Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Car Seat Base, Tan

Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30/35 Infant Car Seat Base, Tan

If your baby has more than one chauffeur, it’s only fitting they have more than one infant car seat base. The Infant SnugRide Classic Connect 30/35 Car Seat Base can be installed easily and securely, and can also be transferred from car to car. Perfect for your second vehicle or for the grandparents, it’s a hassle-free way for baby to ride safely in more than one car.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Convenient, stay-in-car base only needs to be installed once.
  • Works with all Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30/35 infant car seats. Compatible with LATCH installation.
  • Adjustable base with one-hand dial adjustment helps ensure proper installation.
  • Integrated belt lock-off eliminates the need for a locking clip.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.

Verified reviews


Love Amazon, Hate the Base

I Read the reviews and decided to order the extra-base even with the issues people were having to make it work with the Snugride30 carseat. What a mistake, not only is there no level but there are no instructions on how to level it without one. Even using a household level you still need to know the proper incline (they don’t just sit flat). We could have lived with being off a few degrees, but when we tested the seat in the base it wobbled… A LOT. Not something that is very comforting to put your little one in. To top it off, it kept getting stuck in the base when we tried to remove it, I can only imagine how frustrating that would have been if there was a baby in it and it wouldn’t unlatch.None of these things are an issue when placed in the original base made specifically for the Snugride 30. It levels easily and properly, snaps in securely, and releases smoothly. Graco is out of their minds if they think that the Snugride 35 base is an acceptable option.On the postitive note, Amazon is AMAZING for hassle free returns and Graco was great about letting us order the original base for the Snugride30 as a replacement part. Sure I paid about $10 more ordering from them instead of off Amazon, but for the piece of mind and a properly fitting carseat it was money well spent.

Graciela Galena, MD

Great to have a spare base

I love the base for the SR30/32/35… this base is WAY nicer and more secure than the regular snugride. I love the level knob making it so easy to adjust. The belt lock off is great. I use the latch for this and I can get this thing to where it doesn’t budge. Great product!

Noemi Tamaroa, IL

Easy to install and safe!

We have a Graco Snugride 30 and we bought this as a second base for our other car. The thing I loved about this more than the base that came with the caraseat was that it did not need a locking clip. There is a built in locking clip in the middle. TALK ABOUT MAKIN IT EASY! It fits our car seat, easy to snap, sturdy and secure and oh ya, my husband insisted on having a black base to match the seats. Sigh,now my son looks safe AND stylish. 🙂

Allie Winigan, MO

Grandson has a Place in my Car!

I ordered this base to go along with my grandson’s infant car seat. Now he can ride easily with me. Be sure to have the installation checked out by your local police officer. In our area you can make appointments to check out the installation and be sure you are riding safely!

Bridgett Stone Lake, WI

so easy to install, not heavy, and safe

i purchased a second one of these , after using the first for one of our cars. so i got another for my hubby’s car as well. its annoying to switch bases from one car to the other. its really easy to install and its safe. and the graco snug rider car seat snaps right in. snug rider 30 or 35 will fit this base. its lightweight and good price , as compared to major retailers.

Jane Charleroi, PA

Snugride Classic Connect car seat base

This is a very good product. My son and daughter-in-law have the other base and car seat. It is very useful when I need to take my grandson somewhere.

Lillian Martensdale, IA

Works well, plus a tip for installing on leather seats!

It works great with the graco carseat that I bought (together with the graco stroller)I just wish they didn’t charge so much for a hunk of plastic. But, it’s okay, so long as baby is safe!A tip for people who are installing this on a leather car seat: you might want to place a piece of rubberized shelf liner on your car seat prior to putting down the car seat base. (The shelf liner should be about as big as the bottom of the car seat base, so that it sits between the base and the leather upholstery.) This will help the car seat base from slipping on the leather upholstery. This was recommended to me by the local sheriff’s department who helped to install the seat for us. Works really well!

Margarita Lamont, KS

Great addition to your Graco Snugride Infant Seat

This extra base is a lifesaver for my family with 2 vehicles & switching the baby from one car to another. It’s perfect for quick changes between cars & it was delivered super fast & at a great price. Thanks Amazon!!

Ethel Wilton, AL

Nice second car seat base

Works really well and is very easy to install in a second car. It also has an adjustable height on one side to ensure the proper angle for the car seat. I recommend a car seat protector, such as the munchkin one, to keep it more secure with less sliding.

Ollie Williamsburg, PA

Ugly but functional

When using an infant car seat, this base is a life-saver. It’s nice to know that your little one is clicked into place snug as a bug every time, rain or shine. It’s not pretty, but it makes up for what it lacks in cuteness with peace of mind. Sort of a pain to install at first, but, once it’s in, if you can leave it in place for 7 months, you’ll be glad.

Lacy Enville, TN

Way better than the one that came with my car seat.

I love this base so much more than the one that came with my Graco car seat!! This one reclines more and has a very handy built-in seat belt clip for when the LATCH system is not available. I originally bought this one as an extra to go in my husband’s car, but I am using it as my main one instead.

Lupe Garrett, WY

Graco Snugride Classic connect Car Seat Base

I will never buy another brand other than Graco since I have been buying these items for almost 3 years now. Everything is being passed down to baby brother and it still looks and performs like new. They will handing these down to the new babies due at the end of this year. Quality excellent!

Effie Edgerton, WY

Great Car Seat, Great Base!

Although we have been fortunate to not have experienced any accidents with this base, I can say that I feel pretty confident in it being a good seat/base should it happen. We are not on our second child with this seat/base and love it. It’s held up well and has been easy to use.

Martina Lake Forest, CA

An absolute must-buy

Our Graco car seat came with a base but we have 2 cars so we needed another.A base is an absolute requirement for any car seat as it makes taking the seat in/out easy as squeezing a lever.The graco base has latch straps, but can be secured with a seat belt. The height (and angle) can also be adjusted with the big red know. This is extremely important for cars that have a steep seat incline.If you have a Graco car seat than this base is an absolute must-buy.

John Neal, KS


We have a Graco Snugride Classic Connect 35 for my daughter and love the convenience of being able to just connect the seat to the base. We ordered these second base for my husbands truck, so we wouldn’t have to transfer it over every time.

Katherine Casselton, ND

Fits perfect

I haven’t used this yet, but I wanted an extra base for our car seat for dropping off/ picking up in different cars. Fits my car seat perfectly.

Pamala Post, OR

Love it!

Works perfectly, easy to install and use. Bought a second one because it’s better than the one that came with the seat

Hope Meridian, NY

not for graco click connect snugride 35

i thought it would work with my graco snugride 35 click connect but it is different, in case anyone is wondering

Jeanette Levelland, TX

$aved the day – in more way$ than one!

When we learned at the last minute that our son and his wife were able to come for a visit, but that the airline was going to charge them a baggage fee for their car seat base for each trip, we immediately put in an order for one for our car. We reasoned that we would need one anyway since we are planning many visits with our new grandson, but could we really get it within 24 hours? Not only did we find the exact base, at a great price, but we were able to get it in time for their wheels down arrival! We discovered that it fit in our little sedan as well as in our SUV (we were not sure about the little sedan). Thanks AMAZON for helping us provide a safe environment for our grandson and save our son a little $ in the process.

Summer Elkmont, AL

It Works

It works. I would like it if the base matched the one you get with the seat and had the level on it but it works.

Katrina Kenai, AK

Love the car seat, love to have an extra base

It is so nice to have an extra base for our second car- it makes installation quick and gives us peace of mind. We have the Graco snugride 35 and this base is identical to the one that came with our Laguna patterned car seat.

Lesa Prattsville, NY

Easy to install and well made

This second base fit well in our full size pickup truck. It was extremely easy to install in the middle of the back seat. We are very happy with this product.

Eleanor Clarksville, AR

If you have more than one vehicle you will need this…trust me.

I can’t imagine having to move the base for our son’e car seat from vehicle to vehicle. Crazy. This is perfect. The one that came with the seat is in my wife’s car. This one in mine.

Alberta Blandburg, PA

Exactly what I needed.

I have a graco infant car seat and need another base for a car. I love that you can buy the base seperate and therefore have as many as needed. I love the “twist” design where you can adjust the angle of the base to make sure you have the correct angle on the car for to best safety of your child.

Regina Rock Springs, WY


Very easy to install and makes taking the car seat out and putting it in the car both simple and very safe!

Twila Hahira, GA

Fits my snug ride30!

This fit my Graco snugride30 perfectly! I needed an extra base for our second car and this was a great deal.

Merle Jefferson, MA

Perfect Fit with Our Carseat Carrier

We bought this to use with our Graco carseat carrier so we wouldn’t have to move bases from car to car. It works like a charm just like the base that came with carseat carrier. Definitely makes transporting a infant on a daily basis easier to have the extra base/s.

Maxine Chagrin Falls, OH