high chair includes 3 reclining positions. The transition to booster mode is easier than ever and the built-in leg storage offers you added convenience when mealtime is over. It’s both a great value and a good way to bring your little one to the family table.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 portable high chair that converts to booster when your child is ready
  • 3-position reclining seat helps you find a comfortable feeding position for your little diner; this is a feature that moms love when considering high chairs
  • Machine-washable seat pad makes cleaning this baby high chair easy
  • One-hand tray removal makes getting your child in and out simple
  • Built in leg storage keep parts together on this foldable high chair when you transition to booster mode

Verified reviews


Great little high chair!

Purchased this high chair for our nine month old granddaughter’s first visit. She seemed to like it, especially to chew on the straps. We purchased this particular one because it can be used as a high chair and a booster seat as she gets older. It was fairly simple to assemble and is very sturdy.

Jeannie Toomsboro, GA

Good not great

This is a great highchair for what it’s worth. I love how it can grow with my child and its easy to clean. The tray does not have a cup holder to clean in and around and the fabric piece is easily removed for washing. However there are a couple things I didn’t like. One is that the guard that is supposed to go between the baby’s legs is on the tray instead of on the chair. This prevents the tray from laying flat when you remove it (a pain if there is left over food still on it) and it also makes strapping a wiggly kid into the seat a bit of a challenge. I also don’t like the straps. The shoulder straps have an extra step to them to attach them to the waist straps- yet another challenge when trying to strap in a wiggly kid. Lastly, I have a fairly small child and I don’t like that the tray doesn’t get up close enough. Lots of things get lost in the seat during meal time!

Jocelyn Ridgefield Park, NJ

Great basic high chair

We knew it was time for a high chair when baby’s legs got too fat for her Bumbo. After a lot of research, we decided to go with the Graco SimpleSwitch highchair, and so far it has fit our needs perfectly!PROS:–The cover is easy to wipe. It is also easily removable and can be machine washed.–It has a 5 point harness which is easily adjustable.–Assembly was super easy.–Baby is not big enough for the booster yet, but it will come in handy when she is.–The tray is easily attached/removed with one hand.–The pattern is cute and not glaringly babyish.CONS:–There is only 1 tray, which is not dishwasher safe.–It does not fold up, so it will take up some space in your room.–The footrest is not adjustable.–The chair height is not adjustable. (It sits higher than our dining room table; would probably be even with a counter height table.)There are also no wheels, which I do not find to be an issue. The chair is very light and easy to move as it is.

Allyson Mount Vernon, MO

Fantastic chair, so glad we chose this one!

We just got this in today, and we love it. It was really easy to put together! Very easy to clean, although the straps may present a messy problem soon with a 9 month old feeding herself, but I’ll get to that when it comes to that. The tray is very easy to handle one handed and gets nice and close to the baby, the harness is great and my daughter finds it comfortable, and the print is adorable. We haven’t reclined it yet, so no word on that feature. My daughter really loves this chair, and we’re pretty happy with it so far, too.UPDATE: I’ve gotten a cheapie toothbrush for the straps- tada! No issues. A clorox wipe, a brush down, and wipe again.

Martina Watchung, NJ

Does the job, but could be better

This high chair is just ok. I wish I had been more mindful when purchasing a high chair and spent a little bit more money for a more convenient chair. It was great when my baby was eating purees, but now that she’s feeding herself and making a giant mess, I’m finding many more flaws in this chair.The Pros:It’s very cute and sturdy.The 5-point harness is great for wiggly babiesIt seems to be comfortable for the babyIt’s easy to move around on hardwood floors even without wheelsThe fabric seat cover is very easy to clean (machine washable)Easy to assemble/take apart for cleaningThe Cons:The tray doesn’t hook on anything, so you have to put it on the floor (or another large surface) to get the baby out.The straps are very hard to clean (I wish I had gotten the high chair with the rubber straps that wouldn’t get food imbedded in them)The tray is one big piece of plastic (i.e. it doesn’t have a removable top surface part like many others), so to wash the tray in the sink you have to put the whole thing in there, otherwise, drip a sponge or rag to the actual chair to cleanNo cup holder or partition on the trayNo wheels for easier movement (though this isn’t an issue on hardwood)All in all, this high chair gets the job done and seems safe and sturdy, however it has no bells or whistles to make clean-up or self-feeding easier or less messy.

Edith Dawson, GA


This high chair is awkward. The belting system is complicated–never a good thing with a hungry baby–and the tray is cumbersome to add and remove. I would not recommend this, but I suppose you get what you pay for with an item like this. We wanted a high chair that converted into a booster and/or chair top high chair, and this met all of those qualifications.

Abbie Forest Hill, LA

Extremely well made and sturdy. The only con is that it does not …

Extremely well made and sturdy. The only con is that it does not fold up of course.

Bianca Walnut Creek, OH

Great basic high chair

I wanted a new high chair for my daughter, who is now three months, but didn’t want to spend around $100 or more. This one is really cute with the owl print, didn’t take long to put together, and is really all we need in a high chair. It doesn’t adjust up or down, but for me that’s not an issue.

Joyce Universal City, TX

safe, good design and worth it

Its a very comfy high chair, good design and easy to switch to different level of recline. very safe as well.

Bobbi Hampden, ME

Not Bad

I regret not buying the Fisher price easy clean high chair. While this isn’t too difficult to clean (you take out the straps & the top cover and run them through the machine) it would be much easier if I could just easily wipe the straps clean…sometimes my baby makes a huge mess in the chair, and its kind of annoying to have to run the washing machine often to have the chair decently clean. Next kid is the easy clean high chair….

Miranda Kurtz, IN


We have gone thru some high end expensive high chairs. Spent ridiculous amounts of money and my kid doesn’t sit comfortably in any of them. We needed a quick fix and got a rec for Graco -we were hesitant to get this one cause it was "too cheap." We love love love it! It cleans very easily and well, assembly was a breeze, and my kid sits so comfortably in it. In this case cheap IS better! We should have known we’ve never been disappointed w a Graco product— get this!!

Reba Mc David, FL

Great buy

We found this chair at a great price, and it was easy to assemble. I love the design, and it fits nicely into our kitchen. The legs are easy to remove, and put back in place. The 5 point harness is great, and keeps my baby from going anywhere.The only thing I don’t like is that the tray doesn’t have a spot to hang it on, and that makes it hard sometimes when I’m trying to remove it and put is somewhere while also trying to get a yam covered baby out of the chair without her smearing orange goo everywhere.

Lesley Elgin, NE

Cute and practical

This highchair is easy to assemble, and easy to clean. The tray is big, and easy to put on and take off. The owl design is super cute! I love that this chair is also a booster, so we can use it for a long time and not have to buy another one when our baby is older.

Jessica Arnett, OK

Easy to use

This is a great high chair! The cover comes off super easy, or you can just wipe it down. The straps are easy to click in and out of place (I can undo it one handed). Perfect size for our lil bear. You can lean it back a lil for bottle-feeding, or just use it like a normal high chair. The only thing I don’t like are the legs. They stick way out and are easy to trip over. We move this from room to room and outside a lot and the legs stick way out, making it hard to put between doorways. But it’s really light and had a handle to carry. You can remove the top chair and strap it on any other chair, or bring to a restaurant. It’s inexpensive, and will last a long time. I fully recommend, just watch where you’re walking!

Brittany Arivaca, AZ

Simple and functional high chair

We’ve been using this since our son turned 7 months. He fits fine and has plenty of room to grow. The tray is easily adjustable to slip him in and out and to remove for washing. The cover comes off fairly easy, but we use a towel anyways as our son is still too young to eat with any neatness and it needs daily cleaning. The tray offers plenty of room for food and toys.

Isabelle Stamping Ground, KY

Cute, decently priced, easy to clean. No complaints.

I was determined to reduce the amount of baby clutter in my apartment so I wasn’t even going to buy a high chair. But I am always looking for things she can entertain herself with and my 9 month old will sit in it and play with cheerios or whatever for long periods of time. The owl pattern is subtle but cute, and not tacky at all.

Alissa Plymouth, VT

Great High Chair

This is an excellent high chair – easy to use, easy to clean, great support, attractive! I have no complaints!

Debra Cottageville, SC

Great Simple Chair!

Great Basic Highchair! You cannot go wrong with the price of this chair. It is very easy to set up and use. Only thing i wish it had was wheels. Other then that, this is a great highchair.

Ruby Jaroso, CO

great highchair

Using this for my grandson and it is perfect – no bells and whistles but who needs them anyway. Allows me to feed him and is comfortable for him as well. Easy to use too.

Flora Clatonia, NE

Works a treat

This highchair was easy to put together and keep clean. The seat isn’t huge so I’m not sure how long my seven-month-old (who is the size of a 12-month-old!) will be in it but so far, so good!

Rosalyn Perryman, MD

Great highchair for the price!

Very nice highchair with nice, big tray without all those cup holder circles and other crevices to have to clean. I love that it converts to a booster seat when the time comes without having to purchase a separate one. I read that the cover is machine washable, but was very pleased to discover that it’s made of material that allows me to wipe off fresh food blobs too. Highly recommended!

Maricela Trego, MT


We love this highchair. It is sturdy and easy to clean. We love that it can turn into a booster seat once our baby is older. The only thing that would make this better is if it folded down.

Deirdre Peru, NY

simple and easy

I like this chair and more importantly the baby likes it. It slides right up to the table and will be ideal for him joining us at the table. It’s pretty sturdy and my little guy moves like crazy and the chair stays put. The parts are all able to be ordered at a reasonable price from Graco, so if you ever need to replace them it’s not a big deal. I wish this model had the removable tray insert (I think there’s a deluxe model that does along with extra padding for the seat) but it’s not a huge problem. It’s not "luxury" by any means but for the short time a child will really use it this does the job well.

Kerri Meadow Creek, WV


Great high chair, easy to move, the footprint is a little bigger than I would like but I don’t think it would be much better without switching to one that goes on a normal chair.

Lindsey Quincy, MI

Great chair!

Bought it for grandbaby and she loves it. My husband and daughter out it together in a matter of minutes. Easy to clean and use. Good deal!

Tracey Rossiter, PA

high chair

I had to replace my high chairs after many years with my old ones and was not looking forward to it, but these were very nice and the fabric washs nicely.

Lillie Mountain Park, OK

Does the job…

I got this because it was affordable and I liked the pattern. I wish I had more money to spend on a high chair as I would not purchase this one again. It is hard to reassemble the legs but easy to take down.What I really don’t like about this highchair is the table does not always click in (thank god for the harness). There has been so many times it felt like everything went into place only to find out my daughter has pushed part of the table aside. Every time I set her in their I have to jostle the table.Cons:Table does not always click into placeNot a lot of room, the plastic piece that goes between their legs is really high in front so you kind of wedge your baby inPros:Very sturdyAffordableDoes the job

Lou King, NC

Excellent high chair

Hard to go wrong with Graco. This one is really great, it doesn’t stick out too far with the legs, it’s adaptable, the tray removes easily, as does the seat cover for washing. My son literally smears food everywhere and yet the high chair comes out shiny and new time and again. Take that small messy monster!

Karla Washington Crossing, PA

Great Chair so far!

We just started using this chair with my 5 month old baby. We have it in the Pasadena color. The tray is gray–not as pictured here where it looks ivory. I think the gray looks a little nicer than what is pictured here actually. It was easy to assemble and feels pretty sturdy. It fit my 5 month old pretty well and seems to have plenty of room to grow. Food wipes off of the fabric easily and the cover is easy to take off if you need to wash it. I haven’t tried to use it on a regular chair as a booster, but I did buy this chair because it had this capability, compared to the Contempo chair. Seems like a great buy to us!

Karyn Willow River, MN

Well priced

Easy to clean, comes appart to machine wash, not too expensive. Bought one for home and one for Grandma’s house. Would recommend.

Melissa Hammond, IN