Graco SnugRide 32 Infant Car Seat, Zurich

Graco SnugRide 32 Infant Car Seat, Zurich

Graco 1749642 Features: -Zurich Snug Ride 32 infant car seat. -Its seat belt lock design makes it simple to tightly secure the base. -Adjacent dial helps for an easier installation. -The seat’s patent – pending 5 point harness can also be easily adjusted. -Thanks to an accessible front strap. -For baby’s comfort. -Infant Snug Ride 32 Car Seat holds babies up to 32 pounds and 32 tall. -Padded seat has an infant head support plus 180 degrees rotating canopy. -Dimensions: 15.6″ H x 18.7″ W x 30.7″ D.

Main features

  • Fits 97% of one year-olds to keep your child rear-facing for one full year
  • Convenient, stay-in-car base with seat belt lock-off and adjustment dial to help insure secure installation
  • Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed U.S standard
  • 5-point harness with front adjustment helps keep baby secure
  • 180 degrees rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window helps shade your child from any direction

Verified reviews


Passable seat….but could be better

When we were looking for a car seat, it kind of came down to the Peg Perego or the Graco. I mean, as others have pointed out, there are really only a few manufacturers anyways and most of them are pretty similar.The Graco won out because of a handful of key points:- The Graco was significantly lighter vs. the Peg (and if you don’t think so, you must be Superman…)- The mechanism to move the handle out of the way was slightly awkward on the Peg, especially for smaller hands- The Graco was A LOT cheaper. But to be honest, the Graco looks like it. Peg looks like it is a quality design. This Graco model was the best option of the Graco’s, the others were so “cheap” looking and the grab handle has sharp edges so you can’t hook it on your arm to carry.So after actually _using_ it, what do I think? That maybe I should have gone with the Peg. Here’s why:- Even with the latch system, the base of the seat doesn’t seem terribly secure. I really tugged on it to tighten the straps as much as I could, but still….- The sitting position for baby? Not so good. Baby gets really crunched up, which may kind of seem secure, but it crunches up baby’s breathing passages and also his stomach so baby tends to throw up milk if put in the seat immediately after feeding- Baby’s back gets really sweaty after only short trips in the seat. This never happens in the stroller.- The should strap system is really bad design. They are _just_ too short to hang them off the side or hook them out of the way when putting baby in. It’s stupid, a couple more centimetres and it would’ve been fine. *** Note: I just checked the Peg, and the design here is way better. It doesn’t have this problem and the straps stay nicely out of the way.- Due to the crunched up sitting position, we don’t actually carry baby in the carrier, so weight doesn’t really matter that much. That, and as baby gets heavier, the weight of the car seat becomes less significant. *** Note: Regarding the Peg again, I had another look at one, and yes, the design is way better here too. Baby is not as crunched up.- Also, since we don’t carry the car seat out any more, the mechanism to move the handle out of the way, despite not being quite as convenient, is also a moot point.It’s surely an okay seat, but if you’re in the market for one, I highly recommend you take a seriously look at the useability given how YOU would use it. Basically the only advantages I see are price and lightweight, both of which are negated by how I use it anyways…(Yeah, and regarding the price, the Graco looks really cheap, and not in a good way, next to the Peg).

Selena Taiban, NM

Love It!

I just got this today and I love the colors of the fabric. The fabric could be softer but its not bad. It does have some padding to so its not as hard as some seats. The only things I would change about this seat is the gray plastic I would change to tan and the sunshade has a peep hole I would put a zipper cover on it. Also they could put the yellow caution sticker on another spot so that it did not show, not to big of a deal. It is not to heavy though which is nice. I like that it has the teather in the front to easily tighten the straps with little effort. A huge plus with little ones growing so fast.

Myra Oakley, UT

Snugride 32 way too snug

I had a baby in July 2009. I purchased the Snugride 32 beforehand after doing a lot of research. I read other people’s opinions and, based on their thoughts, concluded that it would be best to purchase the 32 because I would be able to use it for one year or up to 32 pounds. This logic was faulty for several reasons, which I will outline below. Before I do that, a little background: I have a big baby. He is 6 months and already over 20 pounds. I had a feeling he might be big, which is why I bought this seat. However, the seat is almost at the end of its life already after only 6 months and 20+ pounds. Here’s why:1. The straps are way too short. My son was maxed out within the first couple of months. Why don’t they make the straps longer? Why isn’t there another setting or two for height? It is a very tight fit. We live in New England and it is now winter and we cannot put him in there with a couple of layers on. We will have to switch to a convertible car seat very soon.2. There is no way you’d want to carry a baby much larger than 20 pounds in his car seat. You would never use this product up to 32 pounds for this reason. You need a stationary seat anyway once the baby reaches about 20 pounds.Another major problem with the Rittenhouse model in particular is the lack of head support for an infant. Our baby’s head was always flopped to the side. I am giving the seats two stars because it looks nice (I have the Rittenhouse and get many compliments on the nice black and white pattern), seems to work fine and was comfortable for the baby in the first few months. He especially liked it when he was a newborn but he seems cramped now.We are tight with money right now (who isn’t?) and feel that the 32 was a bit of a waste of money. You can purchase a regular [and more lightweight] Snugride for a lower price and use it for the first 3-6 months and then switch over to a convertible seat. If you have a big baby, you will have to do this anyway, whether you buy the 32 or not because the 32 can’t accommodate a very large baby. While it is admittedly very useful to have a carrier car seat for a newborn, it becomes much less necessary after 3-6 months. Convertible car seats can face rear so you don’t have to worry about compromising your baby’s safety.Unless you only care about style and not price or practicality, I would recommend saving a few bucks and getting the regular Snugride or some other inexpensive but functional carrier seat for the first few months and investing in a good convertible seat for later on.

Penny Hardburly, KY

The harness is way shorter than it should be

My baby is 4.5 months old, and 16 pounds, and the harness straps are extremely tight for her. She is only 26 inches in length! I don’t think the harness has been designed well. I called Graco and they said there is nothing they can do about it and that I will need to switch to a convertible car seat. If you have an alternative, go with it. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Heather Roaring River, NC

Snug for sure

Ok, I installed this car seat by myself and I have to say it was a bit intimidating at first…but just take it one step at a time and the directions will be easy to follow and they are pretty thorough. You will get the car seat and base. Ours is nice and tight in the suv…not gonna slide around at all. It wouldn’t hurt to have a second person look over the directions with you and help install it. This is a critical part of parenthood…installing this car seat properly :)I saw some complaints about children sweating in this car seat? I wonder how the children were dressed…and was it summer? The seat may have been hot due to the sun creating a greenhouse effect in the car ya know? And we have to remember that the air conditioning doesn’t reach the back seat like it does the drivers seat…Anyway, if I have any issues with the car seat I will update this review. But so far so good.

Maria Tonganoxie, KS

Great investment, super safe and amazingly easy to install!

I love the snugride32, its got a ton of space for my baby to grow into, a headrest for while he’s and infant and needs the extra support, and a super simple installation process.I’ll talk about the car first. The base, thankfully, is latch based. With my car (and most cars) that simply means taking the hooks on the car base and attaching them to the metal loops behind the seat. Once you have them in, make sure the strap is good and tight. Now, here’s the killer improvement, in the center of the car seat base is a latch that unlocks and where you thread the strap slack thru! This is genius. Now you have the base fully secured from two directions and the car base will not move no matter how tight the turn! This is great if your spouse (or you) drive like you are on a racing track – or if you are simply trying to zoom in and out of traffic downtown.The car seat itself has a simple latch that attaches, quite securely, to the base. Getting the seat in and out is simply a snap in it and pull the release and lift out. This takes a whole 5 seconds.The other great thing, the car seat rocks, literally! This way, when we are enjoying a night out at a neighborhood restaurant and out little man starts to cry, 99 out of 100 times all I’ll need to do is put the car seat on the floor and rock him back to sleep. I can’t tell you how awesome this is!The only marks against this seat are the weight and the internal shoulder strap pads. The weight is something you can’t really do much about and for the shoulder strap pads, well, they seemed like they were cutting into our baby so we replaced them with some 10$ sheepskin style pads.This is a great car seat at a very decent price. The matching infant stroller is also a great deal too.

Elvia Walstonburg, NC

Love it!

We bought the whole set of the Rittenhouse line (carseat, stroller, pack ‘n play, and highchair) and love it! Have experienced no problems with this seat, and being classier than your typical baby stuff is a bonus. I wish my daughter (in the 99% for height) hadn’t grown out of it so quickly! Baby no 2 will definitely be using this as well!

Kirsten New Hartford, NY

VERY snug in compact cars

This is a great car seat, I like the fact that my baby will be able to use it for a year. And it is very safe. But it is bigger than others, or course, and more awkward for me to carry than I thought it would be. I leave it in the car when possible and use my front carrier. Also I didn’t give the car a second thought, we have a new 4-door civic with a pretty roomy back seat (I thought) and this car seat only fits if you push the passenger seat up so far that my knees tough the dashboard (I’m 5’3″). So it works, and will be great for when I’m running errands by myself, but with two adults and our baby it is a very snug fit.

Reba Ponder, TX

Great, with one obvious flaw

We love this carseat. Its gender neutral and very well made. We had a graco before this one, but it was one that only held babies up to 26 inches long—-and our long babies outgrew it before they were four months old!!! This carseat is awesome since it holds babies much longer.The one obvious flaw in this particular design/model is that it has the “peekaboo” window, which I presume is for viewing your child. While this is a nice feature to have, someone did not think very hard about when you are outside the sun shines through right onto the baby! They should have included a velcro shade cover that you could fold over to cover the window and then roll back and fasten at other times. I’ve thought about trying to fashion a cover myself, but with a newborn who really has the time!!???

Leona Winthrop, IA

very versitale with a growing baby

This is an awesome car seat! My son seems comfortable and this car seat fits in most shopping cart child seats. This car seat was rated highly in safety and he will fit into it until he is 32lbs, so it lasts much longer than other car seats. I also bought with this the stroller frame and the lite rider stroller. I recommend only getting one or the other, I prefer the lite ride since it is compatible with the car seat and can be used for walks without the car seat.

Candice Shelburne, VT

Don’t even think about getting a 35!

Very well designed car seat. However, this car seat is HUGE! And HEAVY! The only thing this car seat made me wish was that I had gone with the smaller Graco Snugride. Now, I can’t believe people are going for the 35s! Yes, we’ll keep our baby rear facing for two years, but we’ll move up to a convertible seat so we don’t have to lug the car seat in and out. We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it takes up a lot of room…but you’ll find this with almost any car seat out there. If I had to do it again, I would buy the Graco 30 and then just move up to a rear facing convertible. At this point (9 months old), I find myself taking baby in and out of the car seat IN the car because it’s so heavy to lift him in the car seat.At first the fabric seemed “cheap”, now I appreciate that it’s not thicker and therefore, hotter. The babies get sweaty enough in there. Also, it’s very easy to clean and wash. The head arch is worthless and my baby’s head falls forward when he sleeps sometimes. But again, I’ve seen this is almost all other car seats.I like the gender neutral color.I’m not sure what all the reviews about running out of buckle are. My son is 9 months old and in 50% for weight/height. The buckle has TONS of extra if I needed to make it looser for him. You do have to adjust the shoulder points for the buckle and the babies get taller, but it’s no where close to being too tight for him. (A note on car seat safety, the buckle should be “snug as a hug” on their bodies and you shouldn’t buckle them in with their coat.)

Susanna Judsonia, AR

Decent car seat but BIG!

We’ve had the Graco car seat for 8 months now to use with our first child. It’s a decent seat, but there has to be better. Here’s what we’ve thought of it:Pros:- The quick-release mechanism works well for removing the car seat from the car and leaving the base still secured in the car. Very fast, easy and functional.- The cover works well, except for the window.- It looks well made and durable. We’ve never had anything become loose or break on it.- Buckling the baby in the seat is fast and relatively easy.- We haven’t been in an accident with it, but based on the quality of the construction it looks like it would fare well.- The front adjusting belt makes it easy to adjust the straps to fit over his jacket.Cons:- It is a LARGE seat!- We’ve had problems when going to restaurants fitting it into the booths. Sometimes we just have to put him on the floor, out of the way.- Some shopping carts don’t accept the large size either and I have to set it in the actual cart. It literally takes up the whole area, not leaving much room for shopping.- We have a family car and a sports car and it is tight in both. It won’t fit behind either of our seats. The only way we can fit it in, is to secure it to the middle seat.- The straps need to be longer. At 7 months, the straps started to seem like they were getting too short. We adjusted the straps so that they were as far out as they could go. It seems like they should be longer. The straps hardly fit my baby if he’s wearing a coat. But even without a coat, the straps are too short to move out of the way. Even though the seat should be able to accommodate a larger child as it claims (32″ and 32 lbs), the straps are either too short or not high enough to accommodate a larger child. We’re always pulling them out from under him to put him in.- Adjusting the straps is well documented in the instructions, but unfortunately not very easy. You have to take the whole belt apart in the back and re-thread. They could have designed this better.- The seat is HEAVY! It weighs almost 16 pounds by itself. Once you add a baby, it just keeps getting heavier as he grows. Taking the car seat in and out of the car started to hurt my back at about 4 months old. I let my husband take him out if he really wants him in the seat.- No twist-handle makes for awkward carrying. I hold one arm under the handle and the other arm supports the first arm because of the weight.- I wish the window on the cover would have a cover for itself at times. If we want to leave our baby in the seat to sleep, we put down the cover to block his view and make it dark. He ends up looking out the window at mommy or daddy and smiles. Despite how cute it is, he doesn’t get any sleep.If we had to do it again, we probably wouldn’t get one so large. Maybe upgrading early isn’t such a bad idea.

Consuelo Elberon, IA

Great Product! Have a Preemie?

We took our Preemie twin girls home when they were around 6 lbs. This car seat worked great for them. We added an additional head piece though that you can buy from Eddie Bauer. Now the 32’s make it so you don’t have as much room in the front seats. I had to sit my driver’s seat straight up and pull the seat forward a bit to make room for the extra length of the 32’s. It’s a much bigger car seat than the regular snugrides, but I like it better…more protection it would seem. Installation is a breeze with the latch system. The 32’s are heavier than the regular snugrides, but it’s not too bad for us, but we are strong people. If you’re little, I wouldn’t get this one.

Sophia Whitefield, OK

NO WAY You get to 32 Pounds in this seat

My son is 21 pounds at 8 months and we’ve pretty much maxed out on this seat. I was hoping to use it until the one year mark, but there is no chance because the straps are way too short. I would have bought a less expensive seat if I knew that it wouldn’t make it to the 32 pound mark. Now that it’s fall, I can’t even fit a light sweatshirt on my son and get the buckles closed. There’s just no slack left in the seat at all.Overall — My son liked this seat a lot. It has always seemed cozy and safe, and he took many long car rides to see family out of state in this seat.It does get warm in the summer time, but I’ve looked at friends’ seat and I think they are all fairly similar.The seat is also heavy, but I could handle that. I liked it because it was the safer. I just stopped taking the seat out of its base and brought my son to the car in my arms. I know people have complained about this, but if you have a big kid, you can only blame the seat so much.

Emma Gotebo, OK

5 stars because of the stroller frame

I’m not overwhelmingly excited by this carseat–it’s heavy (though my friend and I compared my Graco to her Chicco and there wasn’t much difference), the straps twist (annoying till you fix them a million times, then gets easier to fix), and it takes up too much room in my car. I have a Subaru Impreza and unfortunately, this seat won’t fit in the middle seat, which was ideally where I wanted it, because we are both tall and both seats need to be pulled all the way up to fit this seat. When my husband and I take our Impreza out together, I have to ride as the passenger with my knees in the dashboard (I’m 5’11 with a 33 inch inseam, so a shorter person might not mind) and my husband can’t ride as a passenger at all (husband is 6’2 with a 31 inch inseam but he’s built like a hockey player and had problems with my front seat to begin with). So if you are a tall couple with a small backseat, this carseat may cause problems for you.But with the stroller frame, I still give this 5 stars. Most travel systems are clunky and heavy and I didn’t want to lose permanent use of my trunk, which is why I chose this travel system. This frame folds up small so that I can put other things in my trunk, which is great.I think this seat is definitely adequate and I will probably use it again with my second child, though if I had to buy an infant seat again I might look at other brands if, and only if, they had a similar lightweight stroller frame. The other travel system I considered (it had a lightweight stroller frame) was recalled due to safety issues, so again, 5 stars for Graco.The other thing that is great about this system is that unlike many systems, the carseat and stroller frame are sold separately, which meant both items were bought off my registry and given to me by two different people.My son is in the 95th percentile for height and weight, and since he’s about 30.5 inches at 12 months we are switching to a “big boy” seat (not a Graco, had to find something smaller so he can ride rear facing for a while longer) and I really am sorry to have to retire this product. So yes, it has its pros and cons but ultimately, I liked this more than I disliked it. I think as tall people we really just need a bigger family car.

Loraine Mooresburg, TN

It has it’s good and bad sides

Good: It will fit your baby up to 32″ or pounds (let’s be realistic…it will be inches), which is larger than most. It has a really nice design. People stop me to comment on it all the time.Bad: It is massive (and heavy). We have a Nissan Murano and it will only fit in the back middle, unless you want your knees in the dashboard. I couldn’t imagine having this in a car. Infant insert is kind of a joke. The padding is so thin and an additional infant headrest is necessary. The canopy acts a little wonky. It is so tight under the handle that you can’t hang anything (like a carseat toy) and be able to put the canopy under the handle. Plus, if you put the canopy all the way down, it will just fall below the carseat and hang there.All in all, I still like it and plan on using it again for our next child.

Katy Reidville, SC

gets the job done

I bought the sungride 32 in zurich because it was the best carseat(in official tests the best safetyscore). I didn’t like the collors, still don’t but I can live with it, my girl seemd to like the little figures on the canopy.The seat looks very uncomfortable and is hot, it’s not heavy on it’s own( 4kg) but it is with my 4 month old (7kg)girl in it.The sides of the chair are a bit high, good for safety of cours but my girl does’t like it because she can’d move her arms. and she gets a heatrash on the sides of her arms if she’s in it. eventhough I alway drive with the airconditioning on. So now i put a clothdiaper in the seat so she doesn’t get in contact with the material of the chair.. I am going to look for cloth seatcovers.Also even if I reset the belts it still presses in her thighs..(they are a thiny bit chubby. She also sitsup very straith.. I believe a bit too straight .. but then it scored best on safety.All that said…If I do strap her in and start driving… she seems to enjoy it and then fall’s asleep. We took a long trip of 3 hours a week ago.. and she slept all the way.. it even was a bompy road.So important is.. if you buy this don’t relay on using it as a carier. It’s good for safety… and that’s what’s the most important for me.Oh, And it’s a hussle to fixate the base in the car, took my boyfriend an hour the first time… second time 10 minutes. and you can use the carseat without the base, there are instructions in the book telling you how to, so indeed a second base isn’t nessesary.Good luck.Update…My girl is now almost 7 months old… I took off the headheadcushion… it made it a litle better for my baby… but still if she’s awake… she doesn’t like to sitt in the chair longer then a few minutes…if I’m driving it’s a bit longer…I think it’s because the fabric is extreemly hot…I always have the airconditioning on at 23degrees.. still if I lift her from the seat her back is hot and sweaty…A different fabric would be allot beter I think.Update:My girl is now 21 months and has just outgrown the seat bij lenght (83cm, limit 81cm) she is still in the weight limit ( 26pounds). She’s about the P50.the heat issues have gotten a lot less, but only when she got older.for comfort for your child…the padding is not very thick and the covering is easy to clean, but very hot.for safety and economics….it’s extreemly good. I think it’s fair to say you could use this seat at an average voor 18 months.BTW, I would recomend buying the second base afterall, because installing it without the base seems so difficult that I almost alway drove her in my car.I am looking for the Britax marathon 70 or the graco my ride.good luck.

Miranda Little Birch, WV

Wish I’d gotten a lighter carseat

The idea behind this carseat is a great one–not having to get another seat for a while was why I chose this seat.However, it is heavy, bulky and the baby sweats everytime he is in it. I love it for the Snap n Go–but for me (who is 5 feet tall and a petite gal) to get it in and out of the car and carry my baby (who is only 4 months old and 16 lbs) around in it is very cumbersome. It is very awkward. If you are just going to leave the seat in the car, it may work for you, but who wants to jostle a sleeping baby? I find myself jostling him and just putting him in my wrap when we go out. The next baby will get a smaller infant seat.

Christina Coinjock, NC

Great carseat for a good value

This car seat has been great for our infant (now 7 months old). We were deciding between the Chico, Britax and Graco 30+ lb rear facing seats. In the end, glad we went with this one. It was less expensive and provides excellent safety and our son has been quite comfortable in it. It was a little big but managable in our Subaru Forrester. We had to buy a new car – and went with an SUV – it certainly easily fits in it. Easy to get in and out of the base. It is also an approved car seat for our Bob Revolution stroller – which we use daily (the Chico is not). We are hoping to use this rear facing until he is 32lbs or 32 inches (current AAP recommendations state that children should remain rear facing until as close to 2 years as possible). We will then purchase the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 or Britax Frontier which both go from front facing car seat to booster (up to 100 lbs). We will skip the purchase of a convertible seat – again saving some money.

Doreen Beecher, IL

I love this seat!

I got this seat for my newborn. I love that it has the special foam in it to make the seat more comfortable. I had an older snugride for my 20 month old and she outgrew it at about 7 months. This seat should hopefully get my now 2 month old to one year or more. I put my 20 month old in it when she was about 18 months and she just over the height limits. I’m hoping to get about 15-18 months of use out of this seat for my 2 month old.

Holly East Tawas, MI

Good but not great

The seat is just okay because it has both positives and negatives. Positives: 1. Our son really sleeps well in it. When all else fails, we put him in the carseat, swing him in it, and see him calm down immediately. He has slept there during car rides, in stores, in restaurants, and at home. It works great for him for sleeping purposes. 2. The seat is very safe by all standards of safety. 3. The fabrics and look of the seat are really nice. Negatives: 1. Seat takes up so much room in the backseat that the frontseat is really crunched. I drive an SUV, and it is still tight. 2. The clicking noise that is made when you move the handle is VERY loud. It often wakes our son when he is sound asleep. Surely there is a way to make that sound softer. 3. The seat is very difficult to remove from the base. I have a hard time getting my hand between the back of the seat and the latch release. Once I do this, the latch does not release easily, which I’m sure is great for safety reasons, but I find it very frustrating when I have to retry the release four or five times to make it work. This often wakes our little guy. Would I buy it again? Maybe. It is a place of comfort for our son, but the negatives outweigh the positives. This is our first child, so we haven’t dealt with any other car seat at this point. I’m hoping there is a better one out there once he grows out of this one.

Reyna Williams, CA

Excellent, excellent seat…but won’t last you to 32 lbs!

Overall, we have loved using this seat for our son. Comfortable for the baby, fantastic safety rating, easy to clean, easy to install, easy to snap in and out of the car, doesn’t overwhelm the backseat of a small sedan, and isn’t as heavy as comparable carriers (It is a bit lighter than the Chicco KeyFit 32. Less carrier weight is a must if you plan on toting your baby around in it much!).My main reservation about the Snugride 32 is that it (at least in our experience) is not likely to work through 32 lb/ 32 in. My son is now 11 months old and 20 pounds and we’re shopping for a new seat. The problem? The Snugride 32’s harness. Although he has plenty of headroom and foot room, the harness (which I have let out as far as it will go) is painfully snug. My son is slim (10th percentile for weight) and never wears anything bulkier than a light jacket or sweatshirt because we live in FL. Nevertheless, the harness is extremely tight. If you have a heavier baby or live somewhere with cold weather, expect this problem to occur well before 11 months.If I had it to do over, I’d consider buying a regular carrier that goes to 20ish pounds–that’s about all you’ll get out of the S32 unless they correct this issue in future models.

Elisa Savery, WY

Great if you end up with a larger baby, have larger car

It is hard to rate car seats… because what works perfectly for your situation might not for another person.This works great for us. Here is why:positive:
• HUGE #1: The Snugride line was rated TOP for safety in Consumer Reports for infant car seats!!
• We have a baby in the 90th percentile. This means if we would have bought the snugride (regular), he would have outgrown it at 6 months.
• The Snugride 32 allows us to aviod putting him in a convertible car seat much longer (as for even a 50th percentile kid). Even though convertible car seats can be rear facing to about the same 30 pounds, they are much more cumbersome to deal with rear facing than this one.
• It is roomier for our little guy than the regular snugride.
• Yeah, the seat itself it is heavier. But once your little one grows to be over about 15lbs… no matter what the car seat you’ll probably stop carring him in the car seat anyways.negatives:
• This seat is really only useful if you have a larger car as the seat is longer in length. We have a Santa Fe, and even with that large car the front passanger has to move up his seat ending up with bent legs for a long drive. Can’t see how the 32 would work in a sedan.
• The seat is heavier. Yes.
• You can’t put the seat on top of the shopping cart. I would never do this anyways– too unstable and dangerous in my opinion.
• You can’t fit this carseat into many restaurant booth seats. Again, I compensated by putting it on a chair.OVERALL… I would buy this seat again. Mainly because by the time my guy is 30 pounds, he can move into the forward facing car seat. We can skip the awkward backfacing convertible car seat phase (between about 22-30 lbs).Gotta have a larger car though.

Michael Olive Branch, IL

Great Graco

We’ve been using this seat for 8 months now and love it. DD just turned a year and is still under the limits for this seat. It is a HUGE, heavy seat so do keep that in mind. DD started using it when she was already 13 pounds so I have no idea what it would be like for a younger child. It is also true that the straps are too short to keep them out of the way. That really hasn’t been an issue for us since dd is never put in asleep. She has slept in this seat for hours with no issues. We used it in the summer and didn’t find she got any hotter than normal. I’d definitely recommend it.

Sheila Petrolia, TX

Very good quality, comfortable

Our son used this seat until he outgrew it. Very comfortable and easy to clean fabric. Supported his head very well too. Bought two bases for it which made it easy to go from car to car. Also worked great with the stroller.

Geraldine Chalfont, PA

pros and cons

Pros – love the fabric looks very sophisticated and not “baby”works well with any graco stroller.cons- it is heavy to carry around if you are not going to put it in a shopping cart or stroller. The metrolite stroller does not have Flip it handles which I so needed.

Clara Voca, TX