Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base, Silver

Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base, Silver

The Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Base fits all SnugRide Classic Connect infant car seats and is fully optimized for LATCH connection. The base features integrated belt lock-off for easier seat belt installation, including 6-position dial adjustment to make proper installation easier. The on-base, easy-to-read level indicator ensures accurate installation. This metallic silver, stay-in-car base is sold separately and allows the car seat to properly recline and perform all functions while offering ultimate convenience for parents. It’s ideal for parents with a second car, or for use in caregiver’s cars.

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Rear-facing only for use with Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 22 infant car seats.
  • Convenient extra base for second vehicle.
  • Allows Graco SnugRide to be adjusted to proper recline.
  • LATCH-equipped for easy installation.
  • Not compatible with Graco Click Connect infant car seats.

Verified reviews



I thought i needed to buy the base separately when I bought my GRACO Snuggleride car seat – but you don’t. The same base comes with the car seat. You only need this you have two cars with the latch system and don’t want to move the base (which is not hard to do) from car to car. I should also say that you don’t need to use any base at all with the carseat – the carseat comes with instructions on how to seatbelt in just the carseat carrier part without the base (which is what lost of people do in non latch cars anyway – althoug the base can be seatbelted into not latch cars too). If you have a latch car it is safer to use the latch system and the base – but the carseat can also be seatbelted in just like in the nonlatch cars. Latch cars are cars built after 2002.

Olive Simpsonville, SC

Convenient, but think before buying.

A little known fact about the Graco SnugRide–you can use them without the base as a car seat, and it is every bit as safe (it actually seemed more secure to me). The bases mainly provide convenience.If you will take your baby equally in both cars, then by all means buy an extra base. However, if you will use one vehicle as the primary baby transporter and the 2nd one only occasionally, save your money on this item. You can still take baby in the carrier with the seatbelt, and you’ll have one less thing to store once you move into the “big” carseat.

Natalia Canyon Creek, MT

Double Your Infant Seat’s Usefulness for a Little Money

My wife and I have been long-time fans of our Graco infant seat, so much so that we would have been willing to purchase a second one in order to ensure that either my wife or I would always be ready to get up and go with our son when necessary. However, Graco saved us from having to do that by offering this base alone as an accessory.Some other reviews have claimed that having an additional base isn’t really necessary because LATCH allows you to easily move the base from car-to-car. This sounds reasonable on paper, but breaks down in real life:* What if one of your cars is older than 2001 and doesn’t have LATCH? Ask anyone who’s correctly installed a car seat or base via the seatbelt and they’ll confirm that it is a physically difficult endeavor. Faced with a choice between regularly undergoing this exertion or else investing in an additional base and then leaving it in place, I’d bet 99% would go for the base (the other 1% apparently enjoy a vigorous workout at the most inopportune times).* Will you always have the time to switch? When you’re commuting or traveling with an infant, time is an even more crucial resource than usual. Plus, any number of other factors (What if you’re alone with the baby? What if the weather is severe?) could make the prospect of a guaranteed quick departure well worth the $40 spent on a spare base.* What about unforseen schedule changes? When our son began going to day care, he had to be brought home early on several occasions because of ailments. Having a base in each car meant that either of us could go get him. So if one of was too tied up at the office, we wouldn’t have to stress over begging out of work early during a busy time.More than a simple convenience, having a base in each of your family’s vehicles is an insurance policy against being painted into a corner when getting around town with your little one. Any working parent will especially appreciate not having to stress over “do I have the car with the car seat?” at any given time. We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of this accessory time and time again.

Christa Bremo Bluff, VA

The word Snugride is not universal

I have a snugride 35 carseat. Apparantly not all snugrides are considered equal when it comes to the base. I purchased this model thinking I would save money on my spare base. Now I have to return it and wait for the more expensive one to come. How hard is it to include in the product information that it excludes, or will only fit certain models?

Laverne Otisville, MI

Very Good – not great

We really liked the idea of having the base, especially since one of us does drop off and the other does pick-up at daycare. We left the carrier with the baby, and it went from base to base. The only reason we don’t give it a perfect rating is, as some others have noted, it does tend to get loose after a while and needs to be retightened, and was hard on Marcus’ back when he had to reach in and lift teh baby and carrier out of the Honda. It was a little better with the station wagon. This is probably not an issue for mini-van or SUV drivers.

Shauna Bradford, IA

Helps switching between cars……

While shopping for our infant seat in BRU a father was in the store and told us how helpful having another base in my husband’s car would be…well we received this as a gift and installed it in less than 15 minutes( it took awhile in my husbands car because he does not have latch)and is very secure. No slippage and movement. Placing your knee in the middle helps alot in making sure it is tight, so you may need another person if you are on the petite side. It is so helpful being able to lift her out and change cars if needed without major moving of bases.It took less than 5 minutes putting it in my SUV ( latch) and has not moved in 6 months…now she is outgrowing her Snugride infant seat so we will have to take these out but I would use this system again for our next child! I would give this 4 1/2 stars since putting it in took us a minute but that was nothing once it was in and we knew it was not going anywhere.

Tania Bonlee, NC

Heavy, NOT Secure

We went with the Graco Snugride because it received good safety ratings and fit our budget. Our newborn son fit nicely in it and seemed secure – the first few times. After the first couple of months I started to notice some definite drawbacks:1) It is NOT particularly lightweight, and even though my son was a smaller baby, it still got really heavy really fast. After about 3mos. I refused to use it anymore. We put it in hubby’s car and put the convertible seat in mine.2) The straps adjust from behind, and they are the kind that need to be threaded individually. So, if the season changes (or you just live in a variable region like we do) you’ll find yourself fighting with it every time your child wears anything heavier than a onesie. THEN you have to re-thread again on the next warm (lighter clothes) day. And trust me – trying to adjust those things when you’re in a hurry to be somewhere will frazzle your nerves in no time!3) The handle was not very steady. What I mean is, these seats are pushed and pulled constantly, usually at a sideways angle in and out of the car or at your hip. I found that after just a few trips, the handle felt loose and would rock a little from side to side, and even back & forth slightly when supposedly locked in place.4) Last thing, but definitely my biggest concern. The anchor strap slips! You don’t notice it the first few times, and you probably won’t ever notice it unless you ride in the back seat or test it occasionally. Because it was in my husband’s car, we didn’t notice it at first. Then I rode back there one day and found that the base was sliding like crazy – the BASE! The strap (it was the LATCH strap) had gradually gotten looser and looser, even though we used a towel to even out the seat (as recommended) and pulled the strap as tight as humanly possible. We fixed it, then found that several weeks later it was loose again!I would accept that the loose strap thing was a fluke of this particular seat (since I’ve never heard anybody else complain of it), but taken as a whole we will NOT be using this seat again. Go with Britax or Chicco!

Shawna Sedalia, IN


All graco bases are not the same. When you get your seat in the car, check it to be sure that it dosnt rock around a lot. If it does, return it for a new base. some of these bases have an extra hump of plastic in the bottom that keeps the seat more secure in it and others do not. We opened and tried out 6 bases before we found one that we were comfortable with.

Katy Rawson, OH

Best invention of all time…….

I have to say that I want to thank Graco for thinking of the parents!!!This is probably the most innovative invention that anyone could have made. I love the fact that we don’t have to move the base from car to car every time we change cars. This also saves us from having to buy a second seat for convenience.Also, I love that I can just unlatch the carseat from the base and carry her inside in the seat. It keeps the seat from getting cold in the winter time since you can take it inside with you!Everyone should have one!!!

Octavia Peoa, UT

Lifesaver for couples

It took us almost an hour to figure out how to get the thing CORRECTLY installed in the car the first time. Although it was easy to get it in there, that didn’t mean it was CORRECTLY installed.Since both of us drive baby places in our cars, we really needed another base. Putting baby in teh car now takes about two seconds. We are considering buying one for the babysitter and even the friend who occasinally picks up baby from daycare.Definately worth AT LEAST $40.00.

Erma Saint Paul, IA

It’s a must have but diffiuclt…

This base is a must have if you are using an infant carrier in two cars. We have the latch system in both and it took us awhile to install the bases and have a secure fit. I couldn’t imagine having to go through that everytime we wanted to switch cars. In fact now that they are in I won’t remove them. I wish it was easier so we could go in our in-laws’s cars,etc.

Naomi Beverly, KY

Make sure it’s the right one

This car seat base does not work with Graco SnugRide 32/35 seats. Just make sure you order the correct one.

Lashonda Townville, PA

So handy- especially for grandparents who like to borrow baby

When my parents bought the base off our registry, they didn’t understand why we’d need two bases for one car seat.”Can’t you just move yours between cars? It’s not like you’ll be riding in our car that often”After we strapped the second base into their car, they hardly ever removed it and they relished the opportunities to pick up the baby on the spur of the moment.They were disappointed when the baby outgrew his Snugride seat and hoped I could find a similar base system for the next size of car seat. After watching me move his convertible seat back and forth a few times, they’ve decided to install a second larger seat in their car to avoid the hassle.The Snugrider was a far more cost & space-effective solution than 2 car seats, and since the base only has to be installed once, people less familiar with the car seat can still safely move the baby in and out of the car repeatedly with greatly lessened risk of error.

Lee Crete, IL

works everytime, forgiving and audible “click” lock, secure and safe, would buy again

We have two of these things (one in F150 and one in Mitsubishi Galant). We never take them out and just swap the baby car seat into the base of whichever car we’re driving (with baby). My only concern is it does "press" quite hard into the seats with the plastic corners and ultimately could lead to depressions in the seat long term. However, it is quite well designed and once you figure out how to adjust it (no red should show!!!) then you set it and forget it. The carseat pops down really easily and you can audibly hear the "click" of the lock/latch. It’s quite forgiving and easy for my (5′ 7" tall) to get even into the tall truck. I usually just swing the car seat close and wiggle until it’s in place. Would purchase again in a heartbeat…I’d recommend one for every vehicle, although we have swapped them into other vehicles (Toyota Venza) on the fly (less than 2 minutes) when I got a flat tire and grandparents picked us up on interstate…thank God these change out quickly as not a safe location for swapping. I do feel they’re very secure, but at first it’s supprising how the front end appears it could "bounce" up and down quickly with know restraint in the front.

Charity Sultana, CA

Finally! Something to make parents’ lives easier!

My husband and I have been trying to reduce our years of accumulated clutter, and to our dismay that includes FOUR infant car seats including our brand-new DuoGlider SnugRide infant seat. We were planning on giving one to my mother-in-law, one to my sister-in-law, and keep the third for my husband’s car, but then we realized that more than likely, if we brought the baby over to their homes, chances are the baby would already be in his car seat. We were thrilled to find out that Graco sells a SnugRide car seat base separately! This way, we can bring our son to Grandma’s and she can take him for a drive without having to wak him to move him from one seat to another. The extra car seat bases simplify our lives and help us get a little closer to getting rid of all the clutter in the garage, too. Plus, the car seat base works with both the Latch system and with a regular seat belt. A must-have for parents who have more than one car and who have nearby relatives eager to help watch baby!

Jasmin Breckenridge, TX

didn’t fit

This was supposed to be a universal for the classic connect system, but it really isn’t. We had to return it for another Graco car seat base.

Annette Falcon, KY

Finally got the right car seat base

We purchased this from after buying a carseat (and single base) at Babies R Us. Between the time we got the carseat/stroller combo (Graco Alano Flipit) and decided we wanted an additional car seat base, Babies R Us had discontinued this model. Apparently there are two Graco carseat bases — we purchased the remaining in-stock product, only to discover that it did not fit our carseat. So, make sure this is the proper base for your carseat before ordering. While the product seems to work fine (once you get the right model) — it is a hassle to end up with the wrong model. I can’t believe how quickly these things get discontinued — we had only purchased the carseat itself a month prior to our attempt to get this base. A model compatibility chart would be really helpful, but in lieu of that, make sure to examine the picture of this product to make sure it looks right before ordering.Overall, we were very pleased with the service from — the price was better than Babies R Us (when the product was still carried, that is)… and allowed us to get the second carseat base that we would not have otherwise been able to get.

Bianca Nazareth, KY

works great

I ordered this for my husbands truck so that we don’t have to constantly take mine out of the car everyday when I go to work.Fits and works just perfectly.

Shelley Mount Laguna, CA


Getting a second car seat base is a good idea if you like to switch cars with your partner a lot

Hollie Summerville, OR

Great to have if you have a second vehicle.

It is great to have a spare for the Graco snugride car seat. My boyfriend and I just had a baby and started taking him to daycare. We decided that I would take our baby to daycare on my way to work and he would pick him up after work. Well, it was a good plan, except for the fact that the first day we did this we ran into the problem that I had the base in my car and my boyfriend had no way of getting the car seat in his car. After that we instantly bought a second base for his car. Very convenient if you have more than one vehicle. Plus it isn’t that expensive to have, better and cheaper than buying a whole second carseat.

Leanna Holt, FL

The best dag-gone car seat/travel system — EASY to place and use!

My friend and I were out shopping for a complete travel system to prepare for my new baby, and we picked out the Graco Travel System. Now, I’m an “old mommy” who had a second baby at age 43 (surprise!), and I have been so impressed with this travel system. The base is SUPER EASY to install, and the matching stroller actually folds up in ONE FAST STEP with a “magic button” making this the best stroller I’ve ever had. You can get one of the Graco travel systems in a variety of colors, and it’s so easy to buy additional parts (in my case, I was here looking for a second car seat base and found it)! Better yet, I had an Amazon Reward, and my total cost for this second base was ONLY $4.94.How in the world can you beat a deal like this? I love Graco products, and ROCKS!!!!

Charlotte Mitchells, VA


So glad to have an extra car seat base for our second vehicle. Easy to install and fits our SnugRide Classic. Exactly as expected.

Desiree Valliant, OK


Buying an extra base is so much cheaper and easier than having two car seats. It is exactly the same as the base that came with my car seat.

Roslyn Andover, ME

If you like Snugride…

I gotta say, I don’t know what much there is to say about this product. I find the SnugRide car seats to be very nice and basic and have been so far happy with mine. All that was lacking was another base to stick in another car. I find this easy to install once I got the concept down and really quite secure. I enjoy being able to use the LATCH system or simply the seatbelt. It’s a light, yet sturdy base that does everything the original car seat base does. Great product to add to your various Graco systems.

Maricela Perry, GA

safe to have

we bought this to be able to use one car seat between cars. it rarely gets used in the other car because we take baby in the better car, but when needed it adds peace of mind and it fits most car seats even non Graco brands.

Nora Lynx, OH

A must-have!

This is pretty much a must-have for infant seats, I don’t know why they don’t just sell them together. Bases are great because you secure the base once with the seatbelt, then just pop the car seat/carrier in and out with a simple little latch. It also makes switching between other cars that have the same base a breeze. Definitely get this!

Mamie La Vista, NE

A must have

The SnugRide is a wonderful infant car seat, allowing for securing the child in the seat within the comfort of air-conditioning or indoor heat, depending on the season. It pops right into the base in seconds, allowing for getting the child in the car quickly to avoid prolonged exposure to the weather. If you own a Graco SnugRide and have 2 cars, it also really comes in handy to have an extra base. Not all SnugRides have the same base color, so be sure to note which color the plastic is on the carseat before choosing the color for the extra base unit.

Angie Craigsville, WV

grandmas car

this is great to put in a second vehicle like grandmas, so you can just pop the infant car seat in and out, and the car seat is already securely installed.

Nora Tekoa, WA

Makes life easier. How do you improve on that?

You can use the car seat without a base, but why torture yourself? This based easily clips in and out easily and has a gauge to make sure baby is at the right angle. And you can buy the base separately so there’s one in each car. Then getting in and out of the car is a easy. And let’s face it, when you have a little baby you don’t need anything more difficult than it needs to be in your life!

Tommie Sassamansville, PA

Very tall and bulky- go with Graco Click-Connect instead…

Fits one of our car seats, I’d go with the Click Connect model though next time for both car seats. My husband’s base is much shorter, lighter, and easier to load and go (Click Connect from Graco). Whatever you go with, make sure both seats can use the same base and save yourself a lot of hassle. Love Graco though!!!

Leeann Caraway, AR