Graco Slim Spaces Highchair, Manor

Graco Slim Spaces Highchair, Manor

Slim Spaces Highchair, Manor When it comes to mealtime convenience, Graco Slim Spaces Portable High Chair, in Manor, is the perfect choice. It’s Graco’s most compact foldable high chair, folding to just 8.5 inches. It’s a breeze to store in even the smallest spaces. Built with you in mind, the space saving high chair comes pre-assembled and ready to use the moment you pull it out of the box. Easy cleanup is key: stain resistant seatpad and dishwasher-safe, removable tray insert make clean up a snap. The 6-position height adjustment, 3-position recline and plush body support mean this portable high chair is as comfortable for baby as it is convenient for you. Graco’s Slim Spaces Portable High Chair features the most compact fold to fit in slim spacesSpace saver high chair comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the boxStain resistant and machine washable seatpad makes clean-up easy on this folding high chair 6 height positions and 3 recline levels make this portable high chair ideal for easy feedings Extra-plush infant body support positions baby comfortably for early feedings Features: Product Weight: 1.5 lbs

Main features

  • Graco’s Slim Spaces Portable High Chair features the most compact fold to fit in slim spaces
  • Space saver high chair comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box
  • Stain resistant and machine washable seatpad makes clean-up easy on this folding high chair
  • 6 height positions and 3 recline levels make this portable high chair ideal for easy feedings
  • Extra-plush infant body support positions baby comfortably for early feedings

Verified reviews


Super highchair

I love this highchair. I’m on kid #4, and bought a full sized highchair for the first time! I debated between sticking with a strap-on chair-top highchair like I usually use, or this one. Finally, I decided this one would fit the bill–and it sure does! It is much slimmer than most, super sturdy, and has many great features. The adjustable height is very easily changed, I like the removable tray without a cup holder (those collect gunk and are harder to clean), and I like the there is still a small tray left when you remove the entire large flat tray (For a baby who is not feeding himself solids, yet, I tend to stick to the smaller tray and leave the big one off). The straps hold the baby in nicely so there is no fear of them wiggling loose. The fabric is soft and easy to spot clean, and it also doesn’t have holes that food falls into. I like the smaller baby cushion/insert on back (removable), and I like how small it will fold for storage when I’m not using it. The only thing that isn’t 5 stars is that the tray snaps on best if you use two hands instead of just one (although the tray is easily removed with just one hand and the front release). I’d give that feature alone about 4 stars, but otherwise the entire thing is definitely 5 stars and worth every penny!

Lynn Island Pond, VT

Wonderful unit…with many advantages…

The Graco Slim Spaces highchair is a wonderful unit!Features that make it so include:Solid placement on floor, no rocking etc.Adjustable chair heightsInfant to toddler seat padding (Infant insert pad is removable as child grows)Five and three point harness mechanism for securing infant to toddler in chairAdjustable reclineWashable surfaceAttractive fabricWheels (two) to help transportLarge tray with cover, removable and washableTray big enough to enable child to play with toys while in highchairEight-inch folded width…fits easily in closet or standing between tight spacesWe also have the Fisher Price portable high chair. Transportable and comfortable, it serves us well. There is one disadvantage, however, to this unit and all chair mounted portable high chairs, which a stationary unit eliminates (the toddler’s ability to push little legs using portable chair mounting chair to lift little bodies out…see below).More advantage to a full size chair include:More comfort for baby or toddlerAn extra seat around the tableSecure bonus that toddler cannot push with little legs onto chair base (used for mounting portable units to lift little bodies out)If you can accommodate and afford both units…that would be a wonderful. If you had to choose but one, go for the standing unit, one like this Graco.

Daisy Solo, MO

I’m Slim Spaces, the Real Slim Spaces….

I have to admit, I was quite impressed with the foldability of this unit. I was surprised by how compact the chair and tray became when completely folded. The folded footprint, without the attachable tray, is 36” tall and a little under 8” wide. Height will likely not be an issue for most storage spaces, but you should be aware of the width when deciding where you may put this chair.The big pro about this seat is the small footprint when it’s folded. However, if you do not plan to keep this chair folded and out of the way when not in use, there are a few reason Graco may have better options for you.First, in order to have a compact footprint, the depth of the seat in the unfolded position is quite shallow. This is fine for a very young baby, but the age recommendation says up to 3 years and 40 lbs. I think most kids will start to outgrow this chair one they start approaching two. Our current Graco high chair has a removable seat. This allows us to put the seat on a dining room table chair so as baby becomes a toddler, she can eat at the table with the family. Also, most high chairs give you the ability to completely remove the table tray. This one does not. This can be a pro or con. In addition to the removable, normal sized tray, it has a permanently attached small tray, which is great for when baby is little but won’t be any use once they become a toddler and want to feed themselves.

Deidre Titusville, PA

Great chair….

This is a great chair. It is very easy to set up and use. It also stows away easily. The wheels are great and roll very easily on our floors. It is great to be able to tilt the seat back when bottle feeding. The seat pad is easy to remove and wash. Comes out new all the time. If it gets stained and you don’t want to wash it completely then a damp warm cloth will do the job.

Hazel Fullerton, ND

Whoa! Super slim, great design!

I wish we had this high chair when our first born came! Instead, we’re on our third child, but boy, is this high chair perfect! My husband and I are VERY impressed. We’ve owned a few high chairs by now, too. Our first one was super bulky and hard to store. So we ditched our first one for a cheap IKEA high chair. That one was FINE but nothing to call home about.Enter THIS high chair. WOW.First, this baby comes assembled! Seriously, I think the only baby gear we’ve had, after three kids, that came fully assembled so far has been their pacifiers. We just pulled this out of the box, located the open/close buttons with the help of the manual, and voila–it was ready to use!THREE different trays. There is a small tray that does not detach from the high chair, then there is a food tray that is gray, with another tray that fits over that. This is NICE. It makes for easy transitioning between meal times and clean-up. The main food tray, the white one, is dishwasher safe. Awesome!The best part is that this high chair folds up to AMAZINGLY thin proportions! A whopping 8 inches! The entire, cushy, padded, plush, sturdy high chair–with THREE trays–folds up to EIGHT INCHES!!! It’s so slim, we tuck it between a bookcase and the wall and act like it’s not even there half of the time. Folks, this is WITH the trays attached–all three of them! It doesn’t get more slim than this.The material is attractive and wipes clean too. I’ll admit, the buttons for adjusting chair height and such have been tricky to learn, but at the end of the day this baby folds up nicely and goes away easily, so who am I to complain?This is one of those rare products, if you ask me, that I would say I wish I could go back to baby #1 and start out with. Instead, we didn’t get this awesome of a high chair until baby #3. Oh well! We’re just glad to have one now. It’s great, highly recommended by my family.

Elisha Clatonia, NE

Not a better chair out there!

I cannot say enough good things about this high chair. I love the really secure straps that are built into this chair. I was able to comfortably put my 4 month old in this seat and let her play with some toys while I did the dishes. I knew she was very safe buckled into it. The tray is very easy to put on and take off one handed. The removable top tray is excellent! I love that I can take off that tray and wash it in the dishwasher. It is really easy to pop flat. I break it down everyday and slide it under the sofa. Even when set up it doesn’t take up a ton of space. The whole seat is easy to clean. I love it!

Sydney Miquon, PA

Well thought out highchair – slim up makes it fantastic

It has been a lot of years since I needed a highchair. I take care of my seven month old grandson who has had eating issues due to an early heart surgery. This highchair, with its ability to lean back has been an outstanding tool in helping him to sit comfortably while learning to eat purees.The safety harness is very secure and the height adjustments allows me to feed him at the dining table or the counter near the breakfast bar. Add to that the ease of putting the tray on and off and easy clean ups and best of all, it really folds up very slim, I rate this a five star plus.

Alana Gloversville, NY

Quite happy with this as a secondary chair

We love using this as a secondary chair – so we don’t have to drag the big one out of the dining room and around the house. It’s slim, lightweight, and easy to carry.Pros:- Wipeable, washable, and easily cleanable. It’s not loaded with nooks and crannies for nasty old food to get into.- Stores in very little space, and actually stands up when stored. Our other one takes up approximately 200 sq ft, even when folded.- Overall solid build quality, as most Graco products. Nicely made straps, buckles, and so on. I don’t feel like it will fall apart even after use for multiple children.Cons:- The tray is pretty small. Our mega chair has a much larger tray that catches most of the food. Minor quibble, given the weight, size, etc., comparison between the two.

Melissa East Brady, PA

Slim, lightweight, and stands up when folded

This is a great highchair. While it doesn’t look as fancy as the nice woodenOxo Tot Sprout Chairthat we’d been using before, it doesn’t have to look as nice, because it’s small enough to store out of the way when you’re not using it. We’re able to fit it between the side of our washing machine and the wall of the laundry room, where no one has to see it. Which is not to say that it’s unattractive — the fabric is a pleasant color, and the chair is easy enough to clean (machine washable cover!) that it doesn’t look grubby with food. Best of all, you can fold it up, and it will still stand up on its own (although you should obviously not set it out in the middle of the floor while folded up, because it is pretty easy to knock over while folded).

Louella Haysi, VA

Very nice, very compact fold

We were using another high chair in our dining room that was really bulky. It stayed set up because it was such a hassle to fold up, and even then it didn’t fold up much.This high chair has sent the other one to the closet.This came assembled right out of the box, which meant I could start using it about 10 minutes after the UPS man dropped it off.It folds up so narrowly that I can put it between the bookcase and the wall in the dining room, and it is truly out of the way.Easy to clean, easy to fold.We have a 20-month old who has no problem fitting into it, and doesn’t fuss or wiggle as though uncomfortable.

Esther Memphis, TX

Has everything you need and more

When first thinking about buying a high chair, I wanted one of those hip, wooden ones that would look cool in my kitchen. But then I realized that my little one will probably be spending a lot of time in a high chair while I’m cooking, so I started shopping for comfort. We went to BabiesRUs to test some out. This chair stood out as the clear winner for me in terms of value, safety, overall look, and comfort. My smallish 4-month old fits in this nicely with the attached infant padding. The tray is not too high. And when I was practicing taking off trays with one hand in the store, this one was the easiest. It also has a snack tray underneath that keeps your baby safely in the chair while you remove the larger tray. And even though I’m not a lover of things made with plastic, the chair is pretty good looking. It’s not going to win any style awards, but the muted gray color and low profile make it blend in nicely with a light-colored kitchen. I don’t anticipate folding it up too often, but it truly does become ‘slim’. I look forward to years of use from this chair.

Lori Poplar Grove, AR

Stable, safe and comfortable

We are using it for our 18 month old twin boys – yes it fits them well. It is pretty stable since my boys have tried to rock it multiple times and they have been unsuccessful.The best part is that it can be folded and stowed away. Overall – would highly recommend it

Ester Athens, GA